Differential Geometry and Statistics

Author: M.K. Murray
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781351455114
Release Date: 2017-10-19
Genre: Mathematics

Several years ago our statistical friends and relations introduced us to the work of Amari and Barndorff-Nielsen on applications of differential geometry to statistics. This book has arisen because we believe that there is a deep relationship between statistics and differential geometry and moreoever that this relationship uses parts of differential geometry, particularly its 'higher-order' aspects not readily accessible to a statistical audience from the existing literature. It is, in part, a long reply to the frequent requests we have had for references on differential geometry! While we have not gone beyond the path-breaking work of Amari and Barndorff- Nielsen in the realm of applications, our book gives some new explanations of their ideas from a first principles point of view as far as geometry is concerned. In particular it seeks to explain why geometry should enter into parametric statistics, and how the theory of asymptotic expansions involves a form of higher-order differential geometry. The first chapter of the book explores exponential families as flat geometries. Indeed the whole notion of using log-likelihoods amounts to exploiting a particular form of flat space known as an affine geometry, in which straight lines and planes make sense, but lengths and angles are absent. We use these geometric ideas to introduce the notion of the second fundamental form of a family whose vanishing characterises precisely the exponential families.

Applications of Differential Geometry to Econometrics

Author: Paul Marriott
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521651166
Release Date: 2000-08-31
Genre: Business & Economics

First collection to apply Differential Geometric techniques to econometrics: includes brief introductory tutorial.

Geometric Modeling in Probability and Statistics

Author: Ovidiu Calin
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319077796
Release Date: 2014-07-17
Genre: Mathematics

This book covers topics of Informational Geometry, a field which deals with the differential geometric study of the manifold probability density functions. This is a field that is increasingly attracting the interest of researchers from many different areas of science, including mathematics, statistics, geometry, computer science, signal processing, physics and neuroscience. It is the authors’ hope that the present book will be a valuable reference for researchers and graduate students in one of the aforementioned fields. This textbook is a unified presentation of differential geometry and probability theory, and constitutes a text for a course directed at graduate or advanced undergraduate students interested in applications of differential geometry in probability and statistics. The book contains over 100 proposed exercises meant to help students deepen their understanding, and it is accompanied by software that is able to provide numerical computations of several information geometric objects. The reader will understand a flourishing field of mathematics in which very few books have been written so far.

Stochastic Analysis and Applications

Author: I M Davies
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789814548113
Release Date: 1996-03-20

This volume contains papers which were presented at a meeting entitled “Stochastic Analysis and Applications“ held at Gregynog Hall, Powys, from the 9th — 14th July 1995. The meeting consisted of a mixture of plenary/review talks and special interest sessions covering most of the current areas of activity in stochastic analysis. The meeting was jointly organized by the Department of Mathematics, University of Wales Swansea and the Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick in connection with the Stochastic Analysis year of activity. The papers contained herein are accessible to workers in the field of stochastic analysis and give a good coverage of topics of current interest in the research community. Contents:Logarithmic Sobolev Inequalities on Loop Spaces Over Compact Riemannian Manifolds (S Aida)Euclidean Random Fields, Pseudodifferential Operators, and Wightman Functions (S Albeverio et al)Strong Markov Processes and the Dirichlet Problem in von Neumann Algebras (S Attal & K R Parthasarathy)On the General Form of Quantum Stochastic Evolution Equation (V P Belavkin)Stochastic Flows of Diffeomorphisms (Z Brzezniak & K D Elworthy)Gromov's Hyperbolicity and Picard's Little Theorem for Harmonic Maps (M Cranston et al)On Heat Kernel Logarithmic Sobolev inequalities (B K Driver & Y Hu)Evolution Equations in the Theory of Statistical Manifolds (B Grigelionis)Stochastic Flows with Self-Similar Properties (H Kunita)Path Space of a Symplectic Manifold (R Léandre)The General Linear Stochastic Volterra Equation with Anticipating Coefficients (B Øksendal & T Zhang)Local Non Smooth Flows on the Wiener Space and Applications (G Peters)On Transformations of Measures Related to Second Order Differential Equations (V R Steblovskaya)Extension of Lipschitz Functions on Wiener Space (A S Üstünel & M Zakai)On Large Deviations for SDE Systems Without Bounded Coefficient Derivatives (A Y Veretennikov)Maupertius' Least Action Principle for Diffusions (J C Zambrini)Large Deviations Results Without Continuity Hypothesis on the Diffusion Term (W Zheng)and other papers Readership: Stochastic analysts, mathematical physicists and probabilists. keywords:

Methods of Information Geometry

Author: Shun-ichi Amari
Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.
ISBN: 0821843028
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Mathematics

Information geometry provides the mathematical sciences with a new framework of analysis. It has emerged from the investigation of the natural differential geometric structure on manifolds of probability distributions, which consists of a Riemannian metric defined by the Fisher information and a one-parameter family of affine connections called the $\alpha$-connections. The duality between the $\alpha$-connection and the $(-\alpha)$-connection together with the metric play an essential role in this geometry. This kind of duality, having emerged from manifolds of probability distributions, is ubiquitous, appearing in a variety of problems which might have no explicit relation to probability theory. Through the duality, it is possible to analyze various fundamental problems in a unified perspective. The first half of this book is devoted to a comprehensive introduction to the mathematical foundation of information geometry, including preliminaries from differential geometry, the geometry of manifolds or probability distributions, and the general theory of dual affine connections. The second half of the text provides an overview of many areas of applications, such as statistics, linear systems, information theory, quantum mechanics, convex analysis, neural networks, and affine differential geometry. The book can serve as a suitable text for a topics course for advanced undergraduates and graduate students.

Nonparametric Statistics on Manifolds and Their Applications to Object Data Analysis

Author: Victor Patrangenaru
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781439820513
Release Date: 2015-09-18
Genre: Mathematics

A New Way of Analyzing Object Data from a Nonparametric Viewpoint Nonparametric Statistics on Manifolds and Their Applications to Object Data Analysis provides one of the first thorough treatments of the theory and methodology for analyzing data on manifolds. It also presents in-depth applications to practical problems arising in a variety of fields, including statistics, medical imaging, computer vision, pattern recognition, and bioinformatics. The book begins with a survey of illustrative examples of object data before moving to a review of concepts from mathematical statistics, differential geometry, and topology. The authors next describe theory and methods for working on various manifolds, giving a historical perspective of concepts from mathematics and statistics. They then present problems from a wide variety of areas, including diffusion tensor imaging, similarity shape analysis, directional data analysis, and projective shape analysis for machine vision. The book concludes with a discussion of current related research and graduate-level teaching topics as well as considerations related to computational statistics. Researchers in diverse fields must combine statistical methodology with concepts from projective geometry, differential geometry, and topology to analyze data objects arising from non-Euclidean object spaces. An expert-driven guide to this approach, this book covers the general nonparametric theory for analyzing data on manifolds, methods for working with specific spaces, and extensive applications to practical research problems. These problems show how object data analysis opens a formidable door to the realm of big data analysis.

Actes de la Session

Author: International Statistical Institute
ISBN: UOM:39015079388537
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Statistics


Author: Corrado Gini
ISBN: UOM:39015049389367
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Statistics

Includes list of publications received.


ISBN: NWU:35556028942472
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Statistics

Entropy Measures Maximum Entropy Principle and Emerging Applications

Author: Karmeshu
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540002421
Release Date: 2003-03-11
Genre: Computers

This book is dedicated to Prof. J. Kapur and his contributions to the field of entropy measures and maximum entropy applications. Eminent scholars in various fields of applied information theory have been invited to contribute to this Festschrift, collected on the occasion of his 75th birthday. The articles cover topics in the areas of physical, biological, engineering and social sciences such as information technology, soft computing, nonlinear systems or molecular biology with a thematic coherence. The volume will be useful to researchers working in these different fields enabling them to see the underlying unity and power of entropy optimization frameworks.


ISBN: UOM:39015040429055
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Statistics

Mathematical Theory of Statistics

Author: Helmut Strasser
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 9783110850826
Release Date: 1985-01-01
Genre: Mathematics

The series is devoted to the publication of monographs and high-level textbooks in mathematics, mathematical methods and their applications. Apart from covering important areas of current interest, a major aim is to make topics of an interdisciplinary nature accessible to the non-specialist. The works in this series are addressed to advanced students and researchers in mathematics and theoretical physics. In addition, it can serve as a guide for lectures and seminars on a graduate level. The series de Gruyter Studies in Mathematics was founded ca. 30 years ago by the late Professor Heinz Bauer and Professor Peter Gabriel with the aim to establish a series of monographs and textbooks of high standard, written by scholars with an international reputation presenting current fields of research in pure and applied mathematics. While the editorial board of the Studies has changed with the years, the aspirations of the Studies are unchanged. In times of rapid growth of mathematical knowledge carefully written monographs and textbooks written by experts are needed more than ever, not least to pave the way for the next generation of mathematicians. In this sense the editorial board and the publisher of the Studies are devoted to continue the Studies as a service to the mathematical community. Please submit any book proposals to Niels Jacob.

A Course in Mathematical Statistics and Large Sample Theory

Author: Rabi Bhattacharya
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9781493940325
Release Date: 2016-08-13
Genre: Mathematics

This graduate-level textbook is primarily aimed at graduate students of statistics, mathematics, science, and engineering who have had an undergraduate course in statistics, an upper division course in analysis, and some acquaintance with measure theoretic probability. It provides a rigorous presentation of the core of mathematical statistics. Part I of this book constitutes a one-semester course on basic parametric mathematical statistics. Part II deals with the large sample theory of statistics - parametric and nonparametric, and its contents may be covered in one semester as well. Part III provides brief accounts of a number of topics of current interest for practitioners and other disciplines whose work involves statistical methods.