Her Billionaire Secret

Author: Elise Kelby
ISBN: 9781508057789
Release Date: 2017-02-09
Genre: Fiction

This is the complete Her Billionaire Secret collection, originally published as Her Billionaire Secret: Part 1, 2, 3, & 4 He doesn’t trust her to keep a secret. She doesn’t trust him at all Claire... All curvy, independent, Claire Bretton had to do was deliver a parcel to a client. It shouldn’t be difficult. Then why, when she walked into Tevis Drummond’s home did she have to stumble in on his secret? Now she has a whole world of trouble to deal with, including trying to stay out of his bed! Tevis ... Call it blackmail. Call it manipulation. London’s most eligible bachelor, billionaire Tevis Drummond, doesn’t care. He’s found a way to keep sexy Claire Bretton by his side and he isn’t about to play fair. She has four days to convince those around them they are passionately in love. He has ninety-six hours to prove to her it could be real.

Billionaires Secrets Box Set The Complete Series Books 1 3

Author: Jennifer Lewis
Publisher: Mangrove
ISBN: 9781939941404
Release Date: 2016-10-24
Genre: Family & Relationships

"I was so enthralled by this book that I read it in one sitting." "I love this author's writing. She creates characters that I care about and a romance that makes me sigh." Explore the Billionaires' Secrets series: A family scattered by pride and greed—brought back together by love. Book 1: Volatile Chemistry (Dominic and Bella) Book 2: Grapes of Wrath (Amado and Susannah) Book 3: A Taste of Heaven (Louis and Samantha) Volatile Chemistry The billionaire’s reluctant heir When retail magnate Dominic Di Bari comes to visit his long-lost-father’s firm, Hardcastle Enterprises, his intentions are not entirely honorable. He soon discovers he’s not the only hostile element in the glittering retail empire. Chemist Bella Soros is gathering evidence for a lawsuit against the company. A blackmail-driven seduction endangers both careers and hearts in this steamy summer romance. Grapes of Wrath Secrets, Lies and Family Ties… Fetching home a long-lost heir is not in Susannah Clarke’s job description, but she’ll do what it takes to get the job done—even bargain with a steamy night of passion. When Argentine wine-grower Amado Alvarez discovers the truth about his parentage, his world is shattered. He’s furious at the bewitching woman who brought such terrible news and decides to exact revenge of a very sensual kind—until he starts to realize he can’t imagine life without her. A Taste of Heaven From heartbreak to happiness Samantha Hardcastle is horrified when the sensual stranger she has a one-night fling with turns out to be her long-lost stepson. Restauranteur Louis DuLac prefers his relationships short and sweet but he’s floored by deep feelings for the beautiful and loving woman who won’t let him touch her again. The thrice-married “Merry Widow” has washed her hands of love—until she starts to realize that she’s never truly known it before. For more information or to join the new release newsletter visit www.jenlewis.com.

Bad Boy Billionaire

Author: Heather L. Powell
Publisher: Addictive Publishing
ISBN: 9791025742655
Release Date: 2018-03-23
Genre: Fiction

Meer, Sex und Liebe! Solveig verlässt Paris und flieht auf die Bahamas, um dort ein neues Leben zu beginnen. Sie ist fest dazu entschlossen, sich von jeglichen Schwierigkeiten fernzuhalten! Doch das war vor William Burton … Sexy, milliardenschwer, reizend … Da kann man einfach nicht widerstehen! Doch die Vergangenheit der beiden holt sie immer wieder ein … Zwischen Lügen, Verrat und Offenbarungen müssen Solveig und William stärker als je zuvor sein! Ganzer Roman.

The Billionaire s Witch The Complete Series

Author: Odette C. Bell
Publisher: Odette C. Bell
Release Date: 2018-04-16
Genre: Fiction

The Billionaire's Witch: The Complete Series contains all five action-packed urban fantasies. .... Lydia Gold hopes she’s normal. She’s not. Soon, she will be inherited by one of the most powerful billionaires in the country – Richard Hargrave. Richard has a secret – the same secret that flows through Lydia’s blood and that darkens the city streets of Fairchurch. Magic. He comes from a long line of practitioners, and he’s been charged since the day he was born with protecting the innocent. That duty comes at a cost – not to him. To Lydia. From the day she is inherited and thrust into this dark world of magic and power, he will use her, for he has no choice. But Lydia will fight. It’s in her bones, pulsing in her heart, rattling in her soul – the need to battle. And though at first she directs that force at Richard, soon enough she will be drawn too far into this world, and importantly, far too close to him.

A Billionaire s Charms The Complete Series

Author: Lisa Swann
Publisher: Addictive Publishing
ISBN: 9791025719978
Release Date:
Genre: Fiction

Caution: new, 100% addictive series! *** "No one is going to bother us. Just the two of us. You don’t know anything about me, Anna, but I realized I had to tell you who I am and what life I lead, if I ever wanted a chance of being part of yours." *** Just before leaving France to start a new life in New York, twenty-five-year-old Anna Claudel meets Dayton Reeves, a guitarist in a rock band. The attraction is primal, animal-like and magnetic… the two soon find themselves dragged into a spiral of intense feelings and emotions. When Anna realizes that she doesn't actually know much about Dayton, intrigued by his luxurious lifestyle, mysterious absences and unexplained silences, it's already too late… And what if Dayton isn't who he claims to be? Lose yourself in the new series by Lisa Swann, author of Rocked by a Billionaire, which has already captivated thousands of readers! This is a complete, uncensored version: no scenes have been cut. The complete series in a 12-episode pack now available (more than 750 pages of romance).

Lust Under the Billionaire s Control The Complete Series

Author: Megan Harold
Publisher: Addictive Publishing
ISBN: 9791025726013
Release Date: 2015-08-28
Genre: Fiction

500 pages of erotic romance … Will you let yourself be tempted? Adam Ritcher is young, handsome, and wealthy. He is a billionaire with the world at his feet. Eléa Haydensen, meanwhile, is young, pretty, and gifted. Paranoid about her curves, but unaware of her talent, Eléa never imagines that she might stand a chance with Adam. And yet… an insatiable desire throws these two young people together. Will their passionate relationship survive the traps set by those determined to come between the dashing Adam and the beautiful Eléa?

Billionaires Secret Dating Club Full Series

Author: J.F. Monari
Publisher: J.F. Monari
Release Date: 2016-01-24
Genre: Fiction

Two best girlfriends want to marry a billionaire, but so do a lot of other women! The competition is fierce in the members-only Website "The Billionaires Secret Dating Club". When the young, handsome billionaire with a heart Hank Steadman comes to town, the chase for him is on! (This is a clean romance series! No explicit sex scenes and very little naughty language. No violence!) This one volume edition contains the complete series: Parts 1, 2, and 3.

Der Milliard r mit dem gewissen Etwas Evan

Author: J. S. Scott
Publisher: Golden Unicorn Enterprises, Incorporated
ISBN: 1946660442
Release Date: 2017-10-13

Nach einer schwierigen Kindheit verbringt Evan Sinclair sein Leben gern in geordneten Bahnen. Nur sehr selten verhält er sich spontan ¿ bis er durch Zufall den Schriftwechsel mit einer mysteriösen Frau beginnt, die das genaue Gegenteil von ihm zu sein scheint. Sie fasziniert und amüsiert ihn, und das Interesse scheint auf Gegenseitigkeit zu beruhen ¿ das ist mehr, als er von seinem momentanen Schwarm Miranda Tyler behaupten kann, der kompromisslosen und attraktiven Lehrerin, die ihm deutlich gezeigt hat, dass sie weder beeindruckt noch an ihm interessiert ist.Miranda hat es endlich geschafft: Sie hat einen guten Job, Freunde und die Sicherheit, in dem malerischen Küstenstädtchen Amesport in Maine leben zu können. Sie hat sogar einen anonymen Brieffreund ¿ einen Mann, den sie zwar bisher noch nie getroffen hat, zu dem sie sich aber trotzdem hingezogen fühlt. Das Einzige, das ihr Leben durcheinanderbringt, ist Evan Sinclair. Der attraktive Milliardär ist arrogant, wichtigtuerisch und viel zu sehr daran gewöhnt, seinen Willen durchzusetzen. Miranda versucht ihr Bestes, ihm aus dem Weg zu gehen, bis Evans heißer Kuss ihre Welt auf den Kopf stellt.Schon bald qualmen bei ihrem glühend heißen Verlangen die Laken und beide verlieren die Kontrolle. Doch Geheimnisse werden gelüftet; wird ihre unstillbare Leidenschaft sie zusammenschweißen oder sie auseinandertreiben? In J.S. Scotts neuestem Roman hat der älteste Sohn der Sinclairs möglicherweise seinen Meister gefunden.Nur für Leser über achtzehn Jahren geeignet.

Billionaire Novelist Complete Series

Author: Mimi Strong
Release Date: 2018-06-02
Genre: Fiction

This alpha-male boxed set contains all four stories about bad boy author Smith Wittingham and his adventures with Tori, the spicy young redhead who comes to work as his typist. When Tori shows up at Smith's secluded cabin in Vermont for a typing contract, their sparks threaten to burn everything down. Book 1: Smith vows to keep his hands to himself, but Tori doesn't care for rules. Book 2: The wealthy novelist Smith Wittingham and his typist, Tori, push each other to their breaking points, but neither will submit to the other for more than one night. When Tori finds out one of Smith's schemes, she tries to run away, but he won't let her. Book 3: To avoid cabin fever, Smith and Tori leave Vermont, only to find themselves in a new type of fever in Montreal. Between the shopping, a rock concert, and an unexpected naked reunion with an old flame, Tori's world is unraveling. The final blow is Smith revealing his dark secret--the secret that torments him like a ghost. Book 4: Before Smith became the Bad Boy of Publishing, he was a different man. He was once a lovestruck teenager, and a smitten newlywed. That was before love, and a woman, destroyed him. Alone in Montreal, Smith must decide what Tori means to him, and how far he'll go to make amends. His other option is to continue on his path of self-destruction.

Billionaires Secret Dating Club Part 1

Author: J.F. Monari
Publisher: J.F. Monari
Release Date: 2015-11-20
Genre: Fiction

Two best friends, Dani and Mandy, want to meet a billionaire and marry him. But so do a lot of other women the world over. The members-only Website was made for women like them: the Billionaires Secret Dating Club. The Club should have made it easier for them but instead it's turned into a back-stabbing pit of jealously and slander. Will Dani and Mandy ever meet their billionaires with all this competition and sabotage going on? When the young, handsome, and single billionaire Hank Steadman comes to their small town, their lives are turned upside down and the heat is on! Part 1 of 3, all parts are out! Clean romance, no explicit scenes, not much bad language, no violence! Get the parts separately or in the collection. Search Terms: clean and wholesome, billionaires, billionaire romance stories, clean romance

Billionaire s Dilemma The Complete Series

Author: Roxie Odell
Publisher: Dark Shadow Publishing
Release Date: 2017-10-17
Genre: Fiction

I wanted her… bad. Did it matter she was my dad’s secretary? Special Limited Edition Deal: For the first time ever, get the complete Billionaire’s Dilemma Series in one convenient, kindle-melting bundle, all for one low price. Bad Boys Gone Good Series altogether! A Steamy Billionaire Romance Series The world’s wealthiest people don’t get rich by accident. Whether by smart investment, sharp business intuition, or a combination of talent, grit and circumstance, billionaires have done something right. Or they had a whole lot of luck—a crap-load of it. Tag is the son of a billionaire, who’s never had to work a day in his life. He has everything he’s ever wanted, that is, until one night during a party at his lake house when a chance encounter with a stunning beauty makes him realize that he wants more. There’s something about Melanie that he can’t get out of his mind, or his heart. When his controlling and manipulative father suffers a heart attack, Tag is suddenly thrown into the formerly distant world of his father’s business. Much to Tag’s surprise, the CEO chair fits him like a glove, and it’s even sweeter once he realizes his father’s assistant is none other than the mystery woman he spent the night with. Melanie doesn’t want anyone to know about them, and that’s the only way she’ll continue to see him. Will Tag be able to keep their love affair a secret? How will he handle things when it comes time for his father to return? Will he give up his father’s throne? AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a complete story in a full-length bundle, with a happy ever after ending. Recommended for 18+ readers, New Adult Readers and up. Search Terms: murder, billionaire romance, melody anne billionaire bachelors series, suspence, suspense, mystery, thriller, free kindle romance, romance billionaire series, contemporary romance and sex, billionaire obsession, new adult romance, romance love triangle, romance love, sweet love story, happily ever after, fake girlfriend, hired wife, sport romance, hot and steamy, sexy, BBW

The Stonecutters Billionaires the Complete Series

Author: Lexi Aurora
ISBN: 1981856994
Release Date: 2017-12-18

The Stonecutters Billionaires is a series of six standalone books that can be read in any order. They are connected because the male protaganists-a group of hot, alpha male billionaires, some badder than others-were at one time in a secret fraternity (The Stonecutters) together. All of the books are standalones, but are loosely connected--each main character shows up in another book before he gets his own story. Readers have fun reading the books and trying to guess who might be the main character of the next book.

The Billionaire s Seduction

Author: Carrie Cox
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1515271439
Release Date: 2015-07-28

The Billionaire's Seduction by Carrie Cox is an addictive new contemporary romance box set perfect for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey and fans of J.S. Scott. Lauren believes her dreams have come true when she is employed to oversee the renovation of gardens belonging to the elusive billionaire Alexander Harding. She gets more than she bargained for when she arrives at the beautiful Harding estate in Monaco and falls under the gorgeous billionaire's spell. But no one is perfect, not even this dazzling billionaire, and it isn't long before Lauren realizes that Alexander Harding has a secret. Will she unravel the secrets and breakthrough Alexander's cool exterior? Or will her snooping get her into a whole world of trouble she could never have imagined? This complete collection of The Billionaire's Seduction includes all three parts of the original series by Carrie Cox. (This romance contains steamy love scenes and lots of emotion.) Excerpt: He took a step closer to me, and the whole time his eyes never left my face. "What are you doing here, Lauren?" Oh, no. How did he know it was me? I tried to shrug, which wasn't easy as I still had one arm handcuffed to the chain dangling from the ceiling. I decided avoidance was my best tactic. "Maybe you could untie me before we chat." He gave me a devilish grin that made my stomach clench. "Maybe," he said. "Or then again ... maybe not." I felt a flush of heat rush through my veins. Holy crap. He was teasing me. For some reason, despite the craziness of this situation, I found that incredibly hot. He reached forward and grasped the edge of the gold mask covering my face. Gently he lifted it up. The air in the room felt cool on my exposed, burning cheeks. I bit down on my lower lip nervously as Alexander threw the mask on the floor. "How did you know it was me?" My voice sounded breathless. He gave me a long, intense look that made me hold my breath. "I would have known your body anywhere, Lauren." I couldn't reply. My head was spinning. "I imagine from the look on your face that you know exactly what this room is for." I tried to shrug again - when would I learn my lesson? Note to self - shrugging doesn't work when you are wearing handcuffs. The chain above me rattled, only drawing attention to my predicament. I looked around the room, trying to buy myself some time to think up an excuse for my presence in the club. This was not a situation I had ever had to deal with before. We were surrounded by sex toys, and I was attached to the ceiling by a pair of fluffy handcuffs on a chain. Yeah, this was definitely a first for me.