Calculated Bets

Author: Steven S. Skiena
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521009626
Release Date: 2001-08-06
Genre: Computers

A story of using computer simulations and mathematical modeling techniques to predict the outcome of jai-alai matches and bet on them successfully.

Mastering the 7 Essentials of High Growth Companies

Author: David G. Thomson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470634820
Release Date: 2010-04-30
Genre: Business & Economics

Practical strategies to propel your company to the top American business is entering unchartered territory. Recent trends suggest that we are moving out of a recession-fairly labeled The Great Recession-into a recovery phase characterized by high unemployment with growth. As such, the business road ahead will be challenging. Growth will be harder to achieve and business failure will be more prevalent. But the best of America's growth businesses will pass through this cycle to experience renewed and hopeful growth in contrast to the high failure rate of those who fail to grow. The numbers are proving this to be the extreme case-a higher upside with a greater failure rate. What are America's recession-proof, highest growth companies doing differently? What are the values, fundamentals, and actions that will make the difference between failure, or just surviving and thriving? The answer to these questions is, what Thomson calls, The 7 Essentials-value proposition, high growth market segment, marquee customers, big brother alliances, exponential returns, inside/outside leadership, and essential board experts. This book is the timely answer to the search for what it will take to propel a company's growth through these challenging times. It's for management teams of any business, independent of size or industry, which desires to identify a course of action to improve their opportunities to grow. "Applying the 7 Essentials will improve your company's growth prospects," says author David Thomson. Growth companies are especially defined by their ability to grow through recession and recovery periods to become the new growth leaders. The case studies and the numbers in this book prove it. This reliable resource extends the insights from Thomson's bestselling book, Blueprint to a Billion: 7 Essentials to Achieve Exponential Growth to apply the 7 Essentials to all companies. Thomson is known as America's growth expert on what it takes to transform a small business into a billion dollar one. He has been recognized by Investors Business Daily as the "Guru for Uncovering the Blueprint for Sizzling Growth Companies." Offers busy professionals essential insights that will move their business or business unit beyond surviving and into thriving now and in the future Written by an expert on how companies achieve growth in challenging markets Contains key CEO interviews and quick case studies and is supported by on-line scoring tools to help teams apply the 7 Essentials Economic weakness has not changed the need for companies to grow. This book provides you with a proven framework to overcome such challenges and thrive in today's challenging business environment.

Dependable and Historic Computing

Author: Cliff B. Jones
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783642245411
Release Date: 2012-01-24
Genre: Computers

This Festschrift volume, published in honor of Brian Randell on the occasion of his 75th birthday, contains a total of 37 refereed contributions. Two biographical papers are followed by the six invited papers that were presented at the conference 'Dependable and Historic Computing: The Randell Tales', held during April 7-8, 2011 at Newcastle University, UK. The remaining contributions are authored by former scientific colleagues of Brian Randell. The papers focus on the core of Brian Randell’s work: the development of computing science and the study of its history. Moreover, his wider interests are reflected and so the collection comprises papers on software engineering, storage fragmentation, computer architecture, programming languages and dependability. There is even a paper that echoes Randell’s love of maps. After an early career with English Electric and then with IBM in New York and California, Brian Randell joined Newcastle University. His main research has been on dependable computing in all its forms, especially reliability, safety and security aspects, and he has led several major European collaborative projects.

The Bride of Science

Author: Benjamin Woolley
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 9781447277798
Release Date: 2015-03-12
Genre: Computers

Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron was born in 1815 just after the Battle of Waterloo, and died aged 36, soon after the Great Exhibition of 1851. She was connected with some of the most influential and colourful characters of the age: Charles Dickens, Michael Faraday, Charles Darwin and Charles Babbage. It was her work with Babbage that led to her being credited with the invention of computer programming and to her name being adopted for the programming language that controls the US military machine. Ada personified the seismic historical changes taking place over her lifetime. This was the era when fissures began to open up in culture: romance split away from reason, instinct from intellect, art from science. Ada came to embody these new polarities and her life heralded a new era: the machine age. Reissued to coincide with the bicentenary of Ada's birth, The Bride of Science is a fascinating examination of an extraordinary life offering devastating insight into the seemingly unbridgeable gulf between art and science, the consequences of which are still with us today.

Natural Computing DNA Quantum Bits and the Future of Smart Machines

Author: Dennis E. Shasha
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393336832
Release Date: 2010-05-17
Genre: Computers

Computer-scientist Dennish Shasha, perhaps best known for his work on the 'Puzzling Adventures' column in Scientific American, here teams up with journalist Cathy Lazere to explore the outer reaches of current computer science theory. After dozens of interviews, they realized that while researchers are working in a variety of disciplines in science, engineering, and even finance, they all share a common vision: the future of computing is a synthesis with nature. The stories that result defy belief. Instead of designing a high precision machine that handles every possibility, space engineers propose to design machines that will adapt to handle new possibilities. Other researchers are exploring wetware processing built on DNA or bacterial cells that promises nearly free and massively parallel computation. Another designer's 'extended analog computer,' a piece of foam attached to 25 wires, has turned computing completely on its head: instead of calculating an answer using ones and zeros and arithmetic as in a digital computer, his measures an answer. In lively, readable prose, Shasha and Lazere take readers on a tour of this bizarre and fascinating world.

A Bit of a Flutter

Author: Mark Clapson
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 0719034361
Release Date: 1992-01-01
Genre: Social Science


ISBN: UOM:39076002534753
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Mathematics

What are the Odds

Author: Liam O'Brien
ISBN: 9781783012893
Release Date: 2014-01-01
Genre: Games

The most comprehensive reference book on sports betting on the market with over 500 entries. Wide ranging, often quirky, sometimes offbeat but never boring if you’re interested in betting on sports or even just reading about it. Laid out in an A-Z format, the book takes a wide angled definition of the genre and also covers related areas such as political and prop betting. The history and growth of sports betting is examined in detail and the scams, scandals and coups scattered throughout its history are brought to life. Terminology and theories are explained in a highly readable manner and entries are systematically cross referenced so you can explore the most unlikely connections. The author knows what he’s talking about and after reading this, you will too.

Fraser s Magazine

Author: James Anthony Froude
ISBN: MINN:31951000742905K
Release Date: 1833
Genre: Authors

Contains the first printing of Sartor resartus, as well as other works by Thomas Carlyle.

The Successful Investor Today

Author: Larry E. Swedroe
Publisher: Truman Talley Books
ISBN: 9781429909365
Release Date: 2007-04-01
Genre: Business & Economics

What does it take to achieve superior performance and become a successful investor? Rather than great stock pricing or market timing skills, it is far better for you to understand how the markets work and how to make them work best for you. Larry E. Swedroe argues that the right strategy never changes, no matter whether the bull is stampeding or the bear has emerged from hibernation. The Successful Investor Today was written during one of the greatest bear markets of the post-World War II era--a bear market that was a result of the inevitable bursting of the technology-led bubble of the late 1990s (what Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan called "irrational exuberance"). Although millions of investors unnecessarily incurred trillions of dollars in losses, neither this bubble, nor the ensuing devastating losses, were anything new. Despite all the horrible investment experiences that have been reported, those investors who followed the fourteen simple truths outlined in this book--including the building of globally diversified portfolios-did not suffer the devastating losses experienced by many others. The fourteen simple truths withstand the tests of logic and time in the way the stock market really works, rather than the way Wall Street and the media would have you believe it works. Since it is generally held that those who fail to plan, plan to fail, an investor must begin with an investment plan. Your plan should be tailored to conform to your unique ability, willingness, and need to take risk. In The Successful Investor Today, you will learn how to build, write, implement, and manage your investment plan over time. This book will help you become a better and more informed investor, and it will help you achieve your financial goals by gradually increasing your wealth. Apart from offering an up-to-date winning strategy, The Successful Investor Today presents an efficient and proven way to avoid the most common--and costly--mistakes investors continue to make.

The Sam Gunn Omnibus

Author: Ben Bova
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN: 9781466828674
Release Date: 2009-04-14
Genre: Fiction

THE IRREPRESSIBLE SAM GUNN A hero without peer or scruples, Sam Gunn has a nose for trouble, money, and women—though not necessarily in that order. A man with the ego (and stature) of a Napoleon, the business acumen of a P. T. Barnum, and the raging hormones of a teenage boy, Sam is the finest astronaut NASA ever trained...and dumped. But more than money, more than women, Sam Gunn loves justice. (And he really does love money and women.) Whether he's suing the Pope, helping twin sisters entangled in the "virtual sex" trade, or on trial for his life on charges of interplanetary genocide, you can be sure of one thing: this is one space jockey who'll meet every challenge with a smile on his lips, an ace up his sleeve...and a weapon in his pocket. Now, for the first time between covers, Hugo-winner Ben Bova presents all the tales of Sam Gunn to date, including three never before collected in book form. Here is the entire chronicle of Sam Gunn, trailblazer and scoundrel, as he scams his way from one end of the Solar System to the other, giving bold new meaning to the term "venture capitalist." At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Win By Not Losing A Disciplined Approach to Building and Protecting Your Wealth in the Stock Market by Managing Your Risk

Author: Nick Atkeson
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071812900
Release Date: 2013-10-15
Genre: Business & Economics

"... Reveals how you can make smarter, more profitable investments by first protecting your capital from major bear equity markets. It also shows you how to identify major bullish equity market trends and guides you on how best to participate"--P. [2] of cover.

Play Winning Poker in No Time

Author: Alison Pendergast
Publisher: Que Pub
ISBN: 0789733404
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Games

Poker is hotter than ever and it's a good bet these days that if you're flipping through the TV channels, you'll see a poker game being played, by amateurs, professional and even celebrities.If you're looking to try your hand at America's favorite card game then Play Winning Poker In No Time is the perfect beginner's guideto teach you all the fundamentals to confidently "ante up" in a casual game with friends, at a live action casino table or even online at any one of the popular Internet poker sites.With Play Winning PokerIn No Time, you'll learn about: Texas Hold 'em Starting Hand Tactics Basic Seven Card Stud Strategy Common Poker Rules Internet Poker & Online Poker Sites Poker Tournaments Including the World Series of Poker Casino Poker Room Etiquette When to Bluff vs.When to Bet Spotting Poker "Tells" Poker Math Including How To Calculate Odds & Probabilities Betting Strategies to Maximize Pots The easy-to-understand explanations and illustrations won't bog you down in complex "what if" scenarios or confusing jargon. You'll simply obtain the basic knowledge needed to successfully play poker and win money. A unique, tear-out "cheat sheet" card is chock full of valuable poker information including a visual guide topoker hand rankings or "what beats what," a color-coded starting hand chart showing which 2-card Hold 'em starting hands to play,andan odds chart showing the percent chance of improving your Hold 'em hand as new cards are dealt. With Play Winning Poker In No Time, you will master the basics, win the game and take home the cash.