Berlin Alexanderplatz

Author: Alfred Döblin
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0826477895
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Philosophy

Alfred Döblin (1878-1957) studied medicine in Berlin and specialized in the treatment of nervous diseases. Along with his experiences as a psychiatrist in the workers' quarter of Berlin, his writing was inspired by the work of Holderlin, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche and was first published in the literary magazine, Der Sturm. Associated with the Expressionist literary movement in Germany, he is now recognized as on of the most important modern European novelists. Berlin Alexanderplatz is one of the masterpieces of modern European literature and the first German novel to adopt the technique of James Joyce. It tells the story of Franz Biberkopf, who, on being released from prison, is confronted with the poverty, unemployment, crime and burgeoning Nazism of 1920s Germany. As Franz struggles to survive in this world, fate teases him with a little pleasure before cruelly turning on him. Foreword by Alexander Stephan Translated by Eugene Jolas>

Veronika Decides to Die

Author: Paulo Coelho
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 9780007379958
Release Date: 2011-04-28
Genre: Fiction

A novel from internationally acclaimed author Paulo Coelho – a dramatic story of love, life and death that shows us all why every second of our existence is a choice we all make between living and dying.

Mendelssohn Goethe and the Walpurgis Night

Author: John Michael Cooper
Publisher: University Rochester Press
ISBN: 1580462529
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Music

Mendelssohn, Goethe, and the Walpurgis Night addresses tolerance and acceptance in the face of cultural, political, and religious strife. Its point of departure is the Walpurgis Night. The Night, also known as Beltane or May Eve, was supposedly an annual witches' Sabbath that centered around the Brocken, the highest peak of the Harz Mountains. After exploring how a notoriously pagan celebration came to be named after the Christian missionary St. Walpurgis (ca. 710-79), John Michael Cooper discusses the Night's treatments in several closely interwoven works by Goethe and Mendelssohn. His book situates those works in their immediate personal and professional contexts, as well as among treatments by a wide array of other artists, philosophers, and political thinkers, including Voltaire, Lessing, Shelley, Heine, Delacroix, and Berlioz. In an age of decisive political and religious conflict, Walpurgis Night became a heathen muse: a source of spiritual inspiration that was neither specifically Christian, nor Jewish, nor Muslim. And Mendelssohn's and Goethe's engagements with it offer new insights into its role in European cultural history, as well as into issues of political, religious, and social identity -- and the relations between cultural groups -- in today's world. John Michael Cooper is Professor of Music at Southwestern University and author of Mendelssohn's "Italian" Symphony (Oxford University Press).

365 Penguins

Author: Jean-Luc Fromental
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
ISBN: 081094460X
Release Date: 2006-10-01
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

When a box containing a penguin arrives anonymously on New Year's Day, a family of four is puzzled, but as they continue to receive one penguin each day their problems--and food budget, and storage issues--are multiplied.

Goethes Briefwechsel Mit Einem Kinde

Author: Bettina Von Arnim
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1978207425
Release Date: 2017-10-17

Bettina's Ber�hmtheit und ihre Stellung in der deutschen Litteratur wurzeln haupts�chlich in dem "Briefwechsel mit einem Kinde", der bewu�ten k�nstlerischen Reproduction eines novellistischen Stoffes aus dem Leben. Einer dithyrambisch fortgerissenen M�dchennatur wird die diese bez�hmende Sophrosyne des Dichters gegen�bergestellt. Dem Zwecke dieser Charakterdarstellung entsprechend mu�te sie die wirklich gewechselten Briefe frei bearbeiten, die daher nur als Documente f�r den Geist der Zeit, nicht f�r deren Ereignisse gelten k�nnen. Die darin enthaltenen Erz�hlungen aus Goethe's Jugendzeit hat dieser jedoch selbst als Materialien zu "Dichtung und Wahrheit" benutzt. Auch sonst ist der urspr�ngliche Charakter der Briefe nicht eigentlich ver�ndert; dies ergibt eine Vergleichung derselben mit Bettina's gleichzeitigen Aeu�erungen, z. B. mit ihrem unver�ndert abgedruckten Briefe an Jacobi vom 15. Oct. 1808. (Gustav von Loeper in: Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie )

Wittgenstein s Language

Author: T. Binkley
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9024715415
Release Date: 1973-07-31
Genre: Philosophy

One of the first things to strike the reader of Wittgenstein's writings is the unique power of his style. One immediately notices the intriguing and arrangement of the paragraphs in Philosophical Investi composition gations, or the stark assertiveness of the sentences in the Tractatus Logico Philosophicus. A sense of the singular style being employed is unavoidable, even before the reader understands anything of what is happening philos ophically. Perhaps precisely for this reason it is too often assumed that coming to understand either work has little or nothing to do with re sponding to its form. The unusual style is a mere curiousity decorating the vehicle of Wittgenstein's ideas. Form is assigned a purely incidental import, there is a coincidence of this or that rhetorical flair with the yet to be determined content of the thoughts. The remarkableness of the style is perhaps registered in a tidy obiter dictum standing beside the more arduous task of discovering the substance of the ideas being presented. our interest, or at Wittgenstein's peculiar way of writing ably captures least our attention, but it bears only minor philosophical import. Though not unprecedented as a form of philosophical composition, it does not conform to the currently acceptable conventions; hence Wittgenstein's style is often thought to stand in the way of understanding his meaning. Such assumptions can be harmless for certain types of writing; however it does not appear as though Wittgenstein's is one of these.

From Kabbalah to Class Struggle

Author: Mikhail Krutikov
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 080477725X
Release Date: 2010-11-09
Genre: History

From Kabbalah to Class Struggle is an intellectual biography of Meir Wiener (1893–1941), an Austrian Jewish intellectual and a student of Jewish mysticism who emigrated to the Soviet Union in 1926 and reinvented himself as a Marxist scholar and Yiddish writer. His dramatic life story offers a fascinating glimpse into the complexities and controversies of Jewish intellectual and cultural history of pre-war Europe. Wiener made a remarkable career as a Yiddish scholar and writer in the Stalinist Soviet Union and left an unfinished novel about Jewish intellectual bohemia of Weimar Berlin. He was a brilliant intellectual, a controversial thinker, a committed communist, and a great Yiddish scholar—who personally knew Lenin and Rabbi Kook, corresponded with Martin Buber and Hugo von Hofmannsthal, and argued with Gershom Scholem and Georg Lukács. His intellectual biography brings Yiddish to the forefront of the intellectual discourse of interwar Europe.