Between States

Author: Holly Case
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804787550
Release Date: 2009-05-05
Genre: History

Winner of the 2010 George Louis Beer Prize of the American Historical Association. The struggle between Hungary and Romania for control of Transylvania seems at first sight a side-show in the story of the Nazi New Order and the Second World War. These allies of the Third Reich spent much of the war arguing bitterly over Transylvania's future, and Germany and Italy were drawn into their dispute to prevent it from spiraling into a regional war. But precisely as a result of this interaction, the story of the Transylvanian Question offers a new way into the history of how state leaders and national elites have interpreted what "Europe" means. Tucked into the folds of the Transylvanian Question's bizarre genealogy is a secret that no one ever tried to keep, but that has remained a secret nonetheless: small states matter. The perspective of small states puts the struggle for mastery among its Great Powers into a new perspective.

The End of the Free Market

Author: Ian Bremmer
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101429457
Release Date: 2010-05-13
Genre: Business & Economics

Understanding the rise of state capitalism and its threat to global free markets The End of the Free Market details the growing phenomenon of state capitalism, a system in which governments drive local economies through ownership of market-dominant companies and large pools of excess capital, using them for political gain. This trend threatens America's competitive edge and the conduct of free markets everywhere. An expert on the intersection of economics and politics, Ian Bremmer has followed the rise of state-owned firms in China, Russia, the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, Iran, Venezuela, and elsewhere. He demonstrates the growing challenge that state capitalism will pose for the entire global economy. Among the questions addressed: Are we on the brink of a new kind of Cold War, one that pits competing economic systems in a battle for dominance? Can free market countries compete with state capitalist powerhouses over relations with countries that have elements of both systems-like India, Brazil, and Mexico? Does state capitalism have staying power? This guide to the next big global economic trend includes useful insights for investors, business leaders, policymakers, and anyone who wants to understand important emerging changes in international politics and the global economy.

Between States

Author: Yossi Shain
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521484987
Release Date: 1995-05-26
Genre: Philosophy

Between States is a two-part study compiled in one book. It is the first book to assess systematically the broad implications of interim governments in the establishment of democratic regimes and on the existence of states. Drawing on historical and contemporary democratization experiences, Shain and Linz, the principal authors, explore four ideal types of interim government: opposition-led provisional governments, power-sharing interim governments, incumbent-led caretaker governments, and international interim government by the United Nations. In the second part of this book, other contributors evaluate the subject further in extensive case studies.

Between Samaritans and States

Author: Jennifer Rubenstein
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780199684106
Release Date: 2015
Genre: Political Science

Examining the difficult ethical quandaries faced by humanitarian non-governmental organizations (INGOs), this book explains why INGOs occupy a middle ground between the individual good Samaritan and full-fledged conventional governments.

Between the States

Author: V. N. Phillips
Publisher: The Overmountain Press
ISBN: 1570720681
Release Date: 1997-01-01
Genre: History

History of the "twin cities"of Bristol during the Civil War period, including an account of slavery in Bristol. The towns of Bristol are located on the border between the states of Virginia and Tennessee.

How Money Walks How 2 Trillion Moved Between the States and Why It Matters

Publisher: How Money Walks
ISBN: 9780988740112
Release Date:

Between 1995 and 2010, millions of Americans moved between the states, taking with them over $2 trillion in adjusted gross incomes. Two trillion dollars is equivalent to the GDP of California, the ninth largest in the world. It’s a lot of money. Some states, like Florida, saw tremendous gains ($86.4 billion), while others, like New York, experienced massive losses ($58.6 billion). People moved, and they took their working wealth with them. The question is, why? Why did Americans move so much of their income from state to state? Which states benefitted and which states suffered? And why does it matter? Using official statistics from the IRS, How Money Walks explores the hows, whys, and impact of this massive movement of American working wealth. Consider these facts. Between 1995 and 2010: The nine states with no personal income taxes gained $146.2 billion in working wealth The nine states with the highest personal income tax rates lost $107.4 billion The 10 states with the lowest per capita state-local tax burdens gained $69.9 billion The 10 states with the highest per capita state-local tax burdens lost $139 billion Money—and people—moved from high-tax states to low-tax ones. And the tax that seemed to matter the most? The personal income tax. The states with no income taxes gained the greatest wealth, while the states with the highest income taxes lost the most. Why does this matter? Because the robust presence of working wealth is the leading indicator of economic health. The states that gained working wealth are growing and thriving. The states that lost working wealth lost their most precious cargo—their tax base—and the consequences are dire: stagnation, deterioration, an economic death spiral as they continue to raise taxes and lose people, businesses, and working wealth. The numbers don't lie. ___________________ “When I read How Money Walks, I thought, ‘It’s about time.’ Finally, we have a book that addresses one of our nation’s most critical (yet rarely discussed) fiscal issues: the migration of working wealth as a direct result of personal income tax rates. Brown’s book paints a clear portrait of where money goes and why. How Money Walks should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand why some states struggle to retain people and businesses while others welcome billions of new dollars each year.” Dr. Arthur Laffer Founder and chairman, Laffer Associates and Laffer Investments Former economic advisor to President Ronald Reagan

Themes of the American Civil War

Author: Susan-Mary Grant
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781135276591
Release Date: 2009-09-10
Genre: History

Themes of the American Civil War offers a timely and useful guide to this vast topic for a new generation of students. The volume provides a broad-ranging assessment of the causes, complexities, and consequences of America’s most destructive conflict to date. The essays, written by top scholars in the field, and reworked for this new edition, explore how, and in what ways, differing interpretations of the war have arisen, and explains clearly why the American Civil War remains a subject of enduring interest. It includes chapters covering four broad areas, including The Political Front, The Military Front, The Race Front, and The Ideological Front. Additions to the second edition include a new introduction – added to the current introduction by James McPherson – a chapter on gender, as well as information on the remembrance of the war (historical memory). The addition of several maps, a timeline, and an appendix listing further reading, battlefield statistics, and battle/regiment/general names focuses the book squarely at undergraduates in both the US and abroad.

Between Two Worlds

Author: David Gregory Gutiérrez
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0842024743
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Social Science

This work explores the controversial issues surrounding the influx of Mexicans to America. Drawing on insights provoked by recent trends in immigration research, these 11 essays offer an overview of some of the more important interpretations of the dimensions of the Mexican diaspora.

Annie Between the States

Author: L. M. Elliott
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780061890956
Release Date: 2009-03-31
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Annie's home and heart are divided by the Civil War. Annie Sinclair's Virginia home is in the battle path of the Civil War. Her brothers, Laurence and Jamie, fight to defend the South, while Annie and her mother tend to wounded soldiers. When she develops a romantic connection with a Union Army lieutenant, Annie's view of the war broadens. Then an accusation calls her loyalty into question. A nation and a heart divided force Annie to choose her own course.


Author: Adam Watson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781134963805
Release Date: 2013-03-01
Genre: Political Science

In the first major assessment of diplomatic dialogue since Nicolson's Diplomacy in 1939, Adam Watson traces the changing techniques of diplomacy from ancient times through the 'diplomatic society' of Europe to the present global system. In examining the conventions and institutions which help to shape the international system the author aims not so much to preserve diplomatic order which worked well in the past but rather to identify the continuities and the new conditions which will enable the dialogue to function in the future. He pays special attention to the extension of the dialogue into new fields and to the impact of the newly independent states of the third world. This leads him to argue strongly that the world's growing interdependence has increased rather than lessened the scope of diplomacy in the nuclear age.

Nation to Nation

Author: Suzan Shown Harjo
Publisher: Smithsonian Institution
ISBN: 9781588344793
Release Date: 2014-09-30
Genre: Social Science

Nation to Nation: Treaties Between the United States and American Indians explores the promises, diplomacy, and betrayals involved in treaties and treaty making between the United States government and Native Nations. One side sought to own the riches of North America and the other struggled to hold on to traditional homelands and ways of life. The book reveals how the ideas of honor, fair dealings, good faith, rule of law, and peaceful relations between nations have been tested and challenged in historical and modern times. The book consistently demonstrates how and why centuries-old treaties remain living, relevant documents for both Natives and non-Natives in the 21st century.

Law and Religion in the 21st Century

Author: Dr Rinaldo Cristofori
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9781409497332
Release Date: 2013-02-28
Genre: Religion

This book brings together leading international scholars of law and religion to provide an overview of current issues in State-religion relations. The first part of the collection offers a picture of recent developments in key countries and regions. The second part is focused on Europe and, in particular, on the Nordic States and the post-communist countries where State-religion systems have undergone most profound change. The third and final part is devoted to four issues that are currently debated all over the world: the relations between freedom of expression and freedom of religion; proselytism and the right to change religion; the religious symbols; and the legal status of Islam in Europe and Canada. The work will be a valuable resource for academics, students and policy-makers with an interest in the interaction between law and religion.

Judicial Settlement of Controversies Between States of the American Union

Author: James Brown Scott
Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
ISBN: 9781584771722
Release Date: 1919
Genre: History

Scott, James Brown. Judicial Settlement of Controversies between States of the American Union: An Analysis of Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of the United States. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1919. xiii, 548 pp. Reprinted 2002 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. LCCN 00-066333. ISBN 1-58477-172-0. Cloth. $120. * This volume offers the texts of eighty Supreme Court decisions written between 1799 and 1918 concerning controversies between states, along with extensive analyses and commentaries. These are preceded by three general chapters that examine the rise of judicial procedure between the states, the ability of states to be sued by citizens of other states, and attempts by citizens of states to bring action against other states by methods of indirection. As indicated by the final chapter, "A Lesson For the World at Large," the author has a larger goal in mind. Deeply influenced by the devastation of the First World War, Scott [1866-1943], a participant in the Versailles Conference, aimed to demonstrate that the American legal system that maintains peace between the individual states could serve as a model for the rest of the world.