Teen to Teen

Author: Patti M. Hummel
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781433681653
Release Date: 2013-11-01
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Provides a daily devotional filled with personal experiences by teenage girls in order to guide readers through difficult issues by living through Christ.

This Is Now

Author: Patti M. Hummel
Publisher: Multnomah
ISBN: 1590526058
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

A daily devotional presenting stories and blurbs written by teenage girls about their struggles, paired with prayers and excerpts from the Bible.

A Young Woman s Guide to Making Right Choices

Author: Elizabeth George
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 9780736931960
Release Date: 2009-03-01
Genre: Young Adult Nonfiction

Elizabeth George, author of A Young Woman After God's Own Heart (more than 230,000 copies sold), offers another life-changing teen book—A Young Woman's Guide to Making Right Choices. Today's teens are bombarded with choices about attitudes, behaviors, friends, clothes, finances, and college. And with the rise of alcohol, drugs, sexual issues, and crime, they must make serious decisions daily. Bible teacher Elizabeth George takes teens through the step-by-step process of making decisions that are life-affirming, godly, and wise in areas that include— managing emotions improving relationships developing confidence living in the center of God's will avoiding trouble and bad situations Teens will discover checkpoints to use as guides for making decisions, and they will learn to take the long view when considering consequences. Young women will also realize the tremendous wisdom, guidance, and answers available in God's Word. Great for individuals, small groups, and mentoring.

Once a Day Devotional for Teens

Author: Kevin Johnson
ISBN: 0310729955
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Provides three hundred sixty-five devotions written specifically for teens and centers around a reading plan that touches on the entire Bible over the course of a year.

Quiet Moments with God

Author: Lloyd John Ogilvie
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 9780736932431
Release Date: 2000-09-01
Genre: Religion

Rich with encouragement and wisdom, Quiet Moments with God is filled with prayers that nurture intimacy with God. Readers will truly experience God's blessed assurance as they are comforted by God's promises to: provide guidance in moments of need give strength in times of weakness surround them with His boundless love Readers will also experience the joy of knowing God cares and watches over them. (Formerly One Quiet Moment.)

The Guy s Guide to God Girls and the Phone in Your Pocket

Author: Jonathan McKee
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
ISBN: 9781630580476
Release Date: 2014-04-01
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

The Guy's Guide to God, Girls, and the Phone in Your Pocket melds spiritual and practical advice with humor—a winning combination for teens trying to navigate the ups and downs of real-life situations with confidence and wisdom. Guys will be encouraged and challenged with sound, biblically-based advice equipping them to stand up for their faith and live the Christian walk every day—plus, they’ll encounter some humorous, common-sense tips along the way. Each of the 101 accessible chapters wraps up with thought-provoking questions, making The Guy's Guide a perfect book to work through with friends or small groups.

One God One Plan One Life

Author: Max Lucado
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9780529102164
Release Date: 2014-01-12
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

One of AmericaÆs favorite pastors, Max Lucado offers his first 365 devotional for teens, encouraging them to trust God and His perfect plan for their lives. Life is hard, and todayÆs teens could use daily guidance and reassurance that God is with them, through it all and despite it all. In One God, One Plan, One Life, bestselling author Max Lucado offers teens an accessible way to connect with their Lord. Daily devotions address such topics as faith and obedience but also offer wisdom on topics that teens battle, such as purity, bullying, alcohol and drug use, and self-image. Each day includes a short devotion and accompanying scripture as well as a take-away application that will inspire and challenge teens to trust in God and His plans for them. One God, One Plan, One Life helps teens to cut through lifeÆs distractions and rely on the one thing that is truly importantùa relationship with God. Meets national education standards.

This Day with the Master

Author: Dennis F. Kinlaw
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310873969
Release Date: 2010-05-29
Genre: Religion

In This Day with the Master, author Dennis Kinlaw brings a unique perspective, rich with life experiences to the stories of Abraham and Sarah, Moses and Joshua, King David and King Solomon, and others who have looked for God in times of quiet solitude. Through their successes and failures we learn how to spend each one of our days with the Lord.

21 Teen Devotionals for Girls

Author: Heather Hart
ISBN: 0615914837
Release Date: 2013-11-03

Teen Devotionals...for Girls! Our lives are ruled by habits. We are defined by them. How our days play out, how we act and react, and even how we eat, sleep and talk are all affected by our habits - for better or for worse. 21 Days to a New Habit It's said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit or break an old one, so why not spend the next 21 days forming a habit of spending time with God? If you've got 21 days, we've got 21 devotions specifically written for today's teen girls. Are you up for forming a habit of spending time with your Creator? If so, get a copy of this book and get started on these devotionals!

One Year of Dinner Table Devotions and Discussion Starters

Author: Nancy Guthrie
Publisher: Tyndale Momentum
ISBN: 1414318952
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Religion

As the meal comes to a close, family members can alternate turning to the dinner-table devotion for that day. The result is a meaningful daily discussion in which every family member can participate, drawing the whole family closer to God and each other.

Power Thoughts Devotional

Author: Joyce Meyer
Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks
ISBN: 1444750011
Release Date: 2014-09-25
Genre: Devotional literature

'Where the mind goes, the man follows.' - Joyce Meyer The groundbreaking principles of POWER THOUGHTS are now encapsulated in a 365 day devotional, which encourages you to expose negative thinking and learn to think in line with God's Word. Walk with Joyce day by day, as she demonstrates the twelve strategies that provide the antidote to every battle your mind faces. The POWER THOUGHTS DEVOTIONAL will teach you how you can control the way you think and make positive changes to your life.