The Book

Author: Alan W. Watts
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 9780307807878
Release Date: 2011-09-28
Genre: Philosophy

In The Book, Alan Watts provides us with a much-needed answer to the problem of personal identity, distilling and adapting the Hindu philosophy of Vedanta. At the root of human conflict is our fundamental misunderstanding of who we are. The illusion that we are isolated beings, unconnected to the rest of the universe, has led us to view the “outside” world with hostility, and has fueled our misuse of technology and our violent and hostile subjugation of the natural world. To help us understand that the self is in fact the root and ground of the universe, Watts has crafted a revelatory primer on what it means to be human—and a mind-opening manual of initiation into the central mystery of existence.

Die Illusion des Anfangs

Author: Ralph Pordzik
ISBN: 9781445722108
Release Date: 2010

Ein selbst ernannter Museologe trauert um das unvollendete Werk eines Erzählers, der eintausend Anfänge benötigte, um den einen zu finden, den er gesucht hat; ein von den wirkungslosen Zeichen enttäuschter Dichter schifft sich in den hohen Norden ein, um dort zur Sprache zurückzufinden, die Worte vom Papier zu befreien, damit sie ihr eigenes Leben führen können. Er verstrickt sich in seinen ästhetischen Phantasien und Entwürfen und erkennt zu spät, dass die ideale Zone des Eises, die er für sein Projekt gesucht hat, längst wieder zu Wasser geworden ist.Immer wieder überschreiten Pordziks skurrile Ausflüge in die Randzonen literarischer Existenz die gewohnten erzählerischen Grenzen. Gedankentext und Erfahrungsliteratur greifen ineinander und bereiten damit den Boden für eine kunstvoll verschlungene Prosa, die sich angenehm vom spielerischen Narzissmus der jüngsten Autorengeneration und dem omnipräsenten Realismus abhebt, mit dem uns die Amerikaner verblüffen.

Erz hltextanalyse German language Edition

Author: Meinhard Mair
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9783838267197
Release Date: 2014-03-01
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

This comprehensive and systematic text book provides teachers and students alike with a profound, yet concise reference for the analysis of narrative texts. It provides appropriate and differentiated terminological and methodological tools to all the questions that arise when analyzing a narrative text. An advantage of this textbook is that the narrative theory models and concepts are presented in understandable and operational analytical categories and parameters and illustrated by tables and matrices to help make the sophisticated analysis easier to understand and memorize. Exemplary model analyses are provided to present and test the performance of this method.This book is valuable not only to literary scholars but is also suitable to teachers and students.Lehrende und Studierende, die einen Erzähltext analysieren wollen, finden in diesem umfassenden, systematischen, profunden und zugleich übersichtlichen Lehrbuch und Nachschlagewerk ein geeignetes und differenziertes terminologisches und methodisches Instrumentarium, um alle Fragen, die bei der Analyse eines Erzähltextes auftauchen, beantworten zu können. Ein Vorzug des vorliegenden Handbuches besteht darin, dass die erzähltheoretischen Modelle und Konzepte in verständliche und operative analytische Kategorien und Parameter umgesetzt und durch Tabellen, Matrizen und graphische Darstellung veranschaulicht werden, um die anspruchsvollen analytischen Raster besser fass- und memorierbar zu machen. In exemplarischen Musteranalysen wird die Leistungsfähigkeit der vorliegenden Erzähltextanalyse erprobt. Das Buch wendet sich nicht nur an Literaturwissenschaftler, sondern ist auch für Lehrkräfte und Schüler geeignet

The Memory Illusion

Author: Dr Julia Shaw
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9781473535176
Release Date: 2016-06-16
Genre: Psychology

Think you have a good memory? Think again. Memories are our most cherished possessions. We rely on them every day of our lives. They make us who we are. And yet the truth is they are far from being the accurate record of the past we like to think they are. True, we can all admit to having suffered occasional memory lapses, such as entering a room and immediately forgetting why, or suddenly being unable to recall the name of someone we've met dozens of times. But what if our minds have the potential for more profound errors, that enable the manipulation or even outright fabrication of our memories? In The Memory Illusion, forensic psychologist and memory expert Dr Julia Shaw uses the latest research to show the astonishing variety of ways in which our brains can indeed be led astray. She shows why we can sometimes misappropriate other people's memories, subsequently believing them to be our own. She explains how police officers can imprison an innocent man for life on the basis of many denials and just one confession. She demonstrates the way radically false memories can be deliberately implanted, leading people to believe they had tea with Prince Charles, or committed crimes that never happened. And she reveals how, in spite of all this, we can improve our memory through simple awareness of its fallibility. Fascinating and unnerving in equal measure, The Memory Illusion offers a unique insight into the human brain, challenging you to question how much you can ever truly know about yourself.

Paul Bekker s Musical Ethics

Author: Nanette Nielsen
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317082989
Release Date: 2017-10-05
Genre: Music

German music critic and opera producer Paul Bekker (1882–1937) is a rare example of a critic granted the opportunity to turn his ideas into practice. In this first full-length study of Bekker in English, Nanette Nielsen investigates Bekker's theory and practice in light of ethics and aesthetics, in order to uncover the ways in which these intersect in his work and contributed to the cultural and political landscape of the Weimar Republic. By linking Beethoven's music to issues of freedom and individuality, as he argues for its potential to unify the masses, Bekker had already in 1911 begun to construct the ethical framework for his musical sociology and opera aesthetics. Nielsen discusses some of the complex (and conflicting) layers of modernism and conservatism in Bekker that would have a continued presence in his work and its reception throughout his career. Bekker's demands for a 'practical ethics' led to his criticisms of metaphysically grounded approaches to aesthetics, and his ethical views are put into further relief in a sketch of the development of his music phenomenology in the 1920s. Nielsen unravels the complex intersections between Bekker's ethics and his opera aesthetics in connection with his practice as an Intendant at the Wiesbaden State Theatre (1927–1932), offering a critical reading of an opera staged during his tenure: Hugo Herrmann’s Vasantasena (1930). Further works are considered in light of the theoretical framework underpinning the book, inspired by several intersections between ethics and aesthetics encountered in Bekker's work.

Street Magic

Author: Paul Zenon
Publisher: Carlton Books Limited
ISBN: 1844420469
Release Date: 2013-08-06
Genre: Games

Reveals the secrets employed by successful magicians, sharing instructions for mastering tricks using everyday objects while providing additional coverage of how to perform card tricks through a combination of slight-of-hand and magician patter.

Aggression Time and Understanding

Author: Frank-M. Staemmler
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781317761242
Release Date: 2016-02-04
Genre: Psychology

Aggression, Time, and Understanding is the first book of Staemmler’s writings to be published in English. In the early sections of this book, Staemmler (supported by his Buddhist wife, Barbara) comprehensively explores and questions the traditional Gestalt therapy theory of aggression and proposes a new approach to working with anger and hostility. Further sections include in-depth examinations of the topics of time (the "Here and Now" and "Regressive Processes") and understanding ("Dialogue and Interpretation" and "Cultivated Uncertainty"). From Staemmler’s "critical gaze," Dan Bloom observes, "concepts emerge as refreshed, re-formed, and revitalized constructs so we can continue to develop the theory and practice of contemporary Gestalt therapy."

Collected Bodhi Leaves Publications Volume II

Author: Pariyatti Publishing
Publisher: Pariyatti Publishing
ISBN: 9781681720760
Release Date: 2017-12-01
Genre: Religion

Collected Bodhi Leaves Publications Volume I (includes Bodhi Leaves 31-60) This book contains 30 of the Bodhi Leaves Publication series, dealing with various aspects of the Buddha's teaching. BL31: Meditation - First Steps to Control of the Senses P.M. Rao BL32: The Threefold Division of the Noble Eightfold Path Piyadassi Thera BL33: Extinction Without Remainder Buddhadasa Bhikkhu BL34: Protection through Satipatthana Nyanaponika Thera BL35: The Four Cankers (Asava) T.H. Perera BL36: Renunciation T. Prince BL37: The Preparatory path John D. Ireland BL38: The Advantages of Merit Bhikkhu Khantipalo BL39: The Supreme Conquerer Francis Story BL40: Right Understanding Bhikkhu Silabhadra BL41: Application of Dhamma Siri Buddhasukh BL42: Buddhism: A Method of Mind Training Leaornard Bullen BL43: The Relevance of Buddhism the in Modern World Princess Poon Pismai Diskul BL44: Three Mental Faculties and Guarding the Doors of the Senses Dr. Elizabeth Ashby BL45: This Self Business and Other Essays M. O'C. Walshe/ Natasha jackson/ Dr. Elizabeth Ashby BL46: The Way to Happiness H.L.B. Ellegala BL47: Woman in Ancient India C.C. Weerasinghe BL48: Buddhist Observances and Practices Piyadassi Thera BL49: Samsara and The Way of Dispassion Francis Story BL50: Buddhist Ideas in English Poetry BL51: Meditation: The Inward Journey John Andrew Storey BL52: Mindfulness - An All-Time Necessity C.C. Knight and Reg McAuliffe BL53: Why Buddhism? Why Theravada? Theravada, Mahayana, Hinayana M.O'C. Walshe BL54: Rebirth John Andrew Storey BL55: The Scientific Approach to Buddhim and the Appeal of Buddhism Francis Story BL56: Three Buddhist Tales various authors BL57: The Story of the Mahinda, Sanghamitta and the Sri Maha-Bodhi Piyadassi Thera BL58: An Actual Religion Bhikkhu Silacara BL59: Buddhist Lay Ethics Francis Story BL60: Mindfulness and Awareness Nanavira Thera

Collected Bodhi Leaves Volume II

Author: P. M. Rao
Publisher: Buddhist Publication Society
ISBN: 9789552403507
Release Date: 2011-01-01
Genre: Religion

This book contains thirty numbers of the renowned Bodhi Leaves Publication series, dealing with various aspects of the Buddha’s teaching. 31 Meditation—First Steps to Control of the Senses—P. M. Rao 32 The Threefold Division of the Noble Eightfold Path—Piyadassi Thera 33 Extinction Without Remainder—Buddhadasa Bhikkhu 34 Protection Through Satipatthana—Nyanaponika Thera 35 The Four Cankers (Asava)—T. H. Perera 36 Renunciation—T. Prince 37 The Preparatory Path—John D. Ireland 38 The Advantages of Merit—Bhikkhu Khantipalo 39 The Supreme Conqueror—Francis Story 40 Right Understanding—Bhikkhu Silabhadra 41 Applications of Dhamma—Siri Buddhasukh 42 Buddhism: A Method of Mind Training—Leonard Bullen 43 The Relevance of Buddhism in the Modern World—Princess Poon Pismai Diskul 44 Three Mental Faculties and Guarding the Doors of the Senses—Dr. Elizabeth Ashby 45 This Self Business and Other Essays—M. O’C. Walshe/Natasha Jackson/Dr. Elizabeth Ashby 46 The Way to Happiness—H. L. B. Ellegala 47 Women in Ancient India—C. D. Weerasinghe 48 Buddhist Observances and Practices—Piyadassi Thera 49 Saísara and The Way of Dispassion—Francis Story 50 Buddhist Ideas in English Poetry—Cyril Moore 51 Meditation: The Inward Journey—John Andrew Storey 52 Mindfulness: An All-Time Necessity—C. F. Knight and Reg McAuliffe 53 Why Buddhism? Why Theravada? Theravada, Mahayana, Hinayana—M. O'C. Walshe 54 Rebirth—John Andrew Storey 55 The Scientific Approach to Buddhism and The Appeal of Buddhism—Francis Story 56 Three Buddhist Tales—Various Authors 57 The Story of the Mahinda, Sanghamitta and the Sri Maha-Bodhi—Piyadassi Thera 58 An Actual Religion—Bhikkhu Silacara 59 Buddhist Lay Ethics—Francis Story 60 Mindfulness and Awareness—Nyanavira Thera

Bild Selbstbewusstsein Einbildung

Author: Alexander Schnell
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004310865
Release Date: 2015-11-20
Genre: Philosophy

Dieser Band der Fichte-Studien stellt die neuesten Forschungen zu Fichtes Bildlehre im systematischen Zusammenhang seiner Wissenschaftslehre vor. Im Vordergrund steht der Bezug des Bildes zur Einbildungskraft und zum Selbstbewusstsein, aber auch praktische und ästhetische Aspekte der Bildproblematik werden dabei mitberücksichtigt.

Masters of Deception

Author: Al Seckel
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
ISBN: 1402705778
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Art

Celebrates the use of optical illusion in art, presenting the importance and uniqueness of such work, discussing such artists as Salvador Dalâi, M.C. Sesher, and Istvâan Orosz.