Essentials of Biology

Author: Sylvia S. Mader
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science, Engineering & Mathematics
ISBN: 0073303232
Release Date: 2006-08
Genre: Science

Essentials of Biology is an essentials level introductory general biology text for non-majors students that combines Dr. Sylvia Mader's superb and accessible writing style with clear visuals, a comprehensive learning system, and abundant supplements. Essentials of Biology emphasizes the relevance of biology to students' lives within a framework of biodiversity and basic-concepts coverage of all main areas of general biology. The three key features of Essentials of Biology include: 1. Dr. Sylvia Mader's succinct, precise writing style. Sylvia's writing is what has earned her a reputation as one of the most successful introductory biology textbook author ever, and it is what will be most compelling in this text. 2. A comprehensive learning system to help students get the most out of each chapter's text content and an incredible instructional visual program. 3. Our package would not be complete without our robust media technology package with quality animations, digitized videos, OLC, and student interactive CD-ROM. Each chapter features numerous pedagogical tools that are carefully developed to help students grasp challenging concepts. These include: -A numbered outline at the beginning of each chapter with accompanying concept statements for the main topics in each chapter. - Check Your Progress questions and answers at the end of each major heading within the chapter to help students assess their understanding of the previous section. - The boldface terms in each chapter are page referenced in an Understanding the Terms list at the end of the chapter, and a matching exercise allows students to test their knowledge of the terms. - A Thinking Scientifically section at the end of each chapter gives students the opportunity to use critical thinking skills to respond to scientific questions. - The Bioethical Issue at the end of each chapter briefly discusses a controversial issue confronting society and poses questions to help students fully consider the issue and arrive at an opinion. -Numbered summary at the end of the chapter to help students review. -Testing Yourself objective questions at the end of the chapter to help students prepare for the test.


Author: Burton Guttman
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
ISBN: 9781448818631
Release Date: 2011-01-15
Genre: History

Details the history of the study of genetics, from Mendel's discoveries to the decoding of the human genome, and explains the fundamentals of genetics, the function of genes, and DNA manipulation.


Author: Burton S. Guttman
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science, Engineering & Mathematics
ISBN: 0697223663
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Biology

This fresh new approach to general biology integrates new research in genetics, ecology, evolution and molecular biology through four unifying conceptual themes. Concepts are covered when appropriate, in sufficient, but not overwhelming detail. The process of scientific discovery is emphasized and active learning is promoted through problem-solving exercises in every chapter.

WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization

Author: World Health Organization
Publisher: World Health Organization
ISBN: 9789241209939
Release Date: 2015-06-30
Genre: Business & Economics

This report presents the recommendations of a WHO Expert Committee commissioned to coordinate activities leading to the adoption of international recommendations for the production and control of vaccines and other biological substances and the establishment of international biological reference materials. Following a brief introduction the report summarizes a number of general issues brought to the attention of the Committee. The next part of the report of particular relevance to manufacturers and national regulatory authorities outlines the discussions held on the development and adoption of new and revised WHO Recommendations Guidelines and guidance documents. Following these discussions a WHO guidance document on the Scientific principles for regulatory risk evaluation on finding an adventitious agent in a marketed vaccine was adopted along with WHO Guidelines on procedures and data requirements for changes to approved vaccines and revised WHO Recommendations to assure the quality safety and efficacy of poliomyelitis vaccines (inactivated). Subsequent sections of the report provide information on the current status and proposed development of international reference materials in the areas of antibiotics; biotherapeutics other than blood products; blood products and related substances; in vitro diagnostic device reagents; and vaccines and related substances. A series of annexes are then presented which include an updated list of all WHO Recommendations Guidelines and other documents on biological substances used in medicine (Annex 1). The above three WHO documents adopted on the advice of the Committee are then published as part of this report (Annexes 2–4). Finally all additions and discontinuations made during the 2014 meeting to the list of International Standards Reference Reagents and Reference Panels for biological substances maintained by WHO are summarized in Annex 5. The updated full catalogue of WHO International Reference Preparations is available at:

WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization

Author: WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization. Meeting
Publisher: World Health Organization
ISBN: 9789241209410
Release Date: 2007-12-15
Genre: Business & Economics

This report presents the recommendations of a WHO Expert Committee commissioned to coordinate activities leading to the adoption of international recommendations to assure the quality safety and efficacy of vaccines blood products and other biological medicines and the establishment of international biological reference standards for these products and related diagnostic devices. The report of particular relevance to manufacturers and national regulatory authorities starts with a discussion of general issues brought to the Committee's attention. The second part of the report contains written specifications that establish international regulatory expectations for the following products; DNA vaccines pertussis (whole cell) vaccine plasma (human) for fractionation rabies vaccine and rotavirus vaccine. The report also provides a risk assessment and defines conditions for the safe production of pandemic strain influenza vaccines. The third part of the report provides information on the status and development of international reference materials for various antibodies antigens blood products and related substances and in vitro diagnostic devices.

6th World Congress of Biomechanics WCB 2010 1 6 August 2010 Singapore

Author: Chwee Teck Lim
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642145159
Release Date: 2010-08-09
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Biomechanics covers a wide field such as organ mechanics, tissue mechanics, cell mechanics to molecular mechanics. At the 6th World Congress of Biomechanics WCB 2010 in Singapore, authors presented the largest experimental studies, technologies and equipment. Special emphasis was placed on state-of-the-art technology and medical applications. This volume presents the Proceedings of the 6th WCB 2010 which was hold in conjunction with 14th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME) & 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Biomechanics (APBiomech). The peer reviewed scientific papers are arranged in the six themes Organ Mechanics, Tissue Mechanics, Cell Mechanics, Molecular Mechanics, Materials, Tools, Devices & Techniques, Special Topics.

Anatomie und Physiologie f r Dummies

Author: Maggie Norris
Publisher: VCH
ISBN: 3527708286
Release Date: 2012

Unser Körper ist ein komplexes System, in dem viele unterschiedlich aufgebaute Teile zusammenwirken. In ”Anatomie und Physiologie für Dummies“ erfahren die Leser, was sie über Knochen, Muskeln, Nerven, Hormone und den Rest, der den menschlichen Körper ausmacht, wissen müssen. Das ist aber natürlich noch nicht alles. Donna Rae Siegfried zeigt in diesem ausgiebig und teilweise farbig illustrierten Band, wie viele Einzelteile zusammenarbeiten und wie der Körper als großes Ganzes funktioniert. Mit Übungsaufgaben, die online gestellt wurden, können Sie Ihr frisch erworbenes Wissen noch einmal überprüfen. Wie man es von den Dummies nicht anders kennt, werden die Leser locker, leicht und mit einer Prise Humor in das komplexe Thema eingeführt.

Biochemie der Ern hrung

Author: Gertrud Rehner
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783827422170
Release Date: 2010-07-23
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Das erfolgreiche und gut eingeführte Werk Biochemie der Ernährung von Gertrud Rehner und Hannelore Daniel liegt nunmehr in der dritten Auflage vor und eignet sich als Lehrbuch für Studenten der Ernährungswissenschaft wie auch als Nachschlagewerk für Ernährungswissenschaftler, Mediziner, Biologen und Chemiker. Bei diesem didaktisch herausragenden Lehrbuch stehen die Zell- und Organfunktionen im Vordergrund. Den Autorinnen gelingt es damit, einen verständlichen Zusammenhang zwischen den biochemischen Fakten und den Prozessen der Ernährungsphysiologie herzustellen. Ergänzt werden die Texte durch anschauliche zweifarbige Abbildungen. Stimmen zu den vorigen Auflagen ”Das mit dem didaktischen Geschick hervorragend aufgebaute und griffig gegliederte, den anspruchsvollen, bis in die molekularen Dimensionen führenden Stoff mit zahlreichen Abbildungen, Tabellen, und Formeln sehr anschaulich vermittelnde Werk verrät Lehrerfahrung und Einfühlungsvermögen. ... Für Studierende der Ernährungswissenschaft sollte das als Lehrbuch beworbene Werk zur Prüfungslektüre erhoben werden.“ Berthold Gaßmann in Ernährungsumschau ”Das lehrerprobte Team im Studiengang Ernährungswissenschaft in Gießen hat die Lücke gefüllt und für Studierende der Ernährungswissenschaften, ernährungsmedizinisch interessierte Medizinstudenten und Diätassistenzberufe aus der riesigen Fülle des Stoffes der Biochemie und Molekularbiologie jene Stoffe ausgewählt, die für ernährungsbiochemische Komplexe wichtig sind.“ Hamburger Ärzteblatt ”Dies ist ein in mehrfacher Hinsicht ungewöhnliches Buch. Zu den wichtigsten Besonderheiten gehört die grundsätzliche didaktische Vorgehensweise. ... Seine besondere Konzeption, die vermittelten Inhalte sowie viele Abbildungen, sehr durchdacht konzipiert, instruktiv und mit eindrucksvoller Einfachheit entworfen, dürften ihm eine zahlreiche Leserschaft sowohl unter Studenten als auch Fachkollegen der Ernährungswissenschaft, Medizin, Biochemie und Biologie sichern.“ H.-J. F. Zunft in Ernährungsforschung ”Treffende und breit angelegte Information über die biochemischen Abläufe der menschlichen Ernährung / Stoffwechsels.“ Prof. Dr. Hubertus Brunn, Universität Gießen


Author: Gregg N. Milligan
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118636527
Release Date: 2014-12-04
Genre: Medical

Vaccinology: An Essential Guide outlines in a clear,practical format the entire vaccine development process, fromconceptualization and basic immunological principles through toclinical testing and licensing of vaccines. With anoutstanding introduction to the history and practice ofvaccinology, it also guides the reader through the basic sciencerelating to host immune responses to pathogens. Covering the safety, regulatory, ethical, and economicand geographical issues that drive vaccine development and trials,it also presents vaccine delivery strategies, novel vaccineplatforms (including experimental vaccines and pathogens), antigendevelopment and selection, vaccine modelling, and the developmentof vaccines against emerging pathogens and agents of bioterror.There are also sections devoted to veterinary vaccines andassociated regulatory processes. Vaccinology: An Essential Guide is a perfect tool fordesigned for undergraduate and graduate microbiologists andimmunologists, as well as residents, fellows and trainees ofinfectious disease and vaccinology. It is also suitable for allthose involved in designing and conducting clinical vaccine trials,and is the ideal companion to the larger reference bookVaccinology: Principles and Practice.