Darkest Hour Before Dawn

Author: Charlie Cochet
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 9781635336092
Release Date: 2017-04-25
Genre: Fiction

THIRDS team leader Sebastian Hobbs and Chief Medical Examiner Hudson Colbourn drift together only to be torn apart, time and again. But they could lose what matters most for good this time.

Darkest at Dawn

Author: Christine Feehan
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101545652
Release Date: 2011-11-01
Genre: Fiction

In one volume for the first time-a Carpathian novel and novella from the #1 New York Times bestselling author. For the first time together, two of Christine Feehan's most seductive tales of savage prey and sensual predators: Dark Secret, the story of a vampire hunter on the scent of a human female; and Dark Hunger, which tells of a caged Carpathian, his thirst for vengeance, and his lust for the woman who will release him.

Dawn and the Darkest Hour

Author: George Woodcock
Publisher: Black Rose Books Ltd.
ISBN: 1551642840
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

The author of four truly important novels--The Recognitions in 1955, J R in 1975, Carpenter's Gothic in 1985, and A Frolic of His Own in 1995--William Gaddis is considered by many literary scholars to be one of the most outstanding novelists of the twentieth century, to be spoken of in the same breath as James Joyce, Robert Musil, and Thomas Pynchon. Hints and Guesses: William Gaddis's Fiction of Longing is the first scholarly work to discuss all four Gaddis novels. While not dismissing the inclination of many scholars to view Gaddis's fiction as postmodern, Christopher Knight moves critical response in another direction, toward a discussion of Gaddis's significance as a satirist and social critic. Knight investigates Gaddis's predominant thematic interests, including those of contemporary aesthetics, Flemish painting, forgery, corporate America, Third World politics, and the U.S. legal system. What Knight finds is an author not only acutely sensitive to post-war social realities but also one whose critique carries with it an implied utopian dimension.

Darkest Hour

Author: Virginia Andrews
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781471103995
Release Date: 2012-12-25
Genre: Fiction

DARKEST HOUR takes us back to the story of Dawn's grandmother Lillian, and a thriving plantation called The Meadows. Lillian's happy life is shattered when her sister Emily reveals the shocking secret of her birth. And her heart is torn anew when, in a drunken haze, her father subjects her to the most brutal degradation. Then he loses The Meadows in a card game, and Lillian is faced with a new and terrifying prospect: arrogant, handsome playboy Bill Cutler will return the plantation - only if Lillian will marry him. Too frightened to defy her father, Lillian is forced to leave her childhood home behind, and make a bold new beginning as the mistress of a hotel called Cutler's Cove.

Echoes at Dawn

Author: Maya Banks
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780425250860
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Fiction

Grace Peterson, who is on the run from a shadowy group determined to exploit her extraordinary ability to heal others, finds safety in the arms of Rio, a KGI member who fights to protect her from those who want to destroy her.

Against the Grain

Author: Charlie Cochet
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 9781634763752
Release Date: 2015-08-03
Genre: Fiction

Being in love isn’t the only danger Cael and Ash face as wounds reopen and new secrets emerge, forcing them to question old loyalties.

World at War 1944

Author: Mary Pope Osborne
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780553508857
Release Date: 2017-02
Genre: Brothers and sisters

Jack and Annie are transported to 1944 Europe, where they parachute behind enemy lines in Normandy, France, to help Allied forces during one of history's darkest moments.

Thick Thin

Author: Charlie Cochet
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 9781635333893
Release Date: 2017-02-01
Genre: Fiction

Dex has been kidnapped, tortured, killed, revived, become half Therian, and gotten engaged. But his biggest challenge will be revealing the truth to his Destructive Delta family.

Love and Payne

Author: Charlie Cochet
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 9781640807747
Release Date: 2018-09-04
Genre: Fiction

Austen has seen the world's worst, but nothing terrifies him like falling in love. Zach hopes to change that, and when he foils an assassination attempt and ends up in a killer's crosshairs, he hopes the crisis will bring him closer to Austen.

Darkness Before Dawn

Author: Sharon M. Draper
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439115125
Release Date: 2011-04-05
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Has Keisha found happiness at last? In her senior year, things are finally looking a little brighter for Keisha. Still haunted by the suicide of her ex-boyfriend, Andy, she finds comfort in the attentions of the new track coach, twenty-three-year-old Jonathan Hathaway, the principal's son. How can Keisha not be swept off her feet by a tall, dark, handsome "lemon drop wrapped in licorice" who treats her like a woman, not a girl? But suddenly this intoxicating relationship takes a frightening turn, and Keisha is once again plunged into the darkness she's fought so hard to escape. Will Keisha ever be able to find her way back into the light?

Darkest Before Dawn

Author: Maya Banks
Publisher: Berkley
ISBN: 9780425276990
Release Date: 2015-06-02
Genre: Fiction

Guy Hancock, who's been both an opponent and ally to the KGI team, finds his commitment to his mission challenged by the female prisoner he's been hired to guard--who's the only woman who's managed to touch his heart.

Gummy Bears Grenades A THIRDS Novella

Author: Charlie Cochet
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 9781635339963
Release Date: 2017-10-04
Genre: Fiction

Dodging drug dealers and hired thugs amid booze and dancing will ensure THIRDS agent Dexter J. Daley never forgets his bachelor party. He just needs to survive the fun...

Hell High Water

Author: Charlie Cochet
ISBN: 1641080817
Release Date: 2018-03-27

When homicide detective Dexter J. Daley's testimony helps send his partner away for murder, the consequences--and the media frenzy--aren't far behind. He soon finds himself sans boyfriend, sans friends, and, after an unpleasant encounter in a parking garage after the trial, he's lucky he doesn't find himself sans teeth. Dex fears he'll get transferred from the Human Police Force's Sixth Precinct, or worse, get dismissed. Instead, his adoptive father--a sergeant at the Therian-Human Intelligence Recon Defense Squadron, otherwise known as the THIRDS--pulls a few strings, and Dex gets recruited as a Defense Agent. Dex is determined to get his life back on track and eager to get started in his new job. But his first meeting with Team Leader Sloane Brodie, who also happens to be his new jaguar Therian partner, turns disastrous. When the team is called to investigate the murders of three HumaniTherian activists, it soon becomes clear to Dex that getting his partner and the rest of the tightknit team to accept him will be a lot harder than catching the killer--and every bit as dangerous.

Smoke Mirrors

Author: Charlie Cochet
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 9781634773881
Release Date: 2016-07-08
Genre: Fiction

Investigating the murder of Dex’s parents will put Dex and Sloane’s love to the test and change their lives forever, as buried secrets rise to the surface.