Exploring God talk

Author: Jeff Astley
Publisher: Darton Longman and Todd
ISBN: IND:30000092686009
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Experience (Religion).

Exploring God-talk maps the contours of religious language. It surveys the variety of ways in which religious believers both speak to God and speak about God, and tries to respond to the serious criticisms that have been raised of different aspects of our 'God-talk'. Beginning with an overview of the variety of ways in which language is used in faith and religion, the book moves on to consider the functions of language in religious experience and the religious life, particularly in prayer and worship. Two chapters are the devoted to a consideration of the important area of 'descriptive' God-talk, both figurative and literal. Problems relating to the meaningfulness of religious language and the interpretation of the Scripture are also addressed, and the pastoral and ethical significance of God-talk explored. Illustrations are drawn throughout from both everyday speech and the Christian tradition.

A Theology of God talk

Author: J. Timothy Allen
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 0789015153
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Religion

Use this common coping mechanism to help people respond to crises! This thoughtful book offers a fresh theological interpretation for the ways people talk about God in times of crisis. A Theology of God-Talk: The Language of the Heart probes the meaning behind phrases like “It must have been God's will” and “The Lord took Uncle Harry.” Though many caring professionals dismiss such talk as insensitive or irrational, these phrases offer powerful clues to the speaker's personal religious feelings. A Theology of God-Talk demonstrates the ways that God-talk moves the sufferer through the grief and doubt of the crisis. By recognizing the ways God-talk resembles myth, apocalyptic tale, tragedy, story, and even prayer--all literary categories--the caregiver can begin to help sufferers rewrite their personal narratives in the wake of tragedy. A Theology of God-Talk examines the crucial issues of God-talk, including: common false assumptions about it the theology of God-talk interpretations and misinterpretations how to glean counseling insights from God-talk differing stances for sufferers and survivors of tragedy Bringing together psychology, theology, and narrative theory, this insghtful and sensitive book offers new ways of looking at this common reaction to crisis. A Theology of God-Talk is an instant classic and an essential resource for pastors, chaplains, therapists, grief counselors, and theologians.

Racism and God Talk

Author: Ruben Rosario Rodriguez
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 9780814776285
Release Date: 2008-07-19
Genre: Religion

The apostle Paul wrote that "All of you are one in Christ Jesus." Given Paul’s vision of God’s kingdom defined by the breakdown of all distinctions and relationships of domination—no longer Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female—how do we make sense of ethnic particularity within the church’s theological formulations? Racism and God-Talk explores the biblical and religious dimensions of North American racism while highlighting examples of resistance within the Christian religious tradition. Social historians have seldom analyzed the problematic of race from a primarily theological perspective. This volume undertakes a critical examination of explicitly theological and confessional perspectives for understanding and transforming North American racism. Rosario Rodriguez offers insights from Latino/a theology for broader scholarly and social discussions concerning racism, borders, and immigration. The first to analyze race and racism from a Latino/a theological perspective, the volume makes use of a broadened conceptualization of "mestizaje," or mutual cultural exchange, to challenge the church to recognize the effects of racial and ethnic particularity in all theological construction.

Exploring Ordinary Theology

Author: Leslie J. Francis
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317137238
Release Date: 2016-04-15
Genre: Religion

'Ordinary theology' characterizes the reflective God-talk of the great majority of churchgoers, and others who remain largely untouched by the assumptions, concepts and arguments that academic theology takes for granted. Jeff Astley coined the phrase in his innovative study, Ordinary Theology: Looking, Listening and Learning in Theology, arguing that 'speaking statistically ordinary theology is the theology of God's Church'. A number of scholars have responded to this and related conceptualizations, exploring their theological implications. Other researchers have adopted the perspective in examining a range of Church practices and contexts of Christian discipleship, using the tools of empirical study. Ordinary theology research has proved to be key in uncovering people's everyday lay theology or ordinary dogmatics. Exploring Ordinary Theology presents fresh contributions from a wide range of authors, who address the theological, empirical and practical dimensions of this central feature of ordinary Christian existence and the life of the Church.

When God Talks Back

Author: T.M. Luhrmann
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 9780307957504
Release Date: 2012-03-27
Genre: Religion

How does God become and remain real for modern evangelicals? How are rational, sensible people of faith able to experience the presence of a powerful yet invisible being and sustain that belief in an environment of overwhelming skepticism? T. M. Luhrmann, an anthropologist trained in psychology and the acclaimed author of Of Two Minds, explores the extraordinary process that leads some believers to a place where God is profoundly real and his voice can be heard amid the clutter of everyday thoughts. While attending services and various small group meetings at her local branch of the Vineyard, an evangelical church with hundreds of congregations across the country, Luhrmann sought to understand how some members were able to communicate with God, not just through one-sided prayers but with discernable feedback. Some saw visions, while others claimed to hear the voice of God himself. For these congregants and many other Christians, God was intensely alive. After holding a series of honest, personal interviews with Vineyard members who claimed to have had isolated or ongoing supernatural experiences with God, Luhrmann hypothesized that the practice of prayer could train a person to hear God’s voice—to use one’s mind differently and focus on God’s voice until it became clear. A subsequent experiment conducted between people who were and weren’t practiced in prayer further illuminated her conclusion. For those who have trained themselves to concentrate on their inner experiences, God is experienced in the brain as an actual social relationship: his voice was identified, and that identification was trusted and regarded as real and interactive. Astute, deeply intelligent, and sensitive, When God Talks Back is a remarkable approach to the intersection of religion, psychology, and science, and the effect it has on the daily practices of the faithful. From the Hardcover edition.

Christian Doctrine

Author: Mike Higton
Publisher: Hymns Ancient and Modern Ltd
ISBN: 0334040191
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Religion

The SCM Core Text: Christian Doctrine offers an up-to-date, accessible introduction to one of the core subjects of theology. Written for second and third year university students, it shows that Christian Doctrine is not a set of impossible claims to be clung to with blind faith. Mike Higton argues that it is, rather, a set of claims that emerge in the midst of Christian life, as Christian communities try to make enough sense of their lives and of their world to allow them to carry on. This book explores these and other central Christian doctrines, and in each case shows how the doctrine makes sense, and how it is woven into Christian life. It will help readers to see what sense it might make to say the things that Christian doctrine says, and how that doctrine might affect the way that one looks at everything: the natural world, gossip, culture, speaking in tongues, politics, dieting, human, freedom, love, High Noon, justice, computers, racism, the novels of Jane Austen, parenthood, death and fashion.

Christian Doctrine

Author: Jeff Astley
Publisher: Hymns Ancient and Modern Ltd
ISBN: 9780334043249
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Religion

An accessible textbook for all engaging with Christian doctrine for the first time. A valuable resource and suitable for all clergy and all training for ministry.

Talking about God

Author: Daniel F. Polish
Publisher: SkyLight Paths Publishing
ISBN: 9781594732720
Release Date: 2010-04-01
Genre: Religion

Will help you break through the superficial generalities to plumb the depths of religious differences and embrace the commonalities.

My Sister My Brother

Author: Karen Baker-Fletcher
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 9781579109998
Release Date: 2002-06-19
Genre: Religion

This fresh new approach to African-American theology brings two creative theologians into a lively dialogue between womanist and XodusÓ thought. Karen Baker-Fletcher writes from the perspective of womanism, reflecting the interlocking issues of sex, class, and race, that characterize the experience of African-American women. Garth KASIMU Baker-Fletcher writes from the perspective of what he has termed Xodus theology. With a name that resonates with reference both to the Exodus story, the Cross, and the self-naming identity of Malcolm X, Xodus reflects the perspective of a new generation of Black theology by males who have responded, among other things, to the challenges of womanist theology. In successive chapters based on core themes of theology, each author lays out his or her position. They then engage in mutual critique and dialogue. Both authors draw widely on the Bible and traditional theology, as well as incorporating elements from both African and African-American religious and cultural expression - from the novels of Toni Morrison and Alice Walker to rap and hip-hop. 'My Sister, My Brother' weaves a bright theological tapestry that integrates female and male experience, traditional and contemporary perspectives, in an African-American theology that promotes survival, resistance, healing, liberation, and transcendence. CONTENTS: Part I God: God as Spirit and Strength of Life; Xodus Intuitions of the Divine. Part II Christ: Immanuel, Jesus as Dust and Spirit; Jesus, the Scandal of a God with a Body. Part III Humanity: Xodus Anthropology; Womanhood, A Way of Being Human. Part IV Generations: Unto All Generations; Unto the Fathers' Fathers. Part V Church: Spirit-Church; Having Church.Ó Part VI: Last Things: Future Now! Xodus Eschatology; Dust to Dust, Spirit to Spirit. A Womanist Eschatology.

African Christian God talk

Author: George F. Pickens
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 0761829210
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Religion

In 1957, during the fervor of the East African Revival, Matthew Ajuoga led over 16,000 communicants out of the Anglican Church in Nyanza, Kenya, to establish the Church of Christ in Africa-Johera. In 1993, after thirty-six years of silence, Matthew Ajuoga offered his 'God-Talk' the story of his Christian experiences within the Johera Narrative. In African Christian God-Talk, George Pickens provides an effective collection and presentation of Ajuoga's Johera Narrative. Pickens presents an until now non-existent oral theological text on the subject, providing a guide for collectors and handlers of such source material."

Human Experience and the Triune God

Author: Bernhard Nausner
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 3039113909
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Religion

The overarching aim of this work is to develop a new account of the doctrine of the Trinity. The author proposes that such an approach is overdue because contemporary trinitarian theology pays insufficient attention to the fact that theology as linguistic discourse is inescapably embedded in human experience. Hence the critical analysis of existing trinitarian constructions (Gunton, LaCugna, Moltmann) is impressively sharp. In response Nausner develops an 'interstitial methodology', working between experience and revelation, refusing both revelational and experiential positivisms. In dialogue with contemporary novels, the human sciences (Frankl, Weizsacker), philosophy (Levinas) and biblical narratives, he offers an imaginative, original and contemporary way of conceiving the doctrine of the Trinity in relation to human life."

Exploring Christology and Atonement

Author: Andrew Purves
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 9780830840779
Release Date: 2015-09-05
Genre: Religion

The Scottish theologians John McLeod Campbell, Hugh Ross Mackintosh and Thomas F. Torrance were theologians of reconciliation, who emphasized the reality of God's redemptive grace in the person and work of Jesus Christ. In this magisterial treatment, Andrew Purves unfolds the riches of their theology for pastoral ministry today.

From Suffering to God

Author: M. Sia
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9780230379312
Release Date: 1994-09-13
Genre: Philosophy

'A splendid book! The authors give a moving account of a tragic aspect of our present human world. It is a scholarly, learned account.' - Charles Hartshorne, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin Does the reality of suffering disclose anything about God's nature? The authors address this fundamental question by reflecting on some theistic responses to the challenge of suffering. Taking seriously the persistence of theistic belief despite widespread suffering, they focus on the practical ways some believers deal with suffering: by 'suffering with those in affliction' and 'working for the liberation of those who are opposed.' They then investigate the possibility of describing God as 'co-sufferer' and 'liberator.' In their exploration they turn to literature, theology and philosophy and offer an interesting interpretation of the relationship between these disciplines. Part I contains literary and descriptive reflections on the experiences of certain theists faced with the reality of suffering. The authors present and analyse the concerns, fears and hopes expressed in the book of Job and selected poems by Hopkins, Vaughan, Donne and Herbert. They then try to show that an important challenge that needs to be investigated and met, given the presence of so much suffering in the world, is discovering the kind of God in whom we can credibly continue to believe. This question is developed theologically and philosophically in Part II. In developing some answers, the authors turn to Latin American liberation theology and Charles Hartshorne's process philosophy and offer a new synthesis of these two schools of thought. Their exploration is an interesting illustration of how literature, theology and philosophy can throw some light on an area of common concern.

Igniting the Heart

Author: Kate Bruce
Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334053194
Release Date: 2015-09-30
Genre: Religion

It has been said that the day of the sermon is over. Kate Bruce argues that the day of the poorly conceived, ill prepared, dull, disconnected, boring, irrelevant, authoritarian, yawn-inducing, patronizing, pontificating, pointless and badly delivered sermon, is indeed over. Imagination can help to engage the hearer in a sermon which seeks to evoke rather than to inform. Imagination frames how we see the world and ourselves in it. As such it has a vital role in how preachers see the preaching task itself, which in turn affects how we go about the task. A theology of imagination is presented to demonstrate the central importance of imagination in the life of faith. Allied to this is an analysis of the sacramental nature of preaching and the role of imagination in enabling the ‘aha, now I get it’ moment of sacramental ‘seeing-as’. Connected to enabling new seeing, preaching in the lyrical voice is defined and discussed along with the importance of preachers shaping sermons for the ear.