California Family Law for Paralegals

Author: Marshall W. Waller
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 9781454861317
Release Date: 2016-01-31
Genre: Law

Focused squarely on the California Family Code, California Family Law for Paralegals integrates statutory law and judicial interpretation into a cohesive general discussion of all aspects of the state's family law. Its practical, straightforward approach is designed to teach the basics to paralegal students, and powerful pedagogy makes it stand apart from most books on California Law. Chapter Overviews and Summaries, exercises, Key Terms, and a glossary combine with examples of all the key Judicial Council forms used in the practice of family law in California. Comprehensive coverage explores all the key topics and developments in this constantly evolving area of the law. Thoroughly updated, the revised Sixth Edition reflects important changes in the law, with new cases and statutes, including status of California State Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. As a result, all forms have been completely updated. A new discussion advises how technology can make family law practice more effective. Hallmark features of California Family Law for Paralegals: Focused on the California Family Code integrates statutory law and judicial interpretation cohesive discussion of all aspects of family law Practical, straightforward approach designed to teach the basics Includes examples of all key Judicial Council forms used in California family law Powerful pedagogy surpasses most books on California law Chapter Overviews Chapter Summaries exercises Key Terms glossary Comprehensive coverage of all key topics and developments Thoroughly updated, the revised Sixth Edition: Reflects changes in the law new cases and statutes status of California State Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage Forms completely updated. New discussion of technology to make family law practice more effective

The California Family Law Paralegal

Author: Dianna L. Noyes
ISBN: 1611635616
Release Date: 2014-08-15
Genre: Law

The Third Edition of The California Family Law Paralegal is today's method for students and entry level paralegals to learn the theory and practice of their profession within the specific framework of California's laws. Paralegal students and entry level paralegals will enjoy this topical course book and will refer to it again and again as a valuable desk reference in their daily work as a paralegal. This text provides in depth information about the use of Judicial Council forms and other specialized pleadings found in California. Practical exhibits and examples for students and all levels of paralegals are included, as well as sample tests, test questions, and research projects to round out their education. This edition includes the recent changes in California law that relate to the revised statutory definition of marriage, along with as much relevant information as is available at press time in this evolving area of family law. This comprehensive textbook for students and practicing paralegals in California covers the basic nuts and bolts of family law practice using a balanced approach of theory and application.

California Family Law Handbook for Paralegals

Author: L. W. Greenberg
ISBN: 1530070775
Release Date: 2016-05-25

This is the First Edition of the California Family Law Handbook. It has been endorsed by two California judges who agree that this book is easy to read and understand and a great book for paralegals. It was written by an attorney who practiced family law for 25 years and currently teaches family law to paralegals. The companion workbook (California Family Law Workbook) has questions for every chapter and student assignments. This textbook is a comprehensive family law book and the only book on the market today that includes all of the important family law cases, codes and California Rules of Court. The Table of Contents is detailed enough to use for research and it has a large, extensive index. This is the book that family law paralegals and instructors have been wishing for. There is an Instructor's Manual that can be requested. It contains syllabi for 10, 12 and 15 week courses and a substantial test bank. A workbook at a special price can also be requested. Make all requests at the book's website.

The California Probate Paralegal

Author: Dianna L. Noyes
Publisher: Ingram
ISBN: 1611634520
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Law

The California Probate Paralegal, Second Edition, is a comprehensive textbook for students and practicing paralegals in California. It covers the nuts and bolts of probate, estate planning and administration using a balanced approach of theory and application. The textbook includes the history of probate and estate planning, as well as the most current, up-to-date information about estate planning and administration.This textbook provides state specific statutes, rules, and procedures and step-by-step guidance in preparing California Judicial Council forms and pleadings. Forms and practical examples are used throughout the book as they apply to typical probate and estate issues a paralegal will face in the law firm.The book is written for all levels – students as well as practicing paralegals. Readers will enjoy this topical and easy to follow textbook and will refer to it again and again as a valuable desk reference in their daily work as a probate/estate planning paralegal.

Family Law for Paralegals

Author: J. Shoshanna Ehrlich
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 9781454873396
Release Date: 2016-09-16
Genre: Law

Family Law for Paralegals, 7E is a comprehensive text for family law, offering complete coverage of the basics of family law, combined with historical context and insight into topics of current interest. This thoughtful and carefully written textbook offers the nuts-and-bolts of the law, framed in historical context and include exposure to some of the most dynamic issues in family law today. The text’s comprehensive coverage includes basic coverage of the issues of marriage and divorce, as well as cutting-edge issues such as non-marital families, child abuse and neglect, child support and custody, and same-sex marriage. Features: Detailed treatment of Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges striking down bans on marriages between same-sex partners on federal constitutional grounds Added discussion about emerging recognition of domestic violence as a human rights violation Discussion of expanded protections under the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 for both Native American women who are abused by non-Native perpetrators and same-sex victims of abuse Expanded section on interstate child support cases, with new material on international support actions under a recent Hague Convention Expanded section on post-majority child support focused on enlarging parental obligations to correspond to the new reality of today’s young adults An added section about some of the continuing ambiguities/complexities of interstate child custody cases under the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act A new section on the Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act A new section on e-mediation A new section on the Indian Child Welfare Act that is intended to reverse historical disregard for tribal relations of Native Peoples

The Paralegal Workbook for California Family Law

Author: L. W. Greenberg
ISBN: 1535424052
Release Date: 2016-07-22

This is the First Edition Workbook for "The Paralegal Handbook for at California Family Law: First Edition". It contains after chapter questions for every chapter in the First Edition Handbook. There are 4 practical assignments with grading rubrics. The information to complete these assignments is a mythical couple scenario provided in Section 4. There are 24 Judicial Council forms including those updated on July 1, 2016. This is a great companion to the First Edition Handbook!

Personal Injury and the Law of Torts for Paralegals

Author: Emily Lynch Morissette
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 9781454887171
Release Date: 2017-02-01
Genre: Law

This text for the paralegal course emphasizes personal injury and medical information useful in litigating torts cases. The text has two in-depth chapters on litigation before and during trial. It provides paralegal students with the foundational information on torts and teaches them how to apply the skills they will need when working as personal injury paralegals. The text features teachable and comprehensive coverage, beginning with an introduction to the concept of torts and then moving into each element of negligence. The book then tackles medical malpractice as a type of negligence. Intentional torts are covered next, followed by a chapter on workers’ compensation. The book concludes with chapters on how to discover medical records, tort discovery, and litigation. An introduction to medicine is provided as an appendix. A special emphasis is given to medical information specifically related to personal injury, including a guide on how to obtain medical records and how to understand those records.

California Civil Litigation

Author: Susan Burnett Luten
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781111806897
Release Date: 2008-06-13
Genre: Law

California Civil Litigation, fifth edition, is designed to provide paralegal students and practicing paralegals with information, skills, and experience. It follows the litigation process chronologically from initial client questions and contracts, to ethical issues, through the pleading and discovery phases, to trial, post-trial and appeal. Each phase of litigation is explored through official forms and drafted documents and each chapter includes highlighted glossary words and definitions to enable the reader to learn the technical language of litigation. In addition to the usual probing discussion questions, each chapter includes online projects requiring the reader to locate and analyze relevant Internet material. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

California Legal Secretary

Author: Marlene Hazlewood
Publisher: LexisNexis
ISBN: 9781945421334
Release Date: 2017-04-28
Genre: Law

Complete and comprehensive guide to California legal procedures. Definitions, background information, step-by-step guidelines, statements of procedure and sample forms. In-depth coverage of eight practice areas: civil litigation, federal proceedings, family, real property, corporations, landlord/tenant, and wills and probate.

California Property Law for Paralegals

Author: D. Patrick O'Laughlin
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 9781454860143
Release Date: 2015-01-30
Genre: Law

Designed to simplify material while maximizing student interest, California Property Law for Paralegals is a well-organized, clearly written, practical text. This concise yet comprehensive book will provide students the tools they need but will not overwhelm them because it is geared specifically to the needs of paralegal students. Written so that class lectures can be prepared with ease, this text features: Practical problem solving exercises and hypotheticals presented in an interesting and attention-grabbing style with an eye to engaging the reader Ethical issues discussed throughout the text that challenge the students and prepare them for practice An option for instructors to encourage students to draft assignments in IRAC form to better prepare students for the workplace and to make grading easier for instructors Chapters ending with a review of important terms, concepts, definitions, and chapter review questions. The author engages both students and instructors with four special features intended to facilitate mastering the law through practical application: Judge for a Day uses a paraphrased judicial opinion or fact pattern that does not reveal the holding of the case. Students are asked to predict the judge's ruling. These can be used to trigger classroom discussion or used in a mock trial. The Client Comes Calling presents a challenge or task that a paralegal may encounter in the course of an ordinary day in a law firm. This feature spotlights ethical considerations and also introduces students to the business side of the practice of law. Sharpening the Saw: An Exercise in Issue Spotting trains paralegals to think like legal professionals. Students are asked to read a set of facts and then to identify and effectively convey the issue in writing. This feature is presented in such a way that an instructor can determine how much emphasis to place on legal writing. Out of the Ivory Tower reminds students that clients use law firms to solve problems. This feature encourages creative thinking and a focus on the "big picture." Without a doubt, California Property Law for Paralegals is your best alternative for an easy to teach, focused, California-specific property text aimed specifically at paralegals.

Fundamentals of California Litigation for Paralegals

Author: Marlene A. Maerowitz
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 9781454887805
Release Date: 2017-01-24
Genre: Law

Based on the widely popular text, Fundamentals of Litigation for Paralegals, Fundamentals of California Litigation for Paralegals focuses on the rules in California, specifically, and the role of the paralegal in litigation. From the moment a client walks into the office, through trial and post-judgment (as well as settlements and alternative forms of resoluion), respected authors Maerowitz and Mauet cover the gamut of California litigation for paralegals with their signature approach.

Model Rules of Professional Conduct

Author: American Bar Association. House of Delegates
Publisher: American Bar Association
ISBN: 160442107X
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Law

The 2008 Edition of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct is an up-to-date resource for information on lawyer ethics. The Rules, with some variations, have been adopted in 48 jurisdictions. Federal, state, and local courts in all jurisdictions, even those that have not formally adopted the Rules, look to the Rules for guidance in resolving lawyer malpractice cases, disciplinary actions, disqualification issues, sanctions questions, and much more.

Basic Bankruptcy Law for Paralegals Abridged

Author: David L. Buchbinder
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 9781454880271
Release Date: 2017-02-24
Genre: Law

Basic Bankruptcy Law for Paralegals, Abridged Edition evolved from a need to develop a nuts-and-bolts description of the bankruptcy system written in a manner that could be easily understood by nonlawyers. The primary intent has been to design this text as a basic primer for legal assistants or paralegal students to help them grasp the practical aspects of representing debtors or creditors within the bankruptcy system. To meet this challenge, the authors have explained practice and theory together in as concise a format as possible. This Abridged Edition focuses primarily upon consumer bankruptcy since the vast majority of bankruptcy cases are filed as consumer Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 cases.

Florida Family Law Practice

Author: Renee Goldenberg
Publisher: LexisNexis
ISBN: 9781945421839
Release Date: 2018-06-01
Genre: Law

REVISION 11 HIGHLIGHTS Highlights of new material in this edition of Florida Family Law and Practice include: The Florida Supreme Court implements standalone Family Law Rules of Procedure, effective March 16, 2017. With a few exceptions, the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure no longer apply in family law cases. Effective July 1, 2017, the Florida Supreme Court adopts Rule Regulating the Florida Bar 4-1.9 and Florida Family Law Rule of Procedure 12.745 both addressing the Collaborative Law Process. A California home, transferred by a husband and wife before dissolution to a revocable trust with wife as sole trustee was not marital property subject to equitable distribution. The standard for reviewing a trial court’s determination of whether property was an interspousal gift subject to equitable distribution is competent, substantial evidence. The Fourth DCA refuses to recognize a former wife’s tort claim that her former husband’s employer engaged in fraudulent conduct after the final judgment of dissolution that falsely depressed the former husband’s income to limit his child support obligation. Father’s complaint against health care providers alleging battery and intentional interference with parent-child relationship was properly dismissed; health care providers may render medical care on one parent’s consent. District courts of appeal conflict concerning whether the results of a DNA test fulfill the requirement of “newly discovered evidence” for purposes of disestablishing paternity. A Florida court was required to enforce a Colorado order regarding grandparents’ visitation even though entry of a similar order by a Florida court would be prohibited by the Florida Constitution. The Florida Supreme Court declines to adopt the “Daubert amendment” to section 90.702, Florida Statutes, due to constitutional concerns that must be addressed in the context of a proper case or controversy. Wife’s pro se reply to husband’s petition for dissolution of marriage constituted both an answer and a counter-petition. Preparing and attaching child support guidelines to a child support agreement is no longer optional; the parties cannot waive the requirement. Trial court rendered a child support modification order when it filed the order with the clerk of court, not when it signed the order one week earlier, so as to trigger the 10-day period for the Department of Revenue (DOR) to file a motion to vacate the Hearing Officer’s recommended order. The trial court erred in awarding wife no portion of husband’s pension based on its de minimis value; over course of ten years, payout of marital portion of pension would have been roughly $21,600. A law firm was entitled to a charging lien against marital assets awarded to husband where the firm and husband had a written agreement providing for the lien, even though husband would have been entitled to a share of marital assets without the law firm’s representation. Attorneys’ fees may not be awarded against the new spouse of a former spouse. District courts of appeal conflict over whether the trial court has authority to award attorney’s fees pursuant to section 57.105, Florida Statutes, in a domestic violence proceeding. Receding from its prior opinion, the Fourth DCA granted the father attorney’s fees in a paternity action pursuant to section 742.045, Florida Statutes conditioned on a showing of need and ability to pay on remand to the trial court. Former wife could not be ordered to pay former husband’s fees and costs simply because she refused to settle the case. Bank records mandatorily disclosed under Family Law Rules of Procedure must still be admitted into evidence. Disclosed items are not per se admissible.