Book Review Index 2009

Author: Dana Ferguson
Publisher: Gale Cengage
ISBN: 1414419120
Release Date: 2009-08
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

Travel Resources

Author: Stephen Walker
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 9780810869479
Release Date: 2009-08-28
Genre: Travel

Written for the traveler who needs information beyond what is provided in a general guidebook, Travel Resources: An Annotated Guide introduces the reader to comprehensive and specialized travel literature and resources. In this book, author Stephen Walker offers practical and accessible direction for anyone seeking detailed and valuable information on travel, while also instructing readers in ways to find information that may not be included in this guide.

Theatre History Studies 2009

Author: Rhona Justice-Malloy
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
ISBN: 9780817355548
Release Date: 2009-08-09
Genre: Performing Arts

Theatre History Studies is a peer-reviewed journal of theatre history and scholarship published annually since 1981 by the Mid-American Theatre Conference (MATC), a regional body devoted to theatre scholarship and practice. The purpose of MATC is to unite people and organizations in their region with an interest in theatre and to promote the growth and development of all forms of theatre.

Zeitschriften der Politikwissenschaft ein Kompendium

Author: Luise Sanders
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 9783110268775
Release Date: 2012-04-02
Genre: Political Science

DasKompendium Zeitschriften der Politikwissenschaftbieteteinen detaillierten Überblick zu denunzähligen Zeitschriften der Politikwissenschaft aus Ländern wie Großbritannien, Deutschland und denUSA.Luise Sandersgibt Studenten und Wissenschaftlern die nötige Einführung inGeschichte, Schwerpunkte und politische Ausrichtungaller relevanten Fachorgane, nicht nur um Forschungsinteressen zu definieren, sondern auch die richtige Zeitschrift für eigene Publikationen zu finden. Kurzbeschreibungen der wichtigsten Nachweissysteme zur Recherche in Bibliotheken, Erläuterungen zu Volltextarchiven und die Darstellung politikwissenschaftlicher Institutionenergänzen das Bild eines fundiertenNachschlagewerkes, das über einen bloßen Zeitschriftenindex hinausgeht.

Mathematical Book Review Index 1800 1940

Author: Louise S. Grinstein
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 0824041143
Release Date: 1992
Genre: Reference

Self-Hypnosis: The Complete Manual for Health and Self-Change, 2nd ed offers a step-by step guide to using hypnosis to better well-being and stronger self-control. For over two decades renowned therapist and author Brian Alman showed thousands of individuals how to use self-inductive techniques for relief from pain, stress, and discomfort. Self-hypnosis assists in meditation and fosters positive self-regard. The exercises in Self-Hypnosis are clear, concise and easily attainable. As an effective therapy in alleviating the pain of childbirth, medical and dental surgery, burns, and accidental injuries, hypnosis is practiced widely. Hypnosis in pain relief is a noninvasive and natural healing process. Self-Hypnosis makes this healing technique available to the lay reader.

Indian Book Review Index

ISBN: UOM:39015079399583
Release Date: 1975
Genre: Books

Incorporates review entries of books of Indian authors in English language published in India or abroad, or written by foreign authors on India and published in India.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review

Author: Neil Barron
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
ISBN: 9780893706241
Release Date: 2009-11
Genre: Literary Criticism

"Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Review" was founded in 1979 to provide comprehensive coverage of all the major and minor books being released in the genre at that time. This was the golden era of SF publishing, with a thousand titles (old and new) hitting the stands and the bookshelves each and every year. From the older classics to the newest speculative fiction, this was the period when the best and the brightest shined forth their talents. SF&FBR included reviews by writers in the field, by amateur critics, and by litterateurs and University professors. Over a thousand books were covered during the single year of publication, many of them having been reviewed no where else, before or since. The January 1980 issue includes a comprehensive index of all the works featured during the preceding year. This reprint will be a welcome addition to the literature of science fiction and fantasy criticism. Neil Barron is a retired bibliographer and literary critic, editor of the acclaimed "Anatomy of Wonder" series. Robert Reginald was the publisher for twenty-five years of Borgo Press, and has authored over 110 books of his own."

Promoting Innovative Development in the Asia Pacific Region Through the Internet Economy

Author: Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (South Korea)
Publisher: 길잡이미디어
ISBN: 9788932201061
Release Date: 2014-12-17
Genre: Asia

ICT and Internet economy development has been one of the main interests of Asia-Pacific regional cooperation from the early stage of APEC and the Telecommunications and Information Working Group (TEL or TELWG) was established in 1990 to promote building the Asia-Pacific Information Society (APIS). The objective of this study is to highlight and analyze the economic benefits ICT development or the Internet economy will offer as a new source of economic growth, promoting innovative development in the Asia-Pacific region. This study begins by briefing the activities of APEC and the APEC Telecommunications and Information Working Group and then overviews the current state of ICT development in the APEC member economies based on the ICT Development Index (IDI) published by ITU, analyzes the potential benefits of further ICT development in terms of economic growth, or in some sense, productivity growth, and finally presents implications and suggestions for ICT development or the Internet economy to facilitate economic growth of the Asia-Pacific region. Some of the findings and implications of this study are as follows. Despite the huge gaps among the APEC member economies, ICT as a whole has been developed significantly in the APEC region and the gaps have also been reduced in general during 2002-2012. The progress seems to be converging rather than diverging among the APEC member economies. However, there are still huge and enlarged gaps between these economies when it comes to ICT utilization. APEC therefore needs to make efforts to bridge the ICT development gaps existing among its member economies, especially regarding ICT utilization, in addition to continued efforts to further close the gaps in ICT infrastructure, which is regarded as a great achievement of the previous decade. ICT development is expected to bring about significant progress in the economic growth of each of the APEC member economies as well as APEC as a whole. APEC can share the experience of member economies with extraordinary progress in ICT development between 2002 and 2012, such as Viet Nam, Russia, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Peru, Malaysia, etc. APEC needs to identify and share their success factors and policy experiences. Executive Summary I. Introduction II. ICT Development and Cooperation in APEC 1. APEC Activities and ICT Cooperation 2. APEC TEL Focus and Targets III. IDI and ICT Development in APEC 1. ICT Development Index (IDI) 2. ICT Development in APEC IV. ICT Development and Economic Growth 1. Reference Studies and Motivation 2. Production Function Approach 3. Endogenous Growth Model Approach 4. ICT Development and Economic Growth in APEC V. Implications for APEC Cooperation References Appendix

Cohen s Pathways of the Pulp Expert Consult E Book

Author: Louis H. Berman
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9780323079075
Release Date: 2010-05-10
Genre: Medical

The definitive endodontics reference, Cohen’s Pathways of the Pulp is known for its comprehensive coverage of leading-edge information, materials, and techniques. It examines all aspects of endodontic care, from preparing the clinician and patient for endodontic treatment to the role the endodontist can play in the treatment of traumatic injuries and to the procedures used in the treatment of pediatric and older patients. Not only does Hargreaves and Cohen’s 10th edition add five chapters on hot new topics, it also includes online access! As an Expert Consult title, Cohen’s Pathways of the Pulp lets you search the entire contents of the book on your computer, and includes five online chapters not available in the printed text, plus videos, a searchable image collection, and more. For evidence-based endodontics research and treatment, this is your one-stop resource!


Author: Daniel Anderes
Publisher: Symposion Publishing GmbH
ISBN: 9783939707363
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Benchmarking - Aufsatzsammlung

The Global Gender Gap Report 2009

Publisher: World Economic Forum
ISBN: 9789295044289
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Sex discrimination

"The Index benchmarks national gender gaps on economic, political, education- and health-based criteria, and provides country rankings that allow for effective comparions across regions and income groups, over time"-- Page 3.

Fehlzeiten Report 2009

Author: Bernhard Badura
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783642010781
Release Date: 2009-12-29
Genre: Medical

Der Fehlzeiten-Report informiert umfassend über die Krankenstandsentwicklung in den einzelnen Branchen der deutschen Wirtschaft. Gründe und Muster von Fehlzeiten werden analysiert und bewertet. Schwerpunktthema der diesjährigen Ausgabe sind psychische Erkrankungen. Diese haben in den letzten Jahren stetig zugenommen und gehen oft mit langen Fehlzeiten einher. Neben einem Überblick über Verbreitung, Kosten und Formen psychischer Beeinträchtigungen zeigen aktuelle Studien, wie Unternehmen das psychische Wohlbefinden ihrer Mitarbeiter fördern können.

Occupational Therapies without Borders Volume 2 E Book

Author: Frank Kronenberg
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9780702049118
Release Date: 2011-10-24
Genre: Medical

The companion text to Occupational Therapy without Borders - Volume 1: learning from the spirit of survivors! In this landmark text writers from around the world discuss a plurality of occupation-based approaches that explicitly acknowledge the full potential of the art and science of occupational therapy. The profession is presented as a political possibilities-based practice, concerned with what matters most to people in real life contexts, generating practice-based evidence to complement evidence-based practice. As these writers demonstrate, occupational therapies are far more than, as some critical views have suggested, a monoculture of practice rooted in Western modernity. Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu captures the ethos of this book, which essentially calls for engagements in the service of a purpose that is larger than the advancement of our profession's interests: "Your particular approach to advancing our wellbeing and health strikes me as both unique and easily taken for granted. Whilst you value and work with medical understandings, your main aim seems to go beyond these. You seem to enable people to appreciate more consciously how what we do to and with ourselves and others on a daily basis impacts on our individual and collective wellbeing. As occupational therapists you have a significant contribution to make [.] allowing people from all walks of life to contribute meaningfully to the wellbeing of others." Links philosophy with practical examples of engaging people in ordinary occupations of daily life as a means of enabling them to transform their own lives Includes contributions from worldwide leaders in occupational therapy research and practice Describes concrete initiatives in under-served and neglected populations Looks at social and political mechanisms that influence people’s access to useful and meaningful occupation Chapters increase diversity of contributions – geographically, culturally and politically Emphasis on practice, education and research maintains academic credibility A glossary and practical examples in nearly every chapter make text more accessible to students