As I Have Loved You

Author: Stephen J. Buhler
Publisher: America Star Books
ISBN: 146267402X
Release Date: 2012-03-01
Genre: Religion

The author examines the life of Jesus Christ, particularly his interactions with others during his time on Earth, to better understand the Lord's commandment "As I have loved you, love one another." In this book we find an inspirational and instructive analysis of how Jesus loved those with whom he came in contact, for the purpose of increasing one's understanding, faith and discipleship so that we may love our neighbor as the Savior loves.

As I Have Loved You

Author: James P. Hanigan
Publisher: Paulist Press
ISBN: 0809127342
Release Date: 1986
Genre: Religion

A college text with discussion questions and readings that analyzes all the foundational problems of Christian ethics as aspects of the human effort to love others.

As I Have Loved You Love One Another John 13 34

Author: Faith Planner
ISBN: 1731463642
Release Date: 2018-11-17

How close to God will you be three years from now? If you were to look in your future, would you be happier? Do you have a family of your own? A new relationship? A new career? Retiree? Are you closer to God? Hey, you are probably being the version of yourself! But let's be real. You can't see the future. What you can do is aim to do good, be more content, have a peace of mind and hit all your goals, EVERY SINGLE DAY! You can do that by writing your goals and making sure you get the most important things done. Did you know that successful people don't spend their whole day working? What they do is plan their actions and the weeks that follow so they don't work on the wrong things! This is exactly the goal of this Planner. To make you plan ahead, organize your day, week, month and years (3 years actually!) It also comes with Bible quotes to give you the inspiration to work harder and achieve your plans for the next three years. Quotes that are well chosen and will make a great impact in your life in many many ways. You would love this Planner because: It consists of 323 pages worth of journal notes for your daily, weekly and yearly from 2019 to 2021. Three years of companionship and crushing goals. Months and Days are Dated, so you don't have to. This will make it easier for you to go directly into writing your daily entry without taking extra time to write small details that can't distract you. It's always amazing to have a Physical copy of things that you write into. It makes it feel real, and by writing with pen and paper, you appreciate it more. There's plenty of space so that you can write a small paragraph, rather than just a single short line. The size is also 8.5 x 11 inches so you always have room to write more. It helps you be organized with your ideas, plan and execution. Instead of just remembering it on your mind, seeing a written plan can help you boost your productivity, give you energy and not waste time procrastinating. This planner is a perfect way of being able to do a task without it becoming a chore. It is amazing how it will help you manage your day and the things you can accomplish. DETAILS: 323 Pages - Daily, Weekly and Yearly Planner for 2019 - 2021 Yearly, monthly and weekly spread views to help you plan your year ahead Cream Paper Inside Pages Stylish Matte Elegant Cover Design, high quality sturdy binding with soft cover Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches Get a copy of this Planner, or give as a gift for that awesome person that have inspired you. Scroll up and click ADD TO CART

As I Have Loved You Love One Another

Author: Dp Productions
ISBN: 107238566X
Release Date: 2019-06-05

BIBLE VERSE NOTEBOOK Use this customized and beautiful blank lined Christian journal / notebook / diary to write in, creative thoughts, plan your schedule, write 'TO DO lists, ' write your grocery lists and MUCH MUCH more! Makes an excellent birthday gift, anniversary gift, graduation gift, or any special occasion. Perfectly sized at 108 pages 6x9 size with a white interior and dark lines Softcover book binding Flexible paperback Check out my other planners, guest books and more by clicking my author name 'DP Productions.'

Love Each Others As I Have Loved You

Author: Bible Notebook
ISBN: 1981180850
Release Date: 2017-11-27

This bible verse lined notebook is perfect for use as a daily planner, To-Do-List book, Appointment book, and for anyone to record ideas, or to use for writing and note-taking. It is most suited for the Christian community. It can be used by kids, school and college students and even adults. Specifications: - Big Size: 8x10 Inches wide lined pages-Made in USA-Soft cover with matte lamination for durability and classy look- with bible quote on cover-134 page wide ruled college pages-High-quality white paperThis composition book or notebook is ideal for: -Birthday Gifts for kids and adults-Special occasions -Christmas Gifts for all ages-Student's gifts-Stationery gift pack-Office workers and friends -Use as a journals or notepadAnd for capturing ideas and much more........

As I Have Loved You Love One Another

Author: Heavenly-Joy
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 1099859379
Release Date: 2019-05-23

Scripture-based notebook Journal Daily diary / journal notebook to write in, creative writing, for creating lists, for scheduling, organnizing and recording your thoughts Makes an ideal valentine gift for any special person in your life Perfectly lined 6x9 notebook

As I Have Loved You Love One Another

Author: Dee Deck
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1720955301
Release Date: 2018-06-10

This bright and cheery Planner is great for single day planning for 90 days. Accepting a 90 day challenge? Use this Planner to stay on track! Each day there is room to record the date, appointments, goals, to do list, a menu and a full page to journal your thoughts, ideas etc. Stay organized - 90 days at a time

As I Have Loved You

Author: Kitty de Ruyter Bons
Publisher: Covenant Communications
ISBN: 1591560659
Release Date: 2003-02-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

The inspiring true story of courage and love in a time of war

As I Have Loved You

Author: Christena C. Nelson
Publisher: Deseret Bk.
ISBN: 1573450928
Release Date: 1995-01-01
Genre: Christian life

Love One Another As I Have Loved You

Author: Gareth Byrne
Publisher: Veritas
ISBN: 1847307604
Release Date: 2017-02-28
Genre: Religion

Reflects on Amoris Laetitia, an Apostolic Exhortation on Love in the Family, one of Pope Francis's most significant publications to date. It invites readers - particularly married couples and families - to continue to grow in love, both with each other and with the Church community.

Love One Another as I Have Loved You John 13 34 The Ultimate Draw a Doodle a Day Journal This Is a 6x9 102 Pages to Draw In Makes a Great Happy Ea

Author: Paige Cooper
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 1092186662
Release Date: 2019-03-30
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

The Ultimate Happy Easter Doodle Notebook. This is a 6X9 102 Pages To Draw a Doodle a Day in. Makes A Great Easter Egg Hunt Gift, Happy Easter, or Just Because Gift For Moms and Kids. Funny Happy Easter Doodle Drawing Journal Gift Gift For Kids gift for Moms Doodle a Day Happy Easter He is risen! Hippity hoppity I eat the ears first I love you at Easter and always I'm so egg-cited about Easter! Jesus is alive and lives in me a basket of eggs decorated with care a basket of foil-wrapped chocolate eggs a day for hope, for new understandings, for wonder a day to remember his sacrifice and celebrate a holy celebration a hunting we will go Funny Happy Easter Doodle A Day Drawing Journal Gift.

I Have Loved You

Author: Cynthia Heald
Publisher: Tyndale House
ISBN: 9781612914480
Release Date: 2014-02-27
Genre: Religion

From beloved author Cynthia Heald, known for her “Becoming a Woman of . . .” series of devotionals, comes a powerful exploration of what it really means to have an intimate relationship with God and the transforming difference it makes in our lives. Through twenty-eight short chapters, discover the richness of God’s encouraging words, His listening ear, His faithful presence, and His joyful embrace. Thought-provoking questions and journaling space will guide you on a deeply personal journey into God’s loving heart for you.

Rembrandt Would Have Loved You

Author: Ruth Padel
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9781446444962
Release Date: 2011-01-25
Genre: Literary Criticism

Ruth Padel's passionate new collection is a woman's eye view of a love affair, with darker undercurrents of mortality and loss. Shifting between vulnerability and guilt, innocence and doubt, tenderness and frustration, teasing reproach and the exaltation of deep love and sexual happiness, Padel's extraordinarily bold and intimate book explores the complexity of emotions that go with falling in love. Wonderfully versatile in tone, it blends the lyrical and the colloquial, formality and wit, myth and the Spice Girls. It includes the poem that won the 1996 National Poetry Competition 'Icicles round a tree in Dumfriesshire'.

America Because I have loved you I have made you rich

Author: By Efren M. Gamboa
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1463401469
Release Date: 2011-06-03
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

About my latest book, “America” Because I have loved you, I have made you rich! The inevitable truth of America, Bible Prophecy, and 666 Author Efren M. Gamboa offers his own conclusions in six chapters. Each chapter promises a resolution to some of the most burning questions of biblical history. From Noah: I will discuss the three races of the world and will demonstrate to you what race you and your ancestors come from. Where Are the Sons of Abraham?: In this chapter I will discuss where are the sons of Abraham and will locate them for you. The Israelite Exiles: This chapter will show the locations of exiles of Israel from the time of King Solomon to 70 AD and to the present. Blessings and Curses that follow the Children of Israel: This chapter deals with the blessings and curses that follow the children of Israel. Enemies of Man: This chapter gives details of who are the enemies of man and will reveal them; and what to do to survive the life ending attacks of the enemies of life. The reason for the destruction foreseen of the year 2012 will be given and revealed. Is Jesus the Promise Christ of the Jews?: The answer to the question of the ages will be answered using Old Testament prophecy. Built around a close study of the prophecies found in the Book of Genesis, Gamboa’s interpretations offer readers clues toward the possible outcomes of the biblical predictions.