Algorithmic Puzzles

Author: Anany Levitin
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199911776
Release Date: 2011-10-12
Genre: Mathematics

While many think of algorithms as specific to computer science, at its core algorithmic thinking is defined by the use of analytical logic to solve problems. This logic extends far beyond the realm of computer science and into the wide and entertaining world of puzzles. In Algorithmic Puzzles, Anany and Maria Levitin use many classic brainteasers as well as newer examples from job interviews with major corporations to show readers how to apply analytical thinking to solve puzzles requiring well-defined procedures. The book's unique collection of puzzles is supplemented with carefully developed tutorials on algorithm design strategies and analysis techniques intended to walk the reader step-by-step through the various approaches to algorithmic problem solving. Mastery of these strategies--exhaustive search, backtracking, and divide-and-conquer, among others--will aid the reader in solving not only the puzzles contained in this book, but also others encountered in interviews, puzzle collections, and throughout everyday life. Each of the 150 puzzles contains hints and solutions, along with commentary on the puzzle's origins and solution methods. The only book of its kind, Algorithmic Puzzles houses puzzles for all skill levels. Readers with only middle school mathematics will develop their algorithmic problem-solving skills through puzzles at the elementary level, while seasoned puzzle solvers will enjoy the challenge of thinking through more difficult puzzles.

Data Structure and Algorithmic Puzzles Using C

Author: Harry H. Chaudhary.
Publisher: Createspace LLC USA
ISBN: 9781500136956
Release Date: 2014-06-15
Genre: Computers

Essential Data Structures Skills -- Made Easy! This book gives a good start and Complete introduction for data structures and algorithms for Beginner’s. While reading this book it is fun and easy to read it. This book is best suitable for first time DSA readers, Covers all fast track topics of DSA for all Computer Science students and Professionals. Data Structures and Other Objects Using C or C++ takes a gentle approach to the data structures course in C Providing an early, text gives students a firm grasp of key concepts and allows those experienced in another language to adjust easily. Flexible by design,. Finally, a solid foundation in building and using abstract data types is also provided. Using C, this book develops the concepts and theory of data structures and algorithm analysis in a gradual, step-by-step manner, proceeding from concrete examples to abstract principles. Standish covers a wide range of Both traditional and contemporary software engineering topics. This is a handy guide of sorts for any computer science engineering Students, Data Structures And Algorithms is a solution bank for various complex problems related to data structures and algorithms. It can be used as a reference manual by Computer Science Engineering students. this Book also covers all aspects of B.TECH CS,IT, and BCA and MCA, BSC IT. || Inside Chapters. || ============== 1 Introduction. 2 Array. 3 Matrix . 4 Sorting . 5 Stack. 6 Queue. 7 Linked List. 8 Tree. 9 Graph . 10 Hashing. 11 Algorithms. 12 Misc. Topics. 13 Problems.

Geek Sudoku

Author: Adams Media
Publisher: Adams Media
ISBN: 1440560803
Release Date: 2013-01-18
Genre: Games & Activities

Put your brains to the test with these sudoku puzzles! If you're a puzzler and think you know all there is to know about sudoku, think again. Filled with fun and challenging puzzles, Geek Sudoku tests your logic as you analyze each set of numbers and solve the algorithms on the board. Every puzzle will stimulate your mathematical genius while you search for its solution. With more than seventy-five addictive number puzzles, this puzzle collection will separate the n00bs from the real deal!

Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy

Author: Narasimha Karumanchi
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 145654988X
Release Date: 2011-03
Genre: Computers

Product DescriptionSuccess key books for: Programming puzzles for interviews Campus Preparation Degree/Masters Course Preparation Instructor's GATE Preparation Big job hunters: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Flip Kart, Adobe, IBM Labs, Citrix, Mentor Graphics, NetApp, Oracle, Webaroo, De-Shaw, Success Factors, Face book, McAfee and many more Reference Manual for working peopleFrom the AuthorWhat is unique? Main objective is not to give you the theorems and proofs about DS and Algorithms. I have followed a pattern of improving the problem solutions with different complexities (for each problem, you observe multiple solutions with different improved complexities). Basically, its an enumeration of possible solutions. With this approach, even if we get a new question it gives us a way to think about all possible solutions. Target Audience? These books are very much useful for interview preparation, GATE preparation, campus preparations. Specially for GATE, I included some extra chapters. Language? All code was written in C. I am planning to release the same in Java and as of now there is no time bound for this :) All the above details can also be seen at: Note: Before taking decision, I strongly recommend you to go through the sample chapters provided in site. That gives you an idea about the pattern of problems in the book. If you feel this will help others, please spread this mail. The main objective of this book is to make people aware of importance of data structures and algorithms. As a job seeker if you read the referenced books completely with good understanding, I am sure you will challenge the interviewers and that is the main objective.If you read as an instructor, you will give better lectures with easy go approach and a result your students will feel proud for selecting Computer Science/Information Technology as their degree.These books are very much useful for the students of Engineering and Masters during their academic preparations. All the chapters of this book contain theory and their related problems as many as possible. There are a total of approximately 700+ algorithmic problems and all of them are with solutions.And finally if you read as a student preparing for competition exams [like Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering, DRDO or any other exam for Computer Science/Information Technology], then the content of this book covers all the required topics in full detail. While writing the book, an intense care has been taken to ensure that the content should help students who are preparing for these kinds of exams.In all the chapters you will see more importance given to problems and analyzing them instead of concentrating more on theory. For each chapter, first you will see the basic required theory and then problems.


Author: Robert Sedgewick
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
ISBN: 0132762560
Release Date: 2011-02-21
Genre: Computers

This fourth edition of Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne’s Algorithms is the leading textbook on algorithms today and is widely used in colleges and universities worldwide. This book surveys the most important computer algorithms currently in use and provides a full treatment of data structures and algorithms for sorting, searching, graph processing, and string processing--including fifty algorithms every programmer should know. In this edition, new Java implementations are written in an accessible modular programming style, where all of the code is exposed to the reader and ready to use. The algorithms in this book represent a body of knowledge developed over the last 50 years that has become indispensable, not just for professional programmers and computer science students but for any student with interests in science, mathematics, and engineering, not to mention students who use computation in the liberal arts. The companion web site,, contains An online synopsis Full Java implementations Test data Exercises and answers Dynamic visualizations Lecture slides Programming assignments with checklists Links to related material The MOOC related to this book is accessible via the "Online Course" link at The course offers more than 100 video lecture segments that are integrated with the text, extensive online assessments, and the large-scale discussion forums that have proven so valuable. Offered each fall and spring, this course regularly attracts tens of thousands of registrants. Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne are developing a modern approach to disseminating knowledge that fully embraces technology, enabling people all around the world to discover new ways of learning and teaching. By integrating their textbook, online content, and MOOC, all at the state of the art, they have built a unique resource that greatly expands the breadth and depth of the educational experience.

Guide to Programming and Algorithms Using R

Author: Özgür Ergül
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781447153283
Release Date: 2013-07-23
Genre: Computers

This easy-to-follow textbook provides a student-friendly introduction to programming and algorithms. Emphasis is placed on the threshold concepts that present barriers to learning, including the questions that students are often too embarrassed to ask. The book promotes an active learning style in which a deeper understanding is gained from evaluating, questioning, and discussing the material, and practised in hands-on exercises. Although R is used as the language of choice for all programs, strict assumptions are avoided in the explanations in order for these to remain applicable to other programming languages. Features: provides exercises at the end of each chapter; includes three mini projects in the final chapter; presents a list of titles for further reading at the end of the book; discusses the key aspects of loops, recursions, program and algorithm efficiency and accuracy, sorting, linear systems of equations, and file processing; requires no prior background knowledge in this area.

Der Turing Omnibus

Author: A.K. Dewdney
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783642788727
Release Date: 2013-03-12
Genre: Computers

Der Turing Omnibus macht in 66 exzellent geschriebenen Beiträgen Station bei den interessantesten Themen aus der Informatik, der Computertechnologie und ihren Anwendungen.

Algorithmen in C

Author: Robert Sedgewick
Publisher: Pearson Deutschland GmbH
ISBN: 3893193766
Release Date: 1992
Genre: Algorithmus

Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy in Java

Author: Narasimha Karumanchi
ISBN: 8192107558
Release Date: 2011-12-16

Video Link: A handy guide of sorts for any computer science professional, "Data Structures And Algorithms Made Easy in Java: Data Structure And Algorithmic Puzzles" is a solution bank for various complex problems related to data structures and algorithms. It can be used as a reference manual by those readers in the computer science industry. The book has around 21 chapters and covers Recursion and Backtracking, Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues, Trees, Priority Queue and Heaps, Disjoint Sets ADT, Graph Algorithms, Sorting, Searching, Selection Algorithms [Medians], Symbol Tables, Hashing, String Algorithms, Algorithms Design Techniques, Greedy Algorithms, Divide and Conquer Algorithms, Dynamic Programming, Complexity Classes, and other Miscellaneous Concepts. Data Structures And Algorithms Made Easy in Java: Data Structure And Algorithmic Puzzles by Narasimha Karumanchi was published in 2011, and it is coded in Java language. This book serves as guide to prepare for interviews, exams, and campus work. It is also available in C/C++. In short, this book offers solutions to various complex data structures and algorithmic problems. Peeling Data Structures and Algorithms for (Java, Second Edition): Programming puzzles for interviewsCampus PreparationDegree/Masters Course PreparationInstructor'sBig job hunters: Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Yahoo, Flip Kart, Adobe, IBM Labs, Citrix, Mentor Graphics, NetApp, Oracle, Face book, McAfee and many moreReference Manual for working people What is unique? Our main objective isn't to propose theorems and proofs about DS and Algorithms. We took the direct route and solved problems of varying complexities. That is, each problem corresponds to multiple solutions with different complexities. In other words, we ennumerated possible solutions. With this approach, even when a new question arises, we offer a choice of different solution strategies based on your priorities. Topics Covered: IntroductionRecursion and BacktrackingLinked ListsStacksQueuesTreesPriority Queue and HeapsDisjoint Sets ADTGraph AlgorithmsSorting Searching Selection Algorithms [Medians] Symbol Tables Hashing String Algorithms Algorithms Design Techniques Greedy Algorithms Divide and Conquer Algorithms Dynamic Programming Complexity Classes Miscellaneous Concepts Target Audience? These books prepare readers for interviews, exams, and campus work. Language? All code was written in Java. If you are using C/C++, please search for "Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy." Also, check out sample chapters and the blog at:

Programming for the Puzzled

Author: Srini Devadas
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262534307
Release Date: 2017-10-27
Genre: Computers

This book builds a bridge between the recreational world of algorithmic puzzles (puzzles that can be solved by algorithms) and the pragmatic world of computer programming, teaching readers to program while solving puzzles. Few introductory students want to program for programming's sake. Puzzles are real-world applications that are attention grabbing, intriguing, and easy to describe. Each lesson starts with the description of a puzzle. After a failed attempt or two at solving the puzzle, the reader arrives at an Aha! moment -- a search strategy, data structure, or mathematical fact -- and the solution presents itself. The solution to the puzzle becomes the specification of the code to be written. Readers will thus know what the code is supposed to do before seeing the code itself. This represents a pedagogical philosophy that decouples understanding the functionality of the code from understanding programming language syntax and semantics. Python syntax and semantics required to understand the code are explained as needed for each puzzle. Readers need only the rudimentary grasp of programming concepts that can be obtained from introductory or AP computer science classes in high school. The book includes more than twenty puzzles and more than seventy programming exercises that vary in difficulty. Many of the puzzles are well known and have appeared in publications and on websites in many variations. They range from scheduling selfie time with celebrities to solving Sudoku problems in seconds to verifying the six degrees of separation hypothesis. The code for selected puzzle solutions is downloadable from the book's website; the code for all puzzle solutions is available to instructors.

Computational Thinking

Author: Paul Curzon
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783662567746
Release Date: 2018-08-22
Genre: Computers

In diesem Buch lernen Sie die Grundzüge und Vorteile des Computational Thinking kennen, also des analytischen, von Algorithmen geprägten Denkens. Die Autoren behandeln dabei unterhaltsam und anwendungsbezogen die Grundelemente dieser Denkweise - darunter Denken in Algorithmen, Zerlegung, Abstraktion und Mustererkennung. Diese Prinzipien werden anschaulich an Hand von Zaubertricks, Spielen und Rätseln, aber auch an echten, anspruchsvollen Problemen erklärt. Sie erkunden dabei auch die Verbindungen zwischen Computational Thinking und wissenschaftlichem, aber auch kreativem Denken - und wie daraus Innovationen entstehen können. Computational Thinking hat die Art und Weise, wie wir alle leben, arbeiten und spielen, verändert. Es hat Auswirkungen darauf, wie Wissenschaft betrieben wird, Kriege gewonnen, ganz neue Industrien geschaffen und Leben gerettet werden. Es ist das Herzstück der Programmierung und ein leistungsfähiger Ansatz zur Problemlösung, mit oder ohne Computer. In einigen Ländern werden bereits Kindern in der Grundschule diese Fertigkeiten beigebracht. Ob Sie also einfach wissen wollen, um was es beim Computational Thinking geht oder ob Sie neue Möglichkeiten finden wollen, auch im Alltag effektiver zu werden, ob Sie (Informatik-)Lehrer oder Schüler sind oder einfach Spaß an Spielen und Rätseln haben – in diesem Buch finden Sie die nötigen Grundlagen.

Kommen drei Logiker in eine Bar

Author: Holger Dambeck
Publisher: Kiepenheuer & Witsch
ISBN: 9783462317589
Release Date: 2017-09-07
Genre: Games & Activities

Rechnen Sie mit einer Unbekannten! Nach seinen Spiegel-Bestsellern »Je mehr Löcher, desto weniger Käse« und »Nullen machen Einsen gro߫ entführt uns Wissenschaftsjournalist und Mathe-Fan Holger Dambeck erneut in die faszinierende Welt der mathematisch-logischen Knobeleien. Das Spannende an einem gelungenen Rätsel ist, dass es keine offensichtliche Lösung gibt. Umso wichtiger Dambecks Credo: »Es gibt zwar Regeln. Wer aber wirklich Spaß haben will, wird kreativ.« In »Kommen drei Logiker in eine Bar ...« präsentiert uns Dambeck, seit 2014 Autor der beliebten Spiegel Online-Kolumne »Rätsel der Woche«, nun seine persönliche Sammlung der 100 schönsten Logik- und Zahlenrätsel: Wie werden der Frauenheld Casanova und die Mathematik zum Dreamteam? Wie viele Partien werden gespielt beim weltgrößten Tischtennisturnier in Ping-Pong-Town? Und was machen eigentlich drei Logiker, wenn sie ein Bier bestellen möchten? Am Ende von jedem Logik- und Zahlenrätsel ist ein direkter Link zur Lösung – aber bitte erst ordentlich selber nachgedacht!