The Black Book of Secrets

Author: F. E. Higgins
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 9780330471534
Release Date: 2008-09-04
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

When Ludlow Fitch's parents cruelly betray him, he steals away on the back of a carriage and leaves behind the stinking City. He arrives in the dead of night at a remote village, where he crosses paths with the tall and limping figure of Joe Zabbidou - a pawnbroker with a difference. For Joe trades secrets, not goods, for cash. Ludlow is employed to record the villagers' fiendish confessions in The Black Book of Secrets. Bodysnatching; thievery; murder. The people of Pagus Parvus have much to hide. But is Ludlow Fitch ready to release his own skeletons? And will he ever learn to trust his mysterious master?

Black Book

Author: Dylan Jones
ISBN: 152052059X
Release Date: 2017-02-03

THE TOP 5 BESTSELLER. Book 1 in a 3 part serialisation. 'I highly recommend it for the storytelling, world building, and quality of writing.' The New Podler Review of Books. A lightning fast paced action packed sci-fi thriller for fans of Stephen King's Dark Tower and Lee Child's Jack Reacher Sheriff Jack is a no-nonsense soldier from the future, trapped in the Wild West. He must find and protect the sacred Black Book before someone or something else does. The clock is already ticking for humankind, but for Jack the countdown has only just begun. Readers Reviews"Fast paced and exciting from the get go, you'll probably end up reading the whole thing in one sitting""I couldn't put it down. Great read.""This book is totally a breath of fresh air when it comes to sci-fi novels." "Just great fantasy writing." "If you're a fan of sci-fi action then this book is for you.""It's a story that mixes Western, science fiction, and fantasy into a quest that spans centuries" "Highly recommended to fans of both sci-fis and westerns who are looking for an interesting read.""What a treat. Black Book is a real winner. Time travel, Old West, Future Earth and a whole "what's up?" story.""Loved the book, interesting mix of sci-fi, fantasy and Western. Would definitely recommend to all.""This mix of Hollywood cowboys and stranded time travellers from the future blends into a compelling tale." "A great story. Jones has sweated a lot of effort and great writing into this novel and I appreciate it. Well done, sir."

The Black Book

Author: John Wade
ISBN: NWU:35556002229995
Release Date: 1820
Genre: Great Britain

The Black Book

Author: James Patterson
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9781473536234
Release Date: 2017-05-04
Genre: Fiction

How can you prove your innocence when you can't remember the crime? Being a cop runs in Billy Harney's family. The son of Chicago's Chief of Detectives whose twin sister, Patti, also followed in their father's footsteps, Billy would give up everything for the job – including his life. After a brutal shooting, Billy is left for dead alongside his tempestuous former partner and an ambitious assistant district attorney. But somehow Billy survives – and is charged with double murder. Billy remembers nothing about the shooting. Retracing his steps to find proof of his innocence, he discovers the existence of a little black book that he suspects contains the truth that will either set him free, or confirm his worst fears...

The Little Black Book of Style

Author: Nina Garcia
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061983594
Release Date: 2009-10-06
Genre: Health & Fitness

From Nina Garcia—fashion judge on Bravo’s hit Project Runway and author of Style Strategy and The One Hundred—comes her wildly popular New York Times bestseller The Little Black Book of Style. Here, in one indispensible volume, are Nina’s ultimate rules of style to help you uncover your own signature look.

The Black Book

Author: Devin D. Streeter
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1456753312
Release Date: 2011-06-09
Genre: Poetry

The Black Book Vol.1:The Year Of The Writer. its main focus is to inspire all men and woman to strive for the best, keep pushin forward & stay determined no matter what gets in their way or how hard the struggle is. This book will be full of inspirational poems.

Visual Basic 2008 Programming Black Book Platinum Edition With Cd

Author: Kogent Solutions Inc.
Publisher: Dreamtech Press
ISBN: 8177228331
Release Date: 2009-03-01
Genre: BASIC (Computer program language)

Visual Basic 2008 Black Book Is The Most Comprehensive Book That You Will Find On Visual Baisc.Net. It Contains Useful Material On All The Concepts Of Visual Basic 2008, And At The Same Time, Teaches You How To Implement These Concepts Programmatically By Providing Appropriate Examples Along-With Detailed Explanations. This Edition Of The Book Particularly Deals With Some New And Advanced Topics: Such As Wpf, Wcf, Wf, Asp.Net, Ajax, Silverlight, And Linq. This Unique Book On Visual Basic 2008 Has Extensive Coverage Of The Language; No Doubt, Every Aspect Of The Book Is Worth Its Price. Part I - .Net Framework 3.5 And Visual Studio 2008 Chapter 1: Getting Started With .Net Framework 3.5 Chapter 2: Introducing Visual Studio 2008 Part Ii - Visual Basic Programming Language And Oops Chapter 3: Introducing Visual Basic 2008 Chapter 4: Flow Control And Exception Handling In Visual Basic 2008 Chapter 5: Object-Oriented Programming In Visual Basic 2008 Part Iii - Windows Forms And Wpf Chapter 6: Windows Forms In Visual Basic 2008 Chapter 7: Windows Forms Controls - I Chapter 8: Windows Forms Controls- Ii Chapter 9: Windows Forms Controls - Iii Chapter 10: Windows Forms Controls - Iv Chapter 11: Windows Forms Controls - V Chapter 12: Introducing Windows Presentation Foundation Chapter 13: Working With Wpf 3.5 Controls, Resources, Styles, Templates, And Commands Chapter 14: Using Graphics And Multimedia In Windows Forms And Wpf Part Iv - Asp.Net 3.5 Chapter 15: Introducing Asp.Net 3.5 And Web Forms Chapter 16: Standard Web Server Controls Chapter 17: Navigation Controls In Asp.Net 3.5 Chapter 18: Login And Web Parts Controls In Asp.Net 3.5 Chapter 19: Enhancing Web Applications With Silverlight Part V - Services And Deployment Chapter 20: Asp.Net 3.5 Web Services Chapter 21: Introducing Windows Communication Foundation Chapter 22: Deploying Windows And Web Applications Part Vi - Ado.Net And Linq Chapter 23: Data Access With Ado.Net Chapter 24: Data Binding In Windows Forms And Wpf Applications Chapter 25: Data Binding In Asp.Net Applications Chapter 26: Working With Linq Part Vii - Advanced Topics Chapter 27: Working With Windows Workflow Foundation Chapter 28: Threading In Visual Basic 2008 Chapter 29: Collections And Generics Chapter 30: Working With Xml And .Net Chapter 31: The My Object Chapter 32: .Net Assemblies Chapter 33: Developing Windows Mobile Applications Chapter 34: Security And Cryptography In .Net Chapter 35: .Net Remoting In Visual Basic 2008 Chapter 36: Human Resources Management System

Black Book Erotica Compilation 1

Author: Unknowns
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 9781365745102
Release Date: 2017-02-09
Genre: Fiction

Twenty erotica tales of lust, sex, passion. This compilation of erotica stories from unknown and little known writers is sure to steam up you tablet or phone. This page flipper will keep those digital pages turning and those fingers busy, busy, busy... AGAIN!!!

Black Book

Author: Sonia Palasanean
ISBN: OCLC:79911121
Release Date: 1982

Fade to Black

Author: Francis Knight
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781405514002
Release Date: 2013-02-26
Genre: Fiction

FROM THE DEPTHS OF A VALLEY RISES THE CITY OF MAHALA It's a city built upwards - where streets are built upon streets, buildings upon buildings. A city that the Ministry rules from the sunlit summit, and where the forsaken lurk in the darkness of Under. Rojan Dizon doesn't mind staying in the shadows, because he's got things to hide. Things like being a pain-mage, with the forbidden power to draw magic from pain. But when the fate of Mahala depends on him using his magic, he can't hide for ever. THE FIRST ADVENTURE OF ROJAN DIZON A debut fantasy tale of corruption and dark magic set in a world that's both vertigo-inducing and awe-inspiring.

My Black Book

Author: Kheneil A. Black
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781456731755
Release Date: 2011-02-17
Genre: Poetry

A poetic journey of love loss and life lessons, wrapped neatly in a rhythm and rhyme format

The Georgia Black Book

Author: Robert Scott Davis
ISBN: UOM:39015003988956
Release Date: 1982
Genre: Reference

The contents of this book include chapters on "Horse Thieves and Other Charming People, 1754-1823"; "Liars, 1810-1938" - the Georgia Land Lottery Fraud Papers; "Convicts, 1817-1850" - Convict Records; "Murders, Murderers and Murder Victims, 1823-1969" - from Governor's Proclamations (issued for offering rewards for killers who had fled justice), 1823-1900; "Convicts, 1851-1871" - which includes prison, number or name and aliases, date entered prison and county in which convicted; "Insane Asylum Inmates, 1853-1870" - which includes the person's number, name and county of residence and when admitted; "Principal Keeper's Reports, 1866-1873, Lists of Convicts to Fill Gaps in (the chapter on Convicts, 1851-1871)"; "Racial Incidents, 1865-1868" - reports of racial violence against blacks in Reconstruction Georgia; "Central register of Convicts, 1867-1879" - this continues the earlier chapters on Murders, Murderers, and Murder Victims; "More Murders, Murderers, and Murder Victims, 1869-1900" - a continuation of the earlier chapter on this subject; "Central register of Convicts, 1872-1897" - a continuation of a listing of convicts... and "Other Sources Equally Disgusting". This volume contains the names of over 13,500 persons.

Struts 2 Black Book 2Nd Ed With Cd

Author: Kogent Solutions Inc.
Publisher: Dreamtech Press
ISBN: 8177228706
Release Date: 2008-07-01

Struts 2 Black Book brings to you a detailed discussion on Web application development by using Struts 2 Framework. Targeting beginner to advance level readers, this book begins with an introduction to Struts 2 and describes its evolutions as a new Web Application Framework. It covers various concepts supported by Struts 2, such as Interceptors, Results, Validators, Generic and UI Tags and Plugins. The book also describes the benefits of these concepts and different ways of implementing them. In addition, the book discusses various components created and configured in Struts 2 Framework based web application. The book also covers the architecture and implementation changed in Struts 2 from Struts 1. The book describes the process of migrating a Struts 1 application to a Struts 2 based application, and a lot more.