Blame 08

Author: Tsutomu Nihei
ISBN: 3898850196
Release Date: 2003


Author: Tsutomu Nihei
Publisher: TokyoPop
ISBN: 1595328378
Release Date: 2006-05-09
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

Killy and Dhomochevsky don't trust each other, but they have a more pressing concern: retrieving Cibo's capsule of human genetic information. The capsule has been stolen by the Silicon Creatures, who will use it to attempt a provisional connection to the Netsphere. Older teens.

The Blame Business

Author: Stephen Fineman
Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN: 9781780234588
Release Date: 2015-03-15
Genre: Business & Economics

Whenever anything goes wrong our first instinct is often to find someone to blame. Blame infuses our society in myriad ways, seeding rancor and revenge, dividing lovers, coworkers, communities, and nations. Yet blame, appropriately placed and managed, safeguards moral order and legal culpability. In this book, Stephen Fineman explores this duality inherent in blame, taking us on a fascinating journey across blame’s sometimes bitter—sometimes just—landscape. Fineman focuses on blame’s roots and enduring manifestations, from the witch hunts of the past to today’s more buttoned-up scapegoating and stigmatization; from an individual’s righteous anger to entire cultures shaped by its power. Addressing our era of increasing unease about governance in public and private enterprises, he delves behind the scenes of organizations infected with blame, profiling the people who keep its plates spinning. With a critical eye, he examines the vexing issue of public accountability and the political circus that so often characterizes our politicians and corporations lost in their “blame games.” Ultimately, Fineman raises the challenging question of how we might mitigate blame’s corrosive effects, asking crucial and timely questions about the limits of remorse and forgiveness, the role of state apologies for historical wrongdoings, whether restorative justice can work, and many other topics. An absorbing look at something we all know intimately, this book deepens our understanding of blame and how it shapes our lives.

QURAN WORD for WORD MEANING for PHONE with 3 different translations available as PDF

Publisher: Yasin
Release Date:
Genre: Religion

This work provides you word for word meaning of Qur'an and three different translations in a single book. (***): To download the free PDF file of this book, please write the following web address to your browser and press enter to start download. PDF for TABLETs: PDF for Printing: PDF for Cell Phones: PDF for LAPTOPs and PCs: If you have trouble while downloading the pdfs, you can send an e-mail to [email protected], they can be send to your mail address via emails. The PDF file of this book is FREE for everyone. This book will make you read a verse and its multiple translations at the same row. And at the same row you can follow the word meanings also. This word for word meaning is written from LEFT to RIGHT because of the following reason.If you read the word for word meaning "word by word and from the left to the right" you can find out that you can understand Quran just reading the word meaning mostly. If you cannot understand the meanin of a verse just by reading the word meaning you can refer the other valuable translations which also can differ from each other sometimes. Another usage of this book can be like the following way: You can read your favorite translation and follow this translation for the whole book from start to the end. And if you cannot understand some verses of your favorite translation then you can refer the other translations and even the word meanings for this type of difficult verses. PS: This book is for mobile phone usage only. For bigger screens (for Tablet,PC etc.) you can prefer the TABLET version of this book. [email protected]

The 3 Power Values

Author: David Gebler
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118237120
Release Date: 2012-03-22
Genre: Business & Economics

Get organizational results by nurturing commitment, integrity,and transparency A healthy corporate culture is the secret to an organization'sperformance. The good news is that employees already embody thevalues needed to propel the organization to its goals, butinstitutional roadblocks get in the way. All too often leadersdon't know how to diagnose their culture in order to clear theseroadblocks to performance. The 3 Power Values presents abreakthrough model that permits leaders to measure and manageculture. To create a fully aligned high-performing culture, leadersneed only focus on nurturing three catalyst values: Commitment,Integrity, and Transparency. Offers an innovative values-centered model to helporganizations achieve short-term goals without sacrificing long-runsustainability Filled with lively case studies of major companies includingJohnson & Johnson and Boeing David Gebler is a recognized thought leader in the field ofvalues-based ethics and culture risk management The 3 Power Values offers leaders at all levels a uniqueand accessible approach to identifying the behavioral challengesthat are hindering their corporate culture and to removing themeffectively.

From Financial Crisis to Global Recovery

Author: Padma Desai
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231527743
Release Date: 2011-06-01
Genre: Business & Economics

In this book, Padma Desai makes the complexities of economic policy and financial reform accessible to a wide audience. Merging a compelling narrative with scholarly research, she begins with a systematic breakdown of the factors leading to America's recent recession, describing the monetary policy, tax practices, subprime mortgage scandals, and lax regulation that contributed to the crisis. She also discusses the Treasury-Fed rescue deals that saved several financial institutions and the involvement of Congress in passing restorative policies. Desai follows with an analysis of stress tests and other economic measures, and she frankly assesses whether the U.S. economy is truly on the mend. Expanding her view, she considers the prospects for recovery in North America as a whole, as well as in Europe, Asia, and South America, and the extent and value of U.S. and E.U. regulatory proposals. Refocusing on American financial practices, Desai evaluates hedge funds and derivatives, credit default swaps, and rating agencies, pondering whether the dollar can remain a reserve currency. She concludes with a historical comparison of the Great Depression and the Great Recession, weighing the effect of the economic collapse on the future of American capitalism.


Author: Tsutomu Nihei
ISBN: 389885924X
Release Date: 2004

Lexicon Tetraglotton an English French Italian Spanish Dictionary Whereunto is Adjoined a Large Nomenclature of the Proper Terms in All the Four Belonging to Several Arts and Sciences Divided Into Fiftie Two Sections with Another Volume of the Choicest Proverbs in All the Said Toungs consisting of Divers Compleat Tomes and the English Translated Into the Other Three Moroever There are Sundry Familiar Letters and Verses Running All in Proverbs By the Labours and Lucubrations of James Hovvell

ISBN: IBNF:CF005636297
Release Date: 1660