Compact Complex Surfaces

Author: W. Barth
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642967542
Release Date: 2012-12-06
Genre: Mathematics

Contents: Introduction. - Standard Notations. - Preliminaries. - Curves on Surfaces. - Mappings of Surfaces. - Some General Properties of Surfaces. - Examples. - The Enriques-Kodaira Classification. - Surfaces of General Type. - K3-Surfaces and Enriques Surfaces. - Bibliography. - Subject Index.

Modern Geometry A Celebration of the Work of Simon Donaldson

Author: Vicente Muñoz
Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.
ISBN: 9781470440947
Release Date: 2018-09-05
Genre: Four-manifolds (Topology)

This book contains a collection of survey articles of exciting new developments in geometry, written in tribute to Simon Donaldson to celebrate his 60th birthday. Reflecting the wide range of Donaldson's interests and influence, the papers range from algebraic geometry and topology through symplectic geometry and geometric analysis to mathematical physics. Their expository nature means the book acts as an invitation to the various topics described, while also giving a sense of the links between these different areas and the unity of modern geometry.

Cohomological Aspects in Complex Non K hler Geometry

Author: Daniele Angella
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319024417
Release Date: 2013-11-22
Genre: Mathematics

In these notes, we provide a summary of recent results on the cohomological properties of compact complex manifolds not endowed with a Kähler structure. On the one hand, the large number of developed analytic techniques makes it possible to prove strong cohomological properties for compact Kähler manifolds. On the other, in order to further investigate any of these properties, it is natural to look for manifolds that do not have any Kähler structure. We focus in particular on studying Bott-Chern and Aeppli cohomologies of compact complex manifolds. Several results concerning the computations of Dolbeault and Bott-Chern cohomologies on nilmanifolds are summarized, allowing readers to study explicit examples. Manifolds endowed with almost-complex structures, or with other special structures (such as, for example, symplectic, generalized-complex, etc.), are also considered.

Algebraic Geometry over the Complex Numbers

Author: Donu Arapura
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781461418092
Release Date: 2012-02-15
Genre: Mathematics

This is a relatively fast paced graduate level introduction to complex algebraic geometry, from the basics to the frontier of the subject. It covers sheaf theory, cohomology, some Hodge theory, as well as some of the more algebraic aspects of algebraic geometry. The author frequently refers the reader if the treatment of a certain topic is readily available elsewhere but goes into considerable detail on topics for which his treatment puts a twist or a more transparent viewpoint. His cases of exploration and are chosen very carefully and deliberately. The textbook achieves its purpose of taking new students of complex algebraic geometry through this a deep yet broad introduction to a vast subject, eventually bringing them to the forefront of the topic via a non-intimidating style.

Arithmetic and Geometry of K3 Surfaces and Calabi Yau Threefolds

Author: Radu Laza
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781461464037
Release Date: 2013-06-12
Genre: Mathematics

In recent years, research in K3 surfaces and Calabi–Yau varieties has seen spectacular progress from both arithmetic and geometric points of view, which in turn continues to have a huge influence and impact in theoretical physics—in particular, in string theory. The workshop on Arithmetic and Geometry of K3 surfaces and Calabi–Yau threefolds, held at the Fields Institute (August 16-25, 2011), aimed to give a state-of-the-art survey of these new developments. This proceedings volume includes a representative sampling of the broad range of topics covered by the workshop. While the subjects range from arithmetic geometry through algebraic geometry and differential geometry to mathematical physics, the papers are naturally related by the common theme of Calabi–Yau varieties. With the big variety of branches of mathematics and mathematical physics touched upon, this area reveals many deep connections between subjects previously considered unrelated. Unlike most other conferences, the 2011 Calabi–Yau workshop started with 3 days of introductory lectures. A selection of 4 of these lectures is included in this volume. These lectures can be used as a starting point for the graduate students and other junior researchers, or as a guide to the subject.

Cartesian Currents in the Calculus of Variations I

Author: Mariano Giaquinta
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540640096
Release Date: 1998-08-19
Genre: Mathematics

This monograph (in two volumes) deals with non scalar variational problems arising in geometry, as harmonic mappings between Riemannian manifolds and minimal graphs, and in physics, as stable equilibrium configuations in nonlinear elasticity or for liquid crystals. The presentation is selfcontained and accessible to non specialists. Topics are treated as far as possible in an elementary way, illustrating results with simple examples; in principle, chapters and even sections are readable independently of the general context, so that parts can be easily used for graduate courses. Open questions are often mentioned and the final section of each chapter discusses references to the literature and sometimes supplementary results. Finally, a detailed Table of Contents and an extensive Index are of help to consult this monograph

Stein Manifolds and Holomorphic Mappings

Author: Franc Forstnerič
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642222504
Release Date: 2011-08-27
Genre: Mathematics

The main theme of this book is the homotopy principle for holomorphic mappings from Stein manifolds to the newly introduced class of Oka manifolds. The book contains the first complete account of Oka-Grauert theory and its modern extensions, initiated by Mikhail Gromov and developed in the last decade by the author and his collaborators. Included is the first systematic presentation of the theory of holomorphic automorphisms of complex Euclidean spaces, a survey on Stein neighborhoods, connections between the geometry of Stein surfaces and Seiberg-Witten theory, and a wide variety of applications ranging from classical to contemporary.

The Uncertainty Principle in Harmonic Analysis

Author: Victor Havin
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 354056991X
Release Date: 1994-10-24
Genre: Mathematics

The present book is a collection of variations on a theme which can be summed up as follows: It is impossible for a non-zero function and its Fourier transform to be simultaneously very small. In other words, the approximate equalities x :::::: y and x :::::: fj cannot hold, at the same time and with a high degree of accuracy, unless the functions x and yare identical. Any information gained about x (in the form of a good approximation y) has to be paid for by a corresponding loss of control on x, and vice versa. Such is, roughly speaking, the import of the Uncertainty Principle (or UP for short) referred to in the title ofthis book. That principle has an unmistakable kinship with its namesake in physics - Heisenberg's famous Uncertainty Principle - and may indeed be regarded as providing one of mathematical interpretations for the latter. But we mention these links with Quantum Mechanics and other connections with physics and engineering only for their inspirational value, and hasten to reassure the reader that at no point in this book will he be led beyond the world of purely mathematical facts. Actually, the portion of this world charted in our book is sufficiently vast, even though we confine ourselves to trigonometric Fourier series and integrals (so that "The U. P. in Fourier Analysis" might be a slightly more appropriate title than the one we chose).