Pokemon Coloring Book

Author: Joydom Coloring
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1541343999
Release Date: 2016-12-29

A Gift That Every Pokemon Lover Will Thank you For! Our team of illustrators has come together to create an awesome coloring book that every pokemon fan will love! The 45 exciting, high quality one sided coloring pages will keep the young colorers busy for hours. Inside you will find: Your favorite pokemon like pikachu, charmander, squirtle and many more Fight Scenes Pokemon from different generations ... and more! Get This Pokemon Coloring Book and Let your Child Discover the World of Coloring!

Pokemon Coloring Book

Author: Pokemon Master
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1548549509
Release Date: 2017-07-02

- A great coloring book on the pokemon characters with the names - More than 45 Pokemons - You can use pens, pencils, markers, and crayons - Each coloring page is on a separate sheet - This book will be useful gift for children!

Pokemon Coloring Book

Author: K. W. Books
ISBN: 1530991064
Release Date: 2016-04-10

A great coloring book on the pokemon characters. Great starter book for young children aged 3+. An A4 80 page book for any avid fan of pokemon

Pokemon Coloring Book

Author: Jerry Thomas Mouse
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 154824872X
Release Date: 2017-06-20

Coloring book based on popular Japanese Pokemon anime. Great coloring pages for boys and girls. Good activity book for kids.

Pokemon Children s Coloring Book

Author: Star Books
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1541130324
Release Date: 2016-12-16

In this Pokemon Coloring Book you will find captured creatures from Pokemon Go for you to color. Pok�mon Children's Coloring Book features the most interesting catchable creatures. Capture all the unique and strong catchable creatures with your colored pencils or pens. You will enjoy coloring all the strong catchable creatures from Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Coloring Book

Author: Helen Aktanova
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1540556697
Release Date: 2016-11-22

My dear friend! This is the first book in "Pokemon Coloring Book" series. Here you will find 53 drawings. Every cartoon hero is hidden in "mandalas". Your goal is to color everything and to understand where pokemon and where mandala is. You will meet other heroes in the next books!

Legendary Pokemon Go Coloring Book

Author: Jerry Mouse
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 197403996X
Release Date: 2017-07-29

Coloring book for boys and girls on Pokemon characters. Good activity book for entertaining kids.

Pokemon Go Gotta Catch Em All Children s Coloring Book

Author: M Carney
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1974042901
Release Date: 2017-07-29

Coloring Books are just one of the very important tools to prepare your child in the early years. As well as being a favourite pastime for Kid's, it can improve the way your child holds a pencil, which leads to better handwriting. Along with all the other advantages including, Motor Skills, Stimulation, Creativity, Color Awareness, Recognition, Focus, Therapy, as well as Accomplishment, we have designed our Book's to make it Fun for your Child. Would make a fantastic Christmas present or gift.

Awesome Pokemon Math Coloring Book

Author: Gameplay Publishing
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1977882331
Release Date: 2017-10

This fun book features 25 iconic Pokemon, such as Pikachu, Charmander, Jigglypuff, Blastoise, Cyndaquil, Bulbasaur, Chikorita, and many more! The book encourages kids to practice math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a fun and engaging way. Every page has a table divided into squares, and each square has a mathematical problem. To reveal the hidden pictures of Pokemon, solve the problems and color the squares according to the color key. The book is based on the math curriculum covered in Grades 1 to 4, with Level 1 corresponding to Grade 1 and so on. Level 1: Add and subtract numbers within 20 Level 2: Add and subtract numbers within 100 Level 3: Multiply and divide within 100 Level 4: Multiply and divide by 2-digit numbers Skip to the pages that suit your child's needs or start at the beginning and advance page by page - it's up to you! Each bright and colorful picture can be cut out and proudly displayed. This coloring book is an ideal learning aid that youngsters will love using at home or in the classroom. It is sure to engage little ones for hours! The book is also suitable for adults who want to improve their mental math ability! Try not to use a calculator to solve the problems. By the end of the book you should be a superstar at solving math problems in your head very quickly. Not an official Nintendo product. Not approved by or associated with Nintendo.

How to Draw Pok mon

Author: Tracey West
Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN: 0439434408
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Gotta Draw 'em All! Learn to draw one of the top all-time favorite cartoon characters--Pikachu-- and other popular Pokemon! Grab your pencil. Pick up some paper. And get ready to tdraw the coolest, most action-packed Pokemon art ever. Catch step-by-step secret tips on drawing your favorite Pokemon, like Pikachu, Togepi, Chikorita, Meowth, Pichu, Houndour, Lugia, Cyndaquil, and more! Plus, draw bonus poses of Pokemon in action, and create your own battle scenes! You'll be a Pokmon drawing-Master in no time!

Creative Colouring 2

Author: Pokémon
Publisher: Orchard Books
ISBN: 1408354764
Release Date: 2018-07-10

Gotta colour 'em all! Packed with Pok�mon for you to catch, colour and learn to draw in this beautiful book. Get creative and dive into the world of Pok�mon! This fantastic book will teach you how to draw favourite Pok�mon from every region, including Pikachu, Squirtle, Litten, Rowlet and more! With space to test your new drawing skills, you can perfect your technique before adding Pok�mon to scenes throughout and finishing them off with some colour. The ultimate gift for any Pok�mon fan!

Fun with Pokemon

Author: Simcha Whitehill
Publisher: Running Press
ISBN: 0762462949
Release Date: 2017-08-01
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

This is the ultimate officially-licensed Pokémon activity book with mazes, word searches, four 18" x 24" posters to color, and more--a must-have for Pokémon Trainers of all ages! Pokémon fans won't be able to resist this unique format, jam-packed with fun! With four 18" x 24" fold-out posters that feature all of your favorite Pokémon from the Alola region, you can color for hours, and then have fun doing dozens of different activities such as mazes, word searches, decoding messages, and more! Match the Pokémon to its habitat, help the Pokémon get to its food, and even test your memory with your favorite Pokémon memory game. This ultimate official Pokémon activity book is a must-have for anyone who loves Pokémon!

Suee and the Shadow

Author: Ginger Ly
Publisher: Abrams
ISBN: 9781683351634
Release Date: 2017-09-19
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Meet Suee: Twelve years old, wears her hair to the left in a point, favors a black dress, has no friends—and she likes it that way! When Suee transfers to the dull and ordinary Outskirts Elementary, she doesn’t expect to hear a strange voice speaking to her from the darkness of the school’s exhibit room, and she certainly doesn’t expect to see her shadow come to life. Then things start to get really weird: One by one, her classmates at school turn into zombie-like, hollow-eyed Zeroes. While Suee investigates why this is happening, her shadow gains power. Soon, Suee must confront a stunning secret that her shadow has been hiding under her own two feet—something very dark and sinister that could put Suee and her newfound friends at risk!

Assassin s Creed The Official Coloring Book

Author: Insight Editions
Publisher: Insight Editions
ISBN: 1608878635
Release Date: 2016-10-25
Genre: Art

Based on Ubisoft’s highly popular Assassin’s Creed franchise, this deluxe coloring book features line art and design of the iconic locations and scenes from the games as well as all the central protagonists from the series. Packed with intricate illustrations from the Assassin’s Creed games, this ornate coloring book gives fans the opportunity to color their way through over eighty pages of Assassins and Templars. Featuring iconic scenes of Ezio soaring over Venice in Leonardo da Vinci's flying machine, Connor in the battles of the Revolutionary War, and Altaïr performing a Leap of Faith off a castle wall, this coloring book offers patterns, images, and iconography from throughout history to fill with color.