App Inventor 2

Author: David Wolber
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 9781491907238
Release Date: 2014-10-13
Genre: Computers

Yes, you can create your own apps for Android devices—and it’s easy to do. This extraordinary book introduces you to App Inventor 2, a powerful visual tool that lets anyone build apps. Learn App Inventor basics hands-on with step-by-step instructions for building more than a dozen fun projects, including a text answering machine app, a quiz app, and an app for finding your parked car! The second half of the book features an Inventor’s Manual to help you understand the fundamentals of app building and computer science. App Inventor 2 makes an excellent textbook for beginners and experienced developers alike. Use programming blocks to build apps—like working on a puzzle Create custom multi-media quizzes and study guides Design games and other apps with 2D graphics and animation Make a custom tour of your city, school, or workplace Control a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT robot with your phone Build location-aware apps by working with your phone’s sensors Explore apps that incorporate information from the Web

App Inventor for Android

Author: Jason Tyler
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781119991458
Release Date: 2011-04-04
Genre: Computers

Create Android mobile apps, no programming required! Even with limited programming experience, you can easily learn to create apps for the Android platform with this complete guide to App Inventor for Android. App Inventor for Android is a visual language that relies on simple programming blocks that users can drag and drop to create apps. This handy book gives you a series of fully worked-out apps, complete with their programming blocks, which you can customize for your own use or use as a starting point for creating the next killer app. And it's all without writing a single line of code. Don't miss the book's special section on Apps Inventor Design Patterns, which explains computer terms in simple terms and is an invaluable basic reference. Teaches programmers and non-programmers alike how to use App Inventor for Android to create Android apps Provides a series of fully worked-out apps that you can customize, download, and use on your Android phone or use as a starting point for building the next great app Includes a valuable reference section on App Inventor Design Patterns and general computer science concepts Shows you how to create apps that take advantage of the Android smartphone?s handy features, such as GPS, messaging, contacts, and more With App Inventor for Android and this complete guide, you'll soon be creating apps that incorporate all of the Android smartphone's fun features, such as the accelerometer, GPS, messaging, and more.

Learning MIT App Inventor

Author: Derek Walter
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
ISBN: 9780133799279
Release Date: 2014-11-21
Genre: Computers

With MIT’s App Inventor 2, anyone can build complete, working Android apps—without writing code! This complete tutorial will help you do just that, even if you have absolutely no programming experience. Unlike books focused on the obsolete Google version, Learning MIT App Inventor is written from the ground up for MIT’s dramatically updated Version 2. The authors guide you step-by-step through every task and feature, showing you how to create apps by dragging, dropping, and connecting puzzle pieces—not writing code. As you learn, you’ll also master expert design and development techniques you can build on if you ever do want to write code. Through hands-on projects, you’ll master features ranging from GPS to animation, build high-quality user interfaces, make everything work, and test it all with App Inventor’s emulator. (You won’t even need an Android device!) All examples for this book are available at Coverage includes: Understanding mobile devices and how mobile apps run on them Planning your app's behavior and appearance with the Designer Using the Blocks Editor to tell your app what to do and how to do it Creating variables and learning how to use them effectively Using procedures to group and reuse pieces of code in larger, more complicated apps Storing data in lists and databases Using App Inventor's gaming, animation, and media features Creating more sophisticated apps by using multiple screens Integrating sensors to make your app location-aware Debugging apps and fixing problems Combining creativity and logical thinking to envision more complex apps

Android App Inventor for the Absolute Beginner

Author: Dr. Lakshmi Prayaga
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781285733340
Release Date: 2013-06-28
Genre: Computers

Even if you've never tried programming before, Android App Inventor lets you quickly and easily create apps that will run on the Android platform. Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned application developer, ANDROID APP INVENTOR FOR THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNER has something for you. Beginners will find clear step-by-step instructions and a thorough introduction to this fun and intuitive visual programming environment. Experienced developers will enjoy the coverage of more advanced topics, including various sensors, robotics, and TinyWebDB. Mobile app development is booming; there's never been a better time to get started. With Android App Inventor (free, open source software created by Google and MIT) and this book, you can design an app and upload it to your device in as little as 30 minutes. No prior experience in programming is necessary--and you don't need to be a math or graphics wiz. Get ready for a fun and fascinating introduction to app development with ANDROID APP INVENTOR FOR THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNER.

App Inventor 2

ISBN: 1491907215
Release Date: 2014
Genre: Android (Electronic resource)

App Inventor 2 Introduction

Author: Edward Mitchell, MS, MBA
Publisher: Edward Mitchell
Release Date: 2014-05-14
Genre: Computers

MIT App Inventor 2 is the fast and easy way to create custom Android apps for smart phones or tablets. This guide introduces the basic App Inventor features - you can likely create your first simple app in about an hour, and understand the basic components of App Inventor in a full day. App Inventor 2 is free to use and you can use it for commercial applications too. App Inventor 2: Introduction is targeted at adult learners (high school and up) and shows how to design your app’s user interface with “drag and drop” interface controls to layout your app’s screen design. Then implement the app’s behavior with unique “drag and drop” programming blocks to quickly assemble the program in a graphical interface. This introduction covers the basics of the App Inventor user interface Designer and the Blocks programming editor, plus basic “blocks” programming concepts and tools for arithmetic, text processing, event handling, lists and other features. Updates and additional tutorials are available on the book's web site at

Tech Empowerment

Author: Eric Hamilton
ISBN: 9781458379795
Release Date: 2011-02-01

This publication is an overview of Google App Inventor with sample applications. Google App Inventor is a Google Labs project and it is based heavily on research in educational computing. Specifically, App Inventor uses the block editor technology which is based on the Open Block Java Library which is used in creating visual blocks programming languages.

Hello App Inventor

Author: Paula Beer
Publisher: Manning Publications
ISBN: 1617291439
Release Date: 2014-10-01
Genre: Computers

Introduces young readers to the world of mobile programming. Featuring more than 30 invent-it-yourself projects, this book starts with basic apps and gradually builds the skills you need to bring your own ideas to life.

Android Apps with App Inventor 2

Author: Karl-Hermann Rollke
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1983965049
Release Date: 2018-01-23

With the development environment App Inventor 2 you can easily develop and test your own apps. The book is intended to help you get started with setting up the development environment right through to your own apps. It is written for beginners who want to deal with app development, but can also be used for teaching purposes in schools or community colleges. It is a step-by-step guide that does not focus on the full description of the programming language, but uses examples to illustrate the capabilities of the development environment. It starts with setting up the environment and the Android device. It continues with simple apps, via variable concepts and control structures to more complex topics. Event-driven apps are developed, subroutines are handled and sensors are queried. Working with multiple screens is just as important as files and dialogs. The examples are chosen so that the topics with increasing difficulty are treated as systematically as possible. The examples are not too complex to be easily understood. They should serve as inspiration for own projects. A technically strict systematology and a complete description of the programming language is not intended to not overwhelm beginners.

Turtle Geometry

Author: Harold Abelson
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262510375
Release Date: 1986
Genre: Computers

Turtle Geometry presents an innovative program of mathematical discovery thatdemonstrates how the effective use of personal computers can profoundly change the nature of astudent's contact with mathematics. Using this book and a few simple computer programs, students canexplore the properties of space by following an imaginary turtle across the screen.The concept ofturtle geometry grew out of the Logo Group at MIT. Directed by Seymour Papert, author of Mindstorms,this group has done extensive work with preschool children, high school students and universityundergraduates. Harold Abelson is an associate professor in the Department of Electrical Engineeringand Computer Science at MIT. Andrea diSessa is an associate professor in the Graduate School ofEducation, University of California, Berkeley.

Building Android Apps

Author: Mike McGrath
Publisher: In Easy Steps
ISBN: 9781840785289
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Computers

Provides information on using App Inventor to build and deploy applications for Android devices.

App Inventor 2 with MySQL database

Author: Antonio Taccetti
Publisher: Antonio Taccetti
ISBN: 9788826045030
Release Date: 2017-04-01
Genre: Computers

App Inventor 2 with MySQL database is a step-by-step guide to write Android applications that use MySQL database residing on the Internet. The task is carried out in synergy between the Web components, WebWevier and Sharing App Inventor and MySQL database. The data transmission between Android App and MySQL database is ealised using php interface specially written and extensively documented. With this method the App assembled with App Inventor can share on a remote server a database whose contents you can update using a standard web browser. This means that you can deploy App whose contents can change over time, simply by changing the data in the database. Actions implemented: storing, editing, deleting, sorting, recovery and transfer records from the remote MySQL database to the Android mobile device. Sharing of data imported via the Sharing component. This guide contains detailed explanations, examples and links to download the Android app, database and php code. All examples are described and commented. Once done downloading, the files are already predisposed to be uploaded to the webserver and Android devices to be used immediately. On the basis of these concepts it will be possible to create your own personalized Android App-php-mysql custom system. For those who consider themselves novice, in the database it is described php / MySQL essential to the function of this application, and provided explanations on how to get cheap web server or free for your needs. If your app need to work with the data, this e-book can do for you!

Arduino and Android Using Mit App Inventor

Author: Magesh Jayakumar
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1523486805
Release Date: 2016-01-19

This book is about creating fun projects with arduino and android, this book will be very useful for people who are looking to create some cool projects and are not excellent with coding skills, This book will make anyone to create their own android and arduino project within few hours. This book will be very useful for children to create their own projects with their parents guidance. This book will cover the basics of MIT app inventor and this book needs user to have little experience with arduino on how to upload code to arduino and how to verify data's in serial monitor.

Starting Out with App Inventor for Android Global Edition

Author: Tony Gaddis
ISBN: 1292080329
Release Date: 2015-04-16
Genre: Android (Electronic resource)

In Starting Out with App Inventor for Android, Tony Gaddis and Rebecca Halsey teach the fundamentals of programming while simultaneously showing students how to create fun, useful, and imaginative apps. Because App Inventor allows students to create apps and see them running on a phone, programming becomes a personally meaningful skill. Gaddis's highly accessible, step-by-step presentation presents all the details needed to understand the "how" and the "why"-but never loses sight of the fact that most novice programmers struggle with this material. His gradual approach ensures that readers understand the logic behind developing high-quality programs. Teaching and Learning Experience This program presents a better teaching and learning experience-for you and your students. It will help: Engage Students with Dynamic Mobile Apps: Students not only learn how to create their own apps, they can actually see them run on their phone or the Android emulator. Enhance Learning with the Gaddis Approach: Gaddis's accessible approach features clear and easy-to-read code listings, concise real-world examples, and exercises in every chapter. Motivate Learning: When students learn they can easily create their own mobile apps, they become motivated to learn programming-whether that is in the CSO or CS1 course. Integrate App Inventor in the Classroom: App Inventor can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom, and this text is designed to accommodate all of them.