Beginner s Icelandic

Author: Helga Hilmisdóttir
ISBN: 0781811910
Release Date: 2009-01-01
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Book & 2 CDs. A small volcanic island just south of he Arctic Circle, lceland is a place of fierce natural beauty and warmly hospitable people. Glaciers and fjords punctuate the coastline while geysers, waterfalls and hot springs dot the interior, harnessed by Icelanders to provide geothermal and hydropower energy. The island itself is composed primarily of basalt, or cooled lava. Icelandic retains ancient characteristics that today have been lost by most Western European languages. A North Germanic language related to Faroese, it is grammatically comparable to Latin or Ancient Greek, but is most closely linked to Old Norse. Written Icelandic has changed very little since the 13th century. Icelanders take the preservation of their language very seriously, and are immensely proud of the fact that the 800-year old sagas can still be read today. "Beginner's Icelandic" contains 14 lessons structured to help the student traveller gain ease and familiarity with this noble language. The dialogues follow a variety of practical situations such as shopping, transportation, discussing the weather, eating in restaurants, and renting a car or a room, while building on the grammar, vocabulary and phrases learned in previous exercises. The audio CDs follow the dialogues on the page, so that the student benefits from seeing the script while simultaneously hearing the pronunciation. A glossary of words and colloquialisms rounds out this remarkable introduction to a unique language.

Quantum Information and Consciousness

Author: Danko D. Georgiev
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781351401777
Release Date: 2017-12-06
Genre: Science

"I loved the book! This book is not just interesting, it is exciting. I have probably read every significant book in the field, and this is the strongest and most convincing one yet. It is also one of the most comprehensive in its explanations. I shall most certainly recommend the book to colleagues." –Richard G. Petty, MD "a very good introduction to the basic theory of quantum systems.... Dr. Georgiev’s book aptly prepares the reader to confront whatever might be in store later." –from the Foreword by Prof. James F. Glazebrook, Eastern Illinois University This book addresses the fascinating cross-disciplinary field of quantum information theory applied to the study of brain function. It offers a self-study guide to probe the problems of consciousness, including a concise but rigorous introduction to classical and quantum information theory, theoretical neuroscience, and philosophy of the mind. It aims to address long-standing problems related to consciousness within the framework of modern theoretical physics in a comprehensible manner that elucidates the nature of the mind-body relationship. The reader also gains an overview of methods for constructing and testing quantum informational theories of consciousness.

Beginner s Swedish

Author: Scott A. Mellor
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
ISBN: 0781811570
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Foreign Language Study

This introduction to the native language of Sweden features 10 lessons which are ideal for both classroom use and self-study. Each chapter includes dialogues, basic vocabulary and easy-to-follow discussions of grammar. The book also comes with exercises, cultural information and a brief comparison of Swedish and English. The two 80-minute audio CDs feature dialogue, vocabulary and sections spoken by native speakers.

Beginner s Basque

Author: Wim Jansen
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
ISBN: 0781812275
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Book and 2 audio CDs. Basque is the language spoken by the Basque people who live in the Pyrenees in North Central Spain and the adjoining region of south west France. It is also spoken by many immigrant communities around the world including the US, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia. It is believed to be a language isolate which means it has no known linguistic relatives.

Beginner s Hungarian

Author: Katalin Boros
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
ISBN: 0781811929
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Book & 2 CDs. Hungarian, also known as Magyar, is a Uralic language unrelated to the other, primarily Indo-European, languages of central Europe. It has therefore always been of great interest to linguists, who trace the beginning of the Hungarian language to 1000 BC. Today it is spoken by about 9 million natives of Hungary, as well as by 4 million Hungarian speakers in 7 neighbouring countries, Canada and the US "Beginner's Hungarian" provides an introduction to conversational Hungarian for students, travellers and business people. It contains 10 clear language lessons centred around common situations, such as going through customs, checking into a hotel, dining out, accepting invitations and using local transportation. Each lesson includes dialogues, grammar points, vocabulary lists and exercises, with an emphasis on solid fundamental knowledge. The audio CDs accompanying the lessons provide correct pronunciation in easy-to-follow dialogues, with pauses for repetition by the student. The book also contains information on the culture, geography, history, politics and arts of Hungary, advice on everyday life, such as tips on doing business in Hungary, grocery shopping, getting a taxi, buying food anti navigating restaurant menus, and a glossary of words and useful phrases.

Das Ist Deutsch A Photocopiable German Scheme for Primary Schools

Author: Kathy Williams
Publisher: Brilliant Publications
ISBN: 9780857471529
Release Date: 2008-06-30

Das ist Deutsch! contains everything you need to start teaching German to primary pupils, even if your own knowledge of the language is rather rusty. The book contains lesson plans, giving learning objectives, resources needed, activities, extensions and key words. The accompanying photocopiable pupil sheets provide practice and reinforcement. The scheme is flexible, so you can progress at whatever speed you like. It can be used during school hours, or for German clubs. There are 18 units in total, each teaching a grammar point and introducing related vocabulary. Clear links are made to other curriculum areas, in particular literacy, numeracy and information technology.

Icelandic English English Icelandic Practical Dictionary

Author: Helga Hilmisdottir
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
ISBN: 0781813514
Release Date: 2016-11-20
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Icelandic is a North-Germanic language related to Norwegian, Danish and Swedish. The language can be traced back to Old Norse brought by settlers from Norway in the 9th and 10th centuries. Ideal for businesspeople, travelers, and students, this dictionary features over 18,000 word-to-word entries, including common words as well as technical, legal, business and locally-specific terms (local cities, foods, and cultural terms). Also included are guides to the Icelandic alphabet and pronunciation, as well as a usage guide which outlines the parts of speech.

Beginner s Ladino

Author: Alla Markova
ISBN: 0781812259
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Foreign Language Study

This title contains a book and 2 audio CDs. Ladino, also known as Judeo-Spanish, is the language of the Sephardic Jews. During the middle ages, the Jews who lived in the Iberian Peninsula spoke and wrote in the Romance languages of the host culture. They developed a unified dialect that was distinct from Castilian Spanish. After the expulsion of the Jews in 1492, this language became part of the 'Iberian Heritage' of the Sephardim throughout the world. Today, although the language is in danger of extinction, it is experiencing a revival.

Der Schwan

Author: Gudbergur Bergsson
Publisher: Lindhardt og Ringhof
ISBN: 9788711468289
Release Date: 2017-06-19

In seinem Roman erzählt der isländische Autor die Geschichte einer Neunjährigen, die zum ersten Mal das Elternhaus an der Küste Islands verlässt. Als Strafe für einen Ladendiebstahl muss sie den Sommer auf einem Bauernhof im Landesinneren verbringen. Der Autor nennt weder den Namen der Heldin noch die Namen der übrigen Figuren: Das kleine Mädchen, so heisst es, muss Bauer und Bäuerin dienen, Leuten, die nur bedingt umgänglich sind. Immerhin ersparen sie der Sünderin Entrüstung und moralische Tiraden, da sie mit ihren eigenen Sorgen beschäftigt sind. Der Knecht, mit dem die Kleine die Unterkunft teilen muss, verkündet düstere Weisheiten und verwirrt dem Mädchen den Kopf. Dennoch hängt es an dem Sonderling, weil dessen Gesellschaft die Last der Einsamkeit zu mindern scheint. –Eine überaus phantasievolle und poetische Erzählung, berichtet aus der Perspektive eines aus seiner Unschuld erwachenden Kindes. Gudbergur Bergsson wurde 1932 in Island geboren und zählt zu einem der beliebtesten Erzähler seines Heimatlandes. Er lebt als Schriftsteller und Übersetzer in Reykjavik und Madrid und wurde für seine Bücher bereits mehrmals ausgezeichnet.

Der Junge den es nicht gab

Author: Sjón
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 9783104031736
Release Date: 2015-04-23
Genre: Fiction

BJÖRK »Niemand verbindet Herz und Verstand poetischer als SJÓN.« Island 1918: Die Spanische Grippe versehrt das Land, Vulkan Katla verdunkelt den Himmel und Island erhält endlich seine Unabhängigkeit. Zeiten des Aufruhrs und Aufbruchs. Mittendrin Máni Steinn: ohne Eltern, ohne Arbeit und zu allem Übel kann er weder lesen noch schreiben. Schlechte Voraussetzungen für einen jungen Mann in dieser Zeit. Aber Máni liebt das Kino und findet Rettung bei den Stummfilmen – und bei der schönen Sóla. Auf ihrem Motorrad entführt sie ihn aus der Dunkelheit und zeigt ihm, dass sich der Kampf lohnt, wenn man sich treu bleibt. In einer lyrischen, bildgewaltigen Sprache verwebt Sjón Historisches mit Phantastischem. Auch sein neuer Roman ist Weltliteratur.

The Oxford Duden German Dictionary

Author: Clark Thyen
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0198602480
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Foreign Language Study

This new edition provides an up-to-date and complete picture of contemporary German, including spelling changes ratified in 1996. Featured are more than 260,000 words, sample sentences, and maps. Thumb-indexed.

Finnische Grammatik

Author: Fred Karlsson
Publisher: Helmut Buske Verlag
ISBN: 3875483812
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Finnisch - Grammatik

Als Lehr- und Nachschlagewerk konzipiert, richtet sich diese Grammatik in erster Linie an Lernende, die bereits einfache finnische Texte lesen konnen. Weitere Vorkenntnisse sind nicht erforderlich. In 22 Kapiteln werden die wichtigsten Formen und Strukturen der geschriebenen Sprache vermittelt. Zahlreiche Beispiele veranschaulichen die Regelmaigkeit der finnischen Grammatik. Finnland ist offiziell ein zweisprachiges Land, dessen Nationalsprachen Finnisch und Schwedisch sind. Von den ca. 4,7 Millionen Einwohnern sprechen jedoch etwa 93% Finnisch als Muttersprache. Zudem gibt es aufgrund starker Emigrationsbewegungen vor allem in Nordamerika und Schweden finnischsprachige Minderheiten.

Schicksal Zeit und Sprache

Author: David Foster Wallace
Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag
ISBN: 9783518789506
Release Date: 2012-11-12
Genre: Philosophy

Können wir die Zukunft durch unser Handeln beeinflussen? Oder ist sie von Gott, vom Schicksal oder von Naturgesetzen vorherbestimmt? Diese Frage beschäftigt Philosophen seit der Antike. 1985 nahm sich ein Student vor, sie ein für allemal zu lösen – David Foster Wallace. Er jongliert souverän mit modallogischen Formeln und Diagrammen und führt exzentrische Beispiele ins Feld, die direkt seinen Erzählungen entsprungen sein könnten: Terroristen, Stabhochspringer, Tennisspieler ohne Schläger. Neben dem posthum erschienenen Aufsatz enthält der Band eine biografische Skizze über Foster Wallace’ Studentenzeit und eine kurze Einführung in die Modallogik.