Constructing Social Research

Author: Charles C. Ragin
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 9781544322438
Release Date: 2018-03-30
Genre: Social Science

Constructing Social Research answers the question: What is social science? Updated throughout with new references and examples, the Third Edition of this innovative text by Charles C. Ragin and Lisa M. Amoroso shows the unity within the diversity of activities called social research to help students understand how all social researchers construct representations of social life using theories, systematic data collection, and careful examination of that data.

Transnationale Unternehmen als Friedensstifter Eine Analyse zur Coporate Security Responsibility

Author: Alen Bosankic
Publisher: ibidem-Verlag / ibidem Press
ISBN: 9783838266503
Release Date: 2014-10
Genre: Business & Economics

Können Privatunternehmen einen Beitrag zu Frieden und Sicherheit in Konfliktregionen leisten? Falls ja, gibt es bestimmte Voraussetzungen dafür? Besteht ein Zusammenhang zwischen diesen und dem privatwirtschaftlichen Beitrag? Ziel von Alen Bosankic ist es, Wege für unternehmerische Beiträge zu Frieden und Sicherheit in Konfliktgebieten aufzuzeigen, die auf Selbstgovernance gründen. Basierend auf einem Sample von 39 Unternehmen und unter Zuhilfenahme der Multi Value Qualitative Comparative Analysis werden unterschiedliche Unternehmensbeiträge untersucht. Die theoretischen Annahmen basieren auf dem Modell der Corporate Security Responsibility, einem neuartigen sicherheitsfokussierten Ansatz der Corporate Social Responsibility. Bosankic beleuchtet systematisch die Wechselwirkung zwischen öffentlichem und privatem Sektor im Kontext der Global Governance und schlägt eine Brücke zwischen der Global-Governance-Forschung einerseits und der Konfliktforschung andererseits. Die Studie zeigt, dass Unternehmen unter bestimmten Rahmenbedingungen einen wichtigen Beitrag für Frieden und Sicherheit in Konfliktregionen leisten können.

Economy Society

Author: Bruce G. Carruthers
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9781412994965
Release Date: 2012-05-31
Genre: Business & Economics

In this long-awaited second edition of Economy/Society Markets, Meanings, and Social Structure, authors Carruthers and Babb continue to offer an accessible introduction to the way social arrangements affect economic activity, and shows that economic exchanges are deeply embedded in social relationships. Understanding how society shapes the economy helps us answer many important questions. For example, how does advertising get people to buy things? How do people use their social connections to get jobs? How did large bureaucratic organizations come to be so pervasive in modern economies—and what difference does it make? How can we explain the persistence of economic inequalities between men and women and across racial groups? Why do some countries become rich while others stay poor? This book presents sociological answers to questions like these, and encourages its readers to view the economy through a sociological lens.

North and South in the World Political Economy

Author: Rafael Reuveny
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN: UCSD:31822035349125
Release Date: 2008-07-28
Genre: Political Science

A broad yet distinctive analysis of the growing political, economic, and social gap existing between the world’s northern and southern hemispheres. Featuring papers selected by the ISA President from the 2006 annual meeting, this upper-level volume examines the genesis of the North-South divide, the ongoing policy problems between developed and lesser developed states, and how these issues influence current and future world politics. An upper-level text ideal for academic libraries, think tanks, and libraries of policy institutions Organized into three distinct focus clusters: Problems afflicting the global South -- trade, development, financial crises, structural adjustment, democratization, human rights, disease; Specific conflicts between North and South -- energy, terrorism, weak states, nuclear weapon proliferation; Solutions to reduce the North-South gap -- foreign aid programs, global media, democratization, political power in the United Nations, the emerging powers phenomenon, transnational social movements, and Northern foreign policy adjustments Tackles the tough questions likely to dominate international relations discourse for decades to come

Research Methods for Managers

Author: John Gill
Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited
ISBN: 185396350X
Release Date: 1997-03-28
Genre: Business & Economics

`Strengths of the text lie with the emphasis on a creative multimethods approach, the accesssible argument for validity and relevance of ethnographic methods in business and management research and the relative clarity with which philosophical issues are exposed' - Human Resource Management Journal Research Methods for Managers enables students to take their first steps in project work, confident that they are on firm ground in their choice of methodological approaches to the problems that they have set themselves. In the experience of the authors, this is what students engaged in research usually find most difficult. The authors` aim is to present a balanced approach to research methodology in business and management, and to offer intending researchers a wider range of options than deductive approaches alone. The authors address the key philosophical foundations of the main methodological approaches to research in management and business. The text is practical and user-friendly, with a step-by-step approach and examples and exercises drawn from business. The book deals with all aspects of the research process, and especially with deciding on an approach or strategy and formulating the research plan.

Die EU lesen

Author: Thomas Diez
Publisher: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften
ISBN: IND:30000066023379
Release Date: 1999-01-30
Genre: Social Science

Die britische Europapolitik ist eines der am häufigsten untersuchten Themen der Außenpolitikforschung. Dabei konzentrieren sich die meisten Arbeiten auf die Erklärung eines vorherrschenden Euroskeptizismus. Das Buch betont demgegenüber, daß die britische Europadebatte zumindest seit den sechziger Jahren von einer Vielzahl von Konstruktionen des Regierens in Europa geprägt ist, die sich in ihren zugrundeliegenden Legitimationskriterien unterscheiden. Im Mittelpunkt stehen dabei verschiedene Ausprägungen des Leitbilds einer "Europäischen Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft", die sich vor allem über ihre ökonomische Leistungsfähigkeit legitimiert.

Das Bild der Stadt

Author: Kevin Lynch
Publisher: Birkhäuser
ISBN: 9783035602166
Release Date: 2014-11-04
Genre: Architecture

Wie orientieren wir uns in einer Stadt? Woher rühren unsere ganz fest umrissenen visuellen Vorstellungen? Um diese Fragen beantworten zu können, studierte Kevin Lynch die Erfahrungen von Menschen und zeigt damit, wie man das Bild der Stadt wieder lebendiger und einprägsamer machen könnte.

Quantitative Research Methods for Professionals

Author: W. Paul Vogt
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
ISBN: 0205359132
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Education

This concise text discusses a wide range of quantitative research methods, including advanced techniques such as logic regression, multilevel modeling, and structural equation modeling. Because the text emphasizes concepts rather than mathematics and computational formulas, it is accessible to a wide range of research users, Professional practitioners in areas such as education, business, social work, and psychology gain an understanding of research methods, enabling them to interpret advanced research in their fields. Features: -Accessibility to readers of any level, including those with no mathematics beyond elementary arithmetic and a limited background in research methods and statistics, as text discusses advanced methods with ease. -Three part organization-The Basics, Advanced Methods, and Specialized Applications-provides instructors the flexibility to choose among advanced techniques and specialized applications. -Real data is used to illustrate and compare the uses of analytic techniques. Students are provided with the data sets so they can use a statistical package to try out the techniques on their own. -Integrated discussions of design and measurement as well as analysis provide students with a complete picture of the entire research process. -Helpful and thoughtful discussion questions help instructors and students probe subjects more deeply and apply the chapters' concepts to topics of particular interest to them. -An informative self-test comprised of multiple-choice and true-false questions concludes each chapter. -An online Instructor's Manual contains discussion of self-test questions and their answers, as well as hundreds of additional field-tested test questions that instructors may use for their examinations. Package this text with [ MyLabSchool Logo ] and Research Navigator-a powerful set of online tools that bring the classroom to life! Visit for more information!