Complete Guide to Watercolour

Author: David Webb
Publisher: Complete Guide
ISBN: 1782215735
Release Date: 2017-09
Genre: Watercolor painting

Artist and teacher David Webb shares his expertise to provide comprehensive guidance for anyone painting in watercolour, from beginners up. How-to techniques are at the heart of the book and feature detailed explanations and demonstrations that will get you progressing fast, with a real understanding of the medium. Originally published: as Complete watercolour. London: Quarto Press, 2016.

Wet on wet Watercolour Painting

Author: Ewa Karpinska
Publisher: New Holland Pub Limited
ISBN: 1847734103
Release Date: 2009-03-01
Genre: Art

Watercolor is the medium of choice for visual artists today, and this practical guide is a must-have for beginners and experienced painters alike. Everything watercolorists need to bring their vision alive on paper is here: how to follow the inner rhythm of the water, when to stop and reflect and when to take instant action, and how to choose the appropriate surface, color, and brushstroke. All wet-on-wet techniques are explored and a series of vibrant sample pieces break down the painting process to educate and inspire.

David Bellamy s Complete Guide to Watercolour Painting

Author: David Bellamy
Publisher: Search PressLtd
ISBN: 1844487342
Release Date: 2011-06
Genre: Art

Provides more than three hundred step-by-step photographs, instructions, and finished paintings in a comprehensive introduction to watercolor that introduces basic techniques as well as next-level methods for creating composition, perspective, and texture.

Complete Guide to Acrylics

Author: Lorena Kloosterboer
Publisher: Complete Guide
ISBN: 1782215743
Release Date: 2017-09
Genre: Acrylic painting

This comprehensive and accessible reference guide provides an in-depth exploration into the art of painting with acrylics. It has been created as one book that will accompany the reader on the complete journey from beginner to artist.

Painting in Watercolor

Author: David Webb
Publisher: Firefly Books
ISBN: 1770857389
Release Date: 2016-10-04
Genre: Art

Comprehensive guidance for anyone painting in watercolor, from beginners up.

Watercolour for the Absolute Beginner

Author: Matthew Palmer
Publisher: Search PressLtd
ISBN: 184448825X
Release Date: 2014
Genre: Art

This text is a comprehensive course in watercolour landscape painting by Matthew Palmer. It begins with excellent advice for the beginner, including easy drawing for painting, composition, easy perspective, light and shade, colour and more

Learn to Paint in Watercolor with 50 Paintings

Author: Wil Freeborn
ISBN: 9781631592775
Release Date: 2017-02
Genre: Art

Develop your watercolor skills one painting at a time! Are you a watercolor painter newbie? Have you dabbled in watercolors but wish your paintings looked more polished? Well, it's time to remedy that! Learn to Paint in Watercolor is the patient watercolor instructor you've been waiting for. This unique how-to book offers all you need to know about watercolor painting - perfect for first-time painters or anyone interested in refining their skills. Treat the book as an in-depth class on this medium. With each lesson, you'll be privy to a new watercolor technique or subject. Readers will move through the book subject by subject, course by course, painting all along the way. By the time you reach the end, you'll have fifty paintings showcasing your steady progress. You'll start by painting objects that are important to you and then move on to exploring your immediate environment. By the end of the book, your paintings will start to tell your own story, giving you the confidence to continue painting and discovering watercolors' myriad possibilities. Techniques are introduced throughout the book's projects, from using a simple color wash to learning about ink techniques or letting go with loose, free watercolors. At the same time, concepts such as properties of light (vital for watercolorists) give a solid foundation on which to work. Through fine and vibrant strokes, you'll make expressive watercolors that you can be proud of, all thanks to your instructor, Learn to Paint in Watercolor.

Everyday Watercolor

Author: Jenna Rainey
ISBN: 9780399579721
Release Date: 2017
Genre: ART

A contemporary paint-every-day watercolor guide that explores foundational strokes and patterns and then builds new skills upon the foundations over the course of 30 days to create finished pieces. This beautifully illustrated and inspiring guided watercolor-a-day book is perfect for beginning watercolor artists, artists who want to improve their watercolor skills, and visual creatives. From strokes to shapes, this book covers the basics and helps painters gain confidence in themselves along with inspiration to develop their own style over the course of 30 days. Featuring colorful contemporary art from Mon Voir design agency founder and Instagram trendsetter Jenna Rainey, this book's fresh perspective paints watercolor in a whole new light.

Watercolour Landscapes

Author: Richard Taylor
Publisher: Collins & Brown
ISBN: 1843401932
Release Date: 2004-04-29
Genre: Art

This book is the perfect companion for the watercolour landscape painter. Richard Taylor looks at each element of the landscape in turn. He moves from small details, such as a quick painting of his backpack, drawn in a break from walking, to wide sweeping panoramas. Detailed annotation points out key areas of interest for each painting showing, for example, how a wash has been used to create shadows in still water, or how paper has been left blank to represent the tops of clouds. Alongside each painting you’ll find the palette of colours used, with advice on combining colours for best effect. Detailed annotation points out key areas of interest for each painting showing, for example, how a wash has been used to create shadows in still water, or how paper has been left blank to represent the tops of clouds. Alongside each painting you’ll find the palette of colours used, with advice on combining colours for best effect. Step-by-step demonstrations show basic watercolour techniques in action and longer projects reveal how Richard develops a fully-realised painting. Packed with invaluable hints and tips and illustrated with the author’s inspiring watercolours, this book is perfect for the beginner or more experienced watercolour painter.

The Encyclopedia of Watercolour Techniques

Author: Hazel Harrison
Publisher: Search Press(UK)
ISBN: 1782216049
Release Date: 2017-11
Genre: Painting

Previously published as The Encyclopedia of Watercolour Techniques in 2004, and The New Encyclopedia of Watercolour Techniques in 2011. --Title page verso.

Learn to Paint in Watercolour Step by Step

Author: William Newton
Publisher: Search Press(UK)
ISBN: 1782215239
Release Date: 2017-03-09
Genre: Color in art

This book is a complete course in watercolour painting, clearly explained and illustrated by William Newton, bestselling author of Painting with Watercolour.

The Watercolour Enigma

Author: Stephen Coates
Publisher: Search Press(UK)
ISBN: 1782215611
Release Date: 2018-02-12

A progressive, informative art course for beginner watercolorists, revealing the secrets and science behind watercolor. Many watercolor artists are disappointed with the results of their endeavors, because their attempts at painting do not always turn out as intended. However, the majority of mistakes are caused by the misuse of paint rather than artistic inability. Understanding the medium and how to use it will turn failure into success, and discovering the truth about how to use watercolors is exciting, liberating and enormously rewarding. The Watercolour Enigma is based on a practical course by artist Stephen Coates, and is designed to take the student through a process of learning rarely seen in other practical art books. By examining the basic science of watercolour - the properties of water and color pigment, and through a series of practical, straightforward, step-by-step painting exercises, budding painters will leave Stephen's book not only with a mine of watercolor knowledge, but also will step away with a selection of stunning paintings they will be proud to have painted. Fulfil your dream and learn to paint like a true, watercolour expert.

The Complete Guide to Watercolor

Author: Ray Smith
Publisher: DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)
ISBN: 0789487985
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Art

Discusses painting techniques and materials, and offers projects for painting buildings, landscapes, and figures.

Water in Watercolour

Author: Joe Francis Dowden
Publisher: Search PressLtd
ISBN: 0855328452
Release Date: 2000-10-01
Genre: Art

Water is a favourite subject of watercolour artists, but it takes some expertise to get it right. Here, Joe Francis Dowden explains in detail how he creates his extraordinary paintings of water, from the stillest pond to the most torrential waterfall. In easy to follow step-by-step demonstrations, he reveals the colors and techniques you need to produce wonderful watercolors. The beautiful paintings of the natural world reproduced here will inspire his admirers to have a go for themselves.