A Manual for Writers of Research Papers Theses and Dissertations Ninth Edition

Author: Kate L. Turabian
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226430607
Release Date: 2018-04-27
Genre: Reference

When Kate L. Turabian first put her famous guidelines to paper, she could hardly have imagined the world in which today’s students would be conducting research. Yet while the ways in which we research and compose papers may have changed, the fundamentals remain the same: writers need to have a strong research question, construct an evidence-based argument, cite their sources, and structure their work in a logical way. A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations—also known as “Turabian”—remains one of the most popular books for writers because of its timeless focus on achieving these goals. This new edition filters decades of expertise into modern standards. While previous editions incorporated digital forms of research and writing, this edition goes even further to build information literacy, recognizing that most students will be doing their work largely or entirely online and on screens. Chapters include updated advice on finding, evaluating, and citing a wide range of digital sources and also recognize the evolving use of software for citation management, graphics, and paper format and submission. The ninth edition is fully aligned with the recently released Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, as well as with the latest edition of The Craft of Research. Teachers and users of the previous editions will recognize the familiar three-part structure. Part 1 covers every step of the research and writing process, including drafting and revising. Part 2 offers a comprehensive guide to Chicago’s two methods of source citation: notes-bibliography and author-date. Part 3 gets into matters of editorial style and the correct way to present quotations and visual material. A Manual for Writers also covers an issue familiar to writers of all levels: how to conquer the fear of tackling a major writing project. Through eight decades and millions of copies, A Manual for Writers has helped generations shape their ideas into compelling research papers. This new edition will continue to be the gold standard for college and graduate students in virtually all academic disciplines.

Erfolgreich promovieren

Author: Steffen Stock
Publisher: Springer Gabler
ISBN: 3642416624
Release Date: 2013-11-28
Genre: Social Science

„Erfolgreich promovieren“ begleitet Promovierende aller Disziplinen durch die gesamte Promotion, von der Entscheidung zur Promotion, über die Planung, die Erstellung eines Exposés und dem Schreibprozess bis hin zur Fertigstellung der Dissertation, der Prüfung und Veröffentlichung. Zu den ausführlich behandelten Rahmenbedingungen zählen beispielsweise Themensuche, kumulative Promotion, Graduiertenkollegs, Promotionsvereinbarungen, Umgang mit Betreuern und Finanzierungsformen. Für all diejenigen, die über eine Promotion nachdenken, sich aber noch nicht ganz sicher sind, wie und ob sie ihr Vorhaben wirklich in die Tat umsetzen, aber auch für diejenigen, die schon fest entschlossen sind, in Zukunft den Doktortitel vor ihrem Namen zu tragen, ist dieser Ratgeber eine gute Vorbereitung auf die Hürden, die einen Titelanwärter im Laufe der Promotion erwarten können. "Erfolgreich promovieren" will möglichen Krisen wie Schreibblockaden, Vereinsamung, Zeitproblemen und Stress vorbeugen und gibt Tipps zu deren Bewältigung. Darüber hinaus enthält dieses Buch viele Erfahrungsberichte aus den unterschiedlichsten Disziplinen. Hier schildern Promovierte ganz individuell, wie sie ihre Promotionszeit erlebt haben, welche Höhen und Tiefen sie durchlaufen und wie sie Krisen gemeistert haben. In der dritten Auflage wurden neue Erfahrungsberichte von Promovierten, Abbrechern und Betreuern aufgenommen. Über 120 Autoren haben ihr Bestes gegeben, um ihre persönlichen Ratschläge und Erfahrungen weitergeben zu können. Dieser Ratgeber stellt das geballte Wissen von Promovierten für Promovierende und damit das optimale Werkzeug für eine erfolgreiche Promotion dar!

The Everything Improve Your Writing Book

Author: Pamela Rice Hahn
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781605501697
Release Date: 2008-05-01
Genre: Reference

Do you struggle with research papers for school? Is business writing one of your weak areas? Are you at a loss for what to include in thank-you notes? The Everything Improve Your Writing Book, 2nd Edition can help! With a few simple rules and a little guidance, you, too, can write clearly and concisely. Publishing professional Pamela Rice Hahn outlines simple steps for you to follow for various types of writing, including: Social writing, such as thank-you and get-well notes, congratulatory messages, and invitation responses Journalism, such as letters to the editor, press releases, and freelance article writing Personal and biographical essays Business writing, including sales letters, requests for proposals, and press packets With this practical guide, you'll learn to choose the appropriate tone, use the correct format, and communicate effectively. Whether for school, for work, or just for fun, writing will be a chore no more! Pamela Rice Hahn is the author of The Everything Writing Well Book and Alpha Teach Yourself Grammar and Style in 24 Hours and coauthor of Writing for Profit. Hahn's work has appeared in Glamour, Country Living, Business Venture, Current Notes, and other national publications. She lives in Celina, OH.

Technical Writing

Author: Phillip A. Laplante
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780429884498
Release Date: 2018-07-27
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Engineers, scientists, and professionals of all types are often required to write reports, summaries, manuals, and guides. While many have had an English language or writing course, it is less likely that they have had instruction in the special requirements of technical writing. Filling this void, Technical Writing: A Practical Guide for Engineers, Scientists, and Nontechnical Professionals, Second Edition enables readers to write, edit, and publish materials of a technical nature, including books, articles, reports, and electronic media. Written by a renowned engineer and widely published technical author, this guide complements traditional writer’s reference manuals on technical writing through presentation of first-hand examples that help readers understand practical considerations in writing and producing technical content. These examples illustrate how a publication originates as well as various challenges and solutions. The second edition contains new material in every chapter including new topics, additional examples, insights, tips and tricks, new vignettes and more exercises. Appendices have been added for writing checklists and writing samples. The references and glossary have been updated and expanded. In addition, a focus on writing for the nontechnical persons working in the technology world and the nonnative English speaker has been incorporated. Written in an informal, conversational style, unlike traditional college writing texts, the book also contains many interesting vignettes and personal stories to add interest to otherwise stodgy lessons. Key Features •Offers precise, hands-on coverage of technical writing •Complements traditional writer’s reference manuals •Includes personal anecdotes and historical stories that serve as real-world examples of technical writing •Explores the various avenues for publishing your work •Explains how to write for blogs, social networks, and other e-media

The Craft of Research Third Edition

Author: Wayne C. Booth
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226062648
Release Date: 2009-05-15
Genre: Reference

With more than 400,000 copies now in print, The Craft of Research is the unrivaled resource for researchers at every level, from first-year undergraduates to research reporters at corporations and government offices. Seasoned researchers and educators Gregory G. Colomb and Joseph M. Williams present an updated third edition of their classic handbook, whose first and second editions were written in collaboration with the late Wayne C. Booth. The Craft of Research explains how to build an argument that motivates readers to accept a claim; how to anticipate the reservations of readers and to respond to them appropriately; and how to create introductions and conclusions that answer that most demanding question, “So what?” The third edition includes an expanded discussion of the essential early stages of a research task: planning and drafting a paper. The authors have revised and fully updated their section on electronic research, emphasizing the need to distinguish between trustworthy sources (such as those found in libraries) and less reliable sources found with a quick Web search. A chapter on warrants has also been thoroughly reviewed to make this difficult subject easier for researchers Throughout, the authors have preserved the amiable tone, the reliable voice, and the sense of directness that have made this book indispensable for anyone undertaking a research project.

Im Brunnen der Manuskripte

Author: Jasper Fforde
Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag
ISBN: 9783423407861
Release Date: 2011-07-01
Genre: Fiction

Ein Riesenspaß für alle, die Literatur lieben! Die Welt der Literatur gegen alle möglichen Missetäter zu verteidigen, ist eine ehrenvolle, aber auch nervenaufreibende Aufgabe. Wen wundert es also, dass Thursday Next sich zu ihrem Mutterschaftsurlaub in die tiefsten Tiefen des Brunnens der Manuskripte zurückzieht. Genauer gesagt auf ein gemütliches Flug-Hausboot in einem drittklassigen, unlesbaren Krimi, der wahrscheinlich nie veröffentlicht wird. Aber das Leben hier ist nicht ungefährlich: Gleich am ersten Tag steht Thursday Next einer wilden Meute von Grammasiten gegenüber, Big Martin scheint sie vernaschen zu wollen und eine gruppentherapeutische Sitzung zur Verminderung der Wut in Wuthering Heights wird ihr fast zum Verhängnis. - Erneut gelingt es Jasper Fforde, in einer kühnen Mischung von Spott und heißer Verehrung die Welt der Literatur auf gänzlich ungewohnte Weise in Szene zu setzen.

Cite Right Second Edition

Author: Charles Lipson
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226484648
Release Date: 2011-05-15
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

Explains the importance of using citations; outlines the various styles, including APA, MLA, and Chicago; and offers examples for each from a wide range of sources.

Duden Ratgeber Die schriftliche Arbeit kompakt

Author: Jürg Niederhauser
Publisher: Bibliographisches Institut GmbH
ISBN: 9783411910557
Release Date: 2015-05-28
Genre: Business & Economics

Was kennzeichnet eine Abschlussarbeit an der Uni oder in der Schule? Wie wird effizient und umfassend recherchiert? Wie wird richtig zitiert? Anworten auf diese und weitere Fragen bietet der Ratgeber "Die schriftliche Arbeit". Die zentralen Themen dieses Buches sind die Festlegung des Themas, die Literatursuche, Materialsammlung, -sortierung und -auswertung sowie die Informationsrecherche im Internet. Der Band enthält aber auch wichtige Hinweise zur formalen Gestaltung des Manuskripts.

Rameau s Neffe

Author: Denis Diderot
ISBN: KBNL:KBNL03000140838
Release Date: 1805

The Chicago Guide to Communicating Science

Author: Scott L. Montgomery
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226144504
Release Date: 2017-02-21
Genre: Reference

This book is a comprehensive guide to scientific communication that has been used widely in courses and workshops as well as by individual scientists and other professionals since its first publication in 2002. This revision accounts for the many ways in which the globalization of research and the changing media landscape have altered scientific communication over the past decade. With an increased focus throughout on how research is communicated in industry, government, and non-profit centers as well as in academia, it now covers such topics as the opportunities and perils of online publishing, the need for translation skills, and the communication of scientific findings to the broader world, both directly through speaking and writing and through the filter of traditional and social media. It also offers advice for those whose research concerns controversial issues, such as climate change and emerging viruses, in which clear and accurate communication is especially critical to the scientific community and the wider world.

Tipping Point

Author: Malcolm Gladwell
Publisher: Goldmann Verlag
ISBN: 9783641189143
Release Date: 2016-10-17
Genre: History

Eine totgesagte Schuhmarke, die über Nacht zum ultimativ angesagten Modeartikel wird. Ein neu eröffnetes Restaurant, das sofort zum absoluten Renner wird. Der Roman einer unbekannten Autorin, der ohne Werbung zum Bestseller wird. Für den magischen Moment, der eine Lawine lostreten und einen neuen Trend begründen kann, gibt es zahlreiche Beispiele. Wie ein Virus breitet sich das Neue einer Epidemie gleich unaufhaltsam flächendeckend aus. So wie eine einzelne kranke Person eine Grippewelle auslösen kann, genügt ein winziger, gezielter Schubs, um einen Modetrend zu setzen, ein neues Produkt als Massenware durchzusetzen oder die Kriminalitätsrate in einer Großstadt zu senken. „Tipping Point“ zeigt, wie wenig Aufwand zu einem Mega-Erfolg führen kann.