Author: Kristen Brustad
ISBN: 0878403507
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Arabic language

Alif Baa

Author: Kristen Brustad
ISBN: 087840273X
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Foreign Language Study

With a set of three audio CDs, this text is intended for anyone interested in learning modern Arabic as a living language. The first part of the Al-Kitaab language program, it embodies two main premises: that the student can and should learn to recognize and produce the sounds of Arabic correctly from the very beginning, and that the student should be introduced to the full range of the Arabic language and cultural continuum - colloquial, modern standard, and classical.

Author: Brustad
ISBN: 1589019660
Release Date: 2013-01-01
Genre: Arabic language

Al Kitaab fii Ta allum al Arabiyya

ISBN: 158901104X
Release Date: 2004

"The beauty and richness of the history and cultures of the Middle East are matters of increasing interest to the English-speaking world. As nations make their way into this new century, there must be dialogue and understanding--and language is the doorway into that new understanding. This revised and updated second edition of Al-Kitaab contains new video and audio material on three DVDs, along with revised and updated texts and exercises. Following naturally on the introductory text, Alif Baa, for the Al-Kitaab Arabic language program, this initial Part One text further develops skills in standard Arabic while providing additional material in colloquial as well as classical Arabic."--Publisher.

Haki bil Libnani Access Code

Author: Adnan Haydar
ISBN: 1626161542
Release Date: 2014-11-01
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Haki bil-Libnani provides students of Arabic with an opportunity to acquire substantial and systematic proficiency in Lebanese dialect and culture, and is designed to work either on its own or alongside the bestselling Arabic-language textbook Al-Kitaab Part One, Third Edition. This fully online textbook and interactive website features two video story components, designed to foster proficiency as students work through each lesson while practicing vocabulary, cultural expressions, and short dialogues. The first story recreates the stories of Maha and Khaled Abul'ila from Al-Kitaab, recast in a Lebanese context starring Yara and Jamil Haddad, who speak the Lebanese dialect and reference Lebanese institutions, places, and customs. A second storyline consists of an original series of short dialogue scenes involving three main characters: Jamal, Raghida, and John Douglas. Jamal and Raghida serve as cultural liaisons who help the Lebanese-American John navigate daily life in Lebanon -- buying groceries, taking cabs, and doing Arabic homework -- while John's linguistic and cultural struggles will resonate with many students. The integration of speaking, listening, grammar, and cultural competency skills in Haki bil-Libnani: Lebanese Arabic Online Textbook and Companion Website to Al-Kitaab Part One, Third Edition, will facilitate the teaching and learning of Lebanese Arabic, while introducing students to Lebanon's vibrant and charming culture. All Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) drills and exercises from the Al-Kitaab Part One, Third Edition, website are included here, so that students using Haki bil-Libnani alongside the Al-Kitaab Part One, Third Edition, textbook will only need to purchase access to the Haki bil-Libnani companion website. Haki bil-Libnani will also be useful to individual learners with some proficiency in Arabic, who desire to learn Lebanese. Companion Website Minimum System Requirements: Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or Mac OS X CPU: 233MHz RAM: 128MB Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher Browser: PC: Internet Explorer 7.x or higher, or Firefox version 3.x or higher, or Google Chrome. Mac: Firefox version 3.x or higher, or Safari 3.x or higher, or Google Chrome. Network Connection: A high-speed connection with throughput of 256 Kbps or more is recommended to use audio and video components. Equipment: You will need speakers or a headset to listen to audio and video components, and a microphone is necessary for recording activities. For best performance, we recommend you use a USB microphone for partner recording activities. Plug-ins: You must have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player

Routledge Encyclopedia of Language Teaching and Learning

Author: Michael Byram
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781136235542
Release Date: 2013-06-26
Genre: Foreign Language Study

The Routledge Encyclopedia of Language Teaching and Learning is an authoritative reference dealing with all aspects of this increasingly important field of study. Offering a comprehensive range of articles on contemporary language teaching and its history, it has been produced specifically for language teaching professionals and as a reference work for academic studies at postgraduate level. In this new edition, every single entry has been reviewed and updated with reference to new developments and publications. Coverage has been expanded to reflect new technological, global and academic developments, with particular attention to areas such as online and distance learning, teacher and learner cognition, testing, assessment and evaluation, global English and teacher education. Themes and disciplines covered include: Methods and materials, including new technologies and materials development Contexts and concepts, such as mediation, risk-taking in language learning and intercomprehension Influential figures from the early days of language teaching to the contemporary Related disciplines, such as psychology, anthropology and corpus linguistics It covers the teaching of specific languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and African languages, as well as English, French, German and Spanish. There are thirty five overview articles dealing with issues such as communicative language teaching, early language learning, teacher education and syllabus and curriculum design. A further 160 entries focus on topics such as bilingualism, language laboratories and study abroad. Numerous shorter items examine language and cultural institutions, professional associations and acronyms. Multiple cross-references enable the user to browse from one entry to another, and there are suggestions for further reading. Written by an international team of specialists, the Routledge Encyclopedia of Language Teaching and Learning is an invaluable resource and reference manual for anyone with a professional or academic interest in the subject.

A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic

Author: Hans Wehr
Publisher: Otto Harrassowitz Verlag
ISBN: 3447020024
Release Date: 1979-01
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Das Dictionary ist die verbesserte englische Ubersetzung der 4. Auflage des Arabisch-Deutschen Worterbuches von Hans Wehr mit uber 13000 zusatzlichen Eintragungen, ca. 26000 Wortern mit ca. 20 Wortern je Seite.

The Syntax of Spoken Arabic

Author: Kristen Brustad
Publisher: Georgetown University Press
ISBN: 0878407898
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Foreign Language Study

The first comparative study of the syntax of Arabic dialects, chosen for their distinction. Based upon natural language data recorded in Morocco, Egypt, Syria and Kuwait, this study takes an analytical approach, combining insights from discourse analysis, language typology and pragmatics.

Lughah Al Arab yah

Author: Eckehard Schulz
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521774659
Release Date: 2000-08-10
Genre: Foreign Language Study

A comprehensive foundation course for beginning students of written and spoken Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).

Test Your Arabic Part One Beginners Level

Author: Luay Hasan
Publisher: Paragon Publishing
ISBN: 9781782223511
Release Date: 2015-09-25
Genre: Foreign Language Study

PART ONE: Beginners’ LevelWhy every learner of Arabic needs this book:A simple and enjoyable way of testing (learning or revising) your Arabic.Written in a simple and clear Arabic font which suits all beginners with enough space to answer each question. Built on an academic and methodological way by testing (learning) step by step words and then simple sentences and finally reading texts, some of which are authentic and have been professionally adapted to match beginners’ level.It covers basic grammar and vocabulary which beginners need to improve their Arabic in both reading and writing skills.It can be easily used as a supplementary book to any beginners’ course or text book and used by teachers or students. Variety of different forms of questions which keep learners interested and motivated such as matching between words, filling in the gaps, translating from and into Arabic and English, true or false and answering questions. Over 200 questions and up to 1500 sub-questions are pedagogically designed to enable you smoothly and skilfully to improve your Arabic and be well prepared for your next level. Followed by an appendix which includes answers to all questions to give you a chance to assess your own Arabic and see the progress you are making throughout the book.