Mid Course Correction

Author: Gordon MacDonald
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781418529895
Release Date: 2005-01-05
Genre: Religion

Mid-Course Correction is written for those who sense a need for putting order back in their lives again. It offers hope not only for those who have experienced defeat and disappointment in their lives, but also for those who have been "successful" yet yearn for something more. MacDonald focuses on making choices that lead to personal transformation, significant communal relationships, practical service in the kingdom of God, and a revitalized life of faith and worship. He demonstrates that new significance and meaning are available no matter what your situation has been.

Mid course Correction

Author: Ray C. Anderson
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing Company
ISBN: 0964595354
Release Date: 1998-01-01
Genre: Business & Economics

Of value to business people, environmentalists, and educators alike, "Mid-Course Correction" is a business book about the environment that's written from a personal perspective. With passion and pride, Ray Anderson, founder, Chairman, and CEO of one of the world's largest interior furnishings companies, recounts his awakening to the importance of environmental issues and outline the steps his petroleum-dependent company, Atlanta-based Interface, Inc., is taking in its quest to become a sustainable enterprise--on that will never have to take another drop of oil from the earth. Thought-provoking and thoughtful, Anderson's story is told from the heart.

Course Correction

Author: Paul W. Gooch
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9781487523565
Release Date: 2019-03

Distracted by differing demands from without and within, the twenty-first-century university needs to re-find its focus as a protected place for unfettered deliberation about knowledge and the education of its students as whole human beings.

Course Correction

Author: Ginny Gilder
Publisher: Beacon Press
ISBN: 9780807074787
Release Date: 2015-04-14
Genre: Sports & Recreation

“Beautiful and important on many levels, Course Correction is about rowing and so much more . . . Ultimately it is about the transforming power of love, and, damnit all, it made me cry.”—Daniel James Brown, author of The Boys in the Boat “Written with poetic grace and true grit . . . A powerful testament to the impact of sport on our lives.”—Billie Jean King Wild meets The Boys in the Boat, a memoir about the quest for Olympic gold and the triumph of love over fear Forty years ago, when a young Ginny Gilder stood on the edge of Boston’s Charles River and first saw a rowing shell in motion, it was love at first sight. Yearning to escape her family history, which included her mother’s emotional unraveling and her father’s singular focus on investment acumen as the ultimate trophy, Gilder discovered rowing at a pivotal moment in her life. Having grown up in an era when girls were only beginning to abandon the sidelines as observers and cheerleaders to become competitors and national champions, Gilder harbored no dreams of athletic stardom. Once at Yale, however, her operating assumptions changed nearly overnight when, as a freshman in 1975, she found her way to the university’s rowing tanks in the gymnasium’s cavernous basement. From her first strokes as a novice, Gilder found herself in a new world, training with Olympic rowers and participating in the famous Title IX naked protest, which helped define the movement for equality in college sports. Short, asthmatic, and stubborn, Gilder made the team against all odds and for the next ten years devoted herself to answering a seemingly simple question: how badly do you want to go fast? Course Correction recounts the physical and psychological barriers Gilder overcame as she transformed into an elite athlete who reached the highest echelon of her sport. Set against the backdrop of unprecedented cultural change, Gilder’s story personalizes the impact of Title IX, illustrating the life-changing lessons learned in sports but felt far beyond the athletic arena. Heartfelt and candid, Gilder recounts lessons learned from her journey as it wends its way from her first glimpse of an oar to the Olympic podium in 1984, carries her through family tragedy, strengthens her to accept her true sexual identity, and ultimately frees her to live her life on her terms. From the Hardcover edition.

Mid Course Correction Revisited

Author: Ray Anderson
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN: 9781603588904
Release Date: 2019-05-13
Genre: Business & Economics

The original Mid-Course Correction, published 20 years ago, became a classic in the sustainability field. It put forth a new vision for what its author, Ray C. Anderson, called the “prototypical company of the 21st century”—a restorative company that does no harm to society or the environment. In it Anderson recounts his eureka moment as founder and leader of Interface, Inc., one of the world’s largest carpet and flooring companies, and one that was doing business in all the usual ways. Bit by bit, he began learning how much environmental destruction companies like his had caused, prompting him to make a radical change. Mid-Course Correction not only outlined what eco-centered leadership looks like, it also mapped out a specific set of goals for Anderson’s company to eliminate its environmental footprint. Those goals remain visionary even today, and this second edition delves into how Interface worked toward making them a reality, birthing one of the most innovative and successful corporate sustainability efforts in the world. The new edition also explores why we need to create not only prototypical companies, but also the prototypical economy of the twenty-first century. As our global economy shifts toward sustainability, challenges like building the circular economy and reversing global warming present tremendous opportunities for business and industry. Mid-Course Correction Revisted contains a new foreword by Paul Hawken, several new chapters by Ray C. Anderson Foundation executive director John A. Lanier, and interviews with Janine Benyus, Joel Makower, Andrew Winston, Ellen MacArthur and other leaders in green enterprise, the circular economy, and biomimicry. A wide range of business readers—from sustainability professionals to green entrepreneurs to CEOs—will find both wise advice and concrete examples in this new look at a master in corporate and environmental leadership, and the legacy he left.

America Course Correction

Author: Janice Van Cleve
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 146288587X
Release Date: 2011-06-08
Genre: Political Science

No matter how you look at it, the United States is in trouble. Endless foreign wars, staggering national debt, disintegrating social safety net, illegal immigration, drugs, corporate crimes, outsourcing, and on and on. Whether you are conservative or liberal, whether you are a tea bagger or an intellectual, it is clear if things dont change, America as we know it will fail. What would you do about it if you had supreme power? What if you were dictator of the United States? What would you fix? How would you fix it? Most important, how would you leave so that the country could return to a constitutionally elected government? This is the fictional record of a dictator who tried to fix America. Some consider her a savior. Others consider her a monster. How did she do? You be the judge.

Course Correction

Author: Task Force on U.S.-China Policy
ISBN: OCLC:1085546674
Release Date: 2019
Genre: China

The United States and China are on a collision course. The foundations of goodwill that took decades to build are rapidly breaking down. As the Trump administration stands up to China, it must also clearly express a willingness to pursue negotiated solutions by spelling out specific steps that could restore equity and stability to the relationship. Otherwise, the United States risks an irreparable, and possibly avoidable, rupture in this crucially important bilateral relationship. To avoid such a breakdown, the United States and China should seek negotiated solutions to priority issues whenever possible and erect prudent guardrails—including the appointment of specially designated officials—to keep the relationship from running further off the tracks. An adversarial United States-China relationship is in no one’s interest. More responsible statecraft is required both to protect American interests and to increase the chances of avoiding that no-win outcome.

Course Correction

Author: Richard Cutler
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1542613353
Release Date: 2017-05-15

The year is 2085, and a fleet of interstellar ships hurtles toward a solar system that is hoped will offer a new home for humanity. Setting up a wormhole gate on one of Epsilon Eridani's planets would provide an escape for the billions left on an overpopulated and resource-poor Earth. The fleet recently received what is assumed to be its last communication from the United Nations Stellar Commission. The brief message read simply, "You're on your own," which the fleet takes to mean that they just passed out of Earth's communication range. But they are wrong. Back home, a disaster unparalleled in Earth's history now threatens humanity's very survival. The population is in free fall, governments have collapsed, and an overwhelming sense of apathy grips the planet. Unless the situation improves-and soon-the wormhole gate will open to an Earth without humans. Humanity's hopes are now fully in the hands of the ninety thousand star-flung individuals heading through deep space on fragile ships-while back on Earth, a powerful force awakens. Humanity has leaped into the stars, but will this be our future-or a last desperate act before extinction?

Remediation in Medical Education

Author: Adina Kalet
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781461490258
Release Date: 2013-11-26
Genre: Medical

Remediation in medical education is the act of facilitating a correction for trainees who started out on the journey toward becoming excellent physicians but have moved off course. This book offers an evidence-based and practical approach to the identification and remediation of medical trainees who are unable to perform to standards. As assessment of clinical competence and professionalism has become more sophisticated and ubiquitous, medical educators increasingly face the challenge of implementing effective and respectful means to work with trainees who do not yet meet expectations of the profession and society. Remediation in Medical Education: A Mid-Course Correction describes practical stepwise approaches to remediate struggling learners in fundamental medical competencies; discusses methods used to define competencies and the science underlying the fundamental shift in the delivery and assessment of medical education; explores themes that provide context for remediation, including professional identity formation and moral reasoning, verbal and nonverbal learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders in high-functioning individuals, diversity, and educational and psychiatric topics; and reviews system issues involved in remediation, including policy and leadership challenges and faculty development.

Always and Forever

Author: Jason Byrnes
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1477470212
Release Date: 2012-05-01
Genre: Fiction

Realist Fiction which examines the ability of people from all walks of life to deal with adversity of all forms and significances, as well as the world's inherent nature to bring people together despite of any obstacles between them. Also considers the issues of fate and love. A disastrous car crash triggers the collision of the lives of the characters involved, as well as those close to the victims of the crash. Lives are torn apart and new relationships emerge as the world of the characters course-corrects in its attempts to progress into eternity, always and forever.

The Silver Linings Course Correction Guide

Author: Leaha Mattinson
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 9781504371506
Release Date: 2016-12-13
Genre: Self-Help

The Silver Linings Course Correction Guide is your roadmap for applying Leahas philosophies to your own life. Filled with thoughtful questions, nurturing exercises, and spirit-affirming insights, this companion workbook will raise your personal insight and inspire you to face any challenge with confidence, grace, and joy.

The Mouse Machine

Author: J. P. Telotte
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 9780252033278
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Performing Arts

How Disney used the latest technology to become an entertainment powerhouse