Beginner s Georgian

Author: Dodona Kiziria
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
ISBN: 0781812305
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Book & 2 CDs. Business people and travellers seeking easy access to the Georgian language will it in this book, which includes and introduction to Georgia, 13 practical lessons centred on everyday situations, review exercises, glossaries, and two audio CDs with correct pronunciation by native speakers.

Book2 English French for Beginners

Author: Johannes Schumann
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1440433054
Release Date: 2008-10
Genre: Foreign Language Study

book2is available in many languagesis ideal for beginnershas 100 short and easy chapterscorresponds to the European levels A1 and A2requires no prior knowledge of grammarcovers the basic vocabularyuses simple structures to help you learn a languagehelps you to speak complete sentences immediatelyapplies the latest memory researchAll downloads can be accessed at audio files are available free of charge at for learners: Do only one new chapter per day!Regularly repeat chapters you have already learned.


Author: Howard Isaac Aronson
Publisher: Slavica Pub
ISBN: UOM:39015018949910
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Beginner s Swedish

Author: Scott A. Mellor
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
ISBN: 0781811570
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Foreign Language Study

This introduction to the native language of Sweden features 10 lessons which are ideal for both classroom use and self-study. Each chapter includes dialogues, basic vocabulary and easy-to-follow discussions of grammar. The book also comes with exercises, cultural information and a brief comparison of Swedish and English. The two 80-minute audio CDs feature dialogue, vocabulary and sections spoken by native speakers.

Elementary Georgian

Author: Ani Mdivani-Morrow
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1517623162
Release Date: 2015-11-08

Self Study book for Elementary Georgian language including the alphabet. Learn to build your vocabulary of spoken thoughts as you progress through the lessons. Audio files of the lessons are available on

Learn to Read Georgian in 5 Days

Author: Irakli Aleksidze
ISBN: 0995930570
Release Date: 2017-03-23
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Learn to Read Georgianin 5 Days teaches each letter of the Georgian alphabet in a systematic way while providing enough practice to ensure the student learns the entire alphabet in only 5 days or less.

Listen Here Intermediate Listening Activities

Author: Clare West
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521140348
Release Date: 2010-04-08
Genre: Education

For lower-intermediate to intermediate students who wish to improve their listening skills in English. Suitable for classroom use, or for self study. Includes 28 units covering a wide range of topics and situations and tasks for active listening, to build skills and confidence.

Beginner s Armenian

Author: Hagop Andonian
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
ISBN: 0781807239
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Armenian language

This book provides a guide to Armenian alphabet and pronunciation with 15 chapters explaining essentials of the modern Western Armenian Grammar, together with exercise exemplifying the rules.

Edge of Empires

Author: Donald Rayfield
Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN: 9781780230702
Release Date: 2013-02-15
Genre: History

Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, Georgia is a country of rainforests and swamps, snow and glaciers, and semi-arid plains. It has ski resorts and mineral springs, monuments and an oil pipeline. It also has one of the longest and most turbulent histories in the Christian or Near Eastern world, but no comprehensive, up-to-date account has been written about this little-known country—until now. Remedying this omission, Donald Rayfield accesses a mass of new material from recently opened archives to tell Georgia’s absorbing story. Beginning with the first intimations of the existence of Georgians in ancient Anatolia and ending with today’s volatile President Saakashvili, Rayfield deals with the country’s internal politics and swings between disintegration and unity, and divulges Georgia’s complex struggles with the empires that have tried to control, fragment, or even destroy it. He describes the country’s conflicts with Xenophon’s Greeks, Arabs, invading Turks, the Crusades, Genghis Khan, the Persian Empire, the Russian Empire, and Soviet totalitarianism. A wide-ranging examination of this small but colorful country, its dramatic state-building, and its tragic political mistakes, Edge of Empires draws our eyes to this often overlooked nation.

Georgian A Learner s Grammar

Author: George Hewitt
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781134786077
Release Date: 2013-08-21
Genre: Foreign Language Study

This is the first learner's grammar of this fascinating language to appear for many years. The Grammar presents the language in the form of dialogues and reading passages. Full attention is given to the script reproduction and recognition, pronunciation, lexis and individual points of grammar. There is a range of exercise work. The reference section provides an exercise answer key, Georgian-English glossary and an index of grammatical terms.

Beginner s Iraqi Arabic with 2 Audio Cds

Author: Nawal Nasrallah
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
ISBN: 0781810981
Release Date: 2005-11-01
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Book & 2 CDs. This introduction to the spoken language of Iraq is suitable for classroom use and self-study. It is designed both for people with no previous knowledge of the Arabic language and those who know some Arabic and wish to learn the Iraqi dialect. The foundation of the book is a series of realistic dialogues that increase in complexity with each lesson. The language is based on the Baghdadi dialect, which is understood by a majority of Iraqis. All Arabic words are transliterated into roman script for easy understanding. New vocabulary is explained prior to each dialogue, while additional vocabulary related to the topic is also provided. The grammar, expressions, and cultural material found in the dialogues are fully explained in their proper context. The grammar is also presented in a logical, step-by-step manner for easy mastery. Each unit is supplemented with exercises that test and reinforce the student's knowledge, with an answer key provided at the end of the book. The two-way glossary contains more than 5,000 entries, enabling the book to double as a dictionary for travellers to Iraq. An audio CD feature accompanies the lessons.

Georgian Language 124 Georgian Verbs

Author: David Apakidze
ISBN: 1533528721
Release Date: 2016-05-30

This is a guidebook written for beginning to advanced Georgian language learners. It will help you learn some of the most commonly used verbs in the Georgian language. It is the most comprehensive resource available for learning and mastering Georgian verbs. The verbs are arranged in tabular format in alphabetical order, which will make navigating through the program easier. Each verb is fully conjugated and presented in all forms. The book features sample sentences to demonstrate verb usage in context, as well as a grammar review. This indispensable guide will help you conjugate verbs with ease, enabling you to communicate in Georgian with confidence.

Colloquial Persian

Author: Abdi Rafiee
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317306467
Release Date: 2015-08-14
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Colloquial Persian is easy to use and completely up-to-date! Specially written by an experienced teacher for self-study or class use, the course offers you a step-by-step approach to written and spoken Persian. No prior knowledge of the language is required. What makes this new edition of Colloquial Persian your best choice in personal language learning? Interactive – lots of exercises for regular practice. Clear – concise grammar notes. Practical – useful vocabulary and pronunciation guide. Complete – including answer key and reference section. Whether you’re a business traveller, or about to take up a daring challenge in adventure tourism; you may be studying to teach or even looking forward to a holiday – if you’d like to get up and running with Persian, this rewarding course will take you from complete beginner to confidently putting your language skills to use in a wide range of everyday situations. Audio material to accompany the course is available to download free in MP3 format from Recorded by native speakers, the audio material features the dialogues and texts from the book and will help develop your listening and pronunciation skills.

Beginner s Yoruba

Author: Kayode J. Fakinlede
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
ISBN: 0781810698
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Foreign Language Study

"Beginner's Yoruba" is now available with two accompanying audio CDs. It provides an introduction to the Yoruba language, which is spoken by over 30 million people in south-western Nigeria, parts of the Benin Republic, and Togo, as well as in the diaspora populations of Brazil, Cuba, and Haiti. The 15 lessons are designed for both classroom use and self-study. Practice dialogues, combined with grammatical explanations, aid the student in understanding the basics of the language. Each lesson also contains a vocabulary section that highlights the important aspects of its featured topic. The audio CDs, which complement the lessons, help the student easily master the language's unique tones and vowel sounds, often considered the most difficult aspect of the language to learn. Quizzes and practice exercises are integrated into the lessons to help reinforce the material. The book also includes information on various aspects of Yoruba culture, including religion, songs, and folklore.