Antonio Serra and the Economics of Good Government

Author: Sophus Reinert
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9781137539960
Release Date: 2016-05-12
Genre: Business & Economics

In this book some of the world's leading economists and experts on Serra explore the enduring appeal of his 1613 Breve trattato.

A Short Treatise on the Wealth and Poverty of Nations 1613

Author: Antonio Serra
Publisher: Anthem Press
ISBN: 9780857289735
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Business & Economics

Although no less an authority than Joseph A. Schumpeter proclaimed that Antonio Serra was the world's first economist, he remains something of a dark horse of economic historiography. Nearly nothing is known about Serra except that he wrote and died in jail, and his Short Treatise is so rare that only nine original copies are known to have survived the ravages of time. What, then, can a book written nearly four centuries ago tell us about the problems we now face? Serra's key insight, studying the economies of Venice and Naples, was that wealth was not the result of climate or providence but of policies and strategies for competitively developing some economic activities rather than others, particularly manufactures, subject to increasing returns to scale and a large division of labour. Through a very systematic taxonomy of economic life, Serra then went on from this insight to theorize the causes of the wealth of nations and the measures through which a weak, dependent economy could achieve worldly melioration. At a time when leading economists return to biological explanations for the failure of their theories, the Short Treatise can remind us that there are elements of history which numbers and graphs cannot convey or encompass, and that there are less despondent lessons to be learned from our past. Serra's remarkable treatise is introduced by a lengthy and illuminating study of his historical context and legacy for the theoretical and cultural history of economics and for the economic strategies of nations.

The Palgrave Handbook of Political Economy

Author: Ivano Cardinale
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9781137442543
Release Date: 2018-08-16
Genre: Political Science

This book is a major contribution to the study of political economy. With chapters ranging from the origins of political economy to its most exciting research fields, this handbook provides a reassessment of political economy as it stands today, whilst boldly gesturing to where it might head in the future. This handbook transcends the received dichotomy between political economy as an application of rational choice theory or as the study of the causes of societies’ material welfare, outlining a broader field of study that encompasses those traditions. This book will be essential reading for academics, researchers, students, and anyone looking for a comprehensive reassessment of political economy.

Classical Economics Today

Author: Marcella Corsi
Publisher: Anthem Press
ISBN: 9781783087525
Release Date: 2018-01-22
Genre: Business & Economics

Classical Economics Today: Essays in Honor of Alessandro Roncaglia is a collection of essays that pays tribute to Alessandro Roncaglia whose research is based on Schumpeter’s dictum that good economics must encompass history, economic theory and statistics, and therefore does not generally take the form of elegant formal models that are applicable to all and everything. In this direction, Roncaglia is inspired by the Classical economists of the past and becomes a model for present-day Classical economists. A perceptible family air imbues the essays: all the contributors are friends of Roncaglia and see his personality and his interests as a common point of reference.

Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Development

Author: Erik S. Reinert
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 9781782544685
Release Date: 2016-09-28
Genre: Business & Economics

The Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Development explores the theories and approaches which, over a prolonged period of time, have existed as viable alternatives to today’s mainstream and neo-classical tenets. With a total of 40 specially commissioned chapters, written by the foremost authorities in their respective fields, this volume represents a landmark in the field of economic development. It elucidates the richness of the alternative and sometimes misunderstood ideas which, in different historical contexts, have proved to be vital to the improvement of the human condition. The subject matter is approached from several complementary perspectives. From a historical angle, the Handbook charts the mercantilist and cameralist theories that emerged from the Renaissance and developed further during the Enlightenment. From a geographical angle, it includes chapters on African, Chinese, Indian, and Muslim approaches to economic development. Different schools are also explored and discussed including nineteenth century US development theory, Marxist, Schumpeterian, Latin American structuralism, regulation theory and world systems theories of development. In addition, the Handbook has chapters on important events and institutions including The League of Nations, The Havana Charter, and UNCTAD, as well as on particularly influential development economists. Contemporary topics such as the role of finance, feminism, the agrarian issue, and ecology and the environment are also covered in depth. This comprehensive Handbook offers an unrivalled review and analysis of alternative and heterodox theories of economic development. It should be read by all serious scholars, teachers and students of development studies, and indeed anyone interested in alternatives to development orthodoxy.

Soziologie der Renaissance und weitere Schriften

Author: Alfred von Martin
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783658104498
Release Date: 2016-02-26
Genre: Social Science

Alfred von Martins "Soziologie der Renaissance“ gehört zu den großen Leistungen der deutschen Kultursoziologie in der Nachfolge Burckhardts, Sombarts, Max Webers und Mannheims. Am Beispiel des florentinischen Renaissance-Kapitalismus analysiert von Martin die ersten Höhepunkte und Widersprüche der bürgerlichen Gesellschaft.

Die Idee der Staatsr son in der neueren Geschichte

Author: Friedrich Meinecke
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 9783486819540
Release Date: 2016-12-19
Genre: History

Im Auftrag des Friedrich-Meinecke-Instituts der Freien Universität Berlin herausgegeben von Hans Herzfeld und Walther Hofer (Band 1-9). Für Band 10 herausgegeben von Gisela Bock, Jürgen Kocka und Gerhard A. Ritter.

The Economic Writings of Du Pont de Nemours

Author: James J. McLain
Publisher: University of Delaware Press
ISBN: 0874131146
Release Date: 1977
Genre: Business & Economics

This book offers a new look at physiocracy, a branch of economic thought whose most prolific and staunchest advocate was Du Pont. Physiocracy was characterized chiefly by the beliefs that land (natural resources) is the source of all wealth and that government policy should not interfere.

Fair Trade

Author: Joseph E. Stiglitz
Publisher: Murmann Verlag DE
ISBN: 3938017635
Release Date: 2006

21st Century Economics A Reference Handbook

Author: Rhona C. Free
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9781412961424
Release Date: 2010-05-14
Genre: Business & Economics

Interest in economics is at an all-time high. Among the challenges facing the nation is an economy with rapidly rising unemployment, failures of major businesses and industries, and continued dependence on oil with its wildly fluctuating price. Americans are debating the proper role of the government in company bailouts, the effectiveness of tax cuts versus increased government spending to stimulate the economy, and potential effects of deflation. Economists have dealt with such questions for generations, but they have taken on new meaning and significance. Tackling these questions and encompassing analysis of traditional economic theory and topics as well as those that economists have only more recently addressed, 21st Century Economics: A Reference Handbook is intended to meet the needs of several types of readers. Undergraduate students preparing for exams will find summaries of theory and models in key areas of micro and macroeconomics. Readers interested in learning about economic analysis of an issue as well students embarking on research projects will find introductions to relevant theory and empirical evidence. And economists seeking to learn about extensions of analysis into new areas or about new approaches will benefit from chapters that introduce cutting-edge topics. To make the book accessible to undergraduate students, models have been presented only in graphical format (minimal calculus) and empirical evidence has been summarized in ways that do not require much background in statistics or econometrics. It is thereby hoped that chapters will provide both crucial information and inspiration in a non-threatening, highly readable format.

The Rise of Economic Societies in the Eighteenth Century

Author: K. Stapelbroek
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9781137265258
Release Date: 2012-08-30
Genre: Political Science

This collection of essays explores the emergence of economic societies in the British Isles and their development into a European, American and global reform movement in the eighteenth century. Its fourteen contributions demonstrate the intellectual horizons and international networks of this widespread and influential phenomenon.