Divorce Money

Author: Violet Woodhouse
Publisher: Nolo
ISBN: 9781413323306
Release Date: 2016-12-30
Genre: Law

All the information you need to split assets, easily and fairly. Especially in uncertain economic times, divorce isn’t simple. Turn to Divorce & Money, the acclaimed guide to evaluating and dividing assets during divorce, to avoid making financial mistakes that could affect you for the rest of your life. Learn how to: understand how a court evaluates assets determine the value of real estate and other assets negotiate a comprehensive settlement decide whether to keep or sell the house agree on fair child support understand how much, if any, alimony is appropriate divide debts fairly divide retirement benefits,and achieve financial stability after divorce. Divorce & Money shows you how to take control of your financial life during and after divorce—and avoid costly court fights.

Divorce and Money

Author: Violet Woodhouse
Publisher: NOLO
ISBN: 0873371437
Release Date: 1992
Genre: Divorce settlements

Assists couples in arriving at a fair division of property by evaluating the legal and financial worth of assets.

Divorce After 50

Author: Janice Green
Publisher: Nolo
ISBN: 9781413322279
Release Date: 2016-02-29
Genre: Family & Relationships

Today, 1 in 4 people going through a divorce are over 50. Over-50 divorces can be more financially burdensome because they usually involve alimony, retirement, health insurance, and Social Security benefits – this book covers all these issues and more.

Money and Divorce

Author: Lili Vasileff
ISBN: 1634259920
Release Date: 2018-01-07
Genre: Business & Economics

This book is, in essence, a step-by-step roadmap of everything you need to know about the financial aspects of divorce. It is a great resource to initiate self-empowerment and take control over your divorce.

Divorce and Money

Author: Gayle Rosenwald Smith
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1440650179
Release Date: 2004-01-06
Genre: Family & Relationships

Walk Away From Divorce with Financial Security Family lawyer Gayle Rosenwald Smith has designed this thoroughly researched, practical, and easy-to-read guide to help the reader through difficult, emotional, and often overwhelming divorce processes. She comprehensively explains the financial issues that can impact divorce and, most importantly, tells the reader what they can do to better understand their situation and how to take proper action. Included are effective tools and strategies to: Choose the best lawyers, financial advisors, and more Track assets with checklists and charts Evaluate and understand stock options and other "perks" Prepare a budget and expense sheets Value business, pension plans, and retirement funds-401(k)s, IRAs, and more Understand the importance of insurance in divorce Determine the best course of action for the family home and other property Get a good property settlement agreement Ensure your future financial security and economic well being

Nolo s Essential Guide to Divorce

Author: Emily Doskow
Publisher: Nolo
ISBN: 9781413325324
Release Date: 2018-05-01
Genre: Law

Nolo's Essential Guide to Divorce provides clear answers that can help make divorce simpler and reduce its financial and emotional cost. Readers will even learn how to complete the divorce with minimal help from an attorney. With compassion and understanding, Nolo's Essential Guide to Divorce explains what to expect through each stage of divorce. It helps readers: understand the divorce process learn about different types of divorce, including mediated, collaborative, and contested identify and divide property and assets fairly work with mediators or lawyers avoid expensive and painful court battles establish child custody and visitation arrangements handle child support issues, including how support is paid and enforced draft a marital settlement agreement deal with divorce emergencies address post-divorce issues, and negotiate and settle spousal support.

Your Divorce Advisor

Author: Diana Mercer
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743218566
Release Date: 2001-07-14
Genre: Family & Relationships

A lawyer and a psychologist offer a groundbreaking divorce strategy that protects both your finances and your family. From your first thought of divorce through the final paperwork, Your Divorce Advisor takes you step by step toward a divorce that dissolves the marriage but not your dignity, your sense of family, or your financial security. Whether you hire a lawyer or a mediator, or do it yourself, this practical, direct, and empowering guide offers you the wise counsel you need for both the legal and the emotional processes of ending your marriage. Your Divorce Advisor shows you how to: -Keep a healthy perspective that leads to a successful legal strategy and recognize when emotions threaten your case -Protect your assets without destroying your family Offering: -Detailed coverage of all your legal options and guidance through every legal step, including anticipating the emotional repercussions of your decisions -More information on custody than any other divorce book, including age-appropriate custody schedules -A sample divorce agreement explained one paragraph at a time Your Divorce Advisor helps you set yourself and your family on a positive course toward a new life.

Own Your Financial Freedom Money Women Marriage and Divorce

Author: Kennedy, Andrea
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd
ISBN: 9789814516853
Release Date: 2013-11-15
Genre: Business & Economics

It is never too early to get a financial reality check to ensure long term financial security. Practical, savvy, and wide-ranging, Own Your Financial Freedom will inform women of important financial constructs prior to marriage and educate women on the ‘what-if’ of a divorce proceeding and post-divorce money management. By making effective money decisions at every stage of your life, if a divorce is ever inevitable, you will feel far more in control and aware of what you are entitled to, making divorce a straightforward process and not a lengthy battle. Packed with essential advice from professionals and financial gurus, Own Your Financial Freedom will help anyone navigate through the emotionally, economically and legally challenging divorce procedure. From understanding entitlements, coming to a settlement and to planning long-term investments, this book is an essential guide to achieving financial freedom. Currently the principal of Wiser Wealth, Andrea Kennedy is an investment manager who has been providing coaching and consultation services to couples, families and professional women for the past decade in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai. Andrea has a blog, “Women on Money” (www.wiserwealth.net/blog), and is often interviewed for her perspectives on wealth creation for women and couples. Andrea has a bachelor degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in International Affairs and Economics and is a certified financial planner (CFP). Originally from Chicago, Andrea has lived in Asia for the last 20 years

Women Money

Author: Suze Orman
Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 9780812981315
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Business & Economics

Explores the complex relationship between women and money, addressing the impact of psychological practices and financial behavior on women's finances and offering practical solutions to change how women handle their money.

Judge s Guide to Divorce A

Author: Roderic Duncan
Publisher: Nolo
ISBN: 9781413305685
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Family & Relationships

In this guide, Duncan educates divorcing couples about how and why they should settle as many issues as possible out of a courtroom setting--and gives commonsense advice for reaching the best solutions both in and out of court.

Divorce Without Court

Author: Katherine Stoner
Publisher: Nolo
ISBN: 9781413321647
Release Date: 2015-07-01
Genre: Family & Relationships

This book guides you through a negotiated divorce, using divorce mediation, or an increasingly popular approach called collaborative divorce.

The Ultimate Divorce Organizer

Author: Laura Campbell
Publisher: Peter Pauper Press, Inc.
ISBN: 9781441305268
Release Date: 2011-02-15
Genre: Family & Relationships

Here is your own personal divorce coach, designed to help you stay organized and effective through a potentially challenging and complicated process. Written by a divorce and life reinvention consultant and an expert divorce financial planner, this highly interactive guide provides a wealth of essential information, exercises, and advice about the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of divorce. 160 pages.

Countdown to Financial Freedom

Author: Mark Avallone
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 9781504361910
Release Date: 2016-10-03
Genre: Business & Economics

"I know and respect Mark Avallone. So it is not surprising that I found his book to be quite well done. It deserves a wide audience." George Connolly, President and CEO, Securian Financial Services What Is Your Unique Formula? Your financial clock is ticking, and you're running out of time to pursue your desired retirement. Whether you're a Millennial, Gen Xer, or Baby Boomer, the bite of bear markets, inflation, taxes, and higher health care costs is making the seconds tick even faster. In his Countdown to Financial Freedom, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER practitioner and Forbes contributor, Mark Avallone, offers bold and practical guidance to help you pursue your ideal retirement and financial freedom. In this refreshing, easy-to-read book, Avallone presents a decade-by-decade guide for everyone whether you're just starting out, entering your peak earning years, or about to retire. Regardless of your current financial position, you'll find Your Unique Formula for determining a clear path to your retirement. Drawing on stories of people who have overcome financial setbacks, Avallone explains strategies like how to avoid the destructive forces of the 3 D'sdisability, divorce, or death of partnerwhich can ravage even the most sound financial plan. In Countdown to Financial Freedom, you will see how an award-winning financial advisor clearly communicates ideas and strategies for people of all ages.

Smart Women

Author: Judy Blume
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101572566
Release Date: 2011-12-01
Genre: Fiction

Margo and B.B. are each divorced, and each is trying to reinvent her life in Colorado-while their respective teenage daughters look on with a mixture of humor and horror. But even smart women sometimes have a lot to learn-and they will, when B.B.'s ex-husband moves in next door to Margo...