A Peace to End All Peace

Author: David Fromkin
Publisher: Holt Paperbacks
ISBN: 1429988525
Release Date: 2010-08-03
Genre: History

Published with a new afterword from the author—the classic, bestselling account of how the modern Middle East was created The Middle East has long been a region of rival religions, ideologies, nationalisms, and ambitions. All of these conflicts—including the hostilities between Arabs and Israelis, and the violent challenges posed by Iraq's competing sects—are rooted in the region's political inheritance: the arrangements, unities, and divisions imposed by the Allies after the First World War. In A Peace to End All Peace, David Fromkin reveals how and why the Allies drew lines on an empty map that remade the geography and politics of the Middle East. Focusing on the formative years of 1914 to 1922, when all seemed possible, he delivers in this sweeping and magisterial book the definitive account of this defining time, showing how the choices narrowed and the Middle East began along a road that led to the conflicts and confusion that continue to this day. A new afterword from Fromkin, written for this edition of the book, includes his invaluable, updated assessment of this region of the world today, and on what this history has to teach us.

Grand Strategy in Theory and Practice

Author: William C. Martel
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781316148167
Release Date: 2015-01-12
Genre: Political Science

This book explores fundamental questions about grand strategy, as it has evolved across generations and countries. It provides an overview of the ancient era of grand strategy and a detailed discussion of its philosophical, military, and economic foundations in the modern era. The author investigates these aspects through the lenses of four approaches - those of historians, social scientists, practitioners, and military strategists. The main goal is to provide contemporary policy makers and scholars with a historic and analytic framework in which to evaluate and conduct grand strategy. By providing greater analytical clarity about grand strategy and describing its nature and its utility for the state, this book presents a comprehensive theory on the practice of grand strategy in order to articulate the United States' past, present, and future purpose and position on the world stage.

In The Time Of The Americans

Author: David Fromkin
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 9780307766069
Release Date: 2013-01-23
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Coming of age during World War I and attaining their finest hour in World War II and the Cold War, these men -- FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Marshall, MacArthur -- transformed America from an isolated frontier nation into a global superpower. As he tells their stories, Fromkin, author of A Peace to End All Peace, shows how this generation not only made America great but largely succeeded in making it a force for good.

The Wilsonian Moment

Author: Erez Manela
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198039158
Release Date: 2007-07-23
Genre: Political Science

During the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, while key decisions were debated by the victorious Allied powers, a multitude of smaller nations and colonies held their breath, waiting to see how their fates would be decided. President Woodrow Wilson, in his Fourteen Points, had called for "a free, open-minded, and absolutely impartial adjustment of all colonial claims," giving equal weight would be given to the opinions of the colonized peoples and the colonial powers. Among those nations now paying close attention to Wilson's words and actions were the budding nationalist leaders of four disparate non-Western societies--Egypt, India, China, and Korea. That spring, Wilson's words would help ignite political upheavals in all four of these countries. This book is the first to place the 1919 Revolution in Egypt, the Rowlatt Satyagraha in India, the May Fourth movement in China, and the March First uprising in Korea in the context of a broader "Wilsonian moment" that challenged the existing international order. Using primary source material from America, Europe, and Asia, historian Erez Manela tells the story of how emerging nationalist movements appropriated Wilsonian language and adapted it to their own local culture and politics as they launched into action on the international stage. The rapid disintegration of the Wilsonian promise left a legacy of disillusionment and facilitated the spread of revisionist ideologies and movements in these societies; future leaders of Third World liberation movements--Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh, and Jawaharlal Nehru, among others--were profoundly shaped by their experiences at the time. The importance of the Paris Peace Conference and Wilson's influence on international affairs far from the battlefields of Europe cannot be underestimated. Now, for the first time, we can clearly see just how the events played out at Versailles sparked a wave of nationalism that is still resonating globally today.

The End of the Ottoman Empire 1908 1923

Author: Alexander Lyon Macfie
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317888659
Release Date: 2014-06-06
Genre: History

The collapse of the Ottoman Empire is a key event in the shaping of our own times. From its ruins rose a whole map of new countries including Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the perennially troubled area of Palestine as well as the Balkan lands - states which were to remain flashpoints of international tension. This thoughtful and lucid volume considers the reasons for the end of the Ottoman Empire; explains the course of it; and examines the aftermath.

FDR and the End of Empire

Author: C. O'Sullivan
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9781137025258
Release Date: 2012-09-25
Genre: History

Based upon extensive archival research in Great Britain, the United States, and the Middle East, including sources never previously utilized such as declassified intelligence records, postwar planning documents, and the personal papers of key officials, this is painstakingly researched account of the origins of American involvement in the Middle East during the Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. It explores the effort to challenge British and French power, and the building of new relationships with Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Levant states. It also reveals new and controversial discoveries about Roosevelt's views on Palestine, his relations with Middle East leaders, and his often bitter conflicts with Churchill and de Gaulle over European imperialism. Modern-day parallels make this story compelling for followers of current events, World War II, Franklin Roosevelt, the Middle East, or British imperialism.

The Gulf War 1990 91

Author: William Thomas Allison
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 9781137265425
Release Date: 2012-08-29
Genre: History

In August 1990, Saddam Hussein's Iraqi forces boldly invaded and occupied neighboring Kuwait. It was a move that shocked the world and threatened the interests of those countries, such as the USA and the nations of Europe, dependent on oil from the Middle East. The ensuing Gulf War signaled, for many, a new dawn in warfare: one based upon lethal technology, low casualties, and quick decisive victory. Incorporating the latest scholarship, William Thomas Allison provides a concise overview of the origins, key events and legacy of the first Gulf War, as well as the major issues and debates. Allison also examines the relevance of this war to other twentieth-century conflicts and the ongoing situation in the region.

The World War I Reader

Author: Michael S. Neiberg
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814758320
Release Date: 2007
Genre: History

A collection of primary and secondary documents that offers students, scholars, and war buffs an extensive and easy-to-follow overview of World War I.

The End of the Peace Process

Author: Edward W. Said
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 9780307428523
Release Date: 2007-12-18
Genre: Political Science

Soon after the Oslo accords were signed in September 1993 by Israel and Palestinian Liberation Organization, Edward Said predicted that they could not lead to real peace. In these essays, most written for Arab and European newspapers, Said uncovers the political mechanism that advertises reconciliation in the Middle East while keeping peace out of the picture. Said argues that the imbalance in power that forces Palestinians and Arab states to accept the concessions of the United States and Israel prohibits real negotiations and promotes the second-class treatment of Palestinians. He documents what has really gone on in the occupied territories since the signing. He reports worsening conditions for the Palestinians critiques Yasir Arafat's self-interested and oppressive leadership, denounces Israel's refusal to recognize Palestine's past, and—in essays new to this edition—addresses the resulting unrest. In this unflinching cry for civic justice and self-determination, Said promotes not a political agenda but a transcendent alternative: the peaceful coexistence of Arabs and Jews enjoying equal rights and shared citizenship. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Pearl Harbor Hiroshima Beyond

Author: Arch B. Taylor
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 9781412060806
Release Date: 2005
Genre: History

''The nuclear bombing of Japan was not needed to end the war. What it says about the soul of America is the real story. This book should be read by everyone, '' says Bruce Gagnon, Coordinator of www.space4peace.com.


Author: Michael Stuermer
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781780226293
Release Date: 2013-04-11
Genre: History

A vivid, concise account of the German Empire, from its proclamation at Versailles in 1871 to its final dissolution, also at Versailles, in 1919. The period of almost half a century from 1871 to 1919 was one of huge upheaval, restlessness and change in Germany. Situated at the crossroads of history and geography, the country under Bismarck was struggling to preserve the predominance of Prussia and its traditional ruling elites, whilst also recognising the importance of modernisation. By the turn of the century Germany had overtaken Britain as the workshop of the world in industry, science, ideas and the arts, with enormous investments being made in these areas. Many people lost or swapped their traditional livelihoods, moved from the countryside to the cities, and embarked on a road to a prosperity unparalleled in Europe. Then in 1914 came the outbreak of the First World War, unleashing one of the greatest catastrophes of the twentieth century.

Syria Second Edition

Author: John Morrison
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 9781438105819
Release Date: 2009-01-01
Genre: Electronic books

For more than 4,000 years, the land known as Syria was marched over, sacked, and occupied by soldiers of many empires of the world. In 1516, Syria became part of the vast Ottoman Empire of the Turks. After the Ottomans' defeat in World War I, Syria came under the authority of France. In 1946, Syria gained its independence, but began several decades of unstable government that ended with the election of Hafez Assad as president in 1970. His son Bashar Assad became his unlikely successor in 2000 and is credited with bringing his country into the 21st century. Today, Syria has been criticized for its influence in Lebanese affairs and for its suspected terrorist funding.

Emergence of Minorities in the Middle East

Author: Benjamin Thomas White
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 9780748688937
Release Date: 2012-09-11
Genre: Political Science

This book uses a study of Syria under the French mandate to show what historical developments led people to start describing themselves and others as 'minorities'.

Still Ours to Lead

Author: Bruce D. Jones
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
ISBN: 9780815725138
Release Date: 2014-03-17
Genre: Political Science

Is the United States still a "superpower"? How are the rising powers establishing themselves in international politics and security? What is the future of global stability? For over a decade, Bruce Jones has had a front-row seat as the emerging powers—principally China, India, and Brazil, but also Turkey, Indonesia, Korea, and others—thrust themselves onto the global stage. From Delhi to Doha to Beijing to Brasilia, he's met with the politicians, diplomats, business leaders, and scholars of those powers as they craft their strategies for rising influence—and with senior American officials as they forge their response. In Still Ours to Lead, Jones tells a nuanced story of American leadership. He artfully examines the tension between the impulse to rival the United States and the incentives for restraint and cooperation among the rising powers. That balance of rivalry and restraint provides the United States with a continued ability to solve problems and to manage crises at roughly the same rate as when American dominance was unquestioned. Maintaining the balance is central to the question of whether we will live in a stable or unstable system in the period to come. But it just so happens that this challenge plays to America's unique strength—its unparalleled ability to pull together broad and disparate coalitions for action. To succeed, America must adapt its leadership to new realities.


Author: Terrill G. Hayes
Publisher: Baha'i Publishing Trust
ISBN: 1931847398
Release Date: 2007-06-01
Genre: Political Science

The horrors of innumerable conflicts currently blazing throughout the globe would seem to indicate that world peace is nothing more than a childlike fantasy. But members of the Bah Faith believe that the future is filled with hope and promise, for the Bah writings state unequivocally that world peace is not only possible, its inevitable. Peace: More than an End to War is a blueprint both for the peace of the individual and the peace of our global society. This timely compilation can bring comfort to the world-weary souls who pause to explore the wisdom in its pages.