An Introduction to Spanish for Healthcare Workers

Author: Robert O. Chase
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300212976
Release Date: 2014-09-28
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Now in its fourth edition, this widely used textbook is designed for students or professionals in medical fields who have little or no formal background in Spanish. Using online videos, readings, exercises, and activities such as role play and improvisation, it introduces the grammar structures and specialized medical vocabulary and colloquial terms that nurses, doctors, dentists, and allied health professionals need to communicate effectively with the growing Spanish-speaking population. In addition, rich cultural notes explain Latino customs and communication styles. NEW TO THE FOURTH EDITION: * Embellished full-color design with 174 illustrations and 275 classroom activities * Expanded lexicon, condensed grammar, and more target-language content * Audio program that can be accessed via QR codes in the text * A companion Web site with video program, self-correcting quizzes, downloadable graphics, and classroom activity sheets

Spanish for Health Care Professionals

Author: William C. Harvey
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
ISBN: 0764139282
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Presents a guide to the aspects of the Spanish language most useful for professionals in the health care field that covers basic grammar and specialized vocabulary.

The Latino Patient

Author: Nilda Chong
Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing
ISBN: 9781941176108
Release Date: 2002-06-02
Genre: Health & Fitness

This book is an in-depth exploration of Latino diversity with relevant cultural values, practices, and effective communication strategies.

Applied Pharmaceutics in Contemporary Compounding

Author: Robert P. Shrewsbury
Publisher: Morton Publishing Company
ISBN: 9781617314193
Release Date: 2015-01-01
Genre: Medical

Applied Pharmaceutics in Contemporary Compounding, Third Edition is designed to convey a fundamental understanding of the principles and practices involved in both the development and the production of compounded dosage forms by applying pharmaceutical principles.

McGraw Hill s Complete Medical Spanish

Author: Joanna Rios
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071446082
Release Date: 2004-08-22
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Designed for use either as a stand-alone guide or as a built-in part of the series' audio packages, McGraw-Hill: Complete Medical Spanish offers health care professionals an enjoyable way to quickly acquire the skills and confidence they need to communicate with their Spanish-speaking patients. Each chapter focuses on a specific set of key terms and phrases and includes dozens of illustrations to help enhance understanding. Unlike other guides that make no distinction between levels of difficulty, this book introduces essential grammar concepts in a progressive manner.

Bilingual Language Development and Disorders in Spanish English Speakers

Author: Brian Goldstein
Publisher: Paul H Brookes Publishing Company
ISBN: 1557666873
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Education

With the increasing number of Spanish-English bilingual children in the U.S., both SLPs and researchers must understand speech and language developments in these children and SLPs also need reliable assessment and intervention approaches for serving bilingual children with language disorders. This comprehensive text is one of the few to offer readers in-depth theoretical and practical information on these timely topics. Focusing on children from 3 to 12 years of age, this urgently needed resource brings together more than a dozen top researchers to present developmental data, best assessment practices, and appropriate intervention approaches in the following areas: language processing skills lexical development morpho-syntactic development first language loss grammatical impairments semantic development phonological development and disorders narrative development and disorders fluency A concluding chapter provides readers with a framework for appropriate language intervention for bilingual speakers. The chapter outlines the major purposes of intervention for bilingual children with speech and language disorders, explores the debate over which language SLPs should use with bilingual children, and examines ways to promote gains in both languages. With this research-based text, SLPs will understand the complexity of language development in bilingual children and learn appropriate assessment and intervention approaches.

An Introduction to Intercultural Communication

Author: Fred E. Jandt
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 9781506361635
Release Date: 2017-10-24
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

“One of the best textbooks in intercultural communication for undergraduate students” —Mo Bahk, California State University, San Bernardino How does the Syrian refugee crisis, the election of Donald Trump, and the increasing number of “walls” being built to control immigration affect our ability to communicate and function across cultures? The highly anticipated Ninth Edition of An Introduction to Intercultural Communication prepares today’s students to successfully navigate our increasingly global community by integrating major current events into essential communication skills and concepts. To spark student interest, award-winning professor and best-selling author Fred E. Jandt offers unique insights into intercultural communication, at home and abroad, through an emphasis on history, culture, and popular media. Each chapter integrates material on social media, as well as extensive new examples from recent international news and events. Throughout the text, Jandt reinforces the important roles that our own stories, personal experiences, and self-reflection play in building our intercultural understanding and competence. New to the Ninth Edition New material on religion and identity, gender identity, and gender expression enables readers to explore the most current coverage on modern theories. Focus on Skills boxes have been expanded to include more activities that provide students with additional practice of intercultural communication skills. Focus on Technology boxes illustrate the impact of the newest communication technology on intercultural encounters. The popular map program provide students with additional context for discussion of cultures and regions across the globe and dynamic data displays that are popular with students. Give your students the SAGE edge! SAGE edge offers a robust online environment featuring an impressive array of free tools and resources for review, study, and further exploration, keeping both instructors and students on the cutting edge of teaching and learning. Learn more at


Author: Sheri Spaine Long
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305404311
Release Date: 2016-01-01
Genre: Foreign Language Study

NEXOS, Fourth Edition, offers a media-rich, personalized language learning experience and total flexibility for teaching different types of learners -- including true beginners and heritage speakers -- in any variety of course settings. Completely integrated, up-to-date print and digital components give instructors the freedom to differentiate instructions while adjusting to individual learning preferences and providing strategies to develop 21st century skills. Task-based activities, backward design structure, and KWL charts further promote the development of critical thinking. Cultural themes and activities encourage students to engage in meaningful communication through multi-modal connections and the four-tiered storyline video program that contextualizes grammar and vocabulary. Access to the Media Site or online LMS is required in order to use the eBook. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Spanish for Educators

Author: William C. Harvey
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
ISBN: 0764135511
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Presents a comprehensive introduction to conversational Spanish for educators that contains words and phrases pertaining to classroom instruction, administration, discipline, and health care; and includes three audio CDs.

Professionalism in Health Care

Author: Sherry Makely
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0132840103
Release Date: 2012-01
Genre: Medical

Now in full color, this engaging, conversational text helps students understand the common professional standards that all healthcare workers need to provide excellent care and service. PROFESSIONALISM IN HEALTHCARE: A PRIMER FOR CAREER SUCCESS, 4/e brings together complete coverage of these and other crucial "soft skills": work ethic, character, relationships, teamwork, communication and etiquette, honesty, cultural competence, personal image, personal health and wellness, and more. Revised and improved throughout, this edition gives students a clearer understanding of where they fit in the changing healthcare system, why patient satisfaction is more important than ever, how to behave with the professionalism that both employers and patients demand, and how to move forward in their own careers more rapidly. This edition also contains many new pedagogical features, including an extensive new website.

Food Around the World

Author: Margaret McWilliams
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0133457982
Release Date: 2014-01-09
Genre: Business & Economics

Discover the evolution of food. Food Around the World: A Cultural Perspective, 4e is a unique and fascinating text examining the geography, history, economic, religious, and cultural factors influencing food consumption and availability. Appropriate for all students, especially those in food science, dietetics, and nutrition, it examines cultural food patterns and fosters an appreciation for various regions, nations, and cuisines. Chapters explore how and why different regions developed their unique cuisines and include recipes from each region. Vivid maps and photographs bring global cultures and foods to life as students travel through each chapter. Extensive learning tools help students master material and make the text an instructor-friendly resource. Teaching and Learning Experience This text provides a comprehensive and engaging cultural examination of food around the globe. It provides: Cultural insight through food: Chapters use food as an engaging avenue of insight into cultures around the world. Well-rounded understanding: Detailed chapters present topics with proper context and include effective learning tools. Opportunities to experience global cuisine: Students can create dishes from around the world, bringing topics from the text to life in the kitchen. Rich visuals to engage readers: Numerous maps, photos, and figures illustrate and support the text and engage visual learners.

Intuitive Interpreting

Author: Annalisa Nash Fernandez
ISBN: 0692362932
Release Date: 2015-06-14

A medical dictionary reengineered for quick reference of highly technical terms! The only interpreter's dictionary that leverages Spanish fluency and language intuition with a functional approach that excludes the bulk of familiar lexicon and adds technical terms found only in voluminous dictionaries. Intuitive Interpreting is a specialized technical medical resource - not an interpreter training guide or manual for health care providers multitasking as interpreters. The abridged format excludes cognate forms of words such as "infection-infeccion," and common terms such as "cough" or "hot." Instead it is abridged to include only a shortlist of terms such as "whooping cough - tos ferina" and "hot flashes - sofocos," and even highly technical terminology not found in modern medical dictionaries. This highly functional format is targeted to the experienced interpreter in need of only technically specific and esoteric lexicon. Designed to be incomplete, the dictionary section is limited to the 1,000 words an experienced interpreter needs. Included are glossaries by medical specialty, and guides to false cognates and the specifics of interpreter protocol. Sections on Greek and Latin based prefixes, and cognate stems, complete this niche resource. Intuitive Interpreting is the only dictionary that is practical on-the-job, where digital applications may be blocked, and complete medical dictionaries are too cumbersome. This is the only terminology resource a professional medical interpreter needs to work effectively in EnglishSpanish. Attach it to your clipboard and handle obscure medical terminology discreetly and efficiently. Authored by a nationally certified medical interpreter, for practicing interpreters."


Author: Carmen T. Bernier-Grand
Publisher: Two Lions
ISBN: 0761458336
Release Date: 2011-03-31
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

An award-winning picture-book biography in free-verse celebrating the life of the great labor leader

Introduction to Medical surgical Nursing

Author: Adrianne Dill Linton
Publisher: Saunders
ISBN: 1416031146
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Medical

Part of the popular LPN Threads series, this bestselling text discusses the care of adults and older adults while covering the full range of disorders that require medical, surgical, or psychiatric management. Written specifically for the LPN/LVN student, this text thoroughly explores the role of the LPN/LVN in a variety of care settings, and the new Companion CD takes learning to the next level with an extensive pharmacology tutorial, realistic 3-D A&P animations, and a Dorland's audio glossary. Presents foundational principles in the first five units, including basic concepts on patient and nursing care, health and illness, growth and development, acute care, emergencies, the older adult, the patient with cancer, and end-of-life care. The nursing process provides a consistent organizational framework throughout all disorders chapters and is reinforced in sample nursing care plans. Diagnostic Tests and Procedures tables in systems chapters include description, purpose, patient preparation information, and post-procedure nursing care. Critical Thinking Questions at the end of each nursing care plan help students evaluate and apply the plan of care. Put On Your Thinking Cap! boxes stimulate further discussion. Consider the Alternative boxes on complementary and alternative therapies summarize what nurses need to know about CAM as it relates specifically to medical-surgical disorders. Cultural content is introduced in the Cultural Aspects of Nursing Care chapter and presented as a boxed feature, What Does Culture Have to Do With...? which presents disorder-specific cultural considerations. Bound-in companion CD includes an extensive pharmacology tutorial, over 250 3-D animations, and a Dorland's audio glossary Health Promotion Considerations boxes focus on wellness and disease prevention. Management and Supervision Considerations boxes discuss the LPN/LVN role in assigning tasks and care. Legal and Ethical Considerations and HIV/AIDS chapters address basic legal and ethical information essential to nurses at all care levels and the latest HIV research and treatment. New appendices address Spanish-English health care phrases; laboratory values; and JCAHO Lists of dangerous abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols. New, timely content on bioterrorism and the role of the nurse provides a basic overview of how nursing care needs to adapt to patient needs during disasters and terrorist attacks. New HIPAA content addresses legal rights and the issue of patient privacy in health care settings.