Avoiding Medical Malpractice

Author: William Choctaw
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387730648
Release Date: 2008-03-26
Genre: Medical

Written by an MD/JD, this book offers a unique perspective on medical-legal issues surrounding daily clinical practice. It covers all the essentials and tells the inside secrets of how to avoid cases that cost the medical community millions each year. Readers will learn basic law and the ways laws are interpreted. In addition, the book focuses on the law-medicine-politics triangle and its effect on physicians, the impact of — and issues related to — diversity in medical malpractice, and other essential topics. Physicians who better understand malpractice laws are better clinical decision makers who feel more confident in their ability as doctors.

Preventing Medical Malpractice Suits

Author: James E. Schutte
Publisher: Hogrefe & Huber Pub
ISBN: 0889371350
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Law

This book explains how to avoid medical malpractice suits in so clear a manner that it is destined to become a classic. Rather than looking at how to fight off a lawsuit, the author's approach here is to show how doctors and other healthcare practitioners can carefully avoid creating the grounds for a malpractice suit in the first place. Many of the insights in this book come from a study of more than 200 physicians who had practiced for over 20 years without a malpractice suit. Other sources include extensive interviews with malpractice plaintiffs, reviews of the literature and court cases, and years of experience in working with medical risk managers from all parts of the country. The advice presented here is aimed at physicians, but it is also of very practical interest for the entire office team as well - nurses, managers, and others. Indeed, it turns out to be especially important that these individuals read, understand, and help the doctor implement the many specific points discussed here. This material will also be of interest to healthcare attorneys and managers, and to patients wanting to know that their physician is indeed maintaining the highest standards of good practice. Students training for healthcare careers will also find that this material provides a fundamental source of guidance for their future work. Includes five brief appendices containing risk management checklists usable on a daily basis, draft letters to patients, sample questionnaires, and other practical tools.

The Satisfied Patient

Author: James W. Saxton
Publisher: HC Pro, Inc.
ISBN: 9781601460400
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Medical

Reduce malpractice claims with proven patient satisfaction tools and techniques!Why physicians need a resource like this RIGHT NOW. These days, physicians cannot be careful enough. Medical malpractice insurance premiums are through the roof. Pay for performance and other measures that tie reimbursement to quality have turned an even brighter spotlight on the need to ensure patient satisfaction. You must do everything you can to reduce your liability risk and prevent potential lawsuits. This means making sure that patients leave your facility feeling good about their experience.The advice is simple: Treat patients with care and stay out of the courtroom. "The Satisfied Patient, Second Edition: A Guide to Preventing Malpractice Claims by Providing Excellent Customer Service" is a resource that every modern physician needs. Written by an experienced healthcare attorney, this fully updated book illustrates how focusing on patient satisfaction can better your organization, reduce the potential of professional liability claim, and significantly affect the outcome of that claim if initiated. Learn how to increase patient satisfaction and reduce claims by: Incorporating five-star customer service principles into caregiving Encouraging patients to take responsibility for their care Taking a few extra seconds to create legible, concise documentation Not familiar with the litigation process? If you haven't been inside the courtroom, and want to avoid it, "The Satisfied Patient, Second Edition" describes a typical deposition and malpractice trial and illustrates how strong customer service on the front end can strengthen your defenses in the courtroom on the back end.Fully updated to reflect today's physician needs! Take a look at what's NEW in the second edition: A new section that addresses pay for performance and other measures that tie reimbursement to quality initiatives An expanded section on the litigation process and how patient satisfaction--or the lack thereof-- can affect it Additional patient satisfaction and customer service tools Updated research about the connection between customer satisfaction and liability claims All new case studies that reflect the newest liability and malpractice laws You need this valuable legal tool. "The Satisfied Patient, Second Edition: A Guide to Preventing Malpractice Claims by Providing Excellent Customer Service" is a beneficial resource for the following healthcare professionals: Physicians and physician practice administrators/managers Corporate compliance officers Risk managers and performance improvement professionals C-suite level executives In-house counsel VPMAs Medical directors Words of praise from satisfied physicians for "The Satisfied Patient, Second Edition" ""Mr. Saxton's experience and understanding of the points of view of the physician, patient, insurance provider, attorney and jury all serve to assist the medical care provider in avoiding malpractice claims from the moment a patient requests an appointment until after an event has occurred. The Satisfied Patient is a must for any doctor seeking to improve patient satisfaction, practice efficiency and avoid claims."" "--Peter Cotton, MD., Medical director of the Digestive Disease Center, professor of medicine, and assistant dean for international activities at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston" ""The tools and concepts presented in The Satisfied Patient seem so logical. Yet during the course of a busy day, it is easy to overlook the obvious. The Satisfied Patient speaks to the importance of developing everyday strategies to improve patient involvement, staff unity, and organized documentation, which turns everyday routine into preventing the obvious from ever getting overlooked again, ultimately reducing the risk of liability claims."" "--David Acker, MD., Chief of Obstetrics, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Boston"A glimpse of what you'll get Take a look at the table of contents for "The Satisfied Patient, Second Edition: " Chapter One: The Looming Cloud Chapter Two: The 'True Cost' of a Malpractice Claim Chapter Three: Malpractice is Not the Only Cause of a Malpractice Claim Chapter Four: Creating the Right Environment Chapter Five: Becoming a Five-Star Service Provider Chapter Six: Making Patients Partners Chapter Seven Documentation: Creating Appropriate Evidence Chapter Eight Recognizing When You Are At Risk Chapter Nine: When an Adverse Event Occurs, How Do You Tell the Patient? Chapter Ten: Managing Adverse Events Chapter Eleven: The Trial Process Chapter Twelve: The Trial: The Ultimate Anxiety Our risk-free money-back guarantee. If for any reason "The Satisfied Patient, Second Edition" does not meet your needs, return it within 30 days and you will receive a prompt, polite, 100% refund--no questions asked.

Medical Malpractice

Author: James T. O'Reilly
ISBN: 1627225633
Release Date: 2015-04-16
Genre: Physicians

Medical Malpractice guides lawyers who are intent on attaining compensation for the errors that can occur in today's evolving healthcare arena or who are engaged in defending a modern malpractice case. This book provides an extensive overview of today's changed medical landscape as well as specific and practical ways to approach a medical malpractice case from the moment a potential plaintiff or defendant enters the door to the announcement of the jury verdict.

The Academic Medicine Handbook

Author: Laura Weiss Roberts
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781461456933
Release Date: 2013-04-04
Genre: Medical

Attaining professional success and finding personal happiness in academic medicine is not an easy path, yet both are critical if the future is to be brighter through better science, better clinical care, better training, better responsiveness to communities, and better stewardship and leadership in the health professions. This concise, easy to read title consists of “mini” chapters intended as a resource to assist early- and middle-career physicians, clinicians, and scientists in understanding the unique mission of academic medicine and building creative, effective, and inspiring careers in academic health organizations. Organized in eight sections, the Guide covers such areas as finding your path in academic medicine, getting established at an institution, approaching work with colleagues, writing and reviewing manuscripts, conducting empirical research, developing administrative skills, advancing your academic career, and balancing your professional and personal life. Each chapter includes pointers and valuable career and “best practices” strategies in relation to the topic area. An exciting addition to the professional development literature, Achievement and Fulfillment in Academic Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide is an indispensable resource for anyone seeking to achieve a fulfilling career in academic medicine.

Avoiding Tax Malpractice

Author: Robert Feinschreiber
Publisher: CCH
ISBN: 0808005332
Release Date: 2000-01-01
Genre: Business & Economics

Tax malpractice involves a real threat to the health and well-being of a tax practice and the tax practitioner. Legal and settlement costs, injury to reputation, and substantial disruption to one's practice and one's personal life are just a few of the painful consequences of such actions. Increasing exposures, escalating costs and growth in frequency of claims all suggest that prudent practitioners and firms need to address the issue before the issue addresses them.CCH's new Avoiding Tax Malpractice is not only a very important issue spotter and prevention guide for tax professionals, but is also very interesting reading. This insightful resource not only tells the reader how to avoid and limit tax malpractice problems, but it also educates the reader on a wide range of actual situations that have led to problems in the past. As noted authors Robert Feinschreiber and Margaret Kent reveal, knowing how to avoid tax malpractice is not necessarily an intuitive exercise on the part of practitioners, and some of the true causes for malpractice litigation will surprise many readers. The basics of this important and sensitive issue are patiently explained in the first part of the book, so readers have a context to understand the more detailed and specialized discussions that follow. Generous "how-to-avoid" practices are clearly discussed and practical guidance is delineated in helpful lists that are easy to understand and memorable. Insights on causes and cures is provided throughout. Avoiding Tax Malpractice moves from a general discussion of the basic issues and avoidance practices in the first chapter to a series of individual chapters dedicated to specific practice categories and related cases. These Chapters include: - Tax Compliance Malpractice - Tax Advice Malpractice - Corporate Tax Malpractice - Tax Shelter Malpractice - International Tax Malpractice - State Tax Malpractice - Compensation Issues - S Corporation Tax Malpractice - Estate Tax Malpractice - Divorce Tax Malpractice - E-Commerce Tax Malpractice Practitioners and those who advise tax practitioners will find the book extremely valuable, interesting and informative. Everyone involved in tax practice can benefit from the book's insightful discussions. This book will definitely be one of the more interesting reads of the year for many tax professionals.

Error Reduction and Prevention in Surgical Pathology

Author: Raouf E. Nakhleh
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9781493923397
Release Date: 2015-03-03
Genre: Medical

Tissue diagnosis in surgical pathology is the most important determinant of patient outcomes in oncology and other medical conditions. An appropriate diagnosis of a tumor correctly determines the necessary therapy for that patient. Error Reduction and Prevention in Surgical Pathology focuses on how errors happen, the best systems to detect errors and the best systems to prevent errors. As with any form of testing, the test cycle in surgical pathology can be divided into pre-analytic (collection and handling of specimens), analytic (the actual determination of disease or other diagnostic information) and post-analytic (generation of reports and distribution). Error can occur anywhere in the process and all of these steps must be performed optimally so that the correct diagnosis is made and delivered. Error Reduction and Prevention in Surgical Pathology serves as an essential guide to a successfully managed laboratory and contains all relevant information needed to manage patients and deliver the best diagnosis.

Doctors damages and deterrence

Author: William B. Schwartz
Publisher: Rand Corp
ISBN: STANFORD:36105061941790
Release Date: 1978-06-01
Genre: Business & Economics

Damages awarded in a malpractice suit must be viewed not only as compensating the victim but also as deterring health-care providers from negligent behavior. Economic analysis of the malpractice system indicates that awards can send a signal to providers that informs them how much to invest in avoiding mishaps. The malpractice system is beset by difficulties, but not the ones commonly incriminated. The signal to the physician, as determined by the number of claims and the size of awards ("expected damages"), appears to be insufficient for ideal deterrence. Moreover, the deterrence signal is attenuated because malpractice premiums are set for groups of physicians, not for individuals according to their record of previous malpractice incidents. Replacing the present tort system with a no-fault insurance scheme would not necessarily be cheaper, and might well abolish the deterrent signal or distort clinical decisionmaking.

Legal Medicine

Author: ACLM
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9780323076074
Release Date: 2007-06-12
Genre: Medical

Regarded as the citable treatise in the field, the 7th Edition of Legal Medicine explores and illustrates the legal implications of medical practice and the special legal issues arising from managed care. Edited by the American College of Legal Medicine Textbook Committee, it features comprehensive discussions on a myriad of legal issues that health care professionals face every day. Substantially revised and expanded and written in a plain manner, this New Edition includes 20 brand-new chapters that address the hottest topics in the field today. Will also serve as the syllabus for the Board Review Course of the American Board of Legal Medicine (ABLM). Includes need-to-know information on telemedicine and electronic mail · medical and scientific expert testimony · medical records and disclosure about patients · and liability exposure facing managed care organizations. Addresses the legal aspects of almost every medical topic that impacts health care professionals. Uses actual case studies to illustrate nuances in the law. Discusses current trends in the peer review process · physician-assisted suicide · and managed care organizations. Offers the expert guidance of top professionals across medical and legal fields in an easy to read format. Includes a glossary of medical terms. Features many brand-new chapters, including Patient Safety · Medication Errors · Disclosure of Adverse Outcome and Apologizing to Injured Patient · Liability of Pharmacists · No-Fault Liability· Legal Aspects of Bioterrorism · and Forensic Psychiatry.

On Health and Long Life

Author: Daisaku Ikeda
Publisher: Middleway Press
ISBN: 9781938252730
Release Date: 2016-11-01
Genre: Health & Fitness

Always concerned about the most basic problems confrontinghumanity, SGI President Ikeda here once again exploresthe four universal sufferings of birth, aging, sickness, anddeath. In conversation with doctors and nurses, the SGIleader skillfully weaves Buddhist insights with the practicalknowledge and personal experiences of his dialoguepartners.??What can we learn from our illnesses???How is the patient’s attitude crucial to healing???How do parents affect their children’s health???How much are our lives determined by our genes? Whatare constructive ways to approach aging???What are keys for effective health care???What roles do faith and SGI activities play in a long andfulfilling life?The answers to these and other questions in On Health andLong Life provide valuable perspectives to caring for themost valuable of treasures: our lives themselves.

Insurance and Risk Management Strategies for Physicians and Advisors

Author: David Edward Marcinko
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 0763733423
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Business & Economics

As a consequence of today's litigious environment in the healthcare industry, physicians must now carefully assess their personal and practice risks as they seek to be indemnified should an event or cause of action occur. This process requires integrated knowledge of the healthcare industrial complex, as well as the rapidly changing insurance industry. Fortunately, Insurance and Risk Management Strategies for Physicians and Advisors confronts the reality that insurance planning in healthcare is decidedly more complex than most other businesses or professions and, in an easy-to-understand manner, explains to physicians and insurance professionals the background, theory, and practicalities of medical risk management and insurance planning. Certified Medical Planner® Dr. David Edward Marcinko and his team of contributing authors go into great depth on the growing range of insurance planning options in order to assist physicians, and their advisors, to choose the "right" course that balances risk, cost, time, outcome as well as his or her own personal risk tolerance life style.