1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners

Author: Franco Masetti
Publisher: New In Chess,Csi
ISBN: 9056913972
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Games

Combines over one thousand chess problems with descriptions of different chess positions and tactics including the double attack, mate in one, mixed motif, and skewer.

Practical Chess Exercises

Author: Ray Cheng
Publisher: Wheatmark Incorporated
ISBN: 1587368013
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Games

Raise your chess to the next level with this program of 600 instructive and challenging exercises covering all aspects of the game. This book will sharpen your tactical vision, deepen your positional understanding, and enrich your knowledge of theoretical positions. It will also strengthen your analytical skills, and instill a sound move selection process. Win more games and increase your enjoyment of chess!

Tactics Time 2

Author: Tim Brennan
Publisher: New In Chess,Csi
ISBN: 9056915371
Release Date: 2015-02-07
Genre: Games

Tactics Time 2 presents 1001 fresh and instructive positions that Tim and Anthea have assembled from real amateur chess games, leaving you able to spot relatively simple patterns like a knight fork, an overloaded piece or a weak back rank.

The Gambit Book of Instructive Chess Puzzles

Author: Graham Burgess
Publisher: Gambit
ISBN: 1906454280
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Games

Solving tactical puzzles is one of the most effective ways to improve your chess. This convenient book provides 300 exercises, with instructive points highlighted in the solutions. There is something here for everyone. The puzzles in the first two chapters are based on a clear-cut tactic or checkmate, such as those explained in Gambit's best-sellers How to Beat Your Dad at Chess and Chess Tactics for Kids. The endgame challenges highlight tactics and principles in action. In practice it is vital to defend resiliently and seek counterattacking chances - there is an innovative chapter on these rarely-covered themes as well as puzzles where the reader must decide how to punch home an attack. Later chapters help readers develop a vital skill: the ability to make tough chessboard decisions. Attack, sacrifice, grab material, defend or simplify - it's for you to decide! Principles and guidelines are emphasized, together with common sources of error. The final section of puzzles will prove a stern challenge even for the best players, with the reader exposed to the full complexity of modern chess - with a few helpful hints along the way.

202 Checkmates for Children

Author: Fred Wilson
Publisher: Cardoza
ISBN: 1580421415
Release Date: 2004-12-01
Genre: Games

Veteran chess teachers and authors, Wilson and Alberston, who specialize in teaching chess to children, present 202 fascinating puzzles that are both instructional and fun. Large diagrams and clearly explained solutions will thrill kids as they work their way through the concepts while they have fun with chess. This book is perfect for kids! The authors should know - they have used these puzzles in their lessons for years.

1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations

Author: Fred Reinfeld
Publisher: Russell Enterprises
ISBN: 1936490870
Release Date: 2014-05-15
Genre: Games

Enhance Your Tactical Weapons! 1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combination is the companion volume to Reinfeld's 1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate. Of course each book can be taken on its own, but together they make a wonderful collection, and cover the full range of tactical chess. And they are now both available in 21st-century editions, using modern algebraic notation. Reinfeld has arranged his quiz positions so that they fall into orderly chapters, each with a common theme. Still, the degree of difficulty varies widely. Easiest are one move shots, suitable for players starting out. Most difficult are the examples that run seven moves and more; some of these may even stump an ordinary master. Most of all, this a book of combinative ideas, all designed to enhance your arsenal of weapons. The first step toward mastery is to become familiar with the different types of tactical motifs. The second step is to study a great many examples of these tactical themes. So, the object of this book is to add to your knowledge, to make you a strong chessplayer, and (last but not least) to delight you with some of the most beautiful moves ever played on the chessboard.

Chess Puzzles for Kids

Author: Murray Chandler
Publisher: Gambit
ISBN: 190645440X
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Games

Contains one hundred chess positions to solve, ranging from very easy to incredibly difficult, and every puzzle is preceded by an instructive example illustrating a pattern.

100 Endgames You Must Know

Author: de la Jesus Villa
Publisher: New In Chess
ISBN: 9789056914547
Release Date: 2014-05-28
Genre: Games

There are, contrary to what most amateurs believe, relatively few chess endgames one must know. Jesus de la Villa, an international grandmaster and former champion of Spain, presents the endgames that show up most frequently in practice, are easy to learn and contain ideas and concepts that are useful in more difficult positions. He brings you simple rules, guiding ideas at the beginning of each chapter, detailed and lively explanations, many diagrams, clear summaries of the most important themes, recommended exercises that will help you understand the material, and tests, divided in two parts: basic and final. The main thing De la Villa asks of you is to always understand WHY you play a move.

Chess Workbook for Children

Author: Todd Bardwick
ISBN: 0976196212
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Chess for children

Chess Workbook for Children is a fun, comprehensive workbook and instruction book for children (and adults) who are new to chess or who are in the beginning stages of learning to play the royal game. Two hundred problems with a comprehensive answer key are given at two skill levels: Basset Hound (beginner) and Chess Detective (intermediate). The book has large print and is easy to read and understand.

Chess Tactics for Students

Author: John A. Bain
Publisher: Learning Plus, Incorporated
ISBN: 0963961403
Release Date: 1993
Genre: Chess

Introducing thirteen basic chess tactics in a variety of frequently encountered positional patterns.

Improve Your Chess Tactics

Author: Jakov Neishstadt
Publisher: New In Chess
ISBN: 9789056914806
Release Date: 2014-03-07
Genre: Games

The best advice for chess players who want to improve quickly is: get better at tactics! Simply because the vast majority of amateur games is decided through tactics you will immediately start beating more opponents when you improve your tactical skills. Experienced Russian Grandmaster Jakov Neishtadt has selected those examples from the games of masters that have the biggest instructional value for club players. In the first part of the book Neishstadt teaches a systematic course on the most important tactical themes. The second part consist of an exam with hundreds of tests from real-life chess, in random order so as not to give unwelcome hints on how to solve them. The solutions are not just lists of moves, but include instructive prose.

Understanding Chess Endgames

Author: John Nunn
Publisher: Gambit
ISBN: 1906454116
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Games

One of the world's foremost chess writers provides everything you need to know about chess endgames! Assuming no specialized endgame knowledge, John Nunn presents 100 key endgame concepts, and explains how they are used to win games or save difficult positions. He covers all the main types of endgames and typical thinking methods, and so equips readers with all the skills needed to excel in this vital phase of the game up to good club level and beyond. The endgame is the stage of the game where precision is most important, and where errors are punished most drastically. It is also deceptive: many endgame positions look too simple to require prior knowledge, but yet contain fiendish concealed pitfalls that can reverse the result of the game on the spot. Some key positions simply have to be memorized, as they can hardly be worked out at the board, especially when playing with today's faster time-controls. In such perilous terrain, an expert guide is necessary. John Nunn could not be better qualified: he is a battle-hardened grandmaster of top-level over-the-board chess and a solving world champion. From his wealth of endgame expertise, he has distilled a course of fundamental knowledge that is highly targeted on practical success for all levels of players.

The Complete Book of Chess Strategy

ISBN: 1890085014
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Games

An easy-to-understand guide to chess strategy -- conceptual planning -- has always been the amateur's dream. This book makes that dream a reality. This comprehensive guide in dictionary form, the first of its kind, makes all aspects of chess strategy quick, easy, and painlessly accessible to players of all degrees of strength. Each strategic concept is listed alphabetically and followed by a clear, easy-to-absorb explanation accompanied by examples of how this strategy is used in practice. Such great World Champions as Steinitz, Capablanca, Petrosian, Fischer, and Karpov have used these strategies in virtually all of their games. Now you can arm yourself with their weapons. As you incorporate these weapons into your own play, they will enrich your appreciation of the game and lead you to one beautiful victory after another.