Conflict of Laws A Comparative Approach

Author: Gilles Cuniberti
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 9781785365942
Release Date: 2017-02-24

The Conflict of Laws, also known as private international law, is a field of the greatest importance in an increasingly globalized world. The analysis of any legal issue, in a case involving more than one country, must start with an assessment of which court could potentially hear the case and which law it would apply

Conflict of laws

Author: Roger C. Cramton
Publisher: West Group
ISBN: STANFORD:36105060040800
Release Date: 1993-07
Genre: Law

Comparative Law

Author: Rudolf B. Schlesinger
ISBN: UCAL:B4362523
Release Date: 1959
Genre: Comparative law

The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Law

Author: Mathias Reimann
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780192565525
Release Date: 2019-03-26
Genre: Law

This fully revised and updated second edition of The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Law provides a wide-ranging and diverse critical survey of comparative law at the beginning of the twenty-first century. It summarizes and evaluates a discipline that is time-honoured but not easily understood in all its dimensions. In the current era of globalization, this discipline is more relevant than ever, both on the academic and on the practical level. The Handbook is divided into three main sections. Section I surveys how comparative law has developed and where it stands today in various parts of the world. This includes not only traditional model jurisdictions, such as France, Germany, and the United States, but also other regions like Eastern Europe, East Asia, and Latin America. Section II then discusses the major approaches to comparative law - its methods, goals, and its relationship with other fields, such as legal history, economics, and linguistics. Finally, section III deals with the status of comparative studies in over a dozen subject matter areas, including the major categories of private, economic, public, and criminal law. The Handbook contains forty-eight chapters written by experts from around the world. The aim of each chapter is to provide an accessible, original, and critical account of the current state of comparative law in its respective area which will help to shape the agenda in the years to come. Each chapter also includes a short bibliography referencing the definitive works in the field.

Conflict of Laws

Author: Laura E. Little
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 9781454829072
Release Date: 2014-11-12
Genre: Law

Award-winning teacher Laura Little offers a progressive, innovative approach to teaching complex material in the new casebook, Conflict of Laws. In a subject where there are few "right" answers and plenty of room for debate, this casebook offers a contemporary alternative to the subject by connecting coverage of key issues and concepts to law practice using modern cases-and-problem pedagogy. Features: Award-winning teacher and respected author Laura Little brings her considerable expertise in federal courts, conflict of laws, and constitutional law to the subject. Well-balanced casebook presents the deep jurisprudential lessons imbedded in the conflict of laws subject matter. Proven cases-and-problems pedagogy helps students apply concepts. Maintains a clear presentation of doctrines relevant to current law practice. Thematic approach puts conflicts of law in the context of actual issues confronted in law practice. Clear, straightforward writing avoids the "hide the ball" approach of many other books and maximizes accessibility to difficult material. Innovative organization, beginning with personal jurisdiction, follows the way issues arise in litigation and highlights the importance of forum selection. Highly adaptable modular presentation allows professors to customize approach. Contemporary cases and hypotheticals allow students to apply rules to current situations, while hallmark cases maintain continuity with the development of the discipline. Full coverage of current topics such as Internet issues, same-sex marriage, choice of law clauses, and class actions. International and comparative materials cover global aspects of conflicts. Emphasis on the Restatement (Second) of Conflicts, now the predominant United States approach but insufficiently covered in most other texts. Online PowerPoint slides, charts, and diagrams support teachability. Comprehensive Teachers Manual includes answers to every problem, teaching suggestions, sample syllabi, and a graphical depiction of each main case, as well as unique insights and case backgrounds. The purchase of this Kindle edition does not entitle you to receive 1-year FREE digital access to the corresponding Examples & Explanations in your course area. In order to receive access to the hypothetical questions complemented by detailed explanations found in the Examples & Explanations, you will need to purchase a new print casebook.

International Commercial Litigation

Author: Trevor C. Hartley
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781139480741
Release Date: 2009-07-09
Genre: Law

This carefully structured, practice-orientated textbook provides everything the law student needs to know about international commercial litigation. The strong comparative component provides a thought-provoking international perspective, while at the same time allowing readers to gain unique insights into litigation in English courts. Three important themes of the book analyse how the international element may call into question the power of the court to hear the case, whether it should exercise this power, whether foreign law applies, and whether the court should take into account any foreign judgement. Hartley provides the reader with extracts from leading cases and relevant legislation, together with an extensive reference library of further reading for those who wish to explore the topic in more detail, making this a valuable, single-source textbook. The title will benefit from a companion website, setting out all relevant case law developments for the students.

Conflict of Laws As Taxonomy

Author: Frank Bates (LL. M.)
ISBN: 0409340286
Release Date: 2015-06-23
Genre: Conflict of laws

Conflict of Laws as Taxonomy: A New Approachoffers a unique analytical and doctrinal approach to the conflict of laws. Its purpose is to review and assess the traditionally accepted methodology and taxonomy used in the resolution of cross-jurisdictional matters and to suggest alternative ways in which such matters may be classified, with resulting practical application to the conduct of cross-border disputes. Format: Paperback The author of this text provides a fresh comparative approach towards key issues, as well as examining the various theories that have been devised to explain the ways in which different approaches have been justified. This comparative discussion highlights the strengths and weaknesses of particular jurisdictionsoÂeÂ(tm) treatment of the conflict of laws and uses this to develop an understanding of these differences. This is essential knowledge in preparing for the jurisprudential approach likely to be applied in those jurisdictions in overseas practice and litigation. Of particular relevance is the consideration of the divergence between courts in the United Kingdom (because of its membership of the EU), the United States (which has, for nearly 200 years pursued a more jurisprudential approach) and Australia. In the current environment of increasing globalisation, the book will be of great benefit to practitioners and litigators involved in cross-jurisdictional matters, while its scholarly and authoritative analysis will engage and inform researchers and students of conflict of laws, comparative law and jurisprudence. Features oÂeo Unique analytical and doctrinal approach to conflict of laws oÂeo Detailed comparative examination of the approaches across UK, US and Australian jurisdictions oÂeo Extensive review of case law Related LexisNexis Titles Davies, Bell & Brereton, NyghoÂeÂ(tm)s Conflict of Laws in Australia, 9th edition, 2014 Mortensen, Garnett & Keyes, Private International Law in Australia, 3rd edition, 2015

Europ isches Vertragsrecht

Author: Reiner Schulze
Publisher: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft
ISBN: 3832959548
Release Date: 2015-04

Den Kerngebieten des BGB und des HGB liegt heute das Europaische Vertragsrecht zugrunde - vom Verbraucherschutz uber das Kaufrecht bis zum Handelsvertreterrecht. Der Vorschlag der Europaischen Kommission hat zu einer eigenen europaischen Systematik auf diesem Gebiet gefuhrt. Das vorliegende Lehrbuch enthalt erstmals eine Gesamtdarstellung des Europaischen Vertragsrechts und - gibt einen umfassenden Uberblick uber alle Kernbereiche des Vertragsrechts auf europaischer Ebene. - bezieht die aktuellen Entwicklungen hinsichtlich des Vorschlags der Kommission fur ein Gemeinsames Europaisches Kaufrecht mit ein. - erleichtert den Lesern durch den Abdruck der einschlagigen Rechtstexte und Urteilspassagen den Zugang zu dieser noch sehr neuen Materie. - berucksichtigt den Kommissionvorschlag fur das Gemeinsame Europaische Kaufrecht, die neue Verbraucherrechte-Richtlinie und den Entwurf des Gemeinsamen Referenzrahmens.

International Organizations

Author: Robert S. Jordan
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 027596549X
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Law

An analysis of how, why, and to what degree international organizations contribute to regularizing the interactions among states and other international actors. This edition appraises the emerging challenges to the centrality of the nation-state international system, such as environmentalism.

EU Competition Law

Author: Alison Jones
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198723424
Release Date: 2016-08
Genre: Law

The essential guide to EU competition law for students in one volume; extracts from key cases, academic works, and legislation are paired with incisive critique and commentary from two leading experts in the field. In this fast-paced subject area, Alison Jones and Brenda Sufrin carefully highlight the most important cases, legislation, and developments to allow students to navigate the breadth of legislation and case law. With their clear explanations and commentary, the authors provide invaluable support to students as they approach this complex and highly technical area of law. Extracts provide opportunities for students to understand the law in practice, and to see its relevance to business. Indispensable for undergraduate and postgraduate students alike, this is the standalone guide to the competition law of the EU. The text is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre containing: -An additional chapter on State Aid -An interactive map and timeline of the EU -Web links -Updates in the law