Deliverance Prayers

Author: Chad A. Ripperger, Ph.d.
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 154105671X
Release Date: 2016-12-10

Prayers for use by the laity in waging spiritual warfare from the public domain and the Church's treasury.

Minor Exorcisms and Deliverance Prayers

Author: Chad Ripperger
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1508798907
Release Date: 2015-03-08

A manual containing prayers in English and in Latin which are minor exorcisms and deliverance prayers. This manual contains translations of the Latin prayers into English

The Binding Force of Tradition

Author: Chad Ripperger
ISBN: 0615785557
Release Date: 2013-03-11
Genre: Dogma

A study of the object and nature of Sacred Tradition and the moral requirement of Catholics to accept the Sacred tradition.

Manual for Spiritual Warfare

Author: Paul Thigpen
Publisher: TAN Books
ISBN: 9781618906540
Release Date: 2014
Genre: Religion

A fierce war rages for your soul. Are you ready for battle? Like it or not, you are at war. You face a powerful enemy out to destroy you. You live on the battlefield, so you can’t escape the conflict. It’s a spiritual war with crucial consequences in your everyday life and its outcome will determine your eternal destiny. You must engage the Enemy. And as you fight, you need a Manual for Spiritual Warfare. This guide for spiritual warriors will help you recognize, resist, and overcome the Devil’s attacks. Part One, “Preparing for Battle,” answers these critical questions: • Who is Satan, and what powers does he have? • What are his typical strategies? • Who fights him alongside us in battle? • What spiritual weapons and armor do we possess? • How do we keep the Enemy out of our camp? Part Two, “Aids in Battle,” provides you these essential resources: • Teaching about spiritual warfare from Scripture and Church documents • Scripture verses for battle • Wisdom and inspiration from saints who fought Satan • Prayers for protection, deliverance, and victory • Rosary meditations, hymns, and other devotions for spiritual combat St. Paul urges us to “fight the good fight of the faith” (1 Tim 6:12). Take this Manual for Spiritual Warfare with you into battle. The beautiful Premium UltraSoft gift edition features sewn binding, ribbon marker and silver edges.

Resisting the Devil

Author: Neal Lozano
Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor
ISBN: 1592767095
Release Date: 2010-01-01
Genre: Religion

Do you find yourself struggling with a particular sin or dysfunction over and over again? Do you feel hopeless in finding freedom despite your best efforts? Do you still feel guilty, ashamed, and doomed to repeat a besetting sin, even after receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation? Then you may find a way to spiritual freedom through deliverance prayer. In Resisting the Devil, author Neal Lozano shows that sometimes evil spirits tell us lies that lock us into sins and personal problems. He explains the practice of deliverance, a way of dealing with such demonic influences that is supported by the teaching and tradition of the Catholic Church. Lozano's "Unbound" Model, based on three decades of experience in deliverance ministry, builds a bridge between the sacrament of Reconciliation and exorcism. People only very rarely need exorcism an official ministry of the Church yet can still have difficulty receiving the freedom offered by the sacrament. Deliverance closes this gap. It offers troubled believers a way to get free from the influence of evil spirits. Readers of Resisting the Devil: A Catholic Perspective on Deliverance will [[Learn how to recognize the activity of evil spirits [[See how deliverance from spiritual bondage can be gentle, safe, and effective [[Understand how deliverance differs from exorcism and how deliverance and Reconciliation can work together [[Read the testimonies of women and men who have been freed through deliverance ministry. I am convinced that this book, and the model of deliverance prayer that it describes, are of tremendous importance for the new evangelization. Neal Lozano is one of the pioneers of an approach to deliverance prayer that is simple yet effective, pastorally sound, and fully integrated into the sacramental life of the Church. He shows how this form of prayer, rooted in the New Testament, is a powerful way to experience, and help others experience, the full freedom that Jesus came to give us. Dr. Mary Healy, author of The Gospel of Mark, Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture As founders of Heart of the Father Ministries, Neal Lozano and his wife, Janet, travel both nationally and internationally bringing the message of the "Unbound" Model of deliverance in training seminars and conferences. Neal is the author of the best-selling Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance. The Lozanos have four adult sons and seven grandchildren. They live in eastern Pennsylvania.

Introduction to the Science of Mental Health

Author: Chad Ripperger
ISBN: 0974541907
Release Date: 2001-05-01

The text is a first in a series of books on the science of mental health (psychology) based upon Thomistic philosophy and theology. The book includes a discussion of the faculties of man and the natural law.

Introduction to the Science of Mental Health

Author: Chad Ripperger
ISBN: 0615815391
Release Date: 2013-05-01
Genre: Mental health

This paper book version includes all three of the following volumes in on book: Vol. I: Philosophical Psychology This text, the first of three volumes in the "Introduction to the Science of Mental Health" series, treats the science of mental health and illness and is based on the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas. The text is divided into three parts: What constitutes a valid science of psychology; The principles one must know in order to discuss mental health and illness; What is mental health and illness according to St. Thomas and what are the causes of mental health and illness from a Thomistic perspective. The Forward and imprimatur for the text are by His Excellency, Fabian Bruskewitz, bishop of the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska. Vol. II: Sacred and Other Spiritual Causes This second of the three volumes addresses the various aspects of Catholic Theology as they affect mental health. Some of the areas covered are: Relationship of psychology to theology; Sin as it affects mental health; Infused Virtues, Sacraments, Gifts of the Holy Ghost and Prayer; Demonic Influences. Vol. III: Quodlibetal Issues and Practica The third text in the series, this volume addresses the various aspects of psychology which are not covered in the prior two volumes as well as the practical application of Thomistic psychology. Some topics included are: Music; The Subconscious Dreams; Hypnotism; Self Knowledge; Personality and Temperaments; Addictions; Developmental and Educational Psychology; Diagnosis and Counseling; The Role of the Empirical in Psychology.

Catechism of Mental Prayer

Author: Very Rev. Joseph Simler
Publisher: TAN Books
ISBN: 9781618902535
Release Date: 1985-02
Genre: Religion

This booklet clearly explains what mental prayer or "meditation" is and how to do it. Whereas larger books about this topic fail, this booklet succeeds in helping to seek a true understanding of mental prayer as a form of meditation. Takes the beginner step-by-step through the 3 basic aspects. Mental prayer is for all--so is this book.

An Exorcist Explains the Demonic

Author: Fr. Gabriele Amorth
Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
ISBN: 9781622823451
Release Date: 2016-10-20
Genre: Religion

From Fr. Gabriel Amorth, the renowned exorcist in Rome, comes this powerful, eye-opening book on the deadly antics of Satan and his fallen angels, as well as spiritual remedies for each. These pages provide a basic orientation in the dark phenomenology, succinctly explaining Catholic doctrine on the fallen angels and the innumerable manifestations. Among the many questions Fr. Amorth answers in this book are: Where does the Evil One dwell in the human body?How does the Devil appear and what does he look like?What are the powers that comes from Satan?Do the sins of ancestors influence our life?How are spiritual evils contracted?What is the state of souls in purgatory?What is the role of sacramentals in fighting off temptation?When should exorcisms and prayers of healing be performed?What happens during an exorcism?What you should do when a family is being attacked by a demon?

Humility Rules

Author: J Augustine Wetta, O.S.B.
Publisher: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 9781681497877
Release Date: 2017-09-15
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Saint Benedict's fifth-century guide to humility offers the antidote to the epidemic of stress and depression overwhelming modern young adults. But the language of The Rule by Saint Benedict is medieval, and its most passionate advocates are cloistered monks and nuns. How then does this ancient wisdom translate into advice for ordinary people? With candor, humor, and a unique approach to classical art, Father Augustine, a high school teacher and coach, breaks down Saint Benedict's method into twelve pithy steps for finding inner peace in a way that can be applied to anyone's life. Drawing upon his own life experiences, both before and after becoming a Benedictine monk, the author explains every step, illustrating each chapter with color reproductions of sacred art that he has embellished with comic flourishes. The winsome combination is sure to keep readers from taking themselves too seriously—which is already a first step on the path to humility.

The Healing of Families

Author: Yozefu B. Ssemakula
ISBN: 0984886206
Release Date: 2011-12-15
Genre: Church work with families

This is a book about how to effectively pray, Christian prayer, about persistent problems and for healing; all types of healing: physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. It shows you how what we normally think of as just being our own personal problems in life are in fact deeply rooted familial problems, we only reproduce them with a few personal overtones.We are our families, and our families are us, how can it be otherwise? And therefore, effective prayer for healing most often eludes us as we fail to apply the healing power that the Lord Jesus Christ brought us, to where the problem is rooted, in the family. This happens because we normally think of, and look at, just us, losing the bigger picture, not knowing that we are only a symptom of the problem, a representation, a red dashboard light saying something about the engine, a cog in the wheel of my family; and that it is not a personal problem despite all appearances. Since we think what is going on is our own personal problem, our prayer too follows that pattern, serious falling short of the target. Result: it becomes like a cry in the desert, with no effect! And yet God wants us healed, He constantly sends us healing! But we spend time trying to convince God in prayer to give us what He has already given us: healing, when He sent Jesus Christ! We have little clue that the key is not with God anymore but is right here with us, brought to us by Jesus and left here. We simply don't know how to use it! And thus God laments: My people perish for not knowing (Hosea 4:6)! This book will pull you out of that "not knowing" and lead you step by step to the full benefit that Christ has already brought to you: not only a healed and useful life, but also a joyful one!

Manual for Marian Devotion

Author: The Dominican Sisters of Mary
ISBN: 1505108950
Release Date: 2016-12-27
Genre: Religion

The Manual for Marian Devotion will deepen your relationship with Mary and, in doing so, draw you closer to her Son. Part One, "Preparing for Marian Devotion," answers the following questions: * What is Mary's place in God's plan? Why is she so important? * What has the Church taught about Mary? * How has Marian devotion changed history? * How should I cultivate devotion to Mary? Part Two, "Aids for Marian Devotion," provides these essential resources: * inspiration for Marian devotion from the Scriptures and the saints * excerpts from Church documents addressing Mary's role * accounts of Marian miracles and messages through the ages * Marian prayers and hymns from the Church's rich liturgical and devotional patrimony * Marian poetry The Manual for Marian Devotion is designed to be small enough to travel with you everywhere: use it to nourish your love of Mary with the Scriptures and stories of the saints, and turn to its prayers throughout the day.

In Sinu Jesu

Author: A Benedictine Monk
ISBN: 1621382192
Release Date: 2016-10-05
Genre: Religion

In 2007, Our Lord and Our Lady began to speak to the heart of a monk in the silence of adoration. He was prompted to write down what he received, and thus was born In Sinu Jesu, whose pages shine with an intense luminosity and heart-warming fervor that speaks directly to the needs of our time with a unique power to console and challenge.