Demonstrating to Win

Author: Robert Riefstahl
Publisher: Demonstrating to Win!
ISBN: 0615477097
Release Date: 2011-07
Genre: Business & Economics

The demonstration or presentation of complex products like technology or medical devices is like leading a person over a treacherous ravine. Throughout a demo or presentation, your prospect wants to run back to the relative safety of their existing world. This book will help you comfortably lead your prospect to your solution and make you the best demonstrator and presenter in your field! Tactics that you will find useful include: *Identifying and avoiding Demo Crimes *Winning demo techniques like "Tell-Show-Tell" *Building a value case for your solution *Managing your audience and reading their personalities *Creating winning themes *Performing differentiating Web demos and presentations *Conducting high value Discoveries *Managing your room environment *Winning teamwork techniques We are an idea company that has built a deep set of actionable techniques and strategies derived from years of working with the most innovative and successful companies in the world. Our clients include Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM, Getinge and many others. We adapted the ideas in this book based upon training thousands of highly paid, highly experienced professional demonstrators and presenters in every region of the world thus making it globally applicable and effective. We understand that the very best ideas are judged by their impact, and our clients validate the impact of our concepts through increased sales effectiveness every day. Don't miss out on this opportunity to truly differentiate your products and services.

Demonstrating to Win

Author: Robert Riefstahl
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9780738859170
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Business & Economics

Mastering Technical Sales The Sales Engineer s Handbook Third Edition

Author: John Care
Publisher: Artech House
ISBN: 9781608077441
Release Date: 2014-07-01
Genre: Business & Economics

Every high-tech sales team today has technical pros on board to “explain how things work,” and this success-tested training resource is written just for them. This newly revised and expanded third edition of an Artech House bestseller offers invaluable insights and tips for every stage of the selling process. This third edition features a wealth of new material, including new chapters on business-driven discovery, white boarding, trusted advisors, and calculating ROI. This invaluable book equips new sales engineers with powerful sales and presentation techniques that capitalize on their technical background—all spelled out step-by-step by a pair of technical sales experts with decades of eye-popping, industry-giant success under their belt.

Great Demo

Author: Peter E. Cohan
ISBN: 059534559X
Release Date: 2005-03
Genre: Business & Economics

Have you ever seen a bad software demo ? Peter Cohan helps organizations put the Wow! into their demos to make them crisp, compelling and successful - to get the job done. He has had roles in four corners: technical, product and field marketing (he was banished to Basel, Switzerland for two years for bad behavior); sales and sales management; senior management (he built a business unit up from an empty spreadsheet into a $30M per year operation); and, in this last role, he has been that most important of all possible entities, a customer Peter Cohan leverages twenty-five years of experience in selling and marketing business software and as a customer. The Great Demo! method comes directly from extensive firsthand experiences in developing and delivering software demonstrations, and in coaching others to achieve surprisingly high success rates with their sales and marketing demos. For more information on demonstration methods, guidelines and tips, explore the author's website at or contact the author directly at [email protected]

The Accounting Game

Author: Darrell Mullis
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 9781402231612
Release Date: 2008-03-01
Genre: Business & Economics

"Fantastic Learning Tool...Don't let this book title fool you. It is not an oversimplification of accounting and financial principles. It is, however, a serious and very effective examination of a very small but progressively complex business. There are not many books available on the market that make a complex and dry subject understandable and even fun. This book successfully does just that." -Amazon Reviewer The Clearest Explanation Ever of the Key Accounting Basics The world of accounting can be intimidating. Whether you're a manager, business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, you've likely found yourself needing to know basic accounting...but baffled by complicated accounting books. What if learning accounting could be as simple and fun as running a child's lemonade stand? It can. The Accounting Game presents financial information in a format so simple and so unlike a common accounting textbook, you may forget you're learning key skills that will help you get ahead! Using the world of a child's lemonade stand to teach the basics of managing your finances, this book makes a dry subject fun and understandable. As you run your stand, you'll begin to understand and apply financial terms and concepts like assets, liabilities, earnings, inventory and notes payable, plus: --Interactive format gives you hands-on experience --Color-coded charts and worksheets help you remember key terms --Step-by-step process takes you from novice to expert with ease --Fun story format speeds retention of essential concepts --Designed to apply what you learn to the real world The revolutionary approach of The Accounting Game takes the difficult subjects of accounting and business finance and makes them something you can easily learn, understand, remember and use! "The game approach makes the subject matter most understandable. I highly recommend it to anyone frightened by either numbers or accountants." -John Hernandis, Director of Corporate Communications, American Greetings

Product Demos That Sell

Author: Steli Efti
ISBN: 151770782X
Release Date: 2015-12-24

This is the no B.S. guide to presenting software like a pro. If you're a SaaS startup founder or sales rep, you'll learn to: Ensure prospects attend your demos Discover why your demos fail to close the deal Better differentiate yourself from competitors Customize your demo to your prospects' needs Improve your demo-win rates Deal with questions and objections during the demo Expertly handle bugs and demo fails Giving successful product demos is not rocket science. Anybody can do it-if you've got the right blueprint.

Hope Is Not a Strategy The 6 Keys to Winning the Complex Sale

Author: Rick Page
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071505123
Release Date: 2003-04-14
Genre: Business & Economics

"No longer is being 'a good closer' the basis of sustainable success. Instead intakes the kind of strategic thinking Rick Page outlines inHope Is Not a Strategy."--Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado Master of the complex sale, Rick Page is the author of the bestselling book, Hope Is Not a Strategy, and one of the most sought-after sales consultants and trainers in the world. He has taught his breakthrough selling strategies to thousands of people in 150 companies across 50 countries--an amazing platform that has helped his message spread like wildfire. This paperback edition of Page's runaway sales bestseller schools readers in Page's simple, six-step process for making the sale--no matter how complex the deal or how many people are involved in the buying decision. Integrating the winning selling strategies used by the world's top salespeople, Page shows readers how to: Identify and sell to a prospect's business "pain" Qualify a prospect Build competitive preference Define a prospect's decision-making process

Compensating the Sales Force A Practical Guide to Designing Winning Sales Reward Programs Second Edition

Author: David J. Cichelli
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071742344
Release Date: 2010-07-16
Genre: Business & Economics

The classic guide to raising your bottom line with the perfect compensation strategy—fully revised and updated! Sales compensation WORKS! Nothing motivates a sales force better than a powerful compensation program. And when your salespeople are motivated, revenue soars. But how do you design a program ideally suited for your business strategy and organizational needs? It’s a delicate balance that makes all the difference between profit and loss. More and more sales leaders have turned to Compensating the Sales Force to help them discover problems in their present system and create a compensation program that works best for their needs. Now, in the second edition of this authoritative, jargon-free handbook, sales compensation guru David J. Cichelli brings you completely up to date on setting target pay, selecting the right performance measures, and establishing quotas. He supplies clear guidelines for building the right compensation plan for any type of firm, of any size, in any industry, and he offers step-by-step procedures for implementing each approach. In Compensating the Sales Force, second edition, Cichelli has substantially expanded the book’s popular formula section, and he provides brandnew examples of: Income producer plans Sales rep commission plans Bonus plans Incentive plans Base Salary management plans The book also includes all-new chapters for global, complex sales organizations and hard-to-compensate sales jobs. Using the lessons in Compensating the Sales Force, you’ll construct and calculate accurate formulas for payout purposes and establish highly efficient support programs, such as sales crediting and account assignment. Complete with dozens of real-world examples that illustrate important points and demonstrate specific techniques and procedures, Compensating the Sales Force provides all the tools you need to design and implement a sales compensation plan that maximizes profits—and keeps them climbing. With brand-new chapters on GLOBAL SALES TEAMS amd COMPLEX SALES ORGANIZATIONS! Praise for the first edition of Compensating the Sales Force: “If your company is refocusing its efforts on sales revenue enhancement, you must read this book. If you want motivated salespeople and superior sales results, act on its content.” Noel Capon, R. C. Kopf Professor of International Marketing, Chair of Marketing Division, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University “This book provides great guidance for any business leader who wants to capitalize on sales compensation as a tool for driving business results.” Rick Justice, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Operations and Business Development, Cisco Systems “Dave Cichelli is the premiere sales compensation educator today. You will immediately find this work informative, helpful, [and] thought-provoking.” Mark Englizian, former Director of Global Compensation, Microsoft Corporation

The Collaborative Sale

Author: Keith M. Eades
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118872352
Release Date: 2014-03-21
Genre: Business & Economics

Buyer behavior has changed the marketplace, and sellers must adapt to survive The Collaborative Sale: Solution Selling in Today's Customer-Driven World is the definitive guide to the new reality of sales. The roles of buyers, sellers, and technology have changed, and collaboration is now the key to success on all sides. The Collaborative Sale guides sales professionals toward alignment with buyers, by helping them overcome their problems and challenges, and creating value. From building a robust opportunity pipeline and predicting future revenues to mastering the nuances of buyer conversations, the book contains the information sales professionals need to remain relevant in today's sales environment. Buyers have become more informed and more empowered. As a result, most sellers now enter the buying process at a much later stage than the traditional norm. The rise of information access has given buyers more control over their purchases than ever before, and sellers must adapt to survive. The Collaborative Sale provides a roadmap for adapting through sales collaboration, detailing the foundations, personae, and reality of the new marketplace. The book provides insight into the new buyer thought processes, the new sales personae required for dealing with the new buyers, and how to establish and implement a dynamic sales process. Topics include: Selling in times of economic uncertainty, broad information access, and new buyer behavior Why collaboration is so important to the new buyers The emergence of new sales personae – Micro-marketer, Visualizer, and Value Driver Buyer alignment, risk mitigation, and the myth of control Situational fluency, and the role of technology Focused sales enablement, and buyer-aligned learning and development Implementation and establishment of a dynamic sales process The book describes the essential competencies for collaborative selling, and provides indispensable supplemental tools for implementation. Written by recognized authorities with insights into global markets, The Collaborative Sale: Solution Selling in Today's Customer-Driven World is the essential resource for today's sales professional.

3D Presales

Author: Dwayne DeSylvia
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 9781483561578
Release Date: 2016-01-25
Genre: Business & Economics

For the Presales Professional Presales professionals selling technology solutions have a hard time finding the skills needed to develop their craft and close more business. The 3D Presales book is a collection of short stories and essays to help Presales professionals become better at what they do by investing as little as 5 to 15 minutes per day. Developed as a field guide to successful Presales skills, the book contains a Presales topic for each letter of the alphabet. Unlike monolithic books and other training resources, 3D Presales is designed to not take time away from selling. 3D Presales subjects can be read in any order and have been organized into skills tracks of Dynamic Sales, Precise Execution and Career Excellence – the 3 dimensions of Presales. 3D Presales is written by successful Presales professionals and managers who bring field-proven knowledge and experiences from the selling and demoing halls to readers via a convenient and easy-to-use reference guide. Topic covered include: - Audience - Business Value - Conversation - Discovery - Elevator Pitch - Fear - Goals - Hazard - Illustrate - Jack of All Trades, Master of Some - K2 Climbing - Less - Metaphor - Networking - Objections - Personal Experience - Qualify - RFx - Schedule - Trust - Unity - Venues - Who Cares? - Xanadu - Yaaaawn - Zensumer For Managers of Presales Teams Managers of technology Presales teams need a way to get their staff better at what it means to be a member of a Presales team. Challenged with little time and relatively few training resources, Presales team managers will find 3D Presales contains collections of short stories and essays that can be read and studied by investing as little as 5 to 15 minutes per day. Unlike monolithic books and other training resources, 3D Presales is designed to not take time away from selling. 3D Presales chapters can be read in any order. Specific chapters help Presales managers by providing easy to give prescriptions to Presales problems. At the end of the book, a Presales Manager’s Guide is provided best practices in implementing 3D Presales within a team.

1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die

Publisher: Pier 9
ISBN: 1760524034
Release Date: 2018-09-26

Delve into the pages of this sumptuously illustrated book and take a tour of the greatest novels that the world has to offer. Fully updated for 2018.

Found in Translation

Author: Nataly Kelly
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101611920
Release Date: 2012-10-02
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

Translation. It’s everywhere we look, but seldom seen—until now. Found in Translation reveals the surprising and complex ways that translation shapes the world. Covering everything from holy books to hurricane warnings and poetry to peace treaties, Nataly Kelly and Jost Zetzsche offer language lovers and pop culture fans alike an insider’s view of the ways in which translation spreads culture, fuels the global economy, prevents wars, and stops the outbreak of disease. Examples include how translation plays a key role at Google, Facebook, NASA, the United Nations, the Olympics, and more.

The Technology Salesperson s Handbook

Author: Ken Wax
ISBN: 0983406812
Release Date: 2011-01-01
Genre: Business & Economics

In over 100 practical and tactical short chapters, this complete guide has a wealth of immediately-useful ideas and tactics for every technology salesperson. These include 'Words That Work' - real-world examples that you can put to work for you immediately. Beginning with 'Customer Vision and why selling has changed, to tactics for reaching 'unreachable' prospects and handling the most challenging selling situations, you will benefit from insights and world-proven techniques for becoming an even more successful sales professional.