The Budding Artist

Author: Laura Laxton
Publisher: Gryphon House, Inc.
ISBN: 9780876594353
Release Date: 2012-07-01
Genre: Education

Curious kids will delight in the wonder of the creative process with the fifty art-inspiring activities in The Budding Artist! With great ways for you and your budding artist to create beautiful memories together, this book shows parents and kids how to paint with bubbles, create glue webs, make a blooming tablecloth, and construct homemade paper valentines. Perfect for ages three to six, this fun-filled introduction to arts and crafts features easy-to-follow instructions and easy-to-find materials that will help you and your child have as much fun creating art as viewing the finished product!

Learning at Home Pre K 3

Author: Ann C. Barbour
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 9781628733051
Release Date: 2013-12-13

Families play a critical role in helping young children develop a solid academic foundation and love of learning. Numerous examples have proven time and again that children’s learning behavior is strongest when reinforced with activities, social interactions, and play. In Learning at Home, PreK–3, Ann Barbour stresses the importance of getting parents involved with their children’s education through engaging homework activities. Bursting with activities to foster learning on many levels, this book also offers ideas for teachers on how to include parents in their children’s education. Discover hundreds of fun activities designed to: Relate learning directly to children’s own experiences Include shared reading experiences, family projects, and games Integrate developmental and content areas, including language and literacy, mathematics, science, and the creative arts Promote literacy learning in homes where English is not the primary language And more This book gives teachers the tools to reach out to families and provides parents with the guidance to reinforce learning both in school and at home. Complete with tips on how to encourage parent involvement, data to support family commitment to the child’s education, and activities that young students will enjoy doing at home with their families, Learning at Home is a fantastic resource to promote the joy of learning at home.

Daily Preschool Experiences

Author: Cathy Clemons
Publisher: Gryphon House, Inc.
ISBN: 9780876597903
Release Date: 2017-08-31
Genre: Education

With 100 days of plans, Daily Preschool Experiences has learning center activities for preschool learners at every developmental level. The daily plans are organized by theme into 20 units, each with a 5-day plan. Each daily plan includes: A morning circle activity Differentiated activities for 3 learning centers A related children's book Vocabulary words Extension activities A review of the day's experience Because every child is unique, teachers can select the activities that fit the developmental levels of the individual children in their classes. The learning center activities for each unit in the book have three developmental levels of learning: beginning, developing, and experienced.


Author: Toby Reynolds
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781477791301
Release Date: 2014-07-15

What do erasers, potatoes, and bubble wrap have in common? They can all be used for printing! By using an unexpected array of materials and media, this assortment of printing projects will have budding artists rethinking what they know about art and how it's created.

Another Encyclopedia of Theme Activities for Young Children

Author: Kathy Charner
Publisher: Gryphon House, Inc.
ISBN: 9780876594308
Release Date: 2012-10-01
Genre: Education

More than 300 theme activities written by teachers for teachers! Actively engage children’s imaginations with more than 300 activities for young children organized into a variety of popular themes – from the alphabet to the weather. The result of a nationwide contest among teachers, the classroom-tested activities in Another Encyclopedia of Theme Activities for Young Children provide many months of learning fun! Each activity is complete with learning objectives, materials list, related children’s book suggestions, step-by-step instructions of what to do, teacher-to-teacher tips to expand on children’s learning, assessment strategies, and related songs, poems, and fingerplays. Themes: •All About Me •Alphabet •Animals •Art •Building & Construction •Celebrations •Colors •Five Senses •Health & Nutrition •Insects & Bugs •Kindness •Math •Music & Movement •My Community & Neighborhood •My Family & Friends •My School •Numbers •Our Earth •Plants •Science & Technology •Seasons •Shapes •Time •Transportation •Water •Weather

Printing Crafts

Author: Annalees Lim
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781482402162
Release Date: 2013-12-15

There's a great sense of pride in carrying a colorful, distinctive tote bag or hanging a one-of-a-kind print in your living room. Using paints, homemade stencils, and some other simple materials, readers will be able to make funky decorations, clothes, and even wrapping paper. Photographs accompany each step of the crafts so readers can easily follow along. Some crafts require a bit of help from an adult, but most are simple, fun ways for readers to use their creativity to make unique pieces all their own.

Something about the Author

Author: Jenai Mynatt
Publisher: Gale
ISBN: 078766992X
Release Date: 2004-04-09
Genre: Literary Criticism

Provides biographical information on the men and women who write and illustrate children's books.

Author: 정재희
Publisher: Dasan Books
ISBN: 9788963704074
Release Date: 2010-07-28
Genre: Foreign Language Study

영어가 서툰 엄마도, 바쁜 직장맘도 쉽게 따라할 수 있는 희서맘의 영어놀이 61가지 “학원 한 번 안 보내고 영어 영재로 만든 놀이비법 61가지.” 7살 희서를 학원 한 번 안 보내고 영어 영재로 만든 4년간의 노하우 “월 100만원 한다는 강남 영어 유치원도 부럽지 않다.” 영어의 첫 단추는, 엄마가 놀이로 채워주자 아이가 영어를 배우는 데 있어서 첫 단추를 어떻게 채우느냐는 매우 중요하다. 잘못 채우게 되면 ‘영어는 배워야 하는 어려운 공부’라는 생각이 머리에 박혀 영어라는 것 자체가 즐겁지 않게 되기 때문이다. 이렇게 어긋나버린 단추 채우기는 줄줄이 역효과만 불러온다. 그럼 그 단추는 누가, 어떻게 채워줘야 하는 것일까? 영어의 첫 단추는 엄마가 놀이로 채워주는 것이 좋다. 아이, 특히 유아인 경우에는 엄마 아빠와 노는 것이 세상에서 가장 즐거운 일이며 가장 효과적인 학습이다. 그렇게 엄마가 공부를 공부로 인식하지 않도록 신나게 놀면서 영어를 흡수하게 도와준다면 아이에게 영어는 우리말과 다르지 않은 무게로 다가설 것이다. 아이가 영어를 즐기기 시작하면 닦달하지 않아도 스스로 영어를 공부하게 된다. 관심도 없는 아이에게 아무리 영어교재와 시간을 들이부어 봐야 밑 빠진 독에 물 붓기와 다름없다. 사교육비도 줄이면서 아이가 자유롭고 편한 마음으로 영어를 배울 수 있는 장점 많은 엄마표 영어놀이야말로 내 아이를 위한 맞춤학습법이다. 직장맘도 실천할 수 있는 살아있는 영어놀이백과 여름방학을 앞두고 ‘우리 아이에게도 엄마표 영어로 영어감각을 길러줘야지’ 하는 엄마들이 많다. 하지만 막상 시작하려니 어떤 놀이를 해줘야할지, 어떤 책을 보여줘야 할지 덜컥 겁이 나기도 한다. 또 이미 영어놀이를 해왔던 엄마 중에는 정기적으로 꾸준하게 아이에게 놀이를 제공한다는 것에 부담을 느끼는 엄마도 있다. 특히 이제껏 출간되었던 영어놀이책에서는 후자의 고민을 해결할만한 책이 없었다. 비슷한 류의 책을 여러 권 구입하는 것이 유일한 방법이었지만 『행복한 영어놀이백과』는 두툼한 책 한 권으로 이런 문제를 해결해준다. 일단 수준 높은 엄마표 영어의 내공을 갖고 있는 저자가 Q&A를 통해 영어놀이의 모든 것을 알려주며, 하루에 한 가지씩의 놀이만 해줘도 두 달이 뚝딱 지나는 어디에도 공개한 적 없는 61개나 되는 영어놀이가 있다. 또한 놀이와 관련 있는 영어동화책을 소개해 놀이의 활용도를 높였으며 아이와 엄마의 풍부한 대화 내용이 영어 표현력을 늘리는 데 많은 도움을 받을 수 있다. ‘백과’라는 말이 무색하지 않을 국내 최대 영어놀이책이 엄마의 열정과 만나면 누구나 내 아이를 위한 엄마표 영어놀이를 진행할 수 있을 것이다.

Bringing Mysteries Alive for Children and Young Adults

Author: Jeanette Larson
Publisher: Worthington, Ohio : Linworth Pub.
ISBN: 1586830120
Release Date: 2004-01-01
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

Kids love mysteries, and you will love promoting learning and literacy with this guide to the mystery genre! Inside, you will find an introduction to the various types of mysteries and a guide to using the genre effectively in the library or classroom. Engage learners and teach concepts within all subject areas! Content is ideal for public librarians as well as school librarians. Includes examples from most of the major sub-genres and categories, including true crime, detective stories, ghosts and gothics, suspense, and many, many more! Appendices. Bibliography. Works Cited. Index of Subjects. Book jacket.