Evaluating Police Tactics

Author: J. Pete Blair
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317522607
Release Date: 2014-09-25
Genre: Law

The approach that should be used by law enforcement officers in order to safely and effectively enter a room is a point of contention among many police trainers. Based on five experiments conducted over a two-year period, Evaluating Police Tactics demonstrates that the conventional wisdom is not optimal. Using the scientific method to systematically assess current room entry philosophies and techniques employed by police, Evaluating Police Tactics offers suggestions for examining the current philosophies and determining how patrol officers can enter scenes of ongoing violence, find the shooter, and stop the killing as safely and effectively as possible. About the Real-World Criminology Series More than just textbooks, the short books in the Real-World Criminology series are designed to be of interest to particular fields within criminology. They can be policy primers, spurring innovations in policing and corrections, theoretical works dealing with policy implications, or program evaluations incorporating theoretical foundations. Each book covers something that is happening –or should be happening—in the world of criminal justice.

Active Shooter Events and Response

Author: John P. Blair
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781466512313
Release Date: 2016-04-19
Genre: Business & Economics

The Columbine tragedy on April 20, 1999 began a new era in law enforcement as it became apparent that the police response to such mass shootings must be drastically altered. By the time the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred on December 14, 2012, outdated police response strategies had been replaced with new, aggressive tactics used by the first officers on the scene. The frequency with which these events occur remind us time and again about the importance of training and preparing for these critical situations before they occur in our own backyards. Active Shooter Events and Response is one of the first attempts to not only discuss historic active shooter events, but also to actually dissect some of them—empowering law enforcement professionals by leveraging the essential knowledge and experience of those who have gone before us. The book also offers insight into the training methodologies and strategies used to prepare our nation’s first responders to address the active shooter threat. In addition, the authors discuss the clear and present threat of terrorist organizations using these mass shooter tactics on American soil—similar to the attacks in Beslan, Russia and Mumbai, India. Written by members of the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Center at Texas State University, this book is the culmination of more than a decade’s worth of training and research into active shooter events and represents state-of-the-art, evidence-based best practices.

The Management of Police Specialized Tactical Units

Author: Tomas C. Mijares
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher
ISBN: 0398085897
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Electronic books

Managerial responsibility of a SWAT team requires continuous research in the material area of long-term criminal trends as well as keeping abreast of the continuous legal and executive developments needed by decision-makers to oversee the work of police officers who respond to critical incidents. This second edition of the Management of Police Specialized Tactical Units represents a significant updating of many of the chapters from the previous edition. This book explains the steps for developing and maintaining a realistic, effective response to increasing levels of violent crime. It discusses the social and political matters that must be continuously defined, identified, and settled prior to the implementation of any substantive or procedural change in tactical policy. Legal and operational guidelines are provided that are needed by tactical leaders to develop and improve their leadership abilities and tactical success, thereby enhancing the tactical unitOCOs ability to safeguard the public. Several critical incidents and court cases have taken place within the last eight years, and these historical occurrences and legal decisions are presented in a very clear and logical manner as a guide for improving the delivery of police service. Of particular interest is the new material on how the range of activities assigned to tactical units has expanded dramatically over the past decade and how the law enforcement community has been forced to respond to its critics. Throughout the book, the authors emphasize that decision-makers must not only be organizational managers and administrators but they must also possess a firm grasp of all aspects of confrontation tactics and they must be effective leaders."

Advanced Patrol Tactics

Author: Michael T. Rayburn
Publisher: Looseleaf Law Publications
ISBN: 9781889031545
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Social Science

A wealth of training information that's proven, practical and straight from the street! Spans everything from tactics for shooting on the move, surviving low-light armed encounters, clearing a variety of buildings and safely handling domestic disputes to controlling the emotional elements of law enforcement work, mentally preparing for a life-and-death confrontation and surviving an unexpected off-duty encounter.

An Illustrated Guide to Tactical Diagramming

Author: Charles Sid Heal
Publisher: Lantern Books
ISBN: 1590560965
Release Date: 2005-11-01

This book provides a quick and simple method of confidently determining floor plans by using outside architectural features. It assumes no knowledge of construction or tactics and is designed to be useful whether it is read cover to cover or occasionally referred to as a reference. It provides tried and true principles that any tactician can use to determine avenues of approach, observation and fields of fire, obstacles, cover or concealment, and where a suspect might be most vulnerable.

The Active Shooter Response Training Manual

Author: Scott M. Hyderkhan
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781466582989
Release Date: 2013-07-15
Genre: Computers

The modern Active Shooter Response (ASR) has continually evolved since its inception approximately a decade ago. This change is necessary to continue improvement on the ASR mission. The Active Shooter Response Training Manual provides police personnel with the skills necessary to respond successfully to any active shooter situation. Using established doctrine developed by the U.S. Army, this program is designed to help create, plan, and execute ASR training at the departmental level. The methods and protocols presented are applicable across all federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. The book begins by describing the ASR operation in the format of an operations order. It categorizes threat levels, provides guidelines for action, describes the mission statement and execution of it, and addresses assets and equipment as well as issues related to command and signal. Next, the book explores: Training principles and their utilization for developing a sound ASR training cycle Movement formations for teams and squads, and the four phases of maneuver: find, fix, finish, and follow-through Close Quarter Battle (CQB), and the principles of surprise, speed, and violence of action Skills that are necessary to become proficient in creating a list of mission tasks critical to the success of the unit Command and control issues and techniques for alleviating them Performance evaluations for each phase of the ASR mission Guidelines on selecting special equipment for the ASR mission A supplemental training video and PowerPoint® presentation enhance the text, providing a multitiered learning experience for police agencies of any size and enabling them to adopt the principles and techniques to their own needs. An article on modern policing by Scott Hyderkhan appeared in Law Officer on April 8, 2013.

The Swat Team Manual

Author: Robert Cappel
Publisher: Paladin Press
ISBN: 0873641698
Release Date: 1979-09-01
Genre: Political Science

Formerly restricted to official police use only, this guide - the first S.W.A.T. team manual ever published - covers the theories, tactics and training techniques as practiced by a first-rate S.W.A.T. team. Get the inside info on team member and equipment selection, training regimens, principles of counterguerrilla and countersniping ops, ambush and counterambush techniques and more.


Author: Mark V. Lonsdale
ISBN: 0939235048
Release Date: 1991-01-01
Genre: Social Science

A modern approach to planning and executing search and arrest warrants, with an emphasis on officer and agent safety. Provides detailed information on structure and development of raid teams, equipment selection, intelligence gathering, briefing procedures, breaching, entry tactics and the search for weapons or contraband and more.

Swat Leadership And Tactical Planning

Author: Tony L. Jones
Publisher: Paladin Press
ISBN: 0873648978
Release Date: 1996-09-01
Genre: Political Science

Veteran SWAT cop Tony Jones lays out the essential elements of planning and carrying out tactical SWAT operations. Covers mission analysis, obstacle breaching, light-armored vehicle use, fire and maneuver, target recon, hostage/suspect/team considerations and more.

Building Entry and Room Clearing Tactics

Author: Scott Kirshner
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1542638992
Release Date: 2017-04-22

Building Entry and Room Clearing Tactics by Scott Kirshner covers sound tactical principles to prevail in violent encounters during the worst-case scenario. Covered in this book are foundational principles for conducting building entry and room clearing whether you are a law enforcement officer or a law abiding armed civilian. Team entries and solo entries are covered. Disadvantages of certain entry techniques are discussed along with reasons why you may choose not to use these entry methods. Kirshner discusses close quarter battle to include the rudimentary skills of: -Mindset -Situational Awareness -Color Codes -OODA Loop. This work contains insightful and relevant information on the high-risk task of conducting building entries and room clearing. Commit to WIN, SURVIVE and PREVAIL against violence and take your skills to the next level.

The Trials and Tribulations of Becoming a SWAT Commander

Author: John A. Kolman
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher
ISBN: 9780398075309
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Social Science

Captain Kolman (ret.), formerly of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, founder and first Director of the National Tactical Officers Association, and who authored one of the first SWAT textbooks in 1982, now brings forth a unique book that not only captures the substantive information required by new SWAT commanders but also its culture. Successful resolution of critical incidents is most often the result of basic concepts and principles implemented by knowledgeable, experienced and well-trained personnel under the direction of decisive leaders, but new SWAT commanders may not have benefited from coming through the ranks and SWAT pipeline and could be at a considerable disadvantage as they accept command. In a manner not previously used for SWAT education and training, Captain Kolman introduces the officer to substantive information, culture and a methodology to approach various missions. In doing so, the reader is led on an educational journey through a series of dreams that ultimately culminates in a fictitious SWAT Commander successfully resolving a high-risk incident. Each chapter builds on the previous one and allows the hypothetical characters passing through each chapter to evolve in knowledge, judgment and maturity. The book is a testimonial to the need for departments to provide or obtain contemporary, appropriate training for both command and operational personnel, so that working together they can effectively manage and resolve critical incidents with minimal risk to everyone involved. In addition to being a valuable asset to any SWAT school, including commanders, the seasoned operator will find this publication an entertaining and informative review.

Stop and Frisk

Author: Douglas R. Mitchell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781351399869
Release Date: 2017-10-25
Genre: Social Science

Every law enforcement patrol officer and investigator needs to understand both the tactical considerations of stopping and frisking a suspect, and the legal constraints that should govern that power. Recent years have shown clearly the damage that can be done when police lack an adequate understanding of the legal foundation for their activities. In this new edition of Stop and Frisk, Mitchell and Connor team up to provide active or aspiring police officers with the knowledge of applicable law as well as practical techniques they need to safely and legally carry out their crime suppression and investigative duties. This updated edition includes clear summaries of major cases of the last decade and lessons learned when police and communities failed to fully understand the results of Terry v. Ohio. Ideal for in-service training at the post-academy level, this book also gives time-tested tools to police officers, supervisors, and legal advisors. Stop and Frisk can be used to teach undergraduate Criminal Justice majors as well as concerned citizens to prevent crime in their communities.

Significant Tactical Police Cases

Author: Tomas C. Mijares
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Pub Limited
ISBN: 0398081263
Release Date: 2015-02-23
Genre: Political Science

While skill development is important in the world of law enforcement, today there appears to be a disturbing lack and understanding of history, how it impacts the present, and how it ultimately affects the future. Accordingly, the primary purpose of this book is to provide the professional SWAT officer with the appropriate historical references in order to improve the individual and overall performance of this very specialized aspect of law enforcement. The text offers analysis of significant case histories, much in the same manner as the approach to learning used by the Harvard Business School and the United States Army War College. Tactics, equipment, organizational preparedness, and operational execution are examined to identify what was successful and can be maintained or improved for future use or what was ineffective and should be avoided. In reviewing the significant case histories, a variety of methods was used for data collection, including original police and court records, interviews with participants in these events, and even direct observation. By examining these cases, the reader becomes better equipped and more able to understand how the standards were developed in the police tactical world and why they are so important to operational success. In addition to SWAT specialists, this book is also written for police officers of all levels, particularly those who are charged with the responsibilities of supervising personnel, allocating scarce resources, and making policy. Without a proper historical reference, performance of these skills often becomes an exercise in futility and even counterproductive. The text will also be beneficial to college and university students of criminal justice and to those whose vocations take them close to the criminal justice world such as politicians, journalists, social workers, and other caregivers.

Swat Operations and Critical Incidents

Author: Stuart A. Meyers
Publisher: Operational Tactics
ISBN: 097294091X
Release Date: 2014-04-01
Genre: Political Science

An effective law enforcement response to critical incidents involving armed suspects can determine whether someone lives or dies. While law enforcement agencies train their personnel in the management of critical incidents, detailed studies regarding the creation of organizational conditions conducive to achieving desired outcomes are extremely limited. Drawing on personal experience and research, this book answers to the following questions: What organizational conditions impact the success or failure of global high-risk tactical operations and critical incidents? How can organizational conditions be developed to increase the likelihood of successful outcomes on these types of situations? This book analyzes six high-risk tactical operations: three successful and three unsuccessful missions. The case studies include incidents in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., Eureka, California, Manila, Philippines, Las Vegas, Nevada, Mauldin, South Carolina, and Silver Spring, Maryland. SWAT team deployment on high-risk operations is fundamentally a U.S. police concept that has been incorporated into foreign law enforcement agencies. Cultural differences can affect the implementation of pre-incident organizational conditions in foreign settings. Analysis of the U.A.E. and Philippines case studies include detailed discussions on how differing cultural practices and beliefs relate to organizational conditions. A qualitative analysis using a case study approach is conducted with a ?critical incident? as the main unit of analysis. Each incident is categorized into incident and pre-incident organizational conditions. Incident organizational conditions are conditions that are present on the day of a specific operation. They are categorized into the following areas: team structure and personnel assignments, individual behaviors, and equipment. Pre-incident conditions are examined beginning with the history of each SWAT team, and then continue with the team?s selection process, group development: command and team structure, frequency and type of training, and prescribed critical incident operational procedures. The results of this study identify the inextricable link between: leader skills, team performance, suspect actions, and organizational conditions. Well-defined organizational conditions prepare team members for a wide variety of missions, but also inculcate flexibility to adjust to ever-changing circumstances, thereby increasing a tactical team?s ability to achieve successful results.

School Shootings

Author: Joseph A Lieberman
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 9780806535692
Release Date: 2008-09-01
Genre: Social Science

When You Send Your Children To School In The Morning, Do You Worry That You May Never See Them Again? In this insightful look at the danger that threatens students and families today, investigative journalist and longtime educator Joseph A. Lieberman takes us inside the minds and hearts of everyone affected by school shootings--and the kids who commit the shocking crimes. Lieberman became intimately acquainted with this terrifying epidemic during an unforgettable, heartbreaking encounter with a traumatized survivor of a notorious school shooting. The issue became even more personal when his daughter's schoolgrounds were invaded by an angry fifteen-year-old dropout with two loaded stolen handguns and extra ammunition. After years of intensive research, Lieberman shares his findings, shedding dramatic new light on school shootings--from Columbine to Virginia Tech and more--and offers practical strategies for how we can respond to and even prevent them. School Shootings offers new understanding on: • How many of the shooters were depressed or suicidal, or had psychotic symptoms • Why it is almost always boys, rarely girls, who commit these killings • Why so many school shootings have taken place in our current cultural climate • How American incidents are similar to--and differ from--what's happening in other countries Whether you're an educator, a parent, a counselor, or in law enforcement, School Shootings is timely, compelling, and indispensable. "This book has been a real hit on campus. The students are drawn in immediately, and can hardly put the book down. It's a great book for a College Reading course, and for getting students interested in reading again! I've used it two semesters, and look forward to using the updated version this Fall." -- Vicki M. Pettus, Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Language, Literature, and Philosophy, Kentucky State University "Heartbreaking and eye-opening." --Nancy Stap, radio host, Air America "Riveting!" --Madalyn Tower, Oregon School Counselors Association "This is the book that finally connects the dots and could help prevent the next school shooting." --Nancy Willard, author of Cyberbullying, Cyberthreats "Thoughtful and refreshingly frank, this book will no doubt save lives." --Jodee Blanco, author of Please Stop Laughing at Me With 16 pages of dramatic photos