It s All in Your Head

Author: Hal A. Huggins
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0895295504
Release Date: 1993
Genre: Health & Fitness

Describes the dangers of using mercury in the amalgams used to fill teeth

It s Not All in Your Head

Author: Gordon J. G. Asmundson
Publisher: Guilford Press
ISBN: 1606238132
Release Date: 2005-05-05
Genre: Psychology

Where do you go for help when no one believes you're really sick? The doctors can’t explain your symptoms, but you know there’s something wrong because you can sense it in your body. Living with the specter of an unresolved health issue isn't just painful, it's isolating. The preoccupation and stress it causes can disrupt your career or interfere with personal relationships. If you continually experience symptoms of illness, or worry a lot about disease, you may be suffering from health anxiety--a condition that can produce physical effects of its own, including muscle tension, nausea, and a quickened heart rate. In this compassionate and empowering book, noted psychologists Gordon J. G. Asmundson and Steven Taylor provide simple and accurate self-tests designed to help you understand health anxiety and the role it might be playing in how you feel. Concrete examples and helpful exercises show you how to change thought and behavior patterns that contribute to the aches, pains, and anxiety you're experiencing. The authors also explain how to involve friends and family--and when to seek professional help--as you learn to stay well without worry. Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) Self-Help Book of Merit

It s All in Your Head

Author: Mark C. Pettus
Publisher: Capital Books
ISBN: 1933102225
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Health & Fitness

As featured on Good Morning America -- one of America's top physicians* offers his four-week plan for reprogramming your brain to become addicted to health.

It s Not All in Your Head

Author: Patricia Farrell, PhD
Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing
ISBN: 1935281518
Release Date: 2010-11-15
Genre: Health & Fitness

One of the greatest challenges people face when dealing with an unpredictable disease such as Multiple Sclerosis is learning to overcome the psychological burden of not knowing what each day will bring. MS is a true roller coaster of emotions and dealing with these feelings is a critical issue for people living with the disease. According to WebMD, symptoms of depression severe enough to warrant medical intervention affect up to half of all people living with MS. It's Not All in Your Head is a cognitive-behavioral approach to overcoming the depression, anxiety,and stress that goes hand-in-hand with MS. Dr. Farrell helps individuals and their families develop a better understanding of the effects that MS has on mood levels and anxiety and offers a plan of simple remediation in a self-help format. It's Not All in Your Head shows that: MS patients' depression and anxiety can be related to their medical condition Exercise can promote growth in brain connections and help alleviate depression Pain severity in MS can be lessenedthrough stemming anxiety Social involvement is key to maintaining mental and physical health

It S All in Your Head

Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 146707828X
Release Date: 2006-07-03
Genre: Family & Relationships

From the harrowing journal notes of a suffering woman in the throes of mold/mycotoxins injustice, comes the real life mold saga of the Pawlak family. A courageous, God fearing family of four finds themselves crossing over from home owners to homeless, the week our nation was bombed due to what TIME magazine called the Biblical plague of the century, MOLD! Come peer into the life of a family that lost it all, their home, personal belongings, finances, jobs, friends and almost their lives. Mold victims, survivors and ultimately emerging as a more than conquerors family, ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD brings to life the painful realism of toxic injury due to mold /mycotoxin exposure as well as addressing the social stigma of the horrendous myth that mold is nontoxic. ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD resonates with passion, inspiration and a spirit of determination to hang onto your healing and each other and watch something incredibly AWESOME come out of something horribly wrong. This book will challenge your thinking and perhaps you will no longer think, Its all in your head! Great resource section for: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Environmental Illness, mold toxicity, chemical toxicity, healthy homes, physician referrals, much more!

It s All in Your Head

Author: Maria McCutchen
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 9781613460719
Release Date: 2011-10
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Maria McCutchen did not have time to be sick. With a husband who had just lost a job, two young sons, and a cross-country move on the horizon, who had time to be sick? Maria didn't have time for a common cold, let alone a major medical condition. But one day while shopping in the grocery store where she had shopped hundreds of times before, she couldn't find the milk. It was then she knew what she was feeling was more than just stress or exhaustion. There was something very wrong. After consulting a few doctors, Maria discovered she had a rare brain cyst known as a posterior fossa arachnoid cyst-a very large brain cyst. Hearing these cysts were normally asymptomatic was of little comfort, especially because she felt her mind and body slipping away more and more every day. Normal mental and physical functions were becoming harder to control. Even if the doctors didn't believe the cyst was a problem, she knew it was. It would take months of living inside a shell of a person that she'd become, months of living in a mental fogginess and sometimes even physical pain, before she would finally get the medical attention she needed. It's All in Your Head chronicles her harrowing medical odyssey and her attempts to regain some sort of semblance of her old life after treatment.

It s Not All in Your Head

Author: Tony Giordano
Publisher: John Hunt Publishing
ISBN: 9781846943935
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Psychology

Only by discovering the origin of his depression in childhood trauma was Tony Giordano able to defeat this misunderstood illness.

Pain It s Not All in Your Head

Author: Jay Tracy
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 9781553694151
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Health & Fitness

You've been injured in a car accident or on the job. You are continuing to experience neck pain and associated headaches. You are worried about symptoms of numbness, tingling, weakness and pain in your arms and fingers. You are experiencing low back pain with radiation into your buttocks, legs and feet. You've seen a doctor or several doctors. You've had some tests that have come back "normal". You've tried several treatment approaches but have only experienced temporary relief. You are having difficulties keeping up at work. You have cut down on certain activities at home, with friends, or for enjoyment. You don't know what to do or where to go from here. You are irritable, frustrated, afraid and worried about the future. You wonder if you're going crazy and if others think "the problem is all in your head". DO NOT DESPAIR! THERE IS HOPE!YOU ARE NOT ALONE!THERE ARE MANY THINGS THAT CAN BE DONE. THERE ARE MANY ISSUES THAT NEED TO BE ADDRESSED. First of all, you're not crazy. You are a normal person. The sources of the pain are not "all in your head." They are usually in the body. Medical tests and technology still do not show everything. If the doctor says, "Your test is normal," just remember that the tests don't show everything . However, you are responsible for what is in your head. What is in your head affects how you recover. Information helps. No information confuses. Options help. No options make you feel trapped, imprisoned, tense and tight in your own muscles, thoughts, feelings, and lifestyle.

All in Her Head

Author: Michelle Paisley
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN: 9781609764098
Release Date: 2011-04-01
Genre: Fiction

Bridget Holiday is a 41-year-old cynical freelance writer who is obsessed with her weight. She meets Kate, a beginning hypnotherapist who wants to help her confront her past demons, but unknowingly regresses Bridget back to a time before her birth, when she is still in spirit form. All in Her Head takes us on an enlightened journey into one woman's psyche. Forgiveness comes as Bridget takes responsibility for the life she planned, and the specific lessons it would bring. Her yoga teacher/massage therapist mentor, Rosalina, helps guide her through this new astral world, where Bridget meets up with her dead boyfriend in her dreams and meditations. When faced with her own life-or-death crisis, Bridget realizes her only hope for salvation is to embrace the life she has. As Bridget learns to love her inner self, she connects with the soul mate of many lifetimes and begins to manifest the story occurring in her dreams. About the Author: Michelle Paisley is the author of Yoga for a Broken Heart: A Spiritual Guide for Healing from Break-up, Loss, Death or Divorce (Findhorn Press, 2007). She has a bachelor's degree in English from California State University, Sacramento. A former Bay Area journalist, she now owns Flow Massage and Yoga Therapy in Sacramento, where she lives with her family. She is a featured collaborator and local script development director in the international film and television project, "The Difference." For information on her media appearances, lectures and workshops, visit Publisher's website: http: //

All In My Head

Author: Lar Corbett
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9781448152216
Release Date: 2012-10-25
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

For Tipperary hurling, defeat in the 2012 All-Ireland semi-final was heartbreaking. For Lar Corbett, it was devastating. Then again it has never been a straight road for the three-time All-star and 2010 ‘Player of the Year’. Deemed not good enough to play for Tipperary at minor level, he was nineteen before his unique talent was identified by Nicky English who gave Lar his chance in the All-Ireland winning squad of 2001. But this success was to be followed by years of despair as Tipperary hurling floundered, managers came and went, and a recurring hamstring condition left his career hanging in the balance. The turning point came in 2007 with the arrival of the ‘dream team’ of Liam Sheedy, Eamon O’Shea and Michael Ryan. Encouraged to play more freely and to exploit his explosive pace, Lar soon became one of the most lethal forwards in the game. His three-goal blitz against Kilkenny in the 2010 All Ireland final is the stuff of legend. Following defeat in the 2011 All-Ireland final, Lar stepped away from the game in February 2012 but was ultimately persuaded to return for the championship. Then came the disastrous semi-final where tactical changes kept Lar largely out of the game and provoked unprecedented criticism from media and fans alike. In All In My Head, Lar offers a unique insight into what happened on that day and over the turbulent year leading up to it. This honest and revealing autobiography is a must-read for all fans of the sport of hurling.

It s All in Your Head

Author: Suzanne O'Sullivan
Publisher: Chatto & Windus
ISBN: 0701189266
Release Date: 2015-06-04
Genre: Emotions

"Most of us accept the way our heart flutters when we set eyes on the one we secretly admire, or the sweat on our brow as we start the presentation we do not want to give. But few of us are fully aware of how dramatic our body's reactions to emotions can sometimes be. Take Pauline, who first became ill when she was fifteen. What seemed at first to be a urinary infection became joint pain, then food intolerances, then life-threatening appendicitis. And then one day, after a routine operation, Pauline lost all the strength in her legs. Shortly after that her convulsions started. But Pauline's tests are normal; her symptoms seem to have no physical cause whatsoever. Pauline may be an extreme case, but she is by no means alone. As many as a third of men and women visiting their GP have symptoms that are medically unexplained. In most, an emotional root is suspected and yet, when it comes to a diagnosis, this is the very last thing we want to hear, and the last thing doctors want to say. In It's All in Your Head consultant neurologist Dr Suzanne O'Sullivan takes us on a journey through the very real world of psychosomatic illness. Meeting her patients, she encourages us to

It s All in Your Head

Author: Keith Blanchard
Publisher: Wicked Cow Studios LLC
ISBN: 069291823X
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Brain

IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD is the true story of whatmakes up your mind. It's the interactive, easy-to-read, stupendously sourced,user's guide to your brain. This immersive book tackles the questions that keepyou up at night: Is your smartphone wrecking your memory? Are believers' andatheists' brains different? Who's smarter: your baby or your dog? Hwo is yuorbiarn albe to raed tihs crzay quseotin? Neil deGrasse Tyson calls the humanbrain the most complicated object we know, and there's way too much information,mystery, and discovery to cover in just a book. That's why It's All In YourHead is the centerpiece of a fun, illuminating franchise spanning acrossdigital, experiential, broadcast and more-all devoted to the awesomeness of yourbrain. KEITH BLANCHARD is the authorof two novels and has contributed in various capacities to a wide range ofpublishing and production enterprises, from The Week to Cosmopolitan,Rolling Stone to The Drew Carey Show, The Wall Street Journalto Most recently the chief digital officer of the WorldScience Festival, Keith was the longtime editor-in-chief and creative directorof Maxim. WICKED COW STUDIOSis a new content studio that starts first with book publishing while securingdynamic, world-class partnerships around its book content simultaneously. WickedCow is also Derek Jeter's co-founder and co-publisher in Jeter Publishing, theircontent studio that includes a joint venture partnership with publishing giantSimon & Schuster. Previously Wicked Cow managed beloved pop culture brandsincluding Wiffle�, The Roberto Clemente Estate, Big League Chew,and the Notorious B.I.G. Estate.

It s All In Your Head

Author: Rae Earl
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781526360809
Release Date: 2017-08-10
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

"A warm hug of a book ... a true gem" Buzzfeed This witty, honest and enlightening guide to the whirrings of your brain is the perfect read for any young person who's ever felt overwhelmed, at a loss or in a downward spiral. From the author of My Mad Fat Diary, Rae Earl, it's full of friendly advice, coping strategies and laugh-out-loud moments to get you through the difficult days. Most of all, this is a book from someone who gets it - someone who won't try and fob you off with confusing jargon or irritating slogans, but instead will help you through it with a smile and a cup of tea on hand. Rae says: As a teenager, I was very adept at hiding my OCD, my anxiety, my depression and my eating disorders. That's why I've written this book - because I hate to think of any teen going through what I did, and feeling like they can't talk about it, or need to hide it. So let's break down some taboos and start a conversation. I want to help you come out the other side feeling happier and healthier, with a deeper understanding of what's going on in your head and how to navigate through life without feeling overwhelmed or isolated. Where my lack of medical background becomes an issue, Dr Radha swoops in to the rescue. As a GP, mental-health expert and co-host of BBC Radio 1's The Surgery, I've worked with her to make sure all the information and advice is spot-on. She's clever, she's kind and she GETS it. I wish my teenage brain had had access to Dr Radha. This is a book for fans of Gemma Cairney and Open, Ruby Wax and Frazzled, Matt Haig and Reasons to Stay Alive, Bryony Gordon and Mad Girl. And most importantly, it's a book to make you feel like you're not alone. You're really, really not.