A World of Becoming

Author: William E. Connolly
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822348795
Release Date: 2011-01-17
Genre: Political Science

Considers how non-linear notions of causality and time--where multiple, interacting, and partially open systems coexist--could transform the way we imagine political action.

The Garden of Reality

Author: Roland Faber
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9781498576246
Release Date: 2018-06-20
Genre: Religion

The Garden of Reality addresses urgent questions around the relativity of religious truth, religious pluralism, transreligious discourse, postmodern cosmology, and interspiritual mysticism in order to argue that relativity and multiplicity are inevitable for the multireligious conviviality and peace of the humanity of the future.


Author: Michelle Obama
Publisher: Goldmann Verlag
ISBN: 9783641227326
Release Date: 2018-11-13
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Die kraftvolle und inspirierende Autobiografie der ehemaligen First Lady der USA Michelle Obama ist eine der überzeugendsten und beeindruckendsten Frauen der Gegenwart. Als erste afro-amerikanische First Lady der USA trug sie maßgeblich dazu bei, das gastfreundlichste und offenste Weiße Haus zu schaffen, das es je gab. Sie wurde zu einer energischen Fürsprecherin für die Rechte von Frauen und Mädchen in der ganzen Welt, setzte sich für einen dringend notwendigen gesellschaftlichen Wandel hin zu einem gesünderen und aktiveren Leben ein und stärkte außerdem ihrem Ehemann den Rücken, während dieser die USA durch einige der schmerzlichsten Momente des Landes führte. Ganz nebenbei zeigte sie uns noch ein paar lässige Dance-Moves, glänzte beim „Carpool Karaoke“ und schaffte es obendrein auch, zwei bodenständige Töchter zu erziehen – mitten im gnadenlosen Blitzlichtgewitter der Medien. In diesem Buch erzählt sie nun erstmals ihre Geschichte – in ihren eigenen Worten und auf ihre ganz eigene Art. Sie nimmt uns mit in ihre Welt und berichtet von all den Erfahrungen, die sie zu der starken Frau gemacht haben, die sie heute ist. Warmherzig, weise und unverblümt erzählt sie von ihrer Kindheit an der Chicagoer South Side, von den Jahren als Anwältin und leitende Angestellte, von der nicht immer einfachen Zeit als berufstätige Mutter sowie von ihrem Leben an Baracks Seite und dem Leben ihrer Familie im Weißen Haus. Gnadenlos ehrlich und voller Esprit schreibt sie sowohl über große Erfolge als auch über bittere Enttäuschungen, den privaten wie den öffentlichen. Dieses Buch ist mehr als eine Autobiografie. Es enthält die ungewöhnlich intimen Erinnerungen einer Frau mit Herz und Substanz, deren Geschichte uns zeigt, wie wichtig es ist, seiner eigenen Stimme zu folgen.

Passport to Beauty

Author: Shalini Vadhera
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1429973994
Release Date: 2006-05-02
Genre: Health & Fitness

Throughout the world, every country has age-old, time-tested secrets that women use for looking and feeling beautiful. Shalini Vadhera, celebrity make-up artist and internationally recognized beauty expert takes you on an adventure -- to Europe, Asia, Africa, the United States, South America, Australia and beyond - revealing secrets for luxurious hair, glowing skin, and more. Passport to Beauty features unique, yet simple beauty tips and techniques as well as instructions for creating cleansing masks, exfoliation blends, and moisturizers for hair and body. Learn how women around the world stay beautiful: · turn back the hands of time with a white clay mask like Australian beauties do · refresh your complexion with white tea – an ancient Chinese anti-aging secret · use coconut oil for glossy, shimmering hair as South Asian women have done for centuries A beauty treatment and make-over with an exotic flair is only as far away as your local grocery store – learn how to unleash the beatifying power of yogurt, lemon, olive oil, honey, and other surprising ingredients. Additionally, Shalini Vadhera will introduce you to the secrets of spices, natural remedies, and spa treatments from around the globe. And once you've got your skin and hair looking wonderful, Shalini Vadhera dips into her bag of international beauty tricks and reveals a multitude of techniques for selecting and applying make-up and always looking your absolute best. No matter your latitude or longitude on the globe, by using the information in this book you can truly become a global goddess!

A world becoming cashless Description and analysis

Author: Henrik Fürst
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 9783668397866
Release Date: 2017-02-15
Genre: Business & Economics

Seminar paper from the year 2014 in the subject Economics - Finance, grade: 10,0, University of Southern Denmark, language: English, abstract: The history of the evolution of money also shows how the human beings developed itself on a mental way. Starting with a so called "Barter economy" where for example animals like cows and sheep where used as kind of "currency" or rather "exchange product", years later going over to using shells as currency and finally ended up with money as we know it today, as paper- and metal-money. As mentioned, bartering where a common way of "paying", which basically means, that to receive some goods, you had to give some other goods. To avoid disagreements of the value of different goods, commodity money was invented. Commodity money were daily goods, like salt. That some commodity goods brought problems like the size or defensibility, was found out later. The Lydian's were the first folk, who invented coins. Decades later the Chinese were the first ones, who invented paper money. This invention of coins, named commodity money, quick became a worldwide used item. From now on, a "customers" needs could easier be fulfilled, since there was something that had a certain value. By inventing the first representative money, the society especially in Europe where allowed to enter a totally new era. Banks created the first so-called currency market, international trade activities where possible and the value of a countries currency depended on its political behavior. During the 17th century, commodity money slowly got replaced by representative money, since global bank and trade networks were steadily increased. Representative money is in form of paper bills or guarantees of the bank. Later the value of money for the first time was tied up to gold, the gold standard. Since the economy kept on growing, representative money got replaced by fiat money. Enforceable legal tender laws have been made, which basically means that the money's value is given by the governments decree and fiat. Free capital was invented. The growth of economic sectors was significantly fostered by this invention, but also the chance to make debts.

Becoming a World Changing Family

Author: Donna Thomas
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
ISBN: 0801065127
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Family & Relationships

The sheer volume of activities competing for your family's time and energy can make it hard to focus on one of the most important tasks of all: fulfilling the Great Commission. Becoming a World Changing Family will show you how to see the world as Jesus does and bring his transforming message to those around you. It's packed with ideas that are fun and practical for even the busiest of families. Discover how you can connect to people of other cultures by eating ethnic cuisine, writing letters, taking trips, enjoying festivals and parties, playing games, and more. Let God open your eyes to the possibilities surrounding you, and get ready to share a world-class adventure with your family.

Becoming a World Class University

Author: Osama Tayeb
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319263809
Release Date: 2015-12-21
Genre: Education

This book written by international experts in the field of educational innovation is a guide for universities to become world-class universities. It contributes to the current international intellectual debate on the future of higher education. It also tells the story of King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) and its effort to become a world-class university. The book discusses excellence in different aspects such as education, research, community services, strategic planning, knowledge economy and international cooperation.

Straight to the Top

Author: Gregory S. Smith
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118046307
Release Date: 2011-01-11
Genre: Business & Economics

You have what it takes to be a CIO. Do you have a strategy for getting there? Now you do. "Gregory Smith has written the definitive work on how to achieve leadership success in IT. This well-written and carefully researched book is a must-read for any IT professional with aspirations toward the top IT spot. Years from now, seasoned IT leaders will be crediting Smith's book with playing a role in their success." —Martha Heller, Managing Director, IT Leadership Practice, Z Resource Group, and cofounder, CIO Executive Council "Wow! Put all the tips, advice, and strategies in this book to use now. The road to the top is rarely straight—follow Gregory's advice and the path will reveal itself to you!" —John R. Sullivan, CIO, AARP "While most professions have a distinct road map to the top, there is no standard career path to becoming a CIO. Smith addresses this unique challenge and provides aspiring CIOs with encouragement, advice, and essential skills based on years of his own and other CIOs' cumulative experience -- an important effort for the profession that Smith's fellow members in the CIO Executive Council embrace and applaud." —Mark Hall, General Manager of the CIO Executive Council "Teaching students what a CIO really does has been tough. We've had to choose between anecdotal treatments based on trade press articles and integrated academic frameworks that offer little in the way of lived experiences. Greg's book fixes that. By organizing interviews with leading technology executives, trade press reports, and his own experiences as a CIO, he provides an organized and comprehensive view of the job and its important role in modern organizations." —Fred Collopy, PHD, Professor and Chair of Information Systems and Professor of Cognitive Science, Case Western Reserve University

The Silence of Adam

Author: Lawrence J. Crabb
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310219392
Release Date: 1998-03-01
Genre: Religion

Men today have locked horns with their toughest issue: reclaiming the full potential of manhood. But in the midst of the excitement -- the meetings, rallies, seminars, and high-fives -- is something vital missing? What gives manhood definition and meaning? In The Silence of Adam, Dr. Larry Crabb and his colleagues, biblical scholar Don Hudson and counselor Al Andrews, offer a fresh look at how God designed men. They draw from neglected biblical data and their own professional experience to help us explore - manhood's lost vision - the problems of masculine community - the power of mentoring relationships -- The Silence of Adam deals thoughtfully and honestly with men's ongoing struggles and exposes the difficulties they have in relationships. It presents the rich calling men have to reveal God in ways uniquely masculine. And it summons them beyond their paralyzing fear of failure to bold risk-taking, action, deep spirituality, and full-hearted living.

Becoming the Best

Author: Harry M. Kraemer
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118999431
Release Date: 2015-02-11
Genre: Business & Economics

What does it mean in practice to be a values-based leader?When faced with real situations, how can you be your best self andcreate best teams—while also being a best partner withcustomers and vendors, a best investment for your stakeholders, anda best citizen making a difference in the world? It's a tall order,but these are the expectations for world-class organizationstoday. In his bestselling book From Values to Action, HarryKraemer showed how self-reflection, balance, true self-confidence,and genuine humility are the traits of today's most effectiveleaders. In Becoming the Best, his highly anticipatedfollow-up, Kraemer reveals how, in practical terms, anyone canapply these principles to become a values-based leader and to helpcreate values-based organizations. Drawing on his own experiences as the former CEO and chairman ofBaxter International, as well as those of other notable leaders andorganizations, Kraemer lays out a pathway for understanding theprinciples and putting them into practice, showing specifically,how to: Use self-reflection to become your "best self" as you leadyourself and others more effectively Create a "best team" that understands and appreciates whatthey're doing, and why Forge "best partnerships" through win/win collaboration withvendors and customers that enhance the end user's experienceSupport the mission, vision, and values of the organization togenerate returns that distinguish a "best investment" Make a difference in the world beyond the organization bybecoming a "best citizen" Powerful case studies from Campbell's Soup, Ernst & Young,Target, Northern Trust, and many others demonstrate the fourprinciples of values-based leadership in action and show howthinking beyond the corporation can trigger positive outcomes forboth the company and the world. Regardless of level or job title, individuals can make adifference in their organization and beyond by embodying theessential traits of a great leader. Becoming the Best offersa definitive, actionable guide to show anyone how to apply inpractice the principles of values-based leadership personally andprofessionally, making it an indispensable manual for the new waveof better leaders.

Becoming Japanese

Author: Joy Hendry
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 0824812158
Release Date: 1989
Genre: Education

The children are more than mere pictures. They tell us the truths about Japan. So wrote a visitor to Japan at the turn of the century and this view underlies the title of this book. The first few years of a child's life are vitally imporant for preparing it to be a member of the society to which it belongs. Japanese methods of childcare are consequently directed towards taking advantage of the receptivity of the early years. They are also different in many ways from Western methods and much of the colorful detail in this book will be of great interest to mothers everywhere--from family beds and toilet training to the elaborate religious ceremonies of childhood. Joyn Hendry looks at customs and traditions, at rewards and punishments, and at the day-to-day life of children at home, at school, and in the wider world. Joy Hendry's research involved working with Japanese mothers and other care takers, and with kindergartens and day nurseries. She has drawn on the work of sociologists, psychologists and educationalists in English and Japanese, but the theoretical framework for the study is drawn from social anthropology.

Song of the World Becoming

Author: Pattiann Rogers
ISBN: UOM:39015053159615
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Poetry

A collection of the author's poetry includes all of her published work as well as forty new multifaceted poems, in an anthology that explores such themes as divinity and achieving serenity.


Author: Steven Pinker
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 9783104016160
Release Date: 2011-10-24
Genre: History

Die Geschichte der Menschheit – eine ewige Abfolge von Krieg, Genozid, Mord, Folter und Vergewaltigung. Und es wird immer schlimmer. Aber ist das richtig? In einem wahren Opus Magnum, einer groß angelegten Gesamtgeschichte unserer Zivilisation, untersucht der weltbekannte Evolutionspsychologe Steven Pinker die Entwicklung der Gewalt von der Urzeit bis heute und in allen ihren individuellen und kollektiven Formen, vom Verprügeln der Ehefrau bis zum geplanten Völkermord. Unter Rückgriff auf eine Fülle von wissenschaftlichen Belegen aus den unterschiedlichsten Disziplinen beweist er zunächst, dass die Gewalt im Laufe der Geschichte stetig abgenommen hat und wir heute in der friedlichsten Epoche der Menschheit leben. Diese verblüffende Tatsache verlangt nach einer Erklärung: Pinker schält in seiner Analyse sechs Entwicklungen heraus, die diesen Trend begünstigt haben, untersucht die Psychologie der Gewalt auf fünf innere Dämonen, die Gewaltausübung begünstigen, benennt vier Eigenschaften des Menschen, die den inneren Dämonen entgegenarbeiten und isoliert schließlich fünf historische Kräfte, die uns heute in der friedlichsten Zeit seit jeher leben lassen. Pinkers Darstellung revolutioniert den Blick auf die Welt und uns Menschen. Und sie macht Hoffnung und Mut. »Pinkers Studie ist eine leidenschaftliche Antithese zum verbreiteten Kulturpessimismus und dem Gefühl des moralischen Untergangs der Moderne.« Der Spiegel »Steven Pinker ist ein Top-Autor und verdient all die Superlative, mit denen man ihn überhäuft« New York Times» Die Argumente von Steven Pinker haben Gewicht [...]. Die Chance, heute Opfer von Gewalt zu werden, ist viel geringer als zu jeder anderen Zeit. Das ist eine spannende Nachricht, die konträr zur öffentlichen Wahrnehmung ist." Deutschlandfunk »Steven Pinker ist ein intellektueller Rockstar« The Guardian »Der Evolutionspsychologe Steven Pinker gilt als wichtigster Intellektueller« Süddeutsche Zeitung »Verflucht überzeugend« Hamburger Abendblatt


Author: Marc Johnson
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781449012939
Release Date: 2010-01
Genre: Fiction

They wake and find themselves alone in a world where dreams are tangible. Some find the world dark, some find it home, but all look into the dark uncertainty of it and find themselves lost. For them, Becoming is a beginning, and it is from this beginning that they each find themselves wandering a dark world looking for some trace of their former humanity, if it was ever there to begin with. The hero, Mahavir, finds himself conflicted between losing his own life for the human beings that he despises or simply leaving them behind. As he comes to know Joseph and his father and Lila and her brother, he struggles to move away from the fate that dreams have allotted to him and realizes that even the power of those dreams cannot take away his choice. Regardless of the strength of the nightmares that plague the world around him, he knows that it's only his decision that will determine the fate of men.

26 Tips on Becoming the World s Greatest Lover

Author: Donnell Smith
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 9781412244145
Release Date: 2007-02-26
Genre: Sex instruction

Divorce, break-ups, and adultery have taken their toll on couples across the world. A poor physical relationship is often to blame. D. Devine's 26 Tips on Becoming the "World's Greatest Lover" is a book of strategies and techniques for pleasing your spouse or lover.