British Garden Wildlife

Author: Paul Sterry
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 9780007363940
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Nature

Gardens mean different things to different people. For some, they are merely another room, an outdoor extension to the house. For others, they are places of relaxation that provide an escape from the outside world. But for most garden owners, the relationship with their plot of land is much more than simply passive: passionate and committed, they enjoy gardening for its own sake, and part of the fun is the prospect of connecting with nature, be it with the plants they cultivate and nurture or with the diverse native wildlife that finds its way into their gardens. This comprehensive photographic guide helps nature enthusiasts to identify the native plants and animals they come across in their gardens, be they welcome or otherwise. Learning about any given species' requirements and its role in garden ecology will allow gardeners to adapt their approach to gardening, enabling them to encourage wildlife while also protecting plants from damage. This reference includes birds, mammals, insects, spiders, trees, wildflowers, fungi, and pond life, along with features on bird nests and eggs and tracks, trails, and signs. Detailed photographs and species descriptions help readers identify each species quickly and easily.

Pareys Buch der Insekten

Author: Irmgard Jung
ISBN: 3490141180
Release Date: 1987

Farbig illustriertes Hand- und Bestimmungsbuch europäischer Insekten.

Plants That Speak Souls That Sing

Author: Fay Johnstone
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781844097616
Release Date: 2018-06-12
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Engage with the intelligence of nature to discover your unique role and deepen your spiritual path on Earth • Presents practical ways to rekindle your connection with nature and open up to plant consciousness as a way to enrich your spiritual path • Offers guidance on how to meet plant allies with wisdom teachings specific to you and your path • Provides over 40 exercises, including shamanic journeys, as well as links to digital downloads for a shamanic drumming track and guided meditations As our lives become more absorbed in screen time rather than the great outdoors, it feels essential to open up our senses again to the riches of nature, reestablishing our connection with the heartbeat of the Earth. In this book, Fay Johnstone provides a road map for bridging the gap between plants and people, allowing our sacred relationship with the Green Kingdom to be restored. Fay shows how to confidently meet, explore, and build relationships with key plant allies to enjoy a more balanced connection with yourself and your environment. Sharing her passion for the plant world, she provides a practical guide to rekindling your connection with nature, opening up to plant consciousness as a way to enrich your path and weave the enchantment of nature back into your own life. She includes more than 40 simple, practical exercises and meditations to guide you on a heart-centered journey of transformation and commune with the environment, the seasons, the cycles of the moon, and the Earth Heart. Addressing plants as conscious beings we meet their spirit, while at the same time aligning with our own true nature and sense of purpose as a creature of this Earth. The book also introduces the shamanic practice of plant spirit healing, emphasizing that ceremony begins at home with our local plants, rather than with the famous plant healers of the Amazon. Guided meditations and shamanic journeys enable a deeper exploration and interaction with the spirit of plants for healing and support. The author offers practical advice on how to initiate a conversation with plants and meet a plant ally with wisdom teachings specific to you and your path. Whether you explore your back garden, office plants, or morning cup of tea, Fay reveals how to introduce the magic of plants into your daily routine and appreciate the important role plants play. Reaching out to interact with nature is a step forward not only on your personal journey to wholeness but also toward healing our Earth.

Know it All Find it Fast for Youth Librarians and Teachers

Author: Christinea Donnelly
Publisher: Facet Publishing
ISBN: 9781856047616
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Information resources

A brand new version of the best-selling enquiry desk reference text, Know it All, Find it Fast, specifically designed for those working with children and young people in schools, public libraries and at home. Including an invaluable overview of the education system and the school curriculum as well as a comprehensive listing of useful resources by topic, this A-Z covers school subjects from science and maths to reading and literacy, and more general themes such as children's health, wellbeing and hobbies. Each topic is broken down into useful sections that will help to guide your response; Typical questions outline common queries such as 'Have you got any information about volcanoes?' Considerations provides useful hints and tips i.e. 'Geography now encompasses not only physical and human geography but also environmental geography, social geography, geology and geopolitics.' Where to look lists relevant printed, digital and online resources with useful annotations explaining their scope and strengths Readership: This is the must-have quick reference tool arming librarians and teachers with the knowledge to deal with any queries thrown at them from children and young people as well as their parents and caregivers. It will also be a handy reference for parents and anyone working with children and young people in other organizations such as homework clubs and youth workers.

Wenn der Nagek fer zweimal klopft

Author: Dave Goulson
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG
ISBN: 9783446447080
Release Date: 2016-02-22
Genre: Science

Der britische Biologe Dave Goulson unternimmt eine Expedition auf den Planeten der Insekten – genauer auf die Blumenwiesen rund um sein marodes französisches Landhaus. Die Helden seiner Feldforschungsabenteuer sind nicht nur Bienen und Hummeln, sondern alles, was kreucht und fleucht: Grillen, Grashüpfer, Glühwürmchen – und Libellen, denen beim Liebemachen zuzusehen eine Freude ist. Goulson taucht dabei so tief ins Reich der Tiere ein wie kaum jemand zuvor. Ein Buch, das die entscheidende Bedeutung von Insekten für unsere Umwelt und das ganze globale Ökosystem beleuchtet. Und ein Weckruf, die Nutzung von Insektiziden zurückzufahren, um das Sterben der Bienen und anderer Bestäuber zu stoppen.

A Natural History of the Hedgerow

Author: John Wright
Publisher: Profile Books
ISBN: 9781847659354
Release Date: 2016-05-05
Genre: Nature

It is difficult to think of a more quintessential symbol of the British countryside than the British Hedgerow, bursting with blackberries, hazelnuts and sloes, and home to oak and ash, field mice and butterflies. But as much as we might dream about foraging for mushrooms or collecting wayside nettles for soup, most of us are unaware of quite how profoundly hedgerows have shaped the history of our landscape and our fellow species. One of Britain's best known naturalists, John Wright introduces us to the natural and cultural history of hedges (as well as ditches, dykes and dry stone walls) - from the arrival of the first settlers in the British Isles to the modern day, when we have finally begun to recognise the importance of these unique ecosystems. His intimate knowledge of the countryside and its inhabitants brings this guide to life, whether discussing the skills and craft of hedge maintenance or the rich variety of animals, plants, algae and fungi who call them home. Informative, practical, entertaining and richly illustrated in colour throughout, A Natural History of the Hedgerow is a book to stuff into your pocket for country walks in every season, or to savour in winter before a roaring fire.

Booze for Free

Author: Andy Hamilton
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9781448110520
Release Date: 2011-09-15
Genre: Cooking

Home brewing and wine-making is fun, easy and hugely satisfying. If you garden or forage, can follow a recipe or make jam, and you enjoy a drink, this is the book for you. Andy's no-nonsense, easy-to-follow guide will enable the beginner and inspire the expert with over 100 recipes including beer made from hops and but also yarrow, mugwort, elder and other foraged plants, great tasting wines from fruit, vegetables and the hedgerows, cider and perry from apples and pears, cordials from the leaves of a range of trees, and teas and fizzy drinks from herbs and wayside flowers. - Discover the secret language of home brewing and drinks making. - Make cheap, wholesome drinks, to your preferred taste and strength in little time, with minimum fuss and no need for expensive equipment. - Turn your garden into a drinkers' paradise. - Find where and how to forage for success. - Impress your friends with the weird, wonderful and just plain tasty. Try Carrot Whisky, Sloe and Damson Rum, Parsnip Sherry, Elderberry and Blackberry Wine, Pumpkin Beer, Broom Tonic, Meadowsweet tea as well as classics such as Elderflower champagne, sloe gin, prison brew... Cheers!

W rterbuch der Wirbellosen Dictionary of Invertebrates

Author: Theodor C. H. Cole
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783662528693
Release Date: 2016-10-06
Genre: Science

Das Wörterbuch der Wirbellosen umfasst die Mehrzahl der in den deutschsprachigen Gebieten Europas vorkommenden wirbellosen Tiere, für die bereits Trivialnamen existieren. Darüber hinaus ist eine Vielzahl wichtiger globaler Arten aufgeführt. Die Namen der hier gelisteten 12.800 wirbellosen Tiere sind geordnet nach Großgruppen und darin jeweils alphabetisch nach wissenschaftlichen Namen – ergänzt durch deren englische Trivialnamen, soweit vorhanden. Zu Grunde liegt eine umfangreiche Literaturbearbeitung enzyklopädischer Werke, Faunen, Naturführer, Roter Listen und Monographien einzelner Tiergruppen. Dieses Referenz- und Nachschlagewerk ist nicht nur hilfreich und wichtig für Wissenschaftler, Übersetzer und Journalisten, sondern auch für all diejenigen, die sich auf verschiedenste Art und Weise mit Tieren beschäftigen.

Die seltensten Bienen der Welt

Author: Dave Goulson
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG
ISBN: 9783446256224
Release Date: 2017-03-13
Genre: Science

Wenn wir Bienen und Hummeln retten wollen, müssen wir uns auf die Suche nach ihren seltensten Arten begeben. Um zu verstehen, warum sie verschwinden, aber auch, um diese faszinierenden Geschöpfe in Erinnerung zu behalten. Der Biologe Dave Goulson hat sich an ihre pollenbestäubten Fersen geheftet. Egal, ob er den Kampf der Goldenen Patagonischen Hummel gegen invasive Arten beschreibt oder auf den Äußeren Hebriden die letzten Deichhummeln Großbritanniens aufspürt: Immer ist seine Leidenschaft für die Wildbestäuber ansteckend. Und seine Tipps, wie wir in unserer unmittelbaren Umwelt Bienen vor dem Sterben bewahren, machen unbändige Lust darauf, den heimischen Balkon mit Beinwell zu bepflanzen.

Collins Complete British Wildlife Photoguide

Author: Paul Sterry
Publisher: Harpercollins Pub Limited
ISBN: 0002200716
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Nature

This is a photographic guide to all common species of British wildlife, and also covers some of the more unusual species. Each species is described on the same spread as its accompanying photograph.

Stresemann Exkursionsfauna von Deutschland Band 2 Wirbellose Insekten

Author: Bernhard Klausnitzer
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783827424525
Release Date: 2011-09-03
Genre: Science

Der Insektenband dieses seit Jahrzehnten eingeführten und hervorragend bewährten Bestimmungswerks liegt nun in einer durchgesehenen 11. Auflage vor. Bereits der Text und die Abbildungen der 10. Auflage waren grundlegend überarbeitet und stark verbessert worden. Jetzt haben die Autoren nochmals eine Aktualisierung der Nomenklatur, der Verbreitungsangaben und der Literatur vorgenommen. Mehrere Bestimmungstabellen wurden völlig neu ausgearbeitet, viele andere verbessert. So wird das Werk eine Spitzenposition unter den einschlägigen Bestimmungsbüchern behalten. Alle Insekten, die in Deutschland und angrenzenden Regionen vorkommen, können fast immer bis zur Familie, bei vielen Gruppen sogar bis zur Art bestimmt werden. • Hervorzuheben sind Bestimmungstabellen für Larven, die bei den meisten anderen Büchern fehlen, obwohl man ihnen in der Natur besonders oft begegnet. • Generell wurde auf Merkmale verzichtet, die man nur nach einer Zerlegung der Objekte oder mit einer speziellen Präparation erkennen kann. • Der gestiegenen Bedeutung des Naturschutzes ist ein eigenes Kapitel gewidmet. Dieses Werk ist unentbehrlich für Studierende der Biologie und verwandter Disziplinen an Hoch- und Fachschulen, für Biologielehrer, Entomologen, Phytopathologen, Forst- und Landwirte, Faunisten, Ökologen, Naturschutzfachleute, Landschaftsplaner und Gutachter.