Book Power

Author: Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
ISBN: 0615771777
Release Date: 2013-02

Do you wish you had more business? Are you getting blocked out by all of the social media noise? Do you need to get in front of more clients? Do you want to rise above the competition in your niche? Here Are The Benefits From Reading This Book: Write and publish your book quickly and easily (in as little as a week!) Understand why a book has become the new business card and marketing tool. Have doors open to speaking opportunities, interviews, joint venture partnerships. Become the authority, expert, go to person or celebrity in your niche. Use your book as a launching pad to create new products. Understand what a brand is and why it's so important in today's business landscape. Win the trust and loyalty of customers, clients and followers. Build a powerful platform as a central hub to simplify all of your marketing efforts. Maximize your online presence and social media platform. Monetize what you already know and do in a way that grows your business even when you sleep. Who Needs To Read This Book? You want more clients, customers and business. You want the credibility and trust factor you know you deserve. You have a powerful message or system that you know is needed today. You realize you need a new strategy in marketing your business. You need to deepen your relationship with your client base. The Time Is Now In today's social world, if you are not seen across numerous channels in a consistent and regular way, you may as well be invisible. In Book Power: A Platform for Writing, Branding, Positioning and Publishing, author Kytka Hilmar-Jezek takes you by the hand and walks you through from start to finish. Not only will your book be written in a matter of days, you will know how to maximize the power of your book to attract clients, grow your business, create residual income streams, open doors and much more.

How to Write the right Book Fast

Author: Trevor Crane
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1976178371
Release Date: 2017-03-07

What's the difference between writing the 'right' book, and the 'wrong' book?Imagine having made, the BEST decision of your life...And, how you'd feel if you'd, WASTED an EMBARRASSING amount of TIME, energy, and money... on a book that "nobody" buys, reads, or cares about."The FANTASTIC thing is: *Becoming an author "is" the most powerful thing you can do for your business, your brand, and your legacy!However, every-single-day I speak with authors who wrote the wrong book.Often, they're ashamed of them.Not because they are "bad" books. But because few people buy them, even fewer read them, and most people just-don't-care.The problem is, most people don't know how to "use" a book. Sure it's a POWERFUL tool... but if you don't know how to "use" a tool... it becomes a "useless" tool.But what's the difference if you write the RIGHT book? EVERYTHING.When you write the right book, you instantly gain the CREDIBILITY and AUTHORITY that successful publihsed authors possess, and (even better)...You build TRUST and a "burning" DESIRE inside of your ideal reader (aka - your ideal client) to want to work with you.No longer do you need to CHASE or CONVINCE clients...Instead, you become "the hunted."Not the, "hunter."This book will make sure you write the right book, for the right reasons, and it will show you how to do it FAST.”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””When you write the right book, you gain INSTANT: Authority, Credibility, Trust & you build "Desire" for YOU, and your PRODUCTS and your SERVICES.”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””When you write the wrong book, however, you WASTE your time and energy, and ultimately you sabotage the success a book can create for you, and the impact it can have on others.Done correctly, becoming a published author builds your personal brand, it creates powerful lead-generation 'magnets' that you can use in your marketing, it helps you attract the action of the media, it can give you FREE publicity, it can promote your cause or mission, or philosophy.You can use a book fame, fortune, or fulfillment is TRULY the most proven, most powerful activity you can take!BUT HERE IS A WARNING:There's nothing worse than spending all of the time, and energy and money it costs to become a published author, only to discover that you wrote the wrong book. What if you do all that work, and it doesn't help you advance your mission? Or, your vision? Or, help you promote yourself, your brand, or your business?Well, this book is going to help you make sure you don't make those mistakes.WHAT'S THE 'UPSIDE' OF PUBLISHING YOUR BOOK?Being introduced as a book author (versus a salesperson) and introducing yourself with a book (versus a business card or brochure) creates interest in place of resistance. It builds credibility instead of vulnerability.Your GREAT BOOK positions you as an 'expert advisor' more powerfully and easily than almost anything else you do in your life.*Sure that sounds crazy. But we live a society, where people trust authors. Period.If you're not one. You need to be one.Inside these pages, you'll discover exactly what you need to know about how to write a book that will advance your career, your business, or your cause... and set you up to make money in the process.You'll discover how to turn YOUR BOOK into your most powerful marketing tool.

Writing for Animation Comics and Games

Author: Christy Marx
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9781136144455
Release Date: 2012-11-12
Genre: Art

Writing for Animation, Comics, and Games explains the practical aspects of creating scripts for animation, comics, graphic novels, and computer games. It details how you can create scripts that are in the right industry format, and follow the expected rules for you to put your best foot forward to help you break-in to the trade. This book explains approaches to writing for exterior storytelling (animation, games); interior/exterior storytelling (comics and graphic novels), as well as considerations for non-linear computer games in the shortest, pithiest, and most economical way. The author offers insider's advice on how you can present work as professional, how to meet deadlines, how visual writing differs from prose, and the art of collaboration.

You Must Write a Book

Author: Honoree Corder
Publisher: Honoree Enterprises Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 0996186182
Release Date: 2016-09-11

THE SINGLE BEST TOOL EVERY ENTREPRENEUR NEEDS TO BUILD, BOOST, AND GROW THEIR BUSINESS. Beyond technology, software, social media networks, even advertising and marketing campaigns, the biggest and best tool you'll ever have in your belt is a book with your name on the cover. Authority and Credibility-Nothing establishes your authority faster or better, making it easier to attract investors, clients, and customers. Brand recognition-Nothing makes your name and your brand easier to recognize, giving you greater reach with no additional overhead. The ultimate business card-We're hard-wired to hold on to books, to keep and care for them, and to share them with others. When's the last time someone did that with your business card? You Must Write a Book introduces you to these concepts, and digs further-revealing not only the benefits of how a book can help you to build and grow your business and your brand, but how you can put your ideas on the page. You'll learn: Why a book matters to your business Pre-planning and strategic thinking, before putting even the first word on the page How to write your book by committing to only a few words per day How to hire ghostwriters or other professionals to get your ideas on the page, without writing a word The steps for launching your book like a champ Marketing plans-both for your book, and using your book to market yourself and your business You'll also learn from the masters-gain insight from some of the most advanced thinkers in publishing, so that you can skip level one and build from their success. Get in on the wisdom from thought leaders such as Hal Elrod, Bryan Cohen, Pat Petrini, J.A. Huss, Steve Scott, James Altucher, Kevin Tumlinson, and many more. Honoree Corder is the author of Tall Order!, Prosperity for Writers, and many more volumes, and Hal Elrod's business partner in The Miracle Morning series. She is a coach and consultant working with high profile entrepreneurs and businesses, guiding them into some of the best decisions they've ever made. In You Must Write a Book, she has culled together some of the finest examples of publishing and marketing wisdom available, from some of today's most successful and influential masters. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SINGLE TOOL TO ACHIEVE NEXT-LEVEL SUCCESS, PICK UP YOUR COPY OF 'YOU MUST WRITE A BOOK' RIGHT NOW!"

Competitive Positioning

Author: Richard D. Czerniawski
Publisher: Hudson House Publishing
ISBN: 158776914X
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Business & Economics

It takes healthy brands to succeed in today's chaotic, fast-moving, competitive marketplace. Yet, marketers are confronted with, and their organizations are contributing to, an “age of sameness,” where products and services are virtually indistinguishable. The result is that customers are commoditizing categories and discriminating principally on price. Offering more and/or enhanced features is not enough to win customers and create loyalty. It's high time to move beyond product marketing to embrace brand marketing. COMPETITIVE POSITIONING - BEST PRACTICES FOR CREATING BRAND LOYALTY empowers marketing managers by sharing proven principles, insights from leading marketing practitioners, practical tools, and real-world examples, all of which will help you to successfully build your brand—a brand that will connect emotionally with the heart, and remain uppermost in your customers' minds. Step by step, you'll learn best practices that will enable you to develop a competitive positioning.

How to Blog a Book

Author: Nina Amir
Publisher: "F+W Media, Inc."
ISBN: 9781599638904
Release Date: 2015-06-17
Genre: Authors and publishers

Transform Your Blog into a Book! The world of blogging changes rapidly, but it remains one of the most efficient ways to share your work with an eager audience. In fact, you can purposefully hone your blog content into a uniquely positioned book--one that agents and publishers will want to acquire or that you can self-publish successfully. How to Blog a Book Revised and Expanded Edition is a completely updated guide to writing and publishing a saleable book based on a blog. Expert author and blogger Nina Amir guides you through the process of developing targeted blog content that increases your chances of attracting a publisher and maximizing your visibility and authority as an author. In this revised edition you'll find: The latest information on how to set up, maintain, and optimize a blog Steps for writing a book easily using blog posts Advice for crafting effective, compelling blog posts Tips on gaining visibility and promoting your work both online and off Current tools for driving traffic to your blog Strategies for monetizing your existing blog content as a book or other products Profiles of bloggers who received blog-to-book deals and four new "blogged-book" success stories Whether you're a seasoned blogger or have never blogged before, How to Blog a Book Revised and Expanded Edition offers a fun, effective way to write, publish, and promote your book, one post at a time.

Brand Portfolio Strategy

Author: David A. Aaker
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439188831
Release Date: 2009-12-01
Genre: Business & Economics

In this long-awaited book from the world's premier brand expert and author of the seminal work Building Strong Brands, David Aaker shows managers how to construct a brand portfolio strategy that will support a company's business strategy and create relevance, differentiation, energy, leverage, and clarity. Building on case studies of world-class brands such as Dell, Disney, Microsoft, Sony, Dove, Intel, CitiGroup, and PowerBar, Aaker demonstrates how powerful, cohesive brand strategies have enabled managers to revitalize brands, support business growth, and create discipline in confused, bloated portfolios of master brands, subbrands, endorser brands, co-brands, and brand extensions. Aaker offers readers step-by-step advice on what to do when confronting scenarios such as the following: • Brands are underleveraged • The business strategy is at risk because of inadequate brand platforms • The business faces a relevance threat caused by emerging subcategories • The firm's brands are tired and bland • Strategy is paralyzed by a lack of priority among the brands • Brands are cluttered and confusing to both customers and employees • The firm needs to move into the super-premium or value arenas to create margin or sales volume • Margin pressures require points of differentiation Renowned brand guru Aaker demonstrates that assuring that each brand in the portfolio has a clear role and actively reinforces and supports the other portfolio brands will profoundly affect the firm's profitability. Brand Portfolio Strategy is required reading not only for brand managers but for all managers with bottom-line responsibility to their shareholders.

LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive

Author: Carol Kaemmerer
ISBN: 0998177903
Release Date: 2016-11-01

This book provides strategies for executives to use LinkedIn with authenticity, tact and power. It helps you understand the importance of this essential social media platform for your career, both now and in the future. It shows you how to control the way you present yourself on LinkedIn through your profile and online interactions.When your LinkedIn profile highlights your business story with passion and authenticity, you attract your ideal customers, clients, employers and employees - those who resonate with your message.Beyond just housing your profile, LinkedIn is a relationship-building tool - an efficient way to engage with those you care about in your business. LinkedIn is also a vehicle for expressing your thought leadership, building your own brand as a leader and contributing to your company's brand equity.This book guides the savvy executive to use LinkedIn in a way that powers your career.

Strategy for Good

Author: Susan A. Hyatt
Publisher: Goodworks Publishing
ISBN: 0976194880
Release Date: 2011-03
Genre: Business & Economics

Giving back to local communities is a growing expectation for businesses coming from both outside and inside company walls. This book shows you how to create all-win solutions that demonstrate your values, benefit the causes you care most about, and boost your profitability.--

Create Your Writer Platform

Author: Chuck Sambuchino
Publisher: Writer's Digest Books
ISBN: 9781599635798
Release Date: 2012-10-26
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

Creating a platform isn't just beneficial--it's essential! In today's world of blogging, websites, Twitter feeds, and Facebook updates, building a writer platform from the ground up can seem a daunting task. Never fear--author and editor Chuck Sambuchino provides expert, practical advice for increasing your visibility, selling more books, and launching a successful career. In Create Your Writer Platform, you'll learn: The definition of a platform--and why you should start building one now. How to harness the 12 Fundamental Principles of Platform. "Old School" and "New School" approaches to platform, from article writing and conference speaking to website development, blog posts, and social media avenues. How to develop a platform for nonfiction, fiction, and memoir. In addition to Chuck's invaluable insights, you'll also find 12 case studies from authors with effective platforms, as well as professional advice from literary agents. If you're serious about building a platform tailored to you and your writing--a platform that's going to help you succeed as a writer--look no further than Create Your Writer Platform.

Writer s Market

Author: Robert Lee Brewer
Publisher: "F+W Media, Inc."
ISBN: 9781440347740
Release Date: 2016-08-31
Genre: Authorship

Writer's Market Deluxe Edition 2017 includes everything you expect in a regular copy of Writer's Market PLUS, a one-year subscription to With it, you'll gain instant access to more that 7,500 listings for book publishers, magazines, contests, literary agents, and more--with daily updates.

The Used Virgin

Author: Zara Altair
Publisher: Fervent Crux Press via PublishDrive
ISBN: PKEY:6610000013098
Release Date: 2016-03-28
Genre: Fiction

Mystery in history. A corrupt governor. A young girl. An old man. Argolicus unravels the threads. He learns that his avuncular friend from youth has been accused of rape, and not just rape, rape of a virgin. In the culture of the time, this accusation is worse than murder. A reputation for making sound decisions and reverence for his old friend’s sense of justice start Argolicus on a journey to set things right. Accompanied by his tutor and lifelong friend, Nikolaos, he goes straight to the governor’s villa where luxury, beautiful horses, and great wine hide an extremely cruel deception. After Rome, before the Middle Ages, Italy belonged to the Ostrogoths. Argolicus has retired from Rome to his home in southern Italy.

Writer s Market 2017

Author: Robert Lee Brewer
Publisher: "F+W Media, Inc."
ISBN: 9781440347733
Release Date: 2016-08-31
Genre: Authorship

The most trusted guide to getting published! Want to get published and paid for your writing? Let Writer's Market 2017 guide you through the process with thousands of publishing opportunities for writers, including listings for book publishers, consumer and trade magazines, contests and awards, and literary agents. These listings feature contact and submission information to help writers get their work published. Beyond the listings, you'll find all-new material devoted to the business and promotion of writing. Discover the secrets to writing better queries and selling more articles, tips for a great conference experience, and insight into developing an effective author brand. Plus, you'll learn how to write and curate content to grow your audience, connect with book clubs, and make promotions and publicity work for you. This edition includes the ever-popular pay-rate chart and book publisher subject index, too! You also gain access to: List of professional writing organizations. Sample query letters. A free digital download of Writer's Yearbook, featuring the 100 Best Markets: Includes exclusive access to the webinar "7 Principles of Freelance Writing Success" from Robert Lee Brewer, editor of Writer's Market.


Author: Michael S. Hyatt
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc
ISBN: 9781595555038
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Business & Economics

Discusses how to create a platform and build an audience using social media technologies.

How to Write a Book Proposal

Author: Michael Larsen
Publisher: "F+W Media, Inc."
ISBN: 9781440348174
Release Date: 2017-09

"The Insider's Step-by-Step Guide to Proposals that Get You Published."--Cover.