200 Cocktails

Author: Hamlyn
Publisher: Hamlyn
ISBN: 9780600623083
Release Date: 2008-10-06
Genre: Cooking

Everyone enjoys a fancy tipple from time to time, whether partying among friends or taking a moment alone to relax, but sometimes you need more than just a rum & coke. This book provides you with 200 recipes to create the perfect drink for any ocassion, from a minty Mojito or classic Margarita to a sophisticated Champagne Cocktail or exotic Russian Spring Punch. With full-page colour photographs and easy-to-follow recipes, Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook: 200 Cocktails is the essential guide to impressing your guests and making your drinks toast of the town.

200 Classic Cocktails

Author: Tom Soden
Publisher: Hamlyn
ISBN: 060063132X
Release Date: 2016-09-08

Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook: 200 Classic Cocktails offers a wide range of cocktails to make at home, from martinis and shorts to larger punches and pitchers for everyone to share. With step-by-step instructions and full-colour photography, each recipe is easy to follow and even easier to enjoy!

200 Slow Cooker Recipes

Author: Sara Lewis
Publisher: Hamlyn
ISBN: 9780600628675
Release Date: 2013-09-16
Genre: Cooking

Would you like to cut down on convenience food? Want to eat home-cooked meals but just don't have the time or energy to prepare them after a busy day? Then a slow cooker could be the solution for you. Requiring only minimal preparation, a slow cooker will cook your ingredients throughout the day or overnight, producing a delicious meal that will be ready to eat as soon as you are. Hamlyn All Colour: 200 Slow Cooker Recipes provides over 200 recipes for you to enjoy, with delicious ideas for breakfasts and light bites, meat dishes, vegetarian meals, fish and seafood dishes and desserts.

The Classic 1000 Cocktails

Author: Robert Cross
Publisher: Foulsham & Company Limited
ISBN: 0572028520
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Cooking

With more than 1000 cocktails to choose from, this is a book for the connoisseur and beginner alike. It is illustrated in colour throughout.

The Classic Cocktail Bible

Author: Spruce
Publisher: Spruce
ISBN: 9781846014130
Release Date: 2012-09-03
Genre: Cooking

Whether you're planning a lavish party or just indulging in a nightcap, The Classic Cocktail Bible gives you a range of inspirations to create the exotic and the timeless. Cocktails are soaring in popularity as the nation's tastes grow more sophisticated and people are thirsty for new flavours and experiences. Beautifully illustrated with mouth-watering full colour photography, the book includes long and short drinks, still and sparkling, fruity and refreshing as well as creamy and indulgent - you'll never tire of trying the new concoctions.Includes 200 recipes with age-old classics such as the daiquiri, dry martini, margarita and Long Island ice tea. Each spirit is thoroughly explained to give you advice on selecting what to buy and perfecting its accompaniments. There's also a selection of fantastic insider tips, a full glossary of terms and step-by-step guides to mastering different techniques.A history of the evolution and culture of cocktails immerses you in a more glamorous era and The Classic Cocktail Bible allows you to taste it for yourself.

Champagne Cocktail Recipes

Author: Lev Well
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 9781329606289
Release Date: 2015-10-08
Genre: Cooking

Cocktails are always associated with celebrations and special events. So if you are a person who frequently arranges parties, then you must have a lot of good recipes for champagne cocktails. This book, containing 144 champagne cocktail recipes, will help you.

Hamlyn All Colour Cookery 200 Juices Smoothies

Author: Hamlyn
Publisher: Hamlyn
ISBN: 9780600628620
Release Date: 2013-09-16
Genre: Cooking

Drinking daily juices and smoothies is a great way to get all the vitamins and nutrients you need to maintain a balanced diet, as well as being an easy and delicious way to keep hunger at bay. Hamlyn All Color Cookbook: 200 Juices & Smoothies gives you a huge choice of quick, simple recipes that use all your favorite fruits and vegetables to ensure that your diet will never get dull! Every mouthwatering recipe is accompanied by fantastic color photography, and it's all bound in a handy format, making this great-value book ideal for all!

200 Tapas Spanish Dishes

Author: Emma Lewis
Publisher: Hamlyn
ISBN: 9780600627753
Release Date: 2014-01-08
Genre: Cooking

With over 200 recipes infused with the vibrant and complex flavours of Spain, you can recreate the tastes of the tapas bar in your home. There are tempting recipes to suit any occasion, from simple family lunches to dinner party centrepieces. Whip up a refreshing Andalusian Gazpacho on a hot summer's day or, for something simple yet delicious, try Mussels in a Saffron Broth. If you've got a celebration coming up, wow friends and family with a Valencian Paella. And, to round things off perfectly, sample one of the sweet treats, such as Moscatel Roasted Peaches or Santiago Almond Torte.

Ultimate Cocktail Book

Author: Bill Reavell
Publisher: Hamlyn
ISBN: 0600622371
Release Date: 2011-06-13
Genre: Cooking

Staying in is the new going out! Cocktail parties are glamorous, sophisticated and make for a fun-packed evening with your family and friends. The Ultimate Cocktail Book is the perfect accompaniment for any such party and the only reference you'll ever need to make all your favorite cocktails. Whether you are planning a fun and special event or are just in the mood for an exotic drink, this book is a foolproof guide to cocktail making. With over 200 recipes from classics such as the Dry Martini and Tequila Sunrise to the more exotic Mai Tai and Singapore Sling, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Easy Meals Text Only

Author: Rachel Allen
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 9780007457595
Release Date: 2012-01-05
Genre: Cooking

In her new book, bestselling TV cook, Rachel Allen shares her ultimate fast and easy family recipes.

I Love Coffee

Author: Susan Zimmer
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 9781449460112
Release Date: 2014-02-25
Genre: Cooking

* I Love Coffee! features over 100 easy-to-make coffee drinks, including the Black Forest Latte, Sugar-Free Java Chai Latte, Iced Orange Mochaccino, Tiramisú Martini, and Candy Cane Latte. * I Love Coffee! brings the passion for coffee into your home with a creative variety of hot and cold drinks. It is the ultimate how-to handbook for the 111 million coffee drinkers in North America. Now coffee lovers can make delicious cappuccinos, cold coffee quenchers, decadent coffee desserts, and classy coffee martinis year-round using simple techniques with gourmet results in this indispensable coffee guide and cookbook. In I Love Coffee! coffee connoisseur Susan Zimmer shares expert advice and techniques, from how to brew the perfect cup and how to make a basic cappuccino without a machine to a World Barista Latte Art Champion's tips for making masterful latte art designs. It is brimful with a wealth of coffee understanding from the "ground" up, from bean to cup, including international coffees and brewing techniques best suited to a variety of preferences, all topped off with plenty of problem-solving tips and delectable full-color photographs.

The Little Book of Cocktails

Author: Rufus Cavendish
ISBN: 184953585X
Release Date: 2014-06-02
Genre: Cocktails

Heighten your cocktail-making skills with these tasty recipes and helpful hints Swap the drab for the dazzle with this concoction of moreish recipes and nifty tips that will equip you with everything you need to put the party back into cocktail. Shaken or stirred, flaming or fizzy, let the cocktail, whichever way you like it, be a part of any sparkling occasion.

200 Veggie Feasts

Author: Louise Pickford
Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group
ISBN: 0600617319
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Cooking (Vegetables)

Whether you're a die-hard vegetarian or a committed carnivore, the mouthwatering veggie recipes in Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook: 200 Vegetarian Recipes can be enjoyed by the whole family to keep everyone healthy and happy. Choose from simple snacks such as Mushroom and Ginger Crispy Wontons or Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup to more filling Thai Red Curry Vegetable Pies and the tempting Tiramisu Cheesecake. With such a considerable selection, you'll be able to create fantastic vegetarian meals to suit all persuasions and occasions.Every recipe is accompanied by a full-page colour photograph and clever variations and new ideas, giving you over 200 meals to choose from. The hardest part for you is deciding which delicious dish to cook first!

A Grandmother s Legacy

Author: Jenny Mallin
ISBN: 1527211193
Release Date: 2017-07
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

A cookbook memoir which mingles the history of the author's family going right back to 1844 and British Raj India, and her grandmothers' recipes that were prudently passed down through the generations. Each recipe has been lovingly researched, leading Jenny on a road of discovery about her ancestors, and clues to their rich and eventful past.