Comparative Contract Law

Author: Larry A. DiMatteo
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198728733
Release Date: 2016-01-09
Genre: Contracts

Bringing together leading commercial and contract law scholars from the United Kingdom and United States, Comparative Contract Law: British and American Perspectives offers an insightful and comprehensive assessment of the commonalities and divergences in the contract law of these twojurisdictions. Approaching the subject area from a variety of perspectives - doctrinal analysis, behavioural analysis, law and economics, and theoretical - the book examines familiar areas of contract law as practiced in the UK and US. Topics include contract theory and structure; contract formationand defects of consent; policing contracts and the duty of good faith; contract interpretation; damages; speciality contracts; and legal reform. The volume provides a thorough assessment of the current state of commercial contract law in the UK and US, and addresses the strengths and weaknesses of the national and European approaches to many issues of contract law. In particular it focuses on how commercial contract law should be improved,and whether harmonization of the different contract law regimes is a suitable, and appropriate, solution.

Realms of Legal Interpretation

Author: Kent Greenawalt
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780190882877
Release Date: 2018-07-06
Genre: Law

Legal norms may forbid, require, or authorize a particular form of behavior. The law of contracts, for example, informs people how to enter into agreements that will bind both sides, and from this we establish legal requirements on how they should behave. In public law, legal standards provide authority to legislators and executive officials to set standards for citizens, and also give judges the authority to decide disputes by applying and interpreting governing standards. In Realms of Legal Interpretation, Kent Greenawalt focuses on how courts decide what is legally forbidden or authorized, and how context shapes their decisions. The problem, he argues, is that we do not, and never have, agreed exist on all the details of the standards United States judges should employ--like everyone else, judges have different ideas of what constitutes good common sense. Moreover, circumstance regularly throws up hurdles. For instance, what should a judge do if the text of a statute does not fit the intention of the legislators, or if someone has obviously and mistakenly omitted a necessary item from a will or contract? Different judges react in different ways. Acknowledging that courts will never agree upon a uniform approach to applying norms and interpreting the law, Greenawalt's aim is to provide a capacious, user-friendly model for approaching hard cases sensibly in both public and private law. Just as importantly, the book serves as a pithy guide to the major forms of legal interpretation for nonlawyers. Ultimately, Realms of Legal Interpretation represents a pithy distillation of Greenawalt's many works on the theories that anchor legal interpretation in America's legal system.

Law and Legal Culture in Comparative Perspective

Author: Günther Doeker-Mach
Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag
ISBN: 3515085602
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Philosophy

Comparative legal studies are at last commanding the thoughts of contemporary jurists� Alice ES Tay. Drawing on an impressive ancestry in comparative law, the 22 contributions in this volume by authors from Asia, Australia and Europe go further in their complex conception of law and culture. They look at the new principles and concepts of a transnational, global law in new, multiple contexts and in diverse juxtapositions with new institutions and authorities. In an unplanned but cohesive pattern the individual contributions together open a fresh vision of the use and value of comparative legal studies for the assessment of the function and limitations of the law of a global society.

Anglo American Perspectives on Private International Law

Author: Matthew Alan Reed
Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press
ISBN: STANFORD:36105060355836
Release Date: 2003-01
Genre: Law

This monograph examines conflict of laws in the areas of family law, tort jurisdiction, choice of laws, and recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments. It provides an account of the common themes, related jurisprudence, and theoretical underpinnings that have guided Anglo-American traditions.

Comparative Law in the 21st Century

Author: Andrew Harding
Publisher: Kluwer Law International
ISBN: 904119875X
Release Date: 2002-01-01
Genre: Law

If one were to define a lawyer's practice as "comparative law", who would not smile at the naivety expressed by such a confusion of the academic and the "practical"? Yet such a definition comes close to reality for an increasing number of practitioners. As society becomes more global and multicultural, many lawyers find themselves researching and applying principles and rules from several legal traditions. In Europe especially, the gradual convergence of civil law and common law that has been under way for decades is now gaining depth and breadth from aspects of Islamic, Asian and African legal cultures, and we are all the better for it. So it is time to take stock of where the discipline of comparative law stands and where it is going, a task undertaken in the 16 essays in this book.

Emancipation Oxford Bibliographies Online Research Guide

Author: Oxford University Press
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199808317
Release Date: 2010-06-01
Genre: History

This ebook is a selective guide designed to help scholars and students of the ancient world find reliable sources of information by directing them to the best available scholarly materials in whatever form or format they appear from books, chapters, and journal articles to online archives, electronic data sets, and blogs. Written by a leading international authority on the subject, the ebook provides bibliographic information supported by direct recommendations about which sources to consult and editorial commentary to make it clear how the cited sources are interrelated. This ebook is just one of many articles from Oxford Bibliographies Online: Atlantic History, a continuously updated and growing online resource designed to provide authoritative guidance through the scholarship and other materials relevant to the study of Atlantic History, the study of the transnational interconnections between Europe, North America, South America, and Africa, particularly in the early modern and colonial period. Oxford Bibliographies Online covers most subject disciplines within the social science and humanities, for more information visit

European Union Non Discrimination Law

Author: Dagmar Schiek
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781134049318
Release Date: 2009-06-02
Genre: Law

EU equality law is multidimensional in being based on different rationales and concepts. Consequently, the concept of discrimination has become fragmented, with different instruments envisaging different scopes of protection. This raises questions as to the ability of EU law to address the situation of persons excluded on a number of grounds. This edited collection addresses the increasing complexity of European Equality Law from jurisprudential, sociological and political science perspectives. Internationally renowned researchers from Scandinavian, Continental and Central European countries and Britain analyse consequences of multiplying discrimination grounds within EU equality law, considering its multidimensionality and intersectionality. The contributors to the volume theorise the move from formal to substantive equality law and its interrelation to new forms of governance, demonstrating the specific combination of non-discrimination law with welfare state models which reveal the global implications of the European Union. The book will be of interest to academics and policy makers all over the world, in particular to those researching and studying law, political sciences and sociology with an interest in human rights, non discrimination law, contract and employment law or European studies.

Labor law and business change

Author: Samuel Estreicher
ISBN: UOM:35128000972099
Release Date: 1988
Genre: Law

A collection of specially written essays by distinguished legal scholars and practicing lawyers, this book explores the ways in which collective bargaining practices have been forced to adapt and change in response to a radical restructuring in the labor and personnel relations of American businesses. As the contributors demonstrate, current trends--such as a shift from manufacturing to service employment, deregulation, a hostile political environment, and a host of mergers and acquisitions--have made an understanding of traditional labor law doctrine increasingly less central to actual practice. Practitioners today need a thorough grasp of complex new workplace regulations and a mastery of the interplay between legal rules and practical constraints on transactions like plant closings, assets or stock sales, bankruptcy reorganization, and union representation on corporate boards of directors. Labor Law and Business Change places these changes within a comprehensive legal and practical framework and provides expert advice to those who must deal with these developments in the course of structuring particular business transactions.