Boomerang Kids

Author: Carl E. Pickhardt
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 9781402248597
Release Date: 2011-08-01
Genre: Family & Relationships

"She's 22 years old, for heaven's sake! We thought she'd be grown up by now. But no, it's one more crisis after another. And then she calls on us-for emotional support, problem-solving advice. Even money...although we've gotten pretty tough about that. It's like she's still a teen! Why is it so hard for her just to act like an adult?" Around age 18, most young people expect, and are expected to, move out and live on their own-either at college or in an apartment. But more and more often, "boomerang kids" are returning home defeated, leaving you frustrated and at a loss for how to help them. In this breakthrough book, Carl Pickhardt, author of Why Good Kids Act Cruel, exposes the hidden period of development that's causing increasing numbers of post-high school and college age kids to fail on their own and tells parents what you can do to fix it. His new approach to understanding young adulthood proposes that 18?to?23 year-olds have reached not adulthood, but a final stage of adolescence called "trial independence." Boomerang Kids helps parents understand this little-discussed period in your children's lives, so you can help them get through this last and most difficult stage of adolescence and get back out on their own, to become fully, and successfully, independent adults.

Boomerang Kids The Demography of Previously Launched Adults

Author: D. Nicole Farris
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319312279
Release Date: 2016-04-25
Genre: Social Science

Combining statistical analyses and personal interviews, this book examines the phenomenon of adult children in the United States who have returned to living with their parents in the family home. It uses both data and narrative to fully detail how such co-residency has shaped this ever-increasing demographic group, who are often referred to as "previously launched adults" or " boomerang children." The author first presents quantitative research using data obtained from the National Survey of Families and Households. Readers will discover the various demographic, household, and economic variables that might lead an individual to move back in with his or her family. This statistical analysis is complemented by 50 qualitative interviews that offer a more in-depth look at the trend from the point of view of those who have experienced it. These interviews of both adult children and their parents cover such areas as personal background, the effects of returning to the parental home, and self-esteem issues. In addition, the book offers cross-country comparisons by looking at the prevalence of this phenomenon in China and Greece. It discusses the different cultural contexts in which adult child and parent co-residence is not seen as particularly deviant, as it is in America, as well as identifies some of the demographic and economic factors that would cause those in different countries to continue to live with their parents. This book furthers research into the sociological study of the family. The quantitative analyses describe the large scale trends and their implications, the interviews provide an important personal context, while the cross-country comparisons offer additional perspectives. Overall, readers will gain a complete picture of this unprecedented demographic shift in the United States, including important policy implications and the plight of young adults coming of age in the 21st century.

The Accordion Family

Author: Katherine S. Newman
Publisher: Beacon Press
ISBN: 9780807007440
Release Date: 2012-01-17
Genre: Social Science

Why are adults in their twenties and thirties boomeranging back to or never leaving their parents' homes in the world's wealthiest countries? Acclaimed sociologist Katherine Newman addresses this phenomenon in this timely and original book that uncovers fascinating links between globalization and the failure-to-launch trend. With over 300 interviews conducted in six countries, Newman concludes that nations with weak welfare states have the highest frequency of accordion families. She thoughtfully considers the positive and negative implications of these new relationships and suggests that as globalization reshapes the economic landscape it also continues to redefine our private lives.

Don t Be A Boomerang Kid

Author: Jacqueline L. Jones
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781453507377
Release Date: 2010-05-25
Genre: Self-Help

Don ́t Be a Boomerang Kid: A Young Adult ́s Guide to Success is a motivational and practical guide for teenagers and young adults preparing to leave home. It takes them on a journey in which they explore personal relationships, careers, personal finances, spiritual growth, and helping others along the way. The book reminds them that they must prepare themselves for life ́s journey. Don ́t Be a Boomerang Kid doesn ́t mean they can ́t go home for help and guidance. It means that they should not leave home unprepared for the paths that they may follow.

Helicopter Parenting and Boomerang Children

Author: Anne West
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781134799145
Release Date: 2017-10-12
Genre: Social Science

Drawing an unfavourable contrast between the position of students and graduates with that of their baby boomer parents has become a staple for media comment. Indeed, student indebtedness and difficulties in finding graduate jobs and housing typically contrasts markedly with their parents’ experiences. Broadening the investigation, ‘Helicopter Parenting’ and ‘Boomerang Children’ depicts how students and graduates are now likely to be close to their parents, receive considerable financial and emotional support from them and, upon graduation, return home. Using qualitative data from two interview studies of middle-class families, this title explores the impact of these changes on young people’s transition to independence and adulthood and on intergenerational and intragenerational equality. This enlightening monograph will appeal to undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in fields such as Social Policy, Family Sociology and Education.

The Boomerang Kid

Author: Jay Quinn
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 9781480497924
Release Date: 2014-04-01
Genre: Fiction

In The Boomerang Kid, Maura Ostryder is coming into her own, professionally and privately, as she begins her fifty-first year. Maura has always been the master of her own life and has reared her son, Kai (named for the Hawaiian word for sea) to be the same way. But now a grown Kai has come home, having fled emotional attachments to both a young man and a young woman, bringing with him his addiction to painkillers. Suddenly Maura’s maternal streak is reawakened as she battles to bring Kai back from the brink of self-destruction. Vivid and lyrical, this is an emotional tale of the unbreakable bond between mother and son. Jay Quinn’s Lambda-nominated novels transcend traditional gay fiction, exploring universal issues of marriage, aging parents, addiction, and attraction, all while presenting unique characters and page-turning drama. Don’t miss any of Quinn’s novels: Metes and Bounds, Back Where He Started, The Good Neighbor, The Beloved Son, and The Boomerang Kid.

The Boomerang Age

Author: Barbara Mitchell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781351485647
Release Date: 2017-07-05
Genre: Social Science

* The Boomerang Age was named an Outstanding Academic Title of 2007 by Choice Magazine.Domestic changes are taking place in the lives of young adults in Western industrialized societies. Today's young people often experience less permanency and more movement in a variety of family-related roles, statuses, and living arrangements. Among the most prominent changes is the phenomenon of "boomerang kids," young adults returning to the parental home after their initial entrance into the adult world. The Boomerang Age, explores the implications of this development in a changing sociocultural, economic, and demographic landscape.Mitchell begins by addressing definitional, conceptual, and measurement issues relevant to the "boomerang age." She then places the issues in historical perspective by considering trends in family organization--the nuclear family, marriage and divorce rates and fertility--over the past hundred years with emphasis on the 1950s family as a cultural benchmark. The book then turns to the contemporary trajectory of home leaving and returning, analyzing the "launch" and return phases with regard to economic factors, regional differences, and racial and ethnic backgrounds.Mitchell then explores the more personal dimensions of how a return to the family is complicated by partnership (marriage, divorce, cohabitation, homosexuality) and parenthood among young couples. Moving outside the home, she looks at how public issues such as globalization, the decline of the welfare state, and various forms of social inequality affect the circumstances of young adulthood. Here Mitchell offers specific social policy recommendations pertaining to education, housing and dependency issues, childcare, and gender and racial equality. The book concludes by critically evaluating the advantages and drawbacks of two possible future scenarios: increased individualization in the pursuit of social g

The Grandest Love

Author: Jerry Witkovsky
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781483680927
Release Date: 2013-11-05
Genre: Family & Relationships

"Grandparenting can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of YOUR life. And you can provide your grandkids with one of the most important experiences of THEIR lives." -Jerry Witkovsky (MSW) A longtime social-work professional, grandparenting activist and passionate Grandpa guides you toward The Grandest Love of all, with fresh approaches to age-old questions: HOW CAN I... help my family stay connected, regardless of time, distance or income? remain vital and "in the loop" in my grandchildren's rapidly changing world? maintain appropriate boundaries and promoting healthy interdependence? maximize open communication among three generations? leave a meaningful legacy, a "living legacy" I can take pride in, today? The Grandest Love will help you make the most of the family you've got. Read what reviewers are saying about The Grandest Love!

Going Gypsy

Author: David James
Publisher: Skyhorse
ISBN: 9781629149653
Release Date: 2015-02-03
Genre: Travel

Almost every couple faces a "now what?” moment as their last kid moves out of the house. There’s a big empty nest looming over this new and uncertain stage in their lives. David and Veronica James chose to look at this next phase of life as a beginning instead of an ending. Rather than staying put and facing the constant reminders of empty bedrooms and backseats, a plan began to develop to sell the nest and hit the highway. But could a homebody helicopter mom learn to let go of her heartstrings and house keys all at once? Filled with a sense of adventure and humor, Going Gypsy is the story of a life after raising kids that is a celebration of new experiences. Pulling the rip cord on the daily grind, David and Veronica throw caution to the wind, quit their jobs, sell their house, put on their vagabond shoes, and go gypsy in a beat-up old RV found on eBay. On a journey of over ten thousand miles along the back roads of America (and a hysterical, error-infused side trip into Italy), they conquer old fears, see new sights, reestablish bonds with family and friends, and transform their relationships with their three grown children from parent-child to adult-to-adult. Most importantly, they rediscover in themselves the fun-loving youngsters who fell in love three decades prior.


Author: Susan J. Matt
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199707447
Release Date: 2014-04-17
Genre: History

Homesickness today is dismissed as a sign of immaturity, what children feel at summer camp, but in the nineteenth century it was recognized as a powerful emotion. When gold miners in California heard the tune "Home, Sweet Home," they sobbed. When Civil War soldiers became homesick, army doctors sent them home, lest they die. Such images don't fit with our national mythology, which celebrates the restless individualism of colonists, explorers, pioneers, soldiers, and immigrants who supposedly left home and never looked back. Using letters, diaries, memoirs, medical records, and psychological studies, this wide-ranging book uncovers the profound pain felt by Americans on the move from the country's founding until the present day. Susan Matt shows how colonists in Jamestown longed for and often returned to England, African Americans during the Great Migration yearned for their Southern homes, and immigrants nursed memories of Sicily and Guadalajara and, even after years in America, frequently traveled home. These iconic symbols of the undaunted, forward-looking American spirit were often homesick, hesitant, and reluctant voyagers. National ideology and modern psychology obscure this truth, portraying movement as easy, but in fact Americans had to learn how to leave home, learn to be individualists. Even today, in a global society that prizes movement and that condemns homesickness as a childish emotion, colleges counsel young adults and their families on how to manage the transition away from home, suburbanites pine for their old neighborhoods, and companies take seriously the emotional toll borne by relocated executives and road warriors. In the age of helicopter parents and boomerang kids, and the new social networks that sustain connections across the miles, Americans continue to assert the significance of home ties. By highlighting how Americans reacted to moving farther and farther from their roots, Homesickness: An American History revises long-held assumptions about home, mobility, and our national identity.

The Real Cost of Living

Author: Carmen Wong Ulrich
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101446041
Release Date: 2010-12-28
Genre: Business & Economics

Every decision, from buying a home to grabbing a daily latte, has costs and benefits-personal as well as financial. The Real Cost of Living helps you make better decisions, both big and small- decisions that involve money, but aren't all about money. Well-known personal finance expert Carmen Wong Ulrich makes personal finance personal and takes into account that we all have motivations that go way beyond number crunching. From marriage and family to career, investing, and more, Carmen examines the "real cost" of the choices we all make every day. *Is deciding whether to go back to work full-time after you have a child really all about money? Should it be? *Is prepaying a mortgage a smart-money move, or is it really about craving security and stability-and which means more to you? *How much do your bad habits really cost you? And is saving thousands of dollars enough of a motivation to get you to stop? *Are college degrees really worthwhile? And if so, how can you maximize the odds of gaining all the benefits of a degree, both personally and financially? *Is becoming your own boss the answer to your career malaise? Can you handle the costs? The Real Cost of Living is a rare melding of personal psychology and personal finance at an important time when we have discovered that having more money may not bring more happiness, but knowing what really will make you happy can be worth any cost. Watch a Video

If No One s Looking Do We Have to Try as Hard

Author: Mary Hemlepp
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1462073476
Release Date: 2012-01-31
Genre: Self-Help

By the time women reach their fifties, theyve seen a lot of life. Many say its the best time of their lives, filled with inner peace and contentment. For some, its a jarring realization that their past is longer than their future. This leads them to think differently about the time they have left and what they want to do with it. In If No Ones Looking, Do We Have to Try as Hard?, author Mary Hemlepp provides a snapshot of how some women over fifty think, what they look forward to, what advice theyd give to younger women, and how happy they are at this stage of life. It also includes life stories of women whove blazed trails, overcome adversity, and raised the bar. She explores issues relating to female health and fitness, relationships, finance, work life, and well-being. Based on interviews and informal discussions with hundreds of women, If No Ones Looking, Do We Have to Try as Hard? communicates that getting older doesnt have to slow women down. Women over fifty are vibrant, busy women who enjoy life to the fullest.

College Is for Suckers

Author: April Norhanian
Publisher: College Is For Suckers
ISBN: 9781440119200
Release Date: 2009-02
Genre: Business & Economics

College Is For Suckers The First College Guide You Should Read FOREWORD Are you stressing over which college to attend, or wondering if college is the right choice for you at all? Are you an un-declared major who asks yourself what you are doing in college in the first place? Are you considering going back for a Masters degree because you don't like your job(s)? Or are you afraid you may be ridiculed if you were to even question if college is the right choice for you at all? Despite the constant hubbub stressing the need for an educated workforce, I believe that college is over-sold. There is a glut of college graduates in the labor market. And many of them will end up working in jobs that don't require a college degree. The surplus of graduates with Bachelor Degrees is so huge that enrollment is post-graduate schools is at an all-time high. American universities produce 25 percent more doctorates than the market can use. Higher education is a six billion dollar-a-year industry. The average cost of college has increased at more than double the rate of inflation. Despite the bloated costs and questionable overall quality of a four-year college education, Americans are still convinced that it's the only way to come out on top. Unfortunately, what many graduates gain from a four-year degree is: a cap, a polyester gown, maybe a hangover, and about $25,000 of student loan debt. Today, despite the imbalance of the supply and demand for a college-educated workforce, there is still a stigma placed on people who do not choose a four-year college education. Once considered optional, today it's expected of anyone who dares to call themselves educated. But until now, no one has really questioned the actual value or relevance of a college degree in today's job market. Many have never bothered to fully explore college alternatives such as apprenticeships, trade schools, or job certifications. College Is For Suckers The First College Guide You Should Read is a frank and to-the-point buyer beware for anyone considering a college vacation. This book offers insightful information that could save you thousands of dollars! While exposing the hype associated with a traditional college education, this book provides you with valuable options for higher education in your pursuit of a successful future. Even if you are dead set on going to college, you can't afford to be without this book! Be aware of what you, as a college consumer, can realistically expect from a traditional four-year college. Don't be a sucker! College Is For Suckers The First College Guide You Should Read Shatters myths about the need for a traditional liberal arts education. Compares the hype with the actual value of a four-year degree in today's market. Peels away the extra fluff associated with the college experience and shows how you can be a "well-rounded" party animal on your own while attending trade schools, vo-tech programs or apprenticeships that actually prepare you for a career. Provides thought-provoking points to help you decide if college is necessary for you, or at least necessary for you now. Explains how college has actually "dumbed-down" due to grade inflation, ridiculous requirements, and outdated curricula. Offers creative alternatives for achieving a marketable education. Lists valuable resources for obtaining knowledge, credentials and experience (other than a four-year college) and shares the secrets of successful professionals who never graduated from college. Explains the dangers of student loans and how college is not always a good "investment."

Money A Memoir

Author: Liz Perle
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
ISBN: 9781429900812
Release Date: 2007-04-01
Genre: Social Science

A bold and personal book that digs below the surface of one of society's last taboos-money-and illuminates how women's emotional relationship with it affects every part of their lives Long ago, and not entirely consciously, Liz Perle made a quiet contract with cash: she would do what it took to get it-work hard, marry right-but she didn't want to have to think about it too much. The subject of money had, since childhood, been quietly sidestepped, a shadowy factor whose private influence was impolite to discuss. This deliberate denial eventually exacted its price, however, when a sudden divorce left Perle with no home, no job, and a four-year-old with a box of toys. She realized she could no longer afford to leave her murky and fraught relationship with money unexamined. What Perle discovered as she reassembled her life was that almost every woman she knew also subscribed to this strange and emotional code of discretion-even though it laced through their relationships with their parents, lovers, husbands, children, friends, co-workers, and communities. Women who were all too willing to tell each other about their deepest secrets or sexual assets still kept mum when it came to their financial ones. In Money, A Memoir, Perle attempts to break this silence, adding her own story to the anecdotes and insights of psychologists, researchers, and more than 200 "ordinary" women. It turned out that when money was the topic, most women needed permission to talk. The result is an insightful, unflinching look at the once subtle and commanding influence of money on our every relationship.

The Secrets of Happy Families

Author: Scott Haltzman
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons
ISBN: 0470444835
Release Date: 2009-06-08
Genre: Family & Relationships

Proven ways to create a more loving family Research proves that happy families are good for health, longevity, peace of mind, productivity, and success. In The Secrets of Happy Families, Scott Haltzman offers an original approach to building family contentment that works for families of all ethnicities and make-ups–two-parent, single-parent, blended, childless, or same-sex couple. He provides a "positive psychology" way of solving family problems through strategy and leadership, including knowing and accepting who you are, taking a leadership role in loving and united relationships, building a network of support in extended families and communities, and making quality time for fun, adventures, holidays, and rituals.