Auto Upkeep

Author: Michael E. Gray
Publisher: Rolling Hills Pub
ISBN: 1627020055
Release Date: 2012-09-01
Genre: Transportation

What's in the kit? The Auto Upkeep Homeschool Curriculum Kit 3rd Edition (c) 2013 consists of: * Auto Upkeep Textbook - 200 FULL COLOR pages - 20 Easy-to-Read Chapters with over 400 Illustrations * Auto Upkeep Workbook - 152 FULL COLOR pages - 32 Hands-on and Internet-based Activities with over 200 Illustrations * Homeschool Resource CD which includes a Course Syllabus Outline, PowerPoint Presentations, Lab Activities, Study Questions, Chapter Tests, Exams & Final, and Answer Keys What units are covered by the curriculum? From choosing an insurance policy to performing basic maintenance and repair, Auto Upkeep is the do-it-yourself automotive guide for the driver in you. Auto Upkeep helps keep you safe and your vehicle reliable by providing easy-to-follow information with detailed pictures and drawings. Discover how to choose a quality repair facility, buy a car, handle roadside emergencies, diagnose common problems, and communicate effectively with technicians – all while saving money.1 – Introduction and How Cars Work 2 – Buying an Automobile 3 – Automotive Expenses 4 – Repair Facilities 5 – Safety Around the Automobile 6 – Basic Tools 7 – Auto Care and Cleaning 8 – Fluid Level Check 9 – Electrical System 10 – Lubrication System 11 – Fuel System 12 – Cooling System and Climate Control 13 – Ignition System 14 – Suspension, Steering, and Tires 15 – Braking System 16 – Drivetrain 17 – Exhaust and Emission System 18 – Alternative Fuels and Designs 19 – Automotive Accessories 20 – Common Problems and Roadside Emergencies What are the hands-on and internet-based activities? Chapter 1 Car Identification Activity – Identify an automobile by make, model, year, and type.Chapter 2 Buying a New Automobile Activity – Differentiate between MSRP, dealer invoice, and dealer cost.Buying a Used Automobile Activity – Research prices, reliability ratings, recalls, technical service bulletins, and safety ratings. Chapter 3 Automotive Expenses Activity – Calculate automotive expenses.Chapter 4 Repair Facilities Activity – Choose a quality repair facility. Interpret a repair invoice.Chapter 5 Automotive Safety Activity – Identify the location of emergency and safety equipment.Chapter 6 Basic Tools Activity – Identify basic tools that are used in automotive shops.Chapter 7 Interior Cleaning Activity – Clean the inside of a vehicle.Exterior Cleaning Activity – Clean the outside of a vehicle.Waxing Activity – Wax the finish on a vehicle.Chapter 8 Fluid Level Check Activity – Safely check the fluid level in various vehicle components.Chapter 9 Battery Activity – Safely clean and test the battery.Charging Activity – Safely test the alternator.Starting Activity – Safely test the starter.Chapter 10 Oil and Filter Change Activity – Safely change the oil and filter on a vehicle.Chapter 11 Fuel System Activity – Identify the components of the fuel system. Change the air filter, CCV filter, PCV valve, and fuel filter.Chapter 12 Air Conditioning Activity – Inspect and identify the components within the air conditioning system.Cabin Air Filter Activity – Replace the cabin air filter on a vehicle.Cooling System Activity – Safely test, inspect, and service the cooling system. Observe thermostat operation.Chapter 13 Ignition System Activity – Install spark plugs. Inspect, test, and install spark plug wires. Inspect and install distributor cap and rotor on conventional or distributor systems.Chapter 14 Suspension and Steering Activity – Safely inspect and perform basic service procedures on suspension and steering components.Tire Inspection and Rotation Activity – Safely inspect tires for wear and rotate tires.Chapter 15 Brake Inspection Activity – Safely inspect disc brakes.Chapter 16 Drivetrain Activity – Safely inspect drivetrain components.Chapter 17 Exhaust and Emissions Activity – Safely inspect exhaust and emission components.Chapter 18 Payback Period Activity – Calculate payback period.Chapter 19 Auto Accessories Activity – Estimate the cost of accessories for a vehicle.Chapter 20 Changing a Flat Tire Activity – Safely change a spare tire.Jump-Starting Activity – Safely jump-start a vehicle.Lighting Activity – Replace various lights on a vehicle.Replacing Wipers Activity – Replace wipers on a vehicle.On-Board Diagnostics Activity – Retrieve diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) from an OBD II system.

Auto Upkeep

Author: Michael E. Gray
Publisher: Rolling Hills Publishing
ISBN: 9780974079202
Release Date: 2003-01-01
Genre: Education

If you own a car or are in the market for one, Auto Upkeep is the book for you! From choosing an insurance policy to performing basic maintenance and repair, Auto Upkeep present the information you need in an easy-to-follow format with detailed pictures and drawings. An accompanying CD provides review questions and hands-on activities to help you apply concepts from the text.

Recipes for Car Care

Author: Kathleen E. Casagrande
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 0766828387
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Transportation

Preventive care isn't a mystery known only to professional auto mechanics, but rather a set of simple steps you can do yourself if you understand the "ingredients" that go into making your vehicle run. Recipes for Car Care is designed to enable you to perform preventative maintenance on your vehicle to lengthen its life while saving you money. This book covers everything from locating the hood latch to performing basic maintenance tasks such as oil changes to dealing confidently with professional mechanics and car manufacturers. Whether you are a novice at do-it-yourself automotive care or an experienced home mechanic, Recipes for Car Care will show you how to complete necessary car maintenance as easily as you would follow the "recipes" of a cookbook.

The Everything Car Care Book

Author: Mike Florence
ISBN: 1580627323
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Transportation

From fixing a flat tire to changing the oil, a guide to home car care provides easy-to-follow instructions for monitoring brakes, checking fluids, adjusting headlights, troubleshooting major problems, and other tasks.

Essential Car Care for Women

Author: Jamie Little
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781580054492
Release Date: 2013-03-26
Genre: Transportation

Despite the many advances women have made since the internal combustion engine was invented, there is still one widely held belief that won’t seem to go away: that when it comes to cars, women should just leave it to the men. In Essential Car Care for Women, ESPN NASCAR pit reporter Jamie Little and Discovery Channel “Turbo Expert” Danielle McCormick team up to dispel this myth once and for all—and to offer the indispensable, hard-won advice women need to buy, sell, and care for their cars with confidence. With this handy guide, women will learn how to save themselves money by performing basic—but essential—maintenance tasks on their own. Little and McCormick explain what an alternator, regulator, distributor, and timing belt are; how to change a tire, recharge a flat battery, check the oil, and assess tire pressure; what to do when a car breaks down or when an accident occurs; how to buy a car without being taken advantage of; and more. Straightforward and easy to follow—and including simple step-by-step diagrams and pictures to help along the way—Essential Car Care for Women is the ultimate handbook to everything a woman should know about her set of wheels.

Idiot s Guides Auto Repair and Maintenance

Author: Dave Stribling
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781615647644
Release Date: 2015-08-04
Genre: Transportation

As today's cars continue to become more complicated and complex, the cost to repair them has continued to climb. However, with some basic knowledge and a little know-how, many of the most expensive repairs can be avoided by simple, regular maintenance, or relatively inexpensive repairs that can be done with a few tools and step-by-step instructions. Car expert, Dave Stribling, has seen every repair in the book, and in Idiot's Guides: Auto Repair and Maintenance, he arms readers with the knowledge they'll need to troubleshoot and diagnose common problems and make simple repairs that are universal to most makes and models. Dozens of step-by-step, full-color photos and illustrations make DIY car repairs and maintenance so much easier. When the repair calls for an expert the time comes to take the car to the shop, Dave arms readers with the knowledge they'll need to make the right choices, to avoid unnecessary repairs, and to minimize the possibility of getting ripped off.

The Car Care Book

Author: Ronald G Haefner
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781111780821
Release Date: 2008-12-17
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Consumers typically face three main challenges when it comes to understanding their automobiles: the technologies underlying the car's major systems, the basics of inspection and maintenance, and the financial aspects of owning and operating an automobile. In this updated edition, The Car Care Book, 4th Edition explores these areas, using the very latest automobile technology to provide an accurate, current context for learning. The book first breaks each section of the car into systems and subsystems to help the reader digest important concepts. Coverage then progresses to include the common tools needed to perform car maintenance and minor repairs, as well as building a preventive maintenance program. Concluding with a section on financial issues, from buying and selling to insurance considerations to the benefits of leasing, this resource provides a thorough and comprehensive overview of basic automobile care. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Basic Electronics for Tomorrow s Inventors

Author: Nick Dossis
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071794701
Release Date: 2012-12-14
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Learn about electronics with fun experiments and projects Created in partnership with Thames & Kosmos, Basic Electronics for Tomorrow's Inventors introduces you to essential electronics concepts through fun, do-it-yourself projects. You'll get tips for setting up your home workbench, safely handling materials, and creating a variety of entertaining gadgets. All of the projects and experiments use inexpensive, readily available electronic components and different types of breadboard, which creates a plug-and-play environment for you to build electronic circuits—no soldering required! Inside you'll find: Things You'll Need--lists of all the electronic components and equipment required for each experiment A Circuit Diagram--shows how each of the electronic components are connected to produce the experiment How the Circuit Works--identifies the building blocks used to make the circuit and helps you read circuit diagrams Breadboard Layout--close-up photographs that guide you in building each electronic circuit Time to Experiment--explains how to get your experiment working Step-by-step projects include: Phone experiments Make an LED light up Make an LED flash Create colors with an RGB LED Build a working telephone Dashboard experiments Create indicator lights Build a temperature sensor Make an electronic horn Set up a water sensor Security experiments Design a basic alarm circuit Make a pressure-sensitive mat Create a touch-activated alarm Build an electronic security keypad Make a reading light that switches on when it goes dark Electronic game experiments Create a random number generator Flip an electronic coin Get ready for infrared target practice Build a sound-effects generator

Auto Repair For Dummies

Author: Deanna Sclar
Publisher: For Dummies
ISBN: 0764550896
Release Date: 1999-09-30
Genre: Transportation

Most of us don’t know the first thing about the machines we’re licensed to drive – and this can turn a ticket to freedom into a ticket to trouble. If you’re like most people, you probably tend to drive around until something goes wrong with the car. You then incur the expense of replacing worn and burnt-out parts (or the entire engine) when low-cost, regular maintenance could have kept your wheels turning for a long time. Auto Repair For Dummies is indispensable for anyone who is tired of nodding and smiling at the incomprehensible mutterings of your mechanic, only to end up shelling out money for repairs that you neither fully understand nor always need. This easy-to-understand guide is also for you if you Don't have the vaguest idea of how a car works. Can't identify anything you see under the hood of your vehicle. Are tired of other people assuming (especially if you’re a teenager or a woman) that you aren’t capable of handling repairs yourself. Don't want to feel helpless in an emergency. Are tired of being ripped off because of your own ignorance. This book shows you how your car works; what it needs in the way of tender loving care; and how to keep from being overcharged if you need to entrust repairs to someone else. Auto Repair For Dummies also gives you the scoop on these topics and more: What makes your vehicle go (and how and why) A program of "preventive medicine" to avoid trouble Shopping for tools and knowing how to use them Diesel engines and alternatively powered cars How to keep your car looking its best Dealing with on-road emergencies Checking your tires, alignment, and steering By handling the simple maintenance and tune-ups and being able to diagnose trouble and perform the less complex repairs yourself, you’ll save some serious money. Once you break the ice (or crack open the hood), the heady sense of power will carry you through basic car repair and maintenance with confidence and ease.