Beyond the Mountain

Author: Elaine C. Mount
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 9781606475287
Release Date: 2008-08-01
Genre: Religion

Do you ever wonder why you are so afraid? What happened that made you afraid for many years? Did you feel scared or doubt God's love for you even though you tried so hard to please him? Have you suffered severe depression, panic attacks, low self esteem, feelings that made you feel unworthy? Have you been housebound; afraid to go out? Are you being controlled by scary thoughts of doom? Do you allow others to control you? Do you need other's approval to make you feel good about yourself? This book takes you on one woman's journey to search for answers to all these questions and more. But she soon discovered, while reaching out for help in overcoming panic attacks and depression that God was allowing her to be set free from those things that had her bound. Read how Elaine overcame victoriously, after many years of panic attacks and depression, but how she discovered something in her journey that she had been searching for all her life! Elaine Mount has always loved writing in her journals and writing poetry. She is retired from the Wilson County Schools where she held jobs as Bookkeeper, Secretary, and Registrar. She is a member of the Lebanon/Wilson County Chamber of Commerce where she is on the Ambassadors Committee. She is a member of Wilson One, an organization for enablement of working woman paid and non - paid to provide networking opportunities, as well as a volunteer at UMC Hospital. She was facilitator at Counseling Services of Tennessee in Domestic Violence, Issues in Honest, Anger Management and Parenting classes. Elaine has been married to her husband, Glen for 38 years and they have two grown married children and three grandchildren. She has been an active member at Hillcrest Baptist Church in Lebanon for many years. She has taught Sunday school for many years, to children and adults alike.

Beyond the Mountain

Author: Steve House
Publisher: Patagonia
ISBN: 9781938340055
Release Date: 2013-10-06
Genre: Sports & Recreation

What does it take to be one of the world's best high-altitude mountain climbers? A lot of fundraising; traveling in some of the world's most dangerous countries; enduring cold bivouacs, searing lungs, and a cloudy mind when you can least afford one. It means learning the hard lessons the mountains teach. Steve House built his reputation on ascents throughout the Alps, Canada, Alaska, the Karakoram and the Himalaya that have expanded possibilities of style, speed, and difficulty. In 2005 Steve and alpinist Vince Anderson pioneered a direct new route on the Rupal Face of 26,600-foot Nanga Parbat, which had never before been climbed in alpine style. It was the third ascent of the face and the achievement earned Steveand Vince the first Piolet d"or (Golden Ice Axe) awarded to North Americans. Steve is an accomplished and spellbinding storyteller in the tradition of Maurice Herzog and Lionel Terray. Beyond the Mountain is a gripping read destined to be a mountain classic. And it

Beyond the Mountain Road

Author: Francisco Quintero
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595513611
Release Date: 2009-03
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

In the memoir Beyond the Mountain Road the author shares his compelling life story beginning with his birth in a city nestled in the Colombian Andes and continuing with the fascinating details of his journey through a life built on hope, faith, dreams, ambition, and love. With a warm, narrative style, Francisco Quintero vividly describes the events that shaped his character and personality. He reminisces about his childhood and recounts the difficult years he suffered as a young student following the persecution and destruction of his family due to political reasons. As he advances chronologically through his life, Dr. Quintero offers insight into his adventures in medical school, his initial encounters with patients during his hospital training, his introduction to the love of his life, and the creation of his family. His anecdotes some humorous, some tragic include details of the family's eventual voyage to the United States, where they live the American dream. Beyond the Mountain Road is the remarkable true story of a family that was able to overcome obstacles and hardship through courage and determination. Above all, it is a captivating love story.

Beyond a Mountain Valley

Author: Paula Brown
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 082481701X
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Social Science

Beyond a Mountain Valley focuses on Simbu memories, performance, and conceptions over the last sixty years, particularly those relating to interactions with newcomers and other island peoples. Simbu speak of their awakening, their transitions, their heroes, and their future.

Beyond the Mountain

Author: Elizabeth Arthur
Publisher: New York : Harper & Row
ISBN: STANFORD:36105037531790
Release Date: 1983
Genre: Travel

Accomplished mountaineer Artemis Phillips joins a woman's expedition in Nepal following the death of her husband Nicholas in an avalanche, and the new expedition becomes for her a series of confrontations--with the people of Nepal, with nature, and with h

Beyond the Mountain

Author: Anita Vlismas Ph D
Publisher: Little Pink Press
ISBN: 1732949417
Release Date: 2019-01-14

Personal memoir of Anita Vlismas.

Stories to Play with

Author: Hiroko Fujita
Publisher: august house
ISBN: 0874835534
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Education

Collects over twenty-five stories for storytellers to tell to young children accompanied by origami, paper tearing, and puppetry techniques to capture the attention of the very young

In Search of the Lost

Author: Emily Jane; Jeffrey Eugene Elliott
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 9781481761062
Release Date: 2013-07-17
Genre: Poetry

Since the publication of the first volume of “In Search of the Lost”, Volume Two, still the poems in this work are a humble attempt to explore our human search for meaning and purpose. We hope you enjoy the poems in Volume Two. We believe both works should be explored together. Included in the Second Volume of “In Search of the Lost”, by Emily Jane Elliott and Jeffrey Eugene Elliott are four poems originally included in the First Volume of “In Search of the Lost”. The four poems from the first volume also included in this volume are, Streets of Fire, Gauisus Dia, Heaven Descends to Dwell, Amelia and Memories. Additionally, the poem, “Search” was added upon from the version found in Volume One. We hope that you enjoy Volume Two as much as readers indicated they enjoyed Volume One. This poetry is dedicated to Owen, Ryder, Matthew and Trace with great love and pride.

Beyond Mud and Vines

Author: Jacqueline Jorgensen
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462818951
Release Date: 2001-04-23
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

A violent storm dropped Sabina into her mother's bed, according to her sister Emilia, who knew everything just because she was the oldest child in the Montalvo family. As the only child (among eight siblings) with light skin, blond hair, and green eyes born to dark parents, Sabina was constantly told that she was weird and different. Her father insisted that the sun would darken her skin, if he kept her pulling weeds, planting crops, and helping him up on the roof. The sun blistered the top of her head, her nose, and shoulders, and the hot tin-roof burnt the bottom of her feet. Still, Sabina could not complain. If she did, her father, who wore a hat, long sleeves, and shoes, would rap her on the head with his knuckles. Only when a letter came from the school at the top of the mountain did Sabina's father allow her and her sister to attend school. He didn't want the school to send the authorities to investigate, and catch him making rum, which was illegal since the island had become a possession of the United States. Sabina, born with a great thirst for knowledge, excelled quickly. But the school closed for two years, and when it finally reopened, her parents didn't let her return for forth grade. Sabina became a full-time worker on the farm, and endured cruelty from her father, mother, and oldest sister. She trembled near a swollen creek, keeping the fire burning under her father's rum-making apparatus during a raging storm. Through the thick cloud of rain, she saw a family of seven attempt to cross the creek, and one by one get flushed away by the muddy water. She watched, and screamed, but even God couldn't hear her through the roaring thundering storm. Sabina would be punished if she left the apparatus unattended to run home for safety, so she endured. And the next day, she learned that her beloved godfather had also been flushed away by the same creek. Sabina raised a starving baby-goat, which became her beloved pet, until her father had it butchered. It devastated her to see it boiling in her mother's stew. With pain in her heart she vowed to run away from home. But before she could plan her escape, her drunken father held a machete to her throat, forcing her to count fifty-two eggs for the seventh time. She awakened on the slime of broken eggs, and heard her father beating the rest of his family. She jumped out the window, and ran. After hiding all night, she headed down to the river, which she hoped would lead her to a city on the west end of the island. She would make something of herself, and one day come back to rescue her younger sister and brother, the only ones who had never been mean to her.

Grass Beyond the Mountains

Author: Richmond Pearson Hobson
Publisher: Philadelphia : Lippincott
ISBN: UOM:39015027929887
Release Date: 1951
Genre: British Columbia

Experiences in setting up a cattle ranch in central British Columbia.

Crying Mountain Crazy Hurricane

Author: Lili Dauphin
Publisher: Lili dauphin
ISBN: 9780974832906
Release Date: 2007-06-01
Genre: Family & Relationships

Crying Mountain" depicts a young girls journey through a devastating hurricane, as captured in a diary kept when she was eight-years-old. Hers is a story of personal spirit, a childhood lived creatively and courageously, and the human will to persevere against overwhelming odds.