Broken Contract

Author: Richard D. Kahlenberg
Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press
ISBN: 1558492348
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

In 1986, 70 percent of the first-year class of Harvard Law School wanted to pursue careers in public-interest law. Ten years later, the same percentage of this class was pursuing careers in private corporate firms. How is it that these students began their careers interested in using law as a vehicle for social change, but ended up in those very law firms most resistant to change? How are law students able to reconcile liberal politics with careers in corporate law? Richard D. Kahlenberg's Broken Contract serves to warn prospective law students on the transformation that happens during the second and third years. His memoir explores the intense competitiveness and insidious pressure leading to jobs that are lucrative, prestigious, and challenging-but ultimately unsatisfying. Though Broken Contract doesn't seek to convince every law student to go into public service, Kahlenberg means to challenge and restructure our social institutions to make it easier to follow our impulses toward good instead of toward the goods.

Broken Contract

Author: Stephen C Craig
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9780429981630
Release Date: 2018-10-08
Genre: Political Science

Describing the elements of voter disaffection, party decline, mass mediation, social conflict and government by referendum which are prevalent in US politics, these essays offer a perspective on what is happening, how the present situation has been reached, and what the future may hold if the present trend continues. The topics addressed include th

Broken Contract

Author: Martin Kraidin
Publisher: Sunstone Press
ISBN: 9781632930156
Release Date: 2014-07-01
Genre: Fiction

When a college all American named Martin Kraidin saw a high school honey named Lynn Konick walk across the campus it was not just love at first sight it a was future so bright, so envied, it was set in the astrological stars. Marty was a promising dental student, both at the top of his class academically and head of his class in popularity as the student body president. Lynn, an attractive but shy high school gal who’d been sheltered by her very successful Main Line Philadelphia parents, blossomed in the wake of Marty’s drive and ambition. Theirs was to be the quintessential love story. But how could it have all gone so wrong? His young wife ripped from his arms and heart, a son he was never to see…plunging both into a two decade odyssey of ill-fated relationships, love turning to hate, an emotional void. Could it have all just been the lust of youth and not a love for the ages? In 1984 a letter arrived for Dr. Kraidin from a young Stephen Levinson. Stephen Levinson was the son Marty had never known and the link to the only love he had ever known. The letter was the key to a second chance—at life, at love. For theirs was a love that was meant to be. Nothing would now keep them apart or so they thought. This is the true story of two people who may have been able to defy the odds…but not the fates.

Comparative Remedies for Breach of Contract

Author: Nili Cohen
Publisher: Hart Publishing
ISBN: 9781841134536
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Law

The book provides a comparative analysis of the law relating to remedies for breach of contract. It examines different remedies such as specific performance and damages and does so from the viewpoint of different legal systems, principally the English, American, German, French and Israeli. Each essay is written by a recognized specialist in his or her own field. Topics covered include the recent reforms of the law relating to breach of contract in Germany and the extent to which a claimant can choose the remedy which he or she deems to be the most appropriate. The book also makes use of a range of techniques, particularly economic analysis, when examining the legal rules. The book also contains an introductory essay, written by the editors, and an essay which deals with the relationship between substantive rights and contract remedies.

The Modern Law of Contract

Author: Richard Stone
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 1859418821
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Law

The Modern Law of Contractbuilds on the success of the popular Principlesof Contract Law. Taking account of a variety of theoretical approaches: economic, sociological and empirical, the book combines meticulous examination of authorities and commentary with a modern and contextual approach. The range of material covered, combined with an accessible style, means that this book meets the needs of all undergraduate contract courses, enabling students to gain a profound understanding of this pivotal field. It will also be useful for students studying contract law as part of another discipline.

The Broken Contract

Author: Beryl Lavender
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1545651086
Release Date: 2018-10-31

How did the walls of Jericho fall? Did the sun really stop in the heavens? How did the Bible help the British win a battle for the Holy Land in 1918? What lies behind one of the world's favourite wedding poems? Why did Delilah betray Samson? Did God punish David for falling in love with Bathsheba? Did Jephthah sacrifice his daughter? What really happened when Lord Byron's Assyrian came down like a wolf on the fold? These are some of the questions addressed in 'The Broken Contract, ' second of Beryl Lavender's easy-to-read biblical commentaries that show the Bible's relevance for the twenty first century. This one covers the twelve biblical books from Joshua to Esther. Like its predecessor 'The Story of the Torah' it is likely to prove an invaluable resource for individuals, students, clergy, laiety and home study groups. South African born Beryl Lavender is a former journalist and teacher of English and Divinity, now living in Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom where she divides her time between biblical research and church activities. This is the second in her series of biblical commentaries. The first, 'The story of the Torah' was published in 2017.

Contract Law

Author: Marco J. Jimenez
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 9781454877257
Release Date: 2016-10-05
Genre: Law

Contract Law: A Case & Problem-Based Approach provides an organizational structure that introduces students to each major area of contract law before exploring these areas in greater depth later in the casebook. Specifically, the casebook is broken into three major parts, each of which is designed not only to orient the students to the major subject areas of contract law, but is also meant to help them appreciate the connections and relationships between and among these subject various areas. Short problems and drafting exercises are included throughout the book to test the students’ understanding of material presented in the casebook and during classroom discussion. Additionally, included in the text are “thinking tools,” which are designed to help the student think critically about the law, along with theoretical, historical, doctrinal, contextual, and practice-oriented notes to enrich the students’ black-letter experience. Key Features: Three-part design allows students to gain an appreciation of all parts of contract law and • Brief introductions before each major section, along with thought questions designed to guide the students’ reading. Short problems and drafting exercises throughout the book to test the students’ understanding of material presented in the casebook and during classroom discussion. “Thinking tools,” designed to help the student think critically about the law, along with theoretical, historical, doctrinal, contextual, and practice-oriented notes to enrich the students’ black-letter experience. A healthy balance of classic and modern cases to illustrate major contract law concepts.

Broken Engagements

Author: Saskia Lettmaier
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199569977
Release Date: 2010-02-11
Genre: History

The common law action for breach of promise of marriage originated in the mid-seventeenth century, but it was not until the nineteenth century that it rose to prominence and became a regular feature in law courts and gossip columns. By 1940 the action was defunct, it was inconceivable for a respectable woman to bring such a case before the courts. What accounts for this dramatic rise and fall? This book ties the story of the action's prominence and decline between 1800 and 1940 to changes in the prevalent conception of woman, her ideal role in society, sexual relations, and the family. It argues that the idiosyncratic breach-of-promise suit and Victorian notions of ideal femininity were inextricably, and fatally, entwined. It presents the nineteenth-century breach-of-promise action as a codification of the Victorian ideal of true womanhood and explores the longer-term implications of this infusion of mythologized femininity for the law, in particular for the position of plaintiffs. Surveying three consecutive time periods - the early nineteenth century, the high Victorian and the post-Victorian periods - and adopting an interdisciplinary approach that combines the perspectives of legal history, social history, and literary analysis, it argues that the feminizing process, by shaping a cause of action in accordance with an ideal at odds with the very notion of women going to law, imported a fatal structural inconsistency that at first remained obscured, but ultimately vulgarized and undid the cause of action. Alongside more than two hundred and fifty real-life breach-of-promise cases, the book examines literary and cinematic renditions of the breach-of-promise theme, by artists ranging from Charles Dickens to P.G. Wodehouse, to expose the subtle yet unmistakable ways in which what happened (and what changed) in the breach-of-promise courtroom influenced the changing representation of the breach-of-promise plaintiff in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century literature and film.

Basic Contract Law for Paralegals

Author: Jeffrey A. Helewitz
Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online
ISBN: 9780735587267
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Law

Basic Contract Law for Paralegals became the market-leader with its quick, simple, and straightforward introduction to the basics of contract law for paralegal students. The manageable length makes this book ideal for shorter courses. Comprehensive coverage includes a chapter on drafting simple contracts. Clearly written text and lively examples help students understand the law. Well-crafted pedagogy includes chapter overviews, highlighted examples, key terms, review questions, sample clauses for analysis, edited cases, chapter summaries, and end-of-chapter exercises. Ethical problems are presented at the end of each chapter to raise awareness of professional responsibility in practice.The revised Seventh Edition presents new and updated case excerpts, assignments, and examples.Features: quick, simple, straightforward introduction the basics of contract law for paralegal studentscomprehensive coverage includes a chapter on drafting simple contractslively examples help students understand the law well-crafted pedagogychapter overviews highlighted exampleskey termsreview questions sample clauses for analysisedited cases chapter summaries exercises manageable length, ideal for shorter courses.ethical problems at the end of each chapter raise awareness of professional responsibility in practicesample contracts in the Appendix The revised Seventh Edition presents: new and updated case excerpts, assignments, and examples

Contract Law in Perspective

Author: Linda Mulcahy
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 185941771X
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Law

This book complements 'black letter' treatments of contract by looking at legal doctrine and statutes in their social. political and economic context. In addition to describing the key doctrines in the field it explains the ideology behind them and considers the extent to which they serve the needs of the business community and consumers. The book aims to broaden understanding and appreciation of the subject by reference to the 'big ideas' in contract theory and how these relate to practice at a level which is suitable for students. This latest edition of an established text has been substantially revised. The chapters on standard form contracts. government contracts. contract and competition. and clauses regularly found in business contracts have been updated. In addition there are new chapters on contemporary critiques of contract and dispute resolution in the post Woolf era which introduce students to new ideas about the modern day role of contract.

Construction Contract Preparation and Management

Author: Geoff Powell
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 9780230370289
Release Date: 2012-02-22
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Construction industry professionals produce terms of contracts all the time; whenever they write a specification clause or put a dimension on a drawing for example. Unfortunately, a lot of graduates leave university without realising this, or the significance of contracts in general, where misunderstandings and mistakes can be extremely expensive and cause considerable delay. This new text is a practical and reader-friendly approach for students and new professionals in Civil Engineering and the Built Environment, starting at the very beginning of construction projects and making important connections between stages. The text is full of helpful illustrations and real-life industry examples. Includes: • Extensive explanation of two of the most commonly used forms of contract, NEC3 ECC and JCT SBC05 • General principles of contracts; concepts such as the importance of time and programmes, and payment and pricing mechanisms; processes such as tendering; and the importance of stakeholders • An introduction to contract law and negligence as they affect the construction professional • The EU Procurement Directive and framework agreements • Site investigation and how to carry one out • The CDM regulations and safety