1800 Mechanical Movements

Author: Gardner Dexter Hiscox
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486457437
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Originally published in 1899, this is the unabridged republication of the 16th enlarged edition: Mechanical movements, powers, and devices. New York: Norman W. Henley Pub., 1921.

Mechanical Appliances Mechanical Movements and Novelties of Construction

Author: Gardner D. Hiscox
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486165172
Release Date: 2013-01-09
Genre: Science

This engrossing visual narrative profiles hundreds of mechanical devices. Nearly 1,000 detailed illustrations — including steam-powered appliances, spring-powered devices, and other machinery — are accompanied by informative descriptions.

A Victorian Handbook of Mechanical Movements

Author: Thomas Walter Barber
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486498126
Release Date: 1890
Genre: Science

Reprint. Originally published: London: E. & F. Spon, 1890, under the title: TheEngineer's sketch-book of mechanical movements, devices, appliances, contrivances, and details.

Making Things Move DIY Mechanisms for Inventors Hobbyists and Artists

Author: Dustyn Roberts
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071741682
Release Date: 2010-12-06
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Get Your Move On! In Making Things Move: DIY Mechanisms for Inventors, Hobbyists, and Artists, you'll learn how to successfully build moving mechanisms through non-technical explanations, examples, and do-it-yourself projects--from kinetic art installations to creative toys to energy-harvesting devices. Photographs, illustrations, screen shots, and images of 3D models are included for each project. This unique resource emphasizes using off-the-shelf components, readily available materials, and accessible fabrication techniques. Simple projects give you hands-on practice applying the skills covered in each chapter, and more complex projects at the end of the book incorporate topics from multiple chapters. Turn your imaginative ideas into reality with help from this practical, inventive guide. Discover how to: Find and select materials Fasten and join parts Measure force, friction, and torque Understand mechanical and electrical power, work, and energy Create and control motion Work with bearings, couplers, gears, screws, and springs Combine simple machines for work and fun Projects include: Rube Goldberg breakfast machine Mousetrap powered car DIY motor with magnet wire Motor direction and speed control Designing and fabricating spur gears Animated creations in paper An interactive rotating platform Small vertical axis wind turbine SADbot: the seasonally affected drawing robot Make Great Stuff! TAB, an imprint of McGraw-Hill Professional, is a leading publisher of DIY technology books for makers, hackers, and electronics hobbyists.

Illustrated Sourcebook of Mechanical Components

Author: Robert Parmley
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0070486174
Release Date: 2000-04-27
Genre: Technology & Engineering

With illustrations, this book offers a compendium of the most frequently used mechanical components, represented graphically. It provides the most commonly used design formulas as well as additional structural data, and is useful for an engineer.

Ingenious Mechanisms for Designers and Inventors

Author: Franklin Day Jones
Publisher: Industrial Press Inc.
ISBN: 0831110295
Release Date: 1930
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Each of the four volumes of Ingenious Mechanisms is an independent treatise on the subject of mechanisms. The books are similar in size and general character, but the contents are different. The mechanisms described are grouped into chapters according to general types. Together with the complete index, this arrangement by function makes it easy to find the class of movement desired, and enables you to compare mechanisms which are similar in purpose but different in design. The descriptions and illustratios are confined to the important and fundamental elements, so that time is not wasted reading a lot of useless or irrelevant detail. Readers are told plainly and briefly what each mechanism consists of, how it operates, and the features which make it of special interest. The particular mechanisms have been selected because they have stood the test of actual practice. Among the mechanisms described and illustrated by working diagrams are: cam applications and special cam designs; intermittent motions from gears and cams; interlocking devices; valve diagrams; reversing mechanisms of special design; tripping or stop mechanisms; drives of crank type for reciprocating driven members; feeding mechanisms and auxiliary devices; feeding and ejecting mechanisms; and many, many more.

Machine devices and components illustrated sourcebook

Author: Robert O. Parmley
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071436871
Release Date: 2004-10-15
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Invaluable to anyone who designs, repairs, or operates machines, this sourcebook contains 2000 illustrations of the most commonly used components found in home appliances, office machines, vehicles, aircraft, ships, construction, factory equipment, and machine tools. The author also includes design formulas and structural data. Contents: Mechanisms * Machine Elements * Gearing * Fluid-Filled Bearing * Bearings with Rolling Contact * Packing and Seals * Pipe, Fitting, and Valves * Key Equations and Charts for Designing Mechanisms

Basic Machines and How They Work

Author: Naval Education and Training Program
Publisher: Stone Basin Books
ISBN: 1626545855
Release Date: 2016-05-06
Genre: Technology & Engineering

From levers and gears to wheels and power trains, this clear and effective Navy training manual is a full course in fundamental mechanical physics. Requiring nothing more than a familiarity with basic mathematics, "Basic Machines and How They Work "presents important mechanical concepts--from simple to complex--in terms that anyone can understand. Inside you ll find detailed chapters on the theory and function of machines like: Levers Wheels and axles Inclined planes and wedges Screws Combustion engines And more! Furthermore, this book will familiarize you with important physics concepts like force, pressure, friction, and work. Comprehensive, easy-to-read, and affordable, the Navy s "Basic Machines and How They Work" is perfect for students, homeowners, inventors, and anyone with a thirst for learning. "

The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices

Author: P. Hill
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9789401025737
Release Date: 2012-12-06
Genre: History

To judge by the dictum of al-Ja~i?: (d. A.D. 869), 'Wisdom has descended upon these three: the brain of the Byzantine, the hands of the Chinese, and the tongue of the Arab', in the great age of the

A History of Mechanical Inventions

Author: Abbott Payson Usher
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486143590
Release Date: 2013-07-24
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Updated classic explores importance of technological innovation in cultural and economic history of the West. Water wheels, clocks, printing, machine tools, more. "Without peer." — American Scientist.