Essential Virtual SAN VSAN

Author: Cormac Hogan
Publisher: VMWare Press
ISBN: 9780134510309
Release Date: 2016-06-01
Genre: Computers

Plan, implement, and manage VMware’s radically simple, enterprise-class software-defined storage platform VMware’s Virtual SAN has rapidly proven itself in environments ranging from hospitals to oil rigs to e-commerce platforms. Along the way, it has matured to offer unsurpassed features for data integrity, availability, and space efficiency. Virtual SAN 6.x makes all-flash storage practical for even more use cases, while radically simplifying IT operations and supporting the transition to hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI). Now, the authors of Essential Virtual SAN (VSAN) have thoroughly updated their definitive guide to this transformative technology. Writing for vSphere administrators, architects, and consultants, Cormac Hogan and Duncan Epping explain what Virtual SAN is, how it has evolved, what it now offers, and how to gain maximum value from it. Hogan and Epping draw on unsurpassed experience shaping Virtual SAN and helping VMware customers deploy it. They offer expert insight into preparation, installation, configuration, policies, provisioning, clusters, and more. You’ll also find practical guidance for using its new Health and Performance Services to gain end-to-end visibility into infrastructure and resource consumption. Both an up-to-the-minute reference and hands-on tutorial, Essential Virtual SAN, Second Edition uses realistic examples to demonstrate the immense power of Virtual SAN 6.x. You’ll learn all you need to successfully plan and deploy the newest versions, and operate them smoothly and efficiently. COVERAGE INCLUDES: Understanding the goals and concepts of Software-Defined Storage and Virtual SAN Meeting updated requirements for safe Virtual SAN 6.x implementation Architecting, installing, and configuring Virtual SAN for your unique environment Simplifying deployment with VM storage policies and provisioning Controlling availability, performance, and reliability Efficiently managing and maintaining Virtual SAN Providing resiliency and scale-out storage functionality Designing and sizing clusters (with examples) Using stretched clusters to address rigorous downtime requirements Applying valuable new features such as deduplication, compression, checksums, and encryption Using Health and Performance Services to troubleshoot hardware, configurations, and performance

Storage Design and Implementation in vSphere 6

Author: Mostafa Khalil
Publisher: VMWare Press
ISBN: 9780134269283
Release Date: 2017-07-10
Genre: Computers

This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. Now fully updated: The authoritative, comprehensive guide to vSphere 6 storage implementation and management Effective VMware virtualization storage planning and management has become crucial—but it can be extremely complex. Now, VMware’s leading storage expert thoroughly demystifies the “black box” of vSphere 6 storage and provides illustrated, step-by-step procedures for performing every key task associated with it. Mostafa Khalil presents techniques based on years of personal experience helping customers troubleshoot storage in their vSphere production environments. Drawing on more experience than anyone else in the field, he combines expert guidelines, insights for better architectural design, best practices for planning and management, common configuration details, and deep dives into both vSphere and third-party storage. Storage Design and Implementation in vSphere 6, Second Edition will give you the deep understanding you need to make better upfront storage decisions, quickly solve problems if they arise, and keep them from occurring in the first place. Coverage includes: Planning and implementing Fibre Channel, FCoE, and iSCSI storage in vSphere virtualized environments Implementing vSphere Pluggable Storage Architecture native multipathing, SATP, PSP, plug-ins, rules, registration, and more Working with Active/Passive and Pseudo-Active/Active ALUA SCSI-3 storage arrays Maximizing availability with multipathing and failover Improving efficiency and value by unifying and centrally managing heterogeneous storage configurations Understanding Storage Virtualization Devices (SVDs) and designing storage to take advantage of them Implementing VMware Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) to maximize performance and resource utilization Working with virtual disks and raw device mappings (RDMs) Managing snapshots in VMFS and Virtual Volumes environments Implementing and administering NFS, VAAI, Storage vMotion, VisorFS, and VASA Integrating VSAN core and advanced features Using Virtual Volumes to streamline storage operations and gain finer VM-level control over external storage

Networking for VMware Administrators

Author: Christopher Wahl
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780133511086
Release Date: 2014
Genre: Computers

"Now that virtualization has blurred the lines between networking and servers, many VMware specialists need a stronger understanding of networks than they may have gained in earlier IT roles. Networking for VMware administrators fills this crucial knowledge gap. Writing for VMware professionals, Christopher Wahl and Steve Pantol illuminate the core concepts of modern networking, and show how to apply them in designing, configuring, and troubleshooting any virtualized network environment"--P. [4] of cover.

VMware Virtual SAN Cookbook

Author: Jeffrey Taylor
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781782175384
Release Date: 2015-08-31
Genre: Computers

The perfect guide to successful VMware Virtual SAN implementation and operations, with recipes to guide you through the process About This Book Design a Virtual SAN infrastructure from selecting hardware to full capacity. Deploy and manage a software-defined storage solution with VMware Virtual SAN Prepare for architectural and scale changes as your enterprise grows and develops Who This Book Is For If you are an administrator of a VMware vSphere infrastructure and want to simplify storage delivery by integrating storage into vSphere, this book is for you. No extensive storage background is needed as VMware Virtual SAN integrates into the existing vSphere solutions with which you are already familiar. What You Will Learn Prepare your infrastructure for VMware Virtual SAN Plan and build infrastructure solutions to suit your needs Implement VMware Virtual SAN Exploit the power of policy-based management Increase or decrease the scale of your Virtual SAN as needs change Monitor your Virtual SAN infrastructure effectively Respond to and troubleshoot problems In Detail VMware Virtual SAN is a radically simple, hypervisor-converged storage, designed and optimized for vSphere virtual infrastructure. VMware introduced the software to help customers store more and more virtual machines. As data centers continue to evolve and grow, managing infrastructure becomes more challenging. Traditional storage solutions like monolithic storage arrays and complex management are often ill-suited to the needs of the modern data center. Software-defined storage solutions, like VMware Virtual SAN, integrate the storage side of the infrastructure with the server side, and can simplify management and improve flexibility. This book is a detailed guide which provides you with the knowledge you need to successfully implement and manage VMware VSAN and deployed infrastructures. You will start with an introduction to VSAN and object storage, before moving on to hardware selection, critical to a successful VSAN deployment. Next, you will discover how to prepare your existing infrastructure to support your VSAN deployment and explore Storage policy-Based Management, including policy changes, maintenance, validation, and troubleshooting VSAN. Finally, the book provides recipes to expedite the resolution process and gather all the information required to pursue a rapid resolution. Style and approach A practical guide to implementing VMware Virtual SAN filled with recipes, tips, and detailed explanations.

VMware vSphere Design

Author: Forbes Guthrie
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118067321
Release Date: 2011-02-25
Genre: Computers

VMware Software Defined Storage

Author: Martin Hosken
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781119292777
Release Date: 2016-08-29
Genre: Computers

The inside guide to the next generation of data storage technology VMware Software-Defined Storage, A Guide to the Policy Driven, Software-Defined Storage Era presents the most in-depth look at VMware's next-generation storage technology to help solutions architects and operational teams maximize quality storage design. Written by a double VMware Certified Design Expert, this book delves into the design factors and capabilities of Virtual SAN and Virtual Volumes to provide a uniquely detailed examination of the software-defined storage model. Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) is discussed in terms of deployment through VMware technology, with insight into the provisioning of storage resources and operational management, while legacy storage and storage protocol concepts provide context and demonstrate how Virtual SAN and Virtual Volumes are meeting traditional challenges. The discussion on architecture emphasizes the economies of storage alongside specific design factors for next-generation VMware based storage solutions, and is followed by an example in which a solution is created based on the preferred option identified from a selection of cross-site design options. Storage hardware lifecycle management is an ongoing challenge for IT organizations and service providers. VMware is addressing these challenges through the software-defined storage model and Virtual SAN and Virtual Volumes technologies; this book provides unprecedented detail and expert guidance on the future of storage. Understand the architectural design factors of VMware-based storage Learn best practices for Virtual SAN stretched architecture implementation Deploy STaaS through vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator Meet traditional storage challenges with next-generation storage technology Virtual SAN and Virtual Volumes are leading the way in efficiency, automation, and simplification, while maintaining enterprise-class features and performance. As organizations around the world are looking to cut costs without sacrificing performance, availability, or scalability, VMware-based next-generation storage solutions are the ideal platform for tomorrow's virtual infrastructure. VMware Software-Defined Storage provides detailed, practical guidance on the model that is set to transform all aspects of vSphere data center storage.

DevOps for VMware Administrators

Author: Trevor A. Roberts Jr.
Publisher: VMWare Press
ISBN: 9780133795264
Release Date: 2015-03-19
Genre: Computers

DevOps for VMware® Administrators is the first book focused on using DevOps tools and practices with VMware technologies. The authors introduce high-value tools from third parties and VMware itself, and guide you through using them to improve the performance of all your virtualized systems and applications. You’ll walk through automating and optimizing configuration management, provisioning, log management, continuous integration, and more. The authors also offer step-by-step coverage of deploying and managing applications at scale with Docker containers and Google Kubernetes. They conclude with an up-to-the-minute discussion of VMware’s newest DevOps initiatives, including VMware vRealize Automation and VMware vRealize Code Stream. Coverage includes • Understanding the challenges that DevOps tools and practices can help VMware administrators to solve • Using Vagrant to quickly deploy Dev and Test environments that match production system specifications • Writing Chef “recipes” that streamline server configuration and maintenance • Simplifying Unix/Linux configuration management and orchestration with Ansible • Implementing Docker containers for faster and easier application management • Automating provisioning across the full lifecycle with Razor • Integrating Microsoft PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) and VMware PowerCLI to automate key Windows Server and vSphere VM admin tasks • Using Puppet to automate infrastructure provisioning, configuration, orchestration, and reporting • Supercharging log management with ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) • Supporting DevOps source code management with Git and continuous integration practices with Jenkins • Achieving continuous integration, delivery, and deployment with VMware’s vRealize Code Stream

Mastering VMware vSphere 5

Author: Scott Lowe
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118180129
Release Date: 2011-09-29
Genre: Computers

A new and updated edition of bestselling Mastering VMware vSphere 4 Written by leading VMware expert, this book covers all the features and capabilities of VMware vSphere. You'll learn how to install, configure, operate, manage, and secure the latest release. Covers all the new features and capabilities of the much-anticipated new release of VMware vSphere Discusses the planning, installation, operation, and management for the latest release Reviews migration to the latest vSphere software Offers hands-on instruction and clear explanations with real-world examples Mastering VMware vSphere is the strategic guide you need to maximize the opportunities of virtualization.

VMware VSphere 6 5 Host Resources Deep Dive

Author: Frank Denneman
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1540873064
Release Date: 2017-06-20
Genre: VMware vSphere

From the author of the vSphere Clustering Deep Dive series - The VMware vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive is a guide to building consistent high-performing ESXi hosts. A book that people can't put down. Written for administrators, architects, consultants, aspiring VCDX-es and people eager to learn more about the elements that control the behavior of CPU, memory, storage and network resources. This book shows that we can fundamentally and materially improve the systems we're building. We can make the currently running ones consistently faster by deeply understanding and optimizing our systems. The reality is that specifics of the infrastructure matter. Details matter. Especially for distributed platforms which abstract resource layers, such as NSX and vSAN. Knowing your systems inside and out is the only way to be sure you've properly handled those details. It's about having a passion for these details. It's about loving the systems we build. It's about understanding them end-to-end. This book explains the concepts and mechanisms behind the physical resource components and the VMkernel resource schedulers, which enables you to: Optimize your workload for current and future Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) systems. Discover how vSphere Balanced Power Management takes advantage of the CPU Turbo Boost functionality, and why High Performance does not. How the 3-DIMMs per Channel configuration results in a 10-20% performance drop. How TLB works and why it is bad to disable large pages in virtualized environments. Why 3D XPoint is perfect for the vSAN caching tier. What queues are and where they live inside the end-to-end storage data paths. Tune VMkernel components to optimize performance for VXLAN network traffic and NFV environments. Why Intel's Data Plane Development Kit significantly boosts packet processing performance.

Learning VMware NSX

Author: Ranjit Singh Thakurratan
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781785880018
Release Date: 2016-01-30
Genre: Computers

Virtualize your network with this step-by-step configuration guide to installing, configuring, and managing VMware NSX About This Book Understand VMware NSX's foundational components and architecture and discover best practices to help you manage VMware NSX Learn about the important aspects of VMware NSX 6.2 including installation, managing, monitoring, and configuring Learn to manage VMware NSX using best practices to elevate your skills in deploying VMware NSX in your environment Who This Book Is For This book is for those who want to learn to install, manage, and configure the VMware NSX Network Virtualization platform. If you want to explore, understand, or deploy VMware NSX in your environment, this book is for you. Also, this book can assist you to prepare for VMware NSX certification. Knowledge of basic networking concepts and VMware components such as vCenter and vSphere is required. What You Will Learn Explore the foundational components of VMware NSX Install and configure NSX manager and its components using best practices Deploy and configure VXLAN-enabled logical switches Secure your environment using Distributed Firewall and Data Security Configure third-party services in NSX Manage, configure, and deploy edge gateway services Understand software-defined networks In Detail VMware NSX is the network virtualization and security platform that emerged from VMware. It is a platform for the software-defined data center. This software networking platform allows complex networking topologies to be deployed programmatically in seconds. SDNs allow ease of deployment, management, and automation in deploying and maintaining new networks while reducing and in some cases completely eliminating the need to deploy traditional networks. In Learning VMware NSX, you will see some of these features of SDN and explore VMware NSX, starting with network virtualization. We'll then walk you through the components of NSX and provide step-by-step instructions to help you install and configure NSX. We also cover all the functional services of NSX, edge services gateway, service composer, and data security. In addition, we'll teach you to integrate partner solutions with NSX. Finally, we show you how to manage your NSX deployment and monitor NSX. Style and approach This is an easy-to-follow guide with tested configuration steps to get you up and running quickly. This book covers the nitty-gritty of installing, configuring, managing, and monitoring VMware NSX.

VCP6 DCV Official Cert Guide Exam 2V0 621

Author: John A. Davis
Publisher: VMWare Press
ISBN: 9780134392967
Release Date: 2016-06-20
Genre: Computers

Trust the Official Cert Guide series from VMware Press to help you learn, prepare, and practice for exam success. They are the only VMware authorized self-study books and are built with the objective of providing assessment, review, and practice to help ensure you are fully prepared for your certification exam. Master VMware certification exam topics Assess your knowledge with chapter-opening quizzes Review key concepts with exam preparation tasks This is the eBook edition of The VCP6-DCV Official Cert Guide. This eBook does not include the practice exam that comes with the print edition. The VCP6-DCV Official Cert Guide presents you with an organized test preparation routine through the use of proven series elements and techniques. “Do I Know This Already?” quizzes open each chapter and enable you to decide how much time you need to spend on each section. Exam topic lists make referencing easy. Chapter-ending Exam Preparation Tasks help you drill on key concepts you must know thoroughly. The VCP6-DCV Official Cert Guide focuses specifically on the objectives for the VMware Certified Professional 6 — Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DCV #2VO-621) exam. Leading VMware consultants, trainers, and data center experts John A. Davis, Steve Baca, and Owen Thomas share preparation hints and test-taking tips, helping you identify areas of weakness and improve both your conceptual knowledge and hands-on skills. Material is presented in a concise manner, focusing on increasing your understanding and retention of exam topics. Well-regarded for its level of detail, assessment features, comprehensive design scenarios, and challenging review questions and exercises, this official study guide helps you master the concepts and techniques that will enable you to succeed on the exam the first time. The official study guide helps you master all the topics on the VCP6-DCV (#2VO-621) exam, including: Securing vSphere environments Implementing advanced network virtualization policies, features, and Network I/O control (NIOC) Configuring and using VMware storage protocols, VSAN and VVOL software-defined storage, ESXi host interactions, and Storage I/O Control (SIOC) Upgrading vSphere deployments to 6.x, including vCenter Server and ESXi Hosts Planning and using Resource Pools Implementing backup/recovery with VMware Data Protection and vSphere Replication Troubleshooting performance, storage, networks, upgrades, clusters, and more Successfully configuring Auto Deploy environments with host profiles and virtualized workloads Configuring and administering vSphere high availability Using advanced VM settings, content libraries, and vCloud Air connectors The VCP6-DCV Official Cert Guide is part of a recommended learning path from VMware that includes simulation and hands-on training from authorized VMware instructors and self-study products from VMware Press. To find out more about instructor-led training, e-learning, and hands-on instruction offered worldwide, please visit

Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware

Author: Michael Corey
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780321927750
Release Date: 2014-07
Genre: Computers

Offers techniques, tips, and insights into squeezing maximum performance out of a virtualized database.

VMware vRealize Orchestrator Cookbook

Author: Daniel Langenhan
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781784393700
Release Date: 2015-02-27
Genre: Computers

If you are a VMware administrator who is interested in automating your infrastructure, this book is for you. An understanding of basic programming concepts is advised. No previous knowledge of Orchestrator is required, although some previous knowledge of it will allow you to get started more easily.

Implementing VMware Horizon 7

Author: Jason Ventresco
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781782174486
Release Date: 2016-06-29
Genre: Computers

A comprehensive, practical guide to accessing virtual desktops, applications, and services through a unified platform About This Book This is the first book on the market that delivers desktops and applications through a single Virtual Desktop Infrastructure platform Reduce enterprise costs by dynamically allocating resources with virtual storage, compute and networking This comprehensive guide provides simplified operations, improved security, and accelerated time-to-value using VMware Horizon 7 Who This Book Is For If you are a newcomer to system administration, and you wish to implement the Horizon environment, then this book is for you. Prior knowledge of Horizon is beneficial. What You Will Learn Walk through the configuration of VMware Horizon, including the new Horizon Access Point appliance Implement a multi-site VMware Horizon pod using the Cloud Pod Architecture feature Understand the integration between VMware Horizon and VSAN, and see how they are deployed together Explore how to implement and maintain Microsoft RDS and Linux and Windows Desktop Pools Create and optimize desktop master images. Understand how to manage the SSL certificates for each of the VMware Horizon components. In Detail VMware Horizon 7 has been a buzz since it was announced. One of the major reasons is the introduction of the new Instant Clones feature. This book will complement the product documentation by providing real-life examples of how it is implemented along with the latest features and components of the platform. We'll explore the latest features of the platform, including those added through product acquisitions such as User Environment Manager and App Volumes. Further on, you will also be introduced to the new capabilities added to the core product such Linked-Clone RDS pools. Upon completion of this book, you will have an understanding of the capabilities and benefits VMware Horizon can provide to your organization, and how each of its components are implemented. Style and approach This comprehensive guide focuses on the practicality of VMware Horizon and how you can implement it in your organization.

Learning VMware NSX Second Edition

Author: Ranjit Singh Thakurratan
ISBN: 178839898X
Release Date: 2017-08-24
Genre: Computers

Explore the foundational components of VMware NSXAbout This Book* Install, manage, monitor and configure your NSX deployment.* Understand VMware NSX's components and discover best practices to help you manage VMware NSX* A step by step guide that will help you elevate your skills in deploying NSX to your environmentWho This Book Is ForThe book is intended for network and system administrators that have hands on experience with VMware vSphere suite of products and would like to learn more about software defined networking and implementation of NSX. The readers are also expected to have basic networking knowledge and aware of basic switching and routing fundamentals.What You Will Learn* Understand software-defined networks* Deploy and configure VXLAN-enabled logical switches* Secure your environment using Distributed Firewall and Data Security* Configure third-party services in NSX* Manage, configure, and deploy edge gateway services* Perform various Edge operations including configuring CA certificates* Explore the different monitoring options to check their traffic flowIn DetailVMware NSX is a platform for the software-defined data center. It allows complex networking topologies to be deployed programmatically in seconds. SDNs allow ease of deployment, management, and automation in deploying and maintaining new networks while reducing and in some cases completely eliminating the need to deploy traditional networks.The book allows you a thorough understanding of implementing Software defined networks using VMware's NSX. You will come across the best practices for installing and configuring NSX to setup your environment. Then you will get a brief overview of the NSX Core Components NSX's basic architecture. Once you are familiar with everything, you will get to know how to deploy various NSX features. Furthermore, you will understand how to manage and monitor NSX and its associated services and features. In addition to this, you will also explore the best practices for NSX deployments.By the end of the book, you will be able to deploy Vmware NSX in your own environment with ease. This book can come handy if you are preparing for VMware NSX certification.Style and approachThis is an easy-to-follow guide with tested configuration steps to get you up and running quickly. This book covers the nitty-gritty of installing, configuring, managing, and monitoring VMware NSX.