Bobby Jones on Golf

Author: Robert Tyre Jones
Publisher: Main Street Books
ISBN: 0307482359
Release Date: 2010-06-09
Genre: Sports & Recreation

By the best amateur golfer ever to play the game, this is essential instructional reading for the millions who have taken up golf during the 20 years this marvelous, timeless book has been out of print and unavailable. B & W line drawings. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Bobby Jones on Golf

Author: Bobby Jones
Publisher: Main Street Books
ISBN: 9780385424196
Release Date: 1966
Genre: Sports & Recreation

The classic guide to the game of golf discusses the swing, body position, posture, placing the ball, slicing and hooking, concentration, tournament preparation, practice, equipment, and much more

Bobby Jones Golf Tips

Author: Bobby Jones
Publisher: Citadel Press
ISBN: 0806526211
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Sports & Recreation

Any enthusiast worth his salt will relish this treasure trove of secrets to agreat golf game--written by the master, himself.

Golf is My Game

Author: Bobby Jones
ISBN: STANFORD:36105007505600
Release Date: 1960
Genre: Golf

Classic Instruction

Author: Bobby Jones
Publisher: Amer Golfer Incorporated
ISBN: 1888531061
Release Date: 2007-06-01
Genre: Sports & Recreation

Drawn from a recently discovered archive, this landmark book is a treasure. It was born from an overlooked box at the Jones law firm that included more than 100 photos of Bobby Jones demonstrating the fundamentals of golf, along with his meticulous notes on yellow legal pads that were originally written in 1934.

How to Play Your Best Golf All the Time

Author: Tommy Armour
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780684813790
Release Date: 1995-05-01
Genre: Sports & Recreation

Tommy Armour's classic How to Play Your Best Golf All the Time provides timeless golf instruction on the following subjects: * How to learn your best golf * What can your best golf be? * Taking you to the lesson tee * How your clubs can help you * The grip holds your swing together * How to get ready to swing * Footwork, the foundation of best golf * The art of hitting with the hands * The waggle, preliminary swing in miniature * The pause that means good timing * Assembling your game in good order * Saving strokes with simple approach shots * The fascinating, frustrating philosophy of putting * The simple routine of an orderly golf shot These classic bits of advice are accompanied by over four dozen two-color illustrations.

Legendary Lessons

Author: Claudia Mazzucco
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 9781634509091
Release Date: 2016-02-09
Genre: Sports & Recreation

Thoughts and sayings from the world’s greatest golfers during one of the sport’s golden eras: the 1920s. Modern golf, as it is practiced all over the world, developed in the last thirty years. And yet, today’s busy, stressed, and often tech-oriented golfing audience can learn a lot from the legendary Walter Hagen and his fellow enthusiasts—especially how the best golf is played with logic and imagination. Though Hagen never published a book on the subject of golf instruction, he did teach and write about golf at numerous times throughout his life. The selections in Legendary Lessons bring together Hagen’s musings on the mental approach to golf with those of several highly gifted golfing champions and distinguished chroniclers of the 1920s—including Bernard Darwin, Harold Hilton, Bobby Jones, Joyce and Roger Wethered, Ernest Jones, Alex Morrison, Henry Longhurst, Francis Ouimet, Grantland Rice, Gene Sarazen, Harry Vardon, O. B. Keeler, and several others—to identify the patterns involved in the method of a sportsman. This book explores golf as a performing art in the light of the champions’ experience as it began to develop and evolve throughout the twentieth century.

Secrets of the Master

Author: Bobby Jones
Publisher: Gale Cengage
ISBN: 1886947074
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Sports & Recreation

This book unlocks the secrets of the golf swing. Taken from Jones' writings in the 1920s and 30s this book gives every golfer timeless tips on how to improve their game- driving, chipping, putting, mental aspects, match play and much more.

Sir Walter and Mr Jones

Author: Stephen R. Lowe
Publisher: Gale Cengage
ISBN: UOM:49015002588920
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Stephen Lowe's "Sir Walter and Mr. Jones is an amazingly detailed cradle-to-the-grave account of the lives and achievements of two of the greatest golfers in history--Walter Hagen and Bobby Jones. And the author makes it clear that golf's elevation of importance in the 1920s and '30s--that is still true today--was largely due to the personalities, popularity and playing ability of these two men. - One was a professional; the other was an amateur. One came from a poor background; the other came from a well-to-do southern family. One was flashy and self-promoting; the other was humble and self-effacing. One was the winner of nine major championships; the other was the winner of thirteen. Both, though, were the best players of their eras, and they left an indelible mark on the game of golf. - If you love golf history, you are going to love this incredibly detailed book.

Sir Walter

Author: Tom Clavin
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439142300
Release Date: 2010-05-11
Genre: Sports & Recreation

During the Golden Age of Sports in the 1920s, Walter Hagen was to golf what Babe Ruth was to baseball. The first professional golfer to make his living playing the game rather than teaching it, Hagen won eleven major professional tournaments over his long career -- two U.S. Opens, four British Opens, and five PGA Championships (including an amazing streak of four consecutive PGA wins) -- a record surpassed only by Jack Nicklaus. Hagen was also influential in helping to found the Ryder Cup and was the first American golfer to top $1 million in career earnings -- a figure equivalent to over $40 million today. Award-winning sportswriter Tom Clavin has penned a thrilling biography that vividly recalls Hagen's dazzling achievements and the qualities that made him a star. Energetic, witty, and one of the best putters ever to walk the green, Hagen was a man who loved to party, was extraordinarily generous to his friends, and golfed the world over, giving exhibitions. He preferred to travel by limousine, and if he intended to stay awhile he'd bring a second limo just to transport his clothes, which were nothing but the finest. On his many trips across the Atlantic to compete in the Ryder Cup or British Open, Hagen was known to throw parties that lasted days, ending only when the ship reached the shore. He was also the first professional golfer to admit to playing not only for the love of the game, but also for the love of the winner's purse. Walter Hagen, forerunner of today's sports superstars, is as dynamic a character as can be found in American sports history. Bringing Hagen to life with incredible detail and countless anecdotes, Sir Walter is the authoritative biography of the man who helped create professional golf as it's known today.

The Anatomy of Greatness

Author: Brandel Chamblee
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781501133015
Release Date: 2016-03-29
Genre: Reference

In the first book from popular Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee, the network’s “resident scholar and critic” (The New York Times) explores the common swing positions of the greatest players throughout history—and reveals how those commonalities can help players of every skill level improve our own games. Every golf game begins with the swing, and no two are identical. Years ago, however, Brandel Chamblee, the highly regarded Golf Channel analyst and former PGA Tour professional, noticed that the best players of all time have shared similar positions in each part of the swing, from the grip and setup to the footwork, backswing, and follow-through. Since then, Chamblee, a student of game’s history, has used scientific precision and thoroughness to make a study of the common swing positions of the greats. Now, in The Anatomy of Greatness, he reveals what he has learned, offers hundreds of photographs as his proof, to show us how we can easily incorporate his findings into our own swings to hit the ball farther, straighter, and more consistently. What does it tell us that the majority of the greats—from Jack Nicklaus and Byron Nelson to modern masters like Tiger Woods—employ a “strong” grip on the club? How did legends like Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Mickey Wright, and Gary Player unlock hidden power and control by “turning in” the right knee at address? Why are some modern teachers preaching “quiet” footwork when forty-eight of the top fifty golfers of all time lifted their left heels on the backswing, allowing them to build power? At the same time that Chamblee is extolling certain swing virtues, he also debunks a number of popular—but misguided—swing philosophies that have been hindering golfers for years. The result is perhaps the best and clearest explanation of how to hit a golf ball ever published. The Anatomy of Greatness is a book that golfers can take to the driving range and use Chamblee’s clear explanations to build better swings—and get more speed and consistency into their swings—immediately. It is like having a series of private lessons from the best golfers of all time, and it will help golfers build swings that make the game easier and more fun.

Down the Fairway

Author: Robert T. Jones
Publisher: Longstreet Press
ISBN: 1563526476
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

The twenty-five-year-old championship golfer presents both an autobiography and a golf instructional, written three years before completion of the Grand Slam in 1930.

The Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf

Author: Joe Dante
Publisher: Main Street Books
ISBN: 9780307525321
Release Date: 2009-03-25
Genre: Sports & Recreation

The legendary golf instructional, available again. This is, along with Harvey Penick's Little Red Book, THE book Golf professionals turn to. "Thirty years ago I was recommending Joe Dante's book The Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf as a must read for aspiring PGA professionals. What Dante said in '62 has influenced many of the game's finest teachers. Dante was a visionary."--Gary Wiren, author of New Golf Mind When published, The Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf radically changed the way many players thought about the golf swing. Dante's system showed how simple it was to improve one's game, and at the same time gave the golfer one of the most comprehensive analyses of swing mechanics ever published. Now, thirty-three years after its original publication, Main Street is proud to reissue this classic instructional. Dante begins by sweeping out all the misconceptions of the game. "If good golf is to be learned and the poor player is to improve, a purging must take place, painful as it may be." Dante discusses a few basics of grip and stance, and then he gets to the heart of his book, the four magic moves. As he reveals each of the moves, Dante focuses on the physical checkpoints so that any golfer can make sure that his or her swing is on the right track. The Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf is straightforward and easy to understand, yet unlike other golf books it is irreverent and audacious in its approach to mastering the game. The publication of this rediscovered classic is sure to establish Joe Dante's reputation as one of golf's greatest teachers. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Bernard Darwin on Golf

Author: Bernard Darwin
Publisher: Lyons Press
ISBN: 1592286283
Release Date: 2004-12
Genre: Sports & Recreation

A collection of classic essays on golf, from one of the most brilliant writers ever to cover the game.

Bobby Jones

Author: Martin Davis
Publisher: Broadway Books
ISBN: 0767902092
Release Date: 1997-11-01
Genre: Photography

The name Bobby Jones brings to mind not only a legendary golfer but also a legendary era in the history of golf. Robert Tyre Jones, Jr. earned 23 tournament victories in a 13-k 13-year competitive period that ended in 1930 when he was just 28 years old. He was the only player ever to carry off the Grand Slam, winning all four majors in one year, and he co-designed the Augusta National course. Jones also set a standard for character and was so committed to fair play that he called penalties on himself, causing him to lose two major competitions. Bobby Jones combines some of the greatest voices in sports writing with photographs so dynamic you can almost hear the astonished crowds cheering Jones on. Close-ups demonstrating Jones's technique are also included. Printed in Italy in six colors, including two eight-page double gatefolds and approximately 150 photographs, this elegant oversize edition is a cornerstone volume for every golf lover's library.